Lunchtime in Office

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It was almost lunch time and Yamini was hungry – and bored while sitting in that client meeting, hundred kilometres from her hometown. She was wearing formals and her clothes were hugging her curves like her second skin. The room was closed and her nipples were feeling it. One has to have a strong willpower to take eyes off her and there were eyes in that meeting room. Five pair of hungry male eyes and she was the only female amongst them.

She was distracted exactly by this situation. Five handsome guys, all younger than her, in a closed room. What will it take to turn this boring meeting into something unspeakably exciting?

A chill passed through her spine before she shrugged the thought away and looked at one of them who was her colleague who she travelled with on a two day trip to this meeting.

She looked at him carefully as he presented the project. He was the taller darker and handsome of them all. He could easily lift her in his arms and do things she wouldn’t object to, she thought. She thought many things last night when they stayed at a hotel together, except in separate rooms. She wouldn’t have mind if he had knocked on her door past midnight for a small drink. She was hoping for it and hence was ready, smelling nice, wearing clothes that would güvenilir bahis show her assets in clear shape. A monster would have definitely risen seeing her but the monster never came. So she had to substitute it with her fingers, two of them, to put her body to sleep.

Her thighs overlapped to stop the juices from dripping and just to control her thoughts she moved her eyes to other guys in the room and caught one of them, youngest, probably an intern.

He was staring at her wide eyed. not at her face but below her neck where her nipples were poking through her shirt. The guy was hooked to it. She folded her hands to hide them and the guy looked up at her face.

Their eyes met and she used the opportunity to turn this meeting into something else. He was red faced when she smiled at him and unfolded her arms. Her nipples had grown more, this time by excitement. Her thighs pressed tight against each other as she lifted her breast, deliberately putting so much pressure on her shirt buttons and on the monster that rose in intern’s pants.

He had to adjust his crotch and she smiled at it again. The meeting wasn’t boring anymore.

The Intern, shy by nature, forced his eyes away from her until the meeting took a break. Everyone sighed and stretched türkçe bahis a bit and left the room one by one except Yamini and the intern.

He sat awkwardly until she asked, “Where’s the washroom?” Intern tried to navigate his mind but before he could tell her the way, “can you show me?” she requested.

Next minute, the intern was leading her through an empty hallway until they stopped outside a door saying Ladies’ washroom.

She turned the knob of the door, her eyes going down on him and stopping on his swollen crotch. He stood like a statue, with a hard on impossible to hide. She smiled again and asked, “What’s the best thing one can eat here?” Intern was short of words again. “I think you haven’t eaten in a while.” she teased as her hand opened the top button of her tight shirt. The intern looked both ways and wiped the sweat of his forehead.

Washroom was soon filled with her soft moans and she held intern’s head in her hands while he nibbled her nipples with his tongue and licked and sucked all the swollen skin of her breasts…

His saliva was all over her round, handful and more than firm breasts. The Intern was lost into them and she was looking at him admiringly. Slowly she pushed his head down until it reached her thighs. The intern looked güvenilir bahis siteleri up at her knowing her intention. She gathered her breath looked at him with lust. He slowly pulled her pants down.

Her panty was more than soaked with her juices. He put his fingers into the waistband of her panty and slowly pulled down. His eyes anxious to see what was hidden. It was wet, juicy to be precise and it wasn’t hiding in the bush. It was inviting and it was now daring him when she lifted herself to sit on the platform and stretched her thighs apart. Her lips parted and her juices ran down.

She looked like a horny slut with only her unbuttoned shirt on and her heels rested on the platform. Intern was on his knees devoted to the sex goddess he wrapped his hands around her soft and plump thighs as she held him by his hair and pulled him to kiss her throbbing vertical lips.

She buried his face in those juices as his tongue searched for her depth while his hands now began to squeeze her firm boobs and pinch those hard nipples which got him hooked in the first place. It went on for good ten minutes until the intern started to gasp but she kept him pinned into her heavenly hole and lifted her ass, arched her back and came right into his mouth with a throbbing orgasm. To her surprise the Intern lapped it up and swallowed like it was indeed the best thing he ate in his life. He licked around not missing an inch of her lips and skin of her thighs to clean her fully. After all, it was the lunch time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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