Lost Beach Ch. 06

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Big Tits

We slipped on our bathing suits — I was so hard, and it was obvious.

“Don’t worry,” said Tina, noticing. “You’ll be taken care of. I assure you.”

She and Jerry walked hand-in-hand out to the path, and I followed. The sun was settling on the horizon, sinking into the water. The colors in the sky as the sun set were amazing – reds and purples. We wandered down the path, some other couples and singles ahead of us, and behind us.

It was a bit of a walk, we passed several of the resort beaches, where I had already been. Finally, we came toward the end of the path; it was narrower, with leafy plants curved over it. There was a sign which said, “Welcome to Lost Beach” and two large, muscular guys –naked — looking like doormen.

Jerry said, “This is a private party beach at night. Special guests only.”

“I feel honored,” I said.

“You should. You’re the guest of honor. Well, one of them,” said Tina.

The beach itself was a broad semi-circle around a cove. Palm trees ringed it, and there were some Gilligan’s Island-looking cabanas around it. Two large fires burned, one at either end. In the middle was a platform, about twelve feet square, covered with chaise lounge cushions.

People were everywhere — drinking at the bar, relaxing on blankets, sitting on beach chairs. And all of them naked.

“This is not ‘clothing optional,’ “Tina told me, shedding her suit. Jerry stripped off and I did, too. I had just sucked a cock in front of Tina — her brother’s cock — but I still felt self-conscious being nude in front of all these other people.

We went over to the bar and got drinks — some frozen, fruity, rum-laden concoction, and I looked around. In the shadows — and sometimes, not too much in the shadows, people were fooling around. Kissing, fondling, or actually making love. They were completely at ease, oblivious of the other people around them. There was an older couple licking and sucking a younger woman; there was a guy on his knees behind a girl on all fours — he was fucking her and sucking the cock of another guy stranding next to him; there were two BBW women kissing, open-mouthed, tongues flashing, while one fingered the other…people were touching themselves watching these and other scenes…

I became so hard. I’d been so horny for hours, this was too much. I drained my drink and turned around to put it on the bar, and there was Maria, the girl who’d first escorted us around. Beautiful hair, tan skin, kurtköy escort and those nice round breasts — her nipples were hard, I guess from watching the sex party.

“Hello, Jack,” she said. “Can I get you another drink?”

I moved over toward her and saw her whole body — curvy waist, big, round hips, nice legs and a nice, hard, cock — about six inches, curved slightly upward. I stopped, startled, and she took one step toward me and wrapped her arms around my back.

“I hear you’ve been enjoying your stay,” she said. Her hard cock was now pressed against mine. I could feel her nipples against my skin. God, I wanted to burst right there.

She kissed me, and then bit my lower lip and pulled. “Don’t get too excited, Jack, the evening is young.” And then she slid down my body and took my cock in her mouth. She was lightly licking, flicking her tongue just under the head, and I was throbbing. After a moment she stood and kissed me again. Her mouth was warm from my cock.

Another woman joined us, caressing us both. She seemed to know Maria, and Maria ground herself into both of us. Maria pulled my mouth to hers and began kissing me wildly; the other woman kneeled and sucked both of our cocks, getting them wet, and rubbing them together. Another guy stood off to the side, watching, and stroking himself slowly.

I felt, rather than saw, other people watching the three of us. I felt very much on display, but it felt good.

Out of the dark came two women — one I didn’t recognize, but she had her arm around the waist of the other woman — my mom. They stood there, watching. The woman kneeling by Maria and I moved to one side, so she could give them a better view. As they watched, the woman with my mother — I found out later it was Patti — was caressing my mom’s back and ass, her thighs…and then curling her fingers into her, cupping her mons, squeezing. Patti began kissing my mother’s arm, shoulder, and breast. Mom had her eyes riveted on the oral show with my cock. Maria moved behind me, kissing my shoulder, my neck.

The woman sucking me stopped, and wrapper her hand around my shaft and began slowly stroking.

Patti whispered in mom’s ear, “Brenda, do you want to fuck him?”

“Yes,” whispered my mom. She was completely unaware of the people around us.

“Are you sure?” asked Patti.

“Oh, yes,” said mom. I almost came just hearing it.

Patti turned levent escort my mother’s face away from me, and kissed her mouth. She said, “Tell him.”

Mom walked a few steps over the sand and we wrapped into each other. As we did, Maria, Patti, and everyone else slipped away. All I felt was the electricity — my mom’s tits crushed against me, her nipples hard; my cock pressed against her belly, throbbing.

