Lucky Me Ch. 04

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Getting the casts off felt amazing. And though I’d still have to wear a leg and wrist brace on occasion, it was nice being able to take them off in order to shower again, without help. Though the excuse for either mom or my Aunt being with me when I did no longer mattered anyway.

Just before Aunt Kathy left, dad and I at least got to enjoy seeing the two of them together, eventually joining in ourselves. And once again, a flash-back perhaps in doing that, laying between my Aunt’s legs, fucking her…mom and dad next to us, watching them fuck. I almost felt like I should be standing outside the door of their room watching through the crack, rather than actually laying there beside them instead. Still…it was curiously hot, and I honestly did learn something by it too. Having been together for as long as they had been now, they knew one another inside and out. It was almost like watching a perfectly choreographed dance. Very little conversation was needed, each one seeming to sense the need, want and desire of the other long before asking it. They just moved into it naturally, gracefully. Though admittedly, I for one missed the rather erotic, dirty chatter that I’d enjoyed with the two of them. Thankfully, Aunt Kathy remained as vocal as she’d always been.

“Slice my cunt baby! That’s it! Fuck my naughty wet gash!” She screamed out as her third orgasm of the evening claimed her. All I could do was look over at mom and dad with a shit-eating grin on my face, and do as my Aunt asked.

“Way to go son!” Dad said afterwards as we all lay there collecting our respective breaths. Dad still absentmindedly fondling his now rather limp dick…just as I was. Mom leaning up on her elbows between us, kissing each one…giggling.

“Oh yeah…like father…like son.”


If I thought my newfound sex-life was about to improve, I was sadly mistaken. With my Aunt Kathy returning home, things here simply reverted right back to normal, almost as though nothing at all had ever happened between us. We didn’t even talk about it, dad went back to being dad, doing the same ole, same ole…and mom too did almost the same. Almost.

The only thing that had changed around the house day in a day out, was the sudden lack of modesty they’d once shown around me. Now, though mom didn’t exactly parade about naked all the time, seeing her come down stairs wearing nothing more than her robe, with it mostly open, became the norm. And even dad too didn’t seem to be too overly concerned when he came down on a Saturday morning to read the paper, wearing nothing more than his boxers. Sometimes his big ole floppy dick would pop out, whereas he’d just tuck it back in as though it was a normal everyday occurrence for it to do that. Like I said…it was becoming one, strange as it was.

I’d really even started to wonder if I’d imagined everything that had happened, and then Aunt Kathy showed up one afternoon for a quick visit. Having just gotten home from work myself, I walked in, hearing what sounded like two cats fighting upstairs. I took them two at a time, reaching the landing, sprinting down the hall stepping into the doorway of my parents bedroom just in time to see the two of them finishing one another off with a couple of very loud vibrators.

“Jesus…I thought someone was dying!” I said standing there in the doorway looking at the two of them.

“I am…or I was,” Aunt Kathy laughed. “I’ve been dying ever since I left here to have you fuck me again,” she then quipped. “So…get over here…especially now that you have those damn casts off.”

I fucked her, and then mom. First time in weeks, side by side. It was just like it had been, like we’d never stopped, picking up from where we left off. Needless to say Aunt Kathy stayed over for dinner, dad arriving home just as they began serving it up. We ate together, laughed, and then sure enough, soon as we’d straightened everything up, Dad spun Aunt Kathy around right there on the living room couch and fucked her doggy until she started barking like one. Mom meanwhile gave me what was probably the best ever blowjob while I simultaneously sucked cunt for what seemed like the very first time.

And then just like that…mom and dad went back to being Ozzie and Harriet. And I felt like I had reentered the twilight zone or something.

Obviously…there must have been some sort of unspoken rule that I hadn’t been let in on or given to understand. If Aunt Kathy showed up, then it was like anything goes…and did. But the moment she left, aside from mom and dad still running around half naked most of the time, it felt like “hands off”, so I quit thinking about it…or tried to anyway.

After about a week of that however, and with Aunt Kathy being too busy as of late to come over for a visit, I was climbing the proverbial walls. Luckily, I now had something else to look forward to however with Beth and my Aunt Diane’s arrival only a few days away. I’d even scheduled and taken some vacation time bakırköy escort from work in order to spend as much time with them as I could. So at least there was that.

