Lusty Family Pt. 02

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The Lusty Family

Part 2

My daughters are playing at the neighbor’s house. As loneliness began to set in. I wonder what to do. It was 7pm and my father-in-law had not come home yet. After finishing his work at the college my dear husband Karthik would go to attend classes at his private tuition center. He usually comes back between 9 pm and 9:30 pm. Sunday is the only day he has off.

The time given to me by Father-in-law, was going to end in an hour. Will he come and hear my decision directly? Or will he call me and ask? Without knowing my mind was wondering what decision I should make.

I went to the bedroom and flipped on the light. I stood in front of the large mirror. There I looked at myself. Am I really beautiful? As Karthik says, does anyone who sees me wants to enjoy me? Which of my body parts are most attractive to others? My big eyes like the actress Meena? My eyelids? My moderately sharp nose? Or is it my red lips that are always juicy without any lipstick.

I came down to my neck. Standing sideways to the left, looking in the mirror. I proudly saw for the first time my left breast bulging out of the visible blouse through the front gap that covered my breasts. Is this what made my father-in-law lust after me? I rubbed the Saree Pallu. It was a new experience for me. I was enjoying my body thinking of another man.

I slowly took the saree pallu and put it down.

I stood to the side and looked in the mirror. At the top of my blouse there was a slit that ran down between my breasts. With my right hand I rubbed the breast that were bulging out. Sliding my finger in the slit and unhooking the first hook of the blouse.

My breasts contained within the blouse were tightly stretched. I grabbed both breasts with both hands. For the first time, I was staring at my breasts in amazement. I unhooked the second hook of the blouse with both hands. Since I did not wear any bras while at home, bakırköy escort parts of the breasts were more visible on the outside. My chest was drenched in sweat. As the dim light became well accustomed to the eyes the breasts, half bulged out, looked stunning in the light.

The same light was on when I was riding on Karthik`s cock yesterday. We were both nude and soaking in lust. When I thought this was what my father-in-law must have seen, I could feel my nipples getting hard. I unhooked the rest of the blouse and released my plump breasts. The breasts contained a slight bounce. I stood on the side and looked in the mirror. Both nipples were fully erect. I rubbed the areola rings that held the nipples. My nipples never hardened like this even when I was having sex with Karthik.

Has my mind fallen into the hands of my father-in-law? I closed my eyes and twisted my erect nipples. Now that he had seen me in this light, I decided to check myself out and toss the blouse over to the side. In the middle of the bed I put two pillows one on top of the other. I lifted the saree up to my thigh along with the skirt and sat down on the pillows. So much so that my slightly wet pussy rested on top of the pillows. Closing my eyes and placing both of my hands on the pillows. I raised my head slightly and slowly started to move my hips up and down. In the same motion as I do while sitting on the Karthik`s cock and riding him. My breasts slowly began to bounce up and down with me.

I started slowly. Increasing my speed, a little more. My wet pussy was rubbing and pushing on the pillows and began to ejaculate a little bit. Without stopping I looked the door where my father-in-law once stood. “Uncle, do you like to watch me? What did you think after watching my nude body? Did you see my breasts? Were my nipples visible even in this dim light? Did you like it? Do you want to come over başakşehir escort and play with my breasts?” Without thinking I started to moan and begin to indulge in lust. The overflowing water from my pussy soaked the pillows completely. Tiring myself out I got down from the pillows and laid down on the bed. The saree was lifted just above the thighs. Lying on a bed I slowly closed my eyes and began think. Am I doing the right thing? Why am I like this? Why is my mind leaning on my father-in-law so much?

I was about to sleep when calling bell ring. I rushed to get up. Covering my breasts, I put on my blouse, wrapped my saree around my body and went to open the door. Karthik was standing on the other side. Not like other days he had arrived early. I was standing near the door without asking anything.

“Hey… What’s up with my wife today? Isn’t that the usual excitement?” He came in and put the bag down and pulled me in by my waist.

With my pussy still dripping wet from earlier I said, “It is a bit unusual for you to come home this early but that’s alright. Do you want coffee?” I asked him then turned and walked into the other room.

He sat on the sofa and said “Yes please. Where is Dad? He isn’t at home?”

In my mind, I was thinking that I just opened the door because I thought my father-in-law had come back, but you came instead. I was standing there without saying anything to my husband.

“Rathi Madam, did you hear me?” Karthik suddenly asked.

Snapping back to the real world I replied with. “Hmm. Your father went to your sister Revathi`s house and he told me that he would return home later”

“Oh, he went over there? You should call me and told me this, I would have come back sooner and we could have put on a great show. My idiot.” while saying this he got up again and hugged me by my waist.

“What did you just say?” I asked bayrampaşa escort sternly

“You idiot.”

“Hmm, I see”

“Why. I even thought to call you a stupid pussy.”

“Hmm… OK, please let me go. I have to take a bath.”

“Why didn’t you take bath earlier? Stay with me for a while before our children come back.” Then he pulled me in and he pulled down my Saree Pallu and kissed me