Lovin Mouthful Ch. 05

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“I pick….YOU!” I pointed to Laura

The way I figured it, I could have sex with Jessica just about any time. She was good but this was a special occasion. Lurecia and I had just had sex, of a sort, so why not spread myself around a little. Besides, I rather enjoyed what Laura had been doing while she, Lurecia, and I were making it on the couch. More of the same of that couldn’t be all that bad.

I scooted up toward the head of the bed and reclined with my back on the pillows there. Jessica was on my left and assumed the same relative position there. Being the odd person out, no disrespect intended, Lurecia approached Jessica by spreading Jessica’s legs apart and lying prone between them. Soon Lurecia’s face was in Jessica’s crotch, tongue flicking like a snake searching for Jessica’s love spot.

Laura knelt down on my right side and leaned over to give me a kiss while at the same time grabbing my cock in her right hand. As I said before, Laura had creamy white skin, ample but not disproportionate sized breasts, silver dollar sized pink nipples, and a little bit of a tummy that became more pronounced as she bent over me. Her breasts were hanging, touching my chest as she kissed my lips and I used my right hand to massage of her breasts in turn. She moved her mouth away from mine and down to my chest and licked each of my nipples as she worked her way down to my stomach. She paused there tonguing my navel and tracing arcs with her tongue in my pubic hair above my cock. I took my hand away from her boobs and moved it behind her into the crack of her ass probing to find the entrance to her pussy. My fingers felt some moist, slick flesh and I knew I had found it- -by the “Braille” method, no less.

As Laura wrapped her lips around the head of my cock, my fingers were probing her pussy. I could hear Laura give out a gentle moan as I gently forced my index and middle fingers deeper into her vagina. She responded by taking my cock deeper into her mouth. I began working my fingers in and out of her cunt which, by this time, had become downright wet. I could feel the her juices coating my fingers and oozing onto the back of my hand. Laura’s hips began to undulate in time to my rhythmic probing and her mouth and hand were both in sync as they attended to my cock.

I had gotten to the point where my fingers were entirely in Laura’s pussy all the way up to the knuckles and the tips of my fingers were massaging the inside front wall of her vagina. Laura began to buck her hips up and down and back and forth; I intensified my digital stimulation of her pussy. She now had my prick deep in her throat and was wagging her head to give me extra friction.

I heard- -and felt- -a loud moan come from Laura’s throat. It actually resonated through my penis into my scrotum, into my balls, and up into the pit of my stomach. At the same time, I felt her vagina ankara otele gelen escort spasm and felt a gush of fluid come from her pussy and run over my hand and arm. Her pussy actually squeezed my fingers and held them tightly in place. It would have taken real effort to extract them. In fact, at this point, I could barely move them so strong was the contraction of her cunt.

Just as I felt her vagina begin to relax, I felt my cock start to pulsate. My semen boiled up through my prick into Laura’s mouth just as she was starting to pull back. It was huge load. I had been teased practically to the point or orgasm by two females and a shemale all night and it had built up, and built up, and built up. Now I was releasing it in what I would term the orgasmic equivalent of a tsunami. I am sure my cock was gushing sperm just as liberally as Laura’s pussy had gushed when she came.

Laura kept her mouth on my cock as I was shooting and held it there until I finished. As my cock relaxed, she pulled her mouth away but kept her lips together I could tell from her swelled out cheeks that she hadn’t swallowed. I could also tell that she was rolling her tongue around in her mouth swishing my load around from one side to the other. She gleefully blushing as she did this.

She got upright on her knees, straddled me, and then moved her legs over to where she was between me and the Jessica/Lurecia pair. Lurecia was still going down on Jessica and was too intent on what was going on there to even be aware of the Marco/Larua climax. But I could see that Jessica had been taking it all in. There was a smile on her face. I reached over with my left hand and gave her right hand a squeeze.

Laura, meanwhile, leaned forward toward Jessica and placed her mouth against hers. I could see my “come” spurt from between Laura’s lips into Jessica’s mouth. The exchange was accompanied by tongues darting in and out of two sets of lips licking the glossy white fluid as it was transferred from one to the other.

Once that had been accomplished, Laura leaned back toward me and gave me a wet, smooching kiss on the lips and probed between them with her tongue. I got the taste and slick feel of my residual semen as she pressed lips closer to mine and thrust her tongue deeper into my mouth. It was a familiar experience, Jessica and I having done it many times before, but somehow it felt different with Laura doing it. Her lips were fuller than Jessica’s and her tongue was….well….chubbier- -and warmer. I began to suck her tongue and pulled it further into my mouth. It had a feel like I was sucking something between a large clitoris and a small cock. I liked that sensation; I think Laura did, too.

As Laura pulled herself away from me, I again looked over at Jessica who was licking and smacking her lips, savoring the taste of my load. öveçler escort And then, abruptly, the expression on Jessica’s face changed. Her eyes began to have a “far away” look, her mouth was open slightly, and her back began to arch. All this time, Lurecia had kept licking away on Jessica’s pussy and clitoris and now, I could tell, Jessica was beginning to have an orgasm of her own.