It was thinking about her, about that last night we’d sort of…spent together when I found myself standing there in the shower with a massive erection. As it had in fact been a couple of days now since I’d even jerked off, I found the urgent need to do so, and thus began wanking my prick, one hand braced against the wall of the shower, the other furiously stroking my shaft when mom inexplicably came walking into the bathroom. I hadn’t locked the door…though with the somewhat (or used to be anyway) lessoning of any inhibitions around the house, I hadn’t felt the need to do so. Having heard me in the shower, mom came walking in with a fresh change of towels as that had in fact been her intent to do even before I’d gone in to take one. So lost in my own decadent thoughts at the time, I hadn’t even heard her come in. As the shower doors themself were clear rather than opaque or frosted over, it was clearly evident what I was standing there doing as mom popped a towel over the top of the shower enclosure for me.

“You do know I just cleaned that out from top to bottom yesterday,” she said scaring the hell out of me as I jumped, turning…cock in hand still though I immediately released it. She wasn’t mad…wasn’t anything like that in fact. Just mom being mom, though honestly, her standing there looking at me, talking about me “dirtying” up her thoroughly cleaned tub wasn’t exactly something most “moms” would stand there and actually discuss. “Can’t you at least get out and squirt it into the toilet when you come?” She then asked as though this was again the most normal natural conversation for the two of us to be having. “Either that…or make sure you clean it all up if you’re bound and determined to do it in there,” she told me. With that, mom turned and left the bathroom. Talk about a mood killer. And then the door opened again, and in she came again, sliding open the glass doors, looking down at my somewhat deflated erection.

“I’m sorry, I really shouldn’t have spoiled it for you,” she said smiling at me. “Come here, let me make it all better for you. Next thing I know, I’m standing there with my dick in mom’s mouth as she sucked me off. After filling her cheeks with two days worth of cum juice, she did swallow most if not all of it this time, smiling at me after she did. “Keep this one between you and I,” she said. “I owed you that much at the very least.”

I knew then…that there really was some sort of unspoken, unwritten rule about all this that no one had let me in on. And though confusing as hell at times, I had no choice but to accept it, and look forward even more to my Aunt Kathy’s infrequent visits.


It was Friday night. Dad would be picking up his sister, and my cousin from the airport on his way home from work. Mom had spent the better part of the day cleaning the house once again for about the third time in as many days. She was moody while doing it too. Although I was anxious and looking forward to their visit, I knew that mom and Aunt Diane didn’t get along all that well. For some odd-ball reason, they never seemed to get along since the day she and dad had gotten married. Not that they called one another names or anything like that, at least not to one another’s faces. But there had been those occasional catty remarks they both made, all the while smiling, grinning at one another, even holding onto one another’s arms at times while doing so. Making out like they were the very best of friends. I often looked to see if either one…or both of them were simultaneously digging their fingernails into one another as they did that.

“How come you and Aunt Diane don’t get along?”

“What makes you say that?” Mom asked trying to act like that was the dumbest thing she’d ever heard me say.

“Oh I don’t know…maybe because I see the way you sometimes roll your eyes whenever she says something that I know she said just to irk you? Or maybe the way you bite your tongue, and then slam a glass down on the kitchen counter when you don’t think anyone can see or hear you doing that?”

“Oh…best be more careful in the future about that then shouldn’t I?” She said giving up the pretense at least. She then sighed. “You might as well know Jim, ever since your father and I got married, she’s never felt like I was ever good enough for him.”

“No surprise there. She makes that fairly obvious. But why? Why’s she still think that after all these years? She knows damn well that you and dad are happy together. And look at her life…she’s not exactly got a lot of room to talk. I mean I’m glad she and Uncle G have parted ways, especially for Beth’s sake. But obviously…she didn’t have what it takes to keep her own marriage from falling apart.”

“Part of it…is that she’s jealous,” mom openly başakşehir escort admitted. “It’s because we do have something special together still, that she never did have. Not with George anyway,” mom said a bit more softly.

