Lusting Over My Boyfriends Father

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You always manage to make me smile. When we are all sitting at the table eating dinner and you lean over to tell me a silly joke or smart remark to the conversation going on. To you, I’m sure it is innocent fun, but I wish you knew that for me…it is much, much more. When I hear the rasp in your mature voice, I imagine that voice telling me to get down on my knees and suck you off. When we make eye contact and no words are spoken, I dream of slowly stripping every piece of clothing off in front of you until I am completely naked, watching you look me up and down, with a growing cock begging for a tight wet pussy. You walk close by me, I can smell your scent and feel your warmth, only for a moment. Leaving me longing for more, for you to come even closer so that I can breathe you in. How could I ever imagine that after 7 years of coming over to your sons house as his friend and now girlfriend, I would have grown so effortlessly attracted, hungry for you.

When I am laying in his bed some nights I imagine walking upstairs, hoping that you may still be up watching TV in the living room. Maybe even dozing off, pendik escort so I can surprise you with my lust for you. Slowly and so quietly as to not wake your sleeping wife upstairs or your son just downstairs from us. I walk over to your chair, your leaned back slightly…giving me just enough room to carefully climb on top of your lap. You sit up suddenly, almost throwing me off of you, startled, shocked that I am straddling you. I place my index finger in front of your mouth and whisper shh, telling you we have to be quiet. You open your mouth almost as if to speak when you realize what I am wearing. The new lingerie I bought, especially for you. The bra pushing my perky, young breasts together ever so slightly creating the perfect amount of cleavage while my thong barely covers my tight, aching pussy. The deep amber color accentuating my almost porcelain skin. You whisper to me “What are you doing, you can’t be up here!?”

I give you a smirk as I slowly stand up from your chair and walk over to the couch beside it.

I layed down on my back, facing you and slowly reached one hand in the cup of maltepe escort my bra, pulling it down just enough for you to see my nipple which was getting harder at the thought of you watching me. The other hand exploring the soft skin on my torso, then my hips, my thighs stopping at the warmth coming from underneath. I can tell you are trying not to look, but seeing me touch myself in front of you is too hard to fully resist. I push the small piece of fabric to the side and place two fingers on my wet mound, I feel my heart flutter and a small gasp escapes me. I am so turned on. I start moving my fingers in a circular motion, slowly, drawing out every second of this feeling. I close my eyes, imagining that your fingers are the ones touching my pussy, getting me wetter by the second. I can already feel myself getting close, I have to have your fingers inside me.

Slowly I spread my lips and run my finger up and down my tight slit before slipping my index finger inside. I am so tight, and wet, my cum is warm for you and my finger is bringing me closer to the edge with every movement. I want to make kartal escort sure you are still watching me, opening my eyes to see you kneeling beside my hot body, mouth hanging open, staring at my pussy and what my fingers are doing. I close my eyes again and insert two fingers into my pussy, so tight, so warm, so wet, so close. I whimper as I rotate my hips to feel and explore every inch of my sex. I can hear your breathing becoming heavier with mine as I get closer to cumming for you.

Suddenly I feel your mouth on my clit lapping up all my juices as I finger myself hard. I look down at you in awe, struck at your boldness, moaning your name as your tongue brings me over the edge. Gasping for air all while trying to remain quiet was nearly impossible but you leaned forward to kiss me so passionately I couldn’t make a sound. I wrapped my arms around your shoulders and gently pulled you onto me, as you rested each hand on my hips. I immediately feel your cock growing hard in your jeans and I lift my pelvis to meet yours grinding my pussy against you, you letting out a low groan. I wonder how long it has been since you’ve had a girl lusting for you like this. Touching herself in front of you. Sucking your cock. Riding you all night like you deserve. I imagine with how busy you and your wife are, you don’t get much action anymore. But I am here to change that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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