I had observed Jessica’s orgasms before. I mean, she would have them when we were having sex together and a few times I would watch as she would masturbate herself to a climax. Sometimes I would jack off as she was pleasuring herself. This seemed to please her and also seemed to intensify her orgasm.

But what I was observing now was what I could only term as a “Grand Mal” orgasm. I mean, she went rigid, and then bucked her hips up and down (I almost felt sorry for poor Lurrecia with her/his head clasped between Jessica’s thighs) and gave a mighty groan that came all the way from her tummy. Then she stopped and tensed again, and relaxed, and tensed, and relaxed. It was like observing an earthquake and its aftershocks. Gradually she settled down and soon just lay there taking deep breaths. Her nipples looked taut and hard as rocks, her eyes were closed, and her face was flushed- -her lips were cherry red. Whew!!

Lurecia extricated her/himself from between Jessica’s legs and into a kneeling position between them. She/he looked at me with wonderment.

“I have never, and I mean NEVER, seen anything like THAT!” Her/his eyes were wide and mouth open in a state of shock. “My man, she is fabulous!”

“I know, Lu. I know.” I nodded my head in agreement. “She’s a keeper!”

After Jessica came down from her ecstasy, she sat up cross-legged on the bed. Lurecia was kneeling facing her; Laura was also kneeling next to Lurecia; and I was sitting with my knees drawn up and my back against the pillows. We all looked pretty darn satisfied.

What does one say after an escapade like that? Somehow, small talk doesn’t seem appropriate. Congratulations all around seems lame. Likewise, just getting up, getting dressed and leaving, falls pretty flat.

So, we just sat there and looked at each other for a few minutes, taking in each other’s nakedness. Then there were a few pats and caresses, and a squeeze on the arm or thigh, and a peck or two on the lips or cheek. Then we got up and walked back into the living room.

Lurecia brought robes for her/him and Laura and they put them on before they sat down on the couch.

Jessica went into the kitchen naked and called out, “Anyone for a drink? How about coffee?”

Laura called back, “How about the rest of the wine for Lu and me?”

I said, “Sweetie, just bring me some water.”

A minute later, Jessica came back with a tray with two glasses of wine for Lu and Laura, pendik escort a glass of water for me, and a mug of coffee for herself and set the tray down on the coffee table. Then Jessica went over to the love seat and began putting herself back together. By this time, I had begun putting my clothes back on. I had gotten as far as my pants, and my shirt and was starting to work on my socks and shoes.

There was a lull as Laura and Lu began sipping their wine and Jessica worked on pulling her skirt up.

“Laura, I have a question for you.” I thought I would stimulate some conversation.

“Sure, Marco. Shoot” Laura looked genuinely interested in giving me an answer.

“Jessica tells me that you are married. And I can see the wedding ring on your hand.” I had to set the premise for this. “But here we have been romping around all night, you and me, and you and Jessica, and you and Lurecia. How do you get by with that with your husband? Are you guys separated? Do you sneak around him for a night like this? Or, is he just the understanding sort? How do you manage that?”

“Well, you see it’s not difficult at all dealing with my husband.” Laura gave Jessica and Lurecia a knowing wink. “My husband has been here all the time. You see, Lurecia IS my husband!”

“Well, I’ll be damned!” I spouted. “Well, I’ll be damned!”

The girls broke down in laughter.

I figured I had a lot more yet to learn about this crew.



Driving home with Jessica, she and I began a “post-game” review of our night

“Baby, THAT was fantastic!” I said as I pulled out of the parking garage and into traffic. “I’ve never imagined that we’d get into anything like that!”

“I knew you’d enjoy it.” She said sweetly.

“I know you had been getting a little bored with our sex life.” She continued, “That’s why we were trying all of those different things. But I figured we needed something a little extra to amp up our sex life so I thought up this adventure. Laura and Lurecia were more than happy to cooperate.”

“But a four bagger!” I went on. “I never dreamed of doing anything like that.”

“Well, like I told you, ” She was back in her school teacher mode again, “I’ve done things like that before, with the girls- -and I count Lurecia as one of the girls- -so it wasn’t new to me. But I knew it would be new and fun for you. Just like our experimenting with you swallowing your cum, or dressing up like a woman, or playing with me and my dildo, sucking cock, and things like that. We should resolve to keep on with that.”

“I’m game.” I said eagerly. “Nothing hurtful, though. You know I’m not into BDS&M or anything like that. Nothing hardcore like that.”

“I’m not either.” Jessica sounded firm on that. “But we can play with a lot of things without getting heavy, you know. Let’s just have fun, O.K.?”

“I love you and you love me.” She added. “That adds a whole new dimension to our fun. We can trust each other. Right?”

“Right!” I answered. “Absolutely, Right!”

We made the rest of the drive home in silence. But I could sense her mind was working. I knew MINE was.

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