“If not him? Who?” I asked curiously. Mom looked at me, her eyes boring into mine.

“Your father,” she said simply.

“Oh,” I responded back. And then a whole lot of things suddenly fell into place.


With several hours yet to kill before they got here, mom was flitting about like a nervous butterfly. She kept arranging and rearranging things all over the house wherever she walked from room to room.

“You know what you need,” I told her as she passed by me for what had to have been the sixth time going from the family room into the kitchen, and back again without any apparent reason for doing so.

“A drink? It’s early yet. And besides, I don’t plan on getting wasted until after she gets here. Then I can tolerate her a little easier once I’ve had enough of those to sooth my nerves some,” she told me.

“No…not a drink. But a nice hard, very relaxing orgasm.”

She actually did laugh at that. “Except for the fact, I’m not in the mood to run upstairs and get myself off with my vibrator,” she told me. “Too much work. And like I said…I’m really not in the mood for that, not to mention with you sitting here downstairs knowing I was doing that. This may come as a bit of a surprise to you…but even after everything we’ve shared recently, I still find myself a little shy with you knowing that. Oh sure…admittedly, once I become aroused, horny…let the beast out so to speak, ‘shy me’ gets locked away. But the moment I’ve climaxed, had an orgasm…’shy me’ returns, my own personal Jekyll and Hide.”

I reached up taking her hand, effectively pulling her down next to me there on the couch. Reluctantly, she allowed herself to follow, though quickly taking her hand back once she had sat down.

“You need to relax,” I told her again. “Remember the other day in the shower?” I actually watched her cheeks color up a little as I reminded her of that.

“Yeah so?”

“Well, you did me a BIG favor. Now…let me do you one,” I told her.

She hesitated before responding, obviously considering it though only briefly, and then placed her hands on either side of her preparing to stand. “I don’t think…”

I pulled her down again, not letting her get up. “Like you said…this one’s between us,” I tried.

“As tempting an offer as that is…I really don’t think…”

“That’s just it mom. Don’t think. Don’t think about it one way or the other. Just relax, let me relax you…think of it as Aunt Diane preparation for the evening ahead. Come on, you’re as jumpy as a cat. And you know how much that really does upset dad, seeing the two of you constantly going at one another’s throats, even if you both make it look and sound like you’re not. Everyone else knows that you are. So…how about just relaxing, not thinking and getting all worked up over their arrival here this evening. I mean who knows mom? Maybe now that she and Uncle G aren’t married anymore, she’ll lighten up a little.”

“I doubt that Jim, if anything she might even be worse because of it.” At least mom seemed content to sit there for a moment longer while we talked anyway.

“Yeah? Well here’s something else you should think about and try,” I told her. “Who knows…maybe you’re right, about her, and if you are…if you were to act like this instead of that, you might see an entirely different person emerge out of her because of it.”

I then told her my thoughts, explaining it all to her in detail. At first she just sat there looking at me like I’d suddenly turned insane. But slowly…over the next hour she began listening to reason, seeing where I was headed with this, what I thought could, and very possibly would happen should she actually do this.

“I don’t know Jim…and besides, your father…”

Once again I surprised her. “Let me be the one to worry about dad this time,” I informed her. “Maybe it’s time that he and I had a son to father chat.”

I could see mom was already starting to loosen up a little, far less antsy and nervous than she had been less than an hour ago. “You know…maybe I will go upstairs and have a little nap,” she teased knowingly. “Maybe that might help.”

“Nap hell mom…you just need a good old fashioned pussy licking, and I just happen to know the best person here that can give you that. Like I said…I owe you one after the other day. And like you said…this one’s between us.”

Ten minutes later I was kneeling on the floor between mom’s legs, each one draped over my shoulders as I sat there flicking her hard little clit with my tongue. My hands kneading her soft pliant titty-flesh, playing with those amazingly hard nipples of hers, which of course had simultaneously gotten me hard as well.

“God…you bayrampaşa escort do that even better than your father does,” mom said shocking me a little.

“How about Aunt Kathy?”