We kissed, opening our moth and sucking each other’s tongue. She raised one knee against my hip and I grabbed her ass. Her kissing grew almost frantic.

“Fuck me, Jack,” she said. “Do you want to?”

“God, yes,” I panted, breaking our kiss for just a moment. “I’ve always wanted to.”

As we kissed, we were guided by unseen hands toward the center platform. I stretched out on my back and mom knelt to crawl onto the cushions. I noticed we had quite a crowd around us. Some people were just watching intently, but many were masturbating themselves or someone else.

Mom moved up my body but stopped to suck my cock, getting it slobbery wet. Her mouth was only on me for a moment, but I ached to cum. Her warm breath, her teeth gently scraping my cock head, her tongue probing…

I heard whispers from the people watching, and caught only a few: “Their first screw…” and “Mother and son? Oh, this is hot!” So I guess our secret was out. Mom didn’t seem to care. Her eyes were ablaze. She lowered herself toward me, we kissed, and, straddling me, she guided my cock into her.

She was so wet; I slid right in, deep. I clenched her ass and lower back, and with all of the strength I had, resisted thrusting fast. I began a slow, deep rocking fuck.

“Baby, oh,” was all she said. She bit my neck, she kissed me, she rested her head on my shoulder, sucked at the skin of my throat, but she moved with me, rocking her hips.

The feeling was building, I had to change or I would cum right there. And I wanted this fuck to last a long time — but I knew I couldn’t. We rolled, I stayed inside her, and now I was on top. She wrapped one leg around my thigh and we started fucking faster. She stroked my face, ran her hand through my hair, and I fucked my mom.

I could feel, just inside of her, as the head of my cock moved, her wet, clenching cunt. She clung tightly to me, starting a rhythmic tensing. My mom was going to cum.

She held me tight, moaning “God, yes, baby, fuck me.” I began mahmutbey escort pounding, slamming into her. She just clung tighter and said louder, “Fuck me! Fuck me! Yes!”

Her orgasm built, and then hit like a truck. She thrashed –literally — before she shuddered, and shook, before the tremors faded. Through it all, I kept fucking. Several people in the crowd moaned, gasped…and I saw at least one guy stroke himself and cum, spurting ropes into the sand.

Mom was barely moving, but I was rocking into her, much slower. Her eyes were closed and I wondered if she were going to sleep. God, I wanted to cum.

She looked at me and said, “I want you to cum for me, Jack. Splash me.”

I looked at her, and asked, “Really?”

“Yes Jack, cum on my tits. Cum on my face. Cum on your mother’s face.”

That was all I needed to hear. Had she guessed that I had a thing for this? I didn’t know, didn’t care. I pulled (not without some regret) out of her sopping cunt and straddled her chest. I put my throbbing, sticky cock between her breasts and tit-fucked her as she squeezed her breasts together. It was soft, and warm, and I loved it. Tit-fucking my mom.

It wasn’t long before I knew I was going to cum. I rose up a bit, and began stroking my cock, fast. She squeezed her tits and pressed them together.

“Open your mouth, mommy,” said Patti from the edge of the platform. Mommy? I didn’t care, I was lost in how sexy my mom looked, clenching her breast, pinching her nipples, and with her mouth open and tongue out, waiting for my cum.

She didn’t have to wait long. I knew I was going to shoot hard — right over her head — so I lowered my cock and aimed it right at her face and stroked. I tightened my fist around the base and squeezed just as I started to cum — and then released. The first blast hit her cheek and open mouth; the rest grazed her face and finally, dribbled onto her tits.

I was panting, rocking back on my knees. Mom looked so good splattered with my cum. She closed her mouth and swallowed, licked her lips.

Patti crawled onto the platform and began kissing mom, and licking the cum from her, as I rolled to one side and stretched out, still all but paralyzed from my orgasm. A mouth enveloped my cock — which was still semi-hard. Maria. Another mouth sucked my fingers, licking the cum from them; I never saw who that was, too many people were now crowding in, caressing us, surrounded us with hands, thighs, breasts and cocks. Patti was still kissing mom, but another guy was kneeling between her legs, and he slid his cock into her.

Maria slid up my body and we kissed — I could feel her hard cock on me, warm. She kissed me, and said, “I want to cum on you like that.”

Twelve days to go on this vacation, and I already never wanted to go home.

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