Mom moaned, though she chuckled too. “Maybe as good…but even if you’re not quite there yet…with practice, you sure as hell will be,” she added sighing pleasurably as I drew her hard little nubbin in sucking, holding it.” “OK…maybe you are,” she sighed pleasurably again.

Reluctantly I let go of one of her breasts, my hand now traveling down running up inside that super slick passage of hers. Almost immediately I found that soft little spongy spot up inside, rubbing and caressing it with my fingers as I continued to suck-nibble her precious clit.

“Fuck…where’d you learn how to do that?” she asked arching her back, pressing herself even more forcefully against my face.

“Aunt Kathy,” I beamed proudly. “She told me. Told me that next time I was munching on my mother…that I should try doing this.”

“Remind me to tell her thank you,” she sighed once again, slowly face-fucking me now as I continued stroking her sweet spot, rapidly flicking her clit back and forth now with my tongue as I felt her breathing suddenly intensify. “Never mind…I’ll thank her personally myself in another way,” mom groaned, and then launched herself, climaxing explosively against me as I held on for dear life.


I actually found I was as anxious and nervous as mom was, though for an entirely different reason. Seeing Beth again was something I was looking forward to, but let’s face it, a lot of time had passed. The fact we had never once spoken about that night, what we’d both done watching one another. Not a single word had been uttered even, including that night. So it was not without a small bit of trepidation that I was curious as to how she’d act, respond around me after their arrival.

A short time later we heard dad’s car pulling up into the drive. Mom and I both nervously standing there in the sitting room though no doubt for completely different reasons. Moments later the door opened, Aunt Diane walking in first, Beth following behind, though to be honest, it took me a moment to realize it was even her, she had changed that much!

“Welcome,” mom said courteously enough, hugging dad’s sister, as she returned the hug though it was far less than the way she hugged me moments later. I was hardly aware of that however, still staring at Beth as she stood there looking back at me, a small smile on her face as she said, “Hello Jim…been a while hasn’t it?”

If I didn’t know it was Beth, I’d have never recognized her. Gone was her long blonde hair. It was now coal black, cut short along one side, swept over towards the other hanging just below her ears. It had been tipped with bright red coloring, almost looking as though she had flames in her hair the way it had been styled. In addition to that, she now wore dark eye-shadow, though it did make her blue eyes stand out even more than they had before. Her lips likewise painted an almost purplish-black color. Different enough that, but so were the clothes she was wearing. I had never seen her in anything like she was wearing now, an almost too tight black tank-top that hinted at the absence of a bra. Black shorts, a wide leather belt that was studded, along with black knee-high boots completing the ensemble.

“Holy shit!” I said out loud before realizing I had actually spoken my thoughts verbally. Beth laughed, and then stepped over giving me both a hug and a kiss.

“You’ve changed a little yourself too,” she informed me. “Though probably not quite as much as I have,” she said whispering in my ear, once again giggling as she actually nipped it with her teeth before stepping back, now giving mom an affectionate hug in greeting as I likewise did with my aunt.

“My, my….Goth is it?” Mom asked looking at her niece, pleasantly surprised, even smiling at her as she gave her an even thorough looking over.

“Personally, I don’t know what she calls it,” Aunt Diane stated. “But I’ve given up trying to control her any more. Besides, she really is an adult now, and if she wants to run around looking like something you’d scare up in a graveyard, I guess that’s her choice.”

“Yes it is…and yes, I am,” Beth said looking at me, smiling once again.

“Well, let me show you to your rooms,” mom said. “Jim? You’d probably best go help your dad out with the luggage,” mom reminded me as I caught a wink from Beth just before turning to head out.

“My room would be downstairs then?” She asked. Mom nodded. “Cool,” she said simply and then headed downstairs to check out her room as I headed outside to help dad carry things in.

Dad was of course waiting for me, having piled up what looked like enough luggage for a month’s stay.

“Well? Did they get along well enough?” He asked actually a bit worried. “No punches thrown at least?”

“Not physically no,” I chortled picking up what I knew to be Beth’s luggage. “But I do think that maybe you should sit down and have a talk with mom later,” I informed him. “You might be surprised by what she has to say,” I added seeing his curious look. He nodded his head at me briefly, and then followed me back inside the house carting his sister’s baggage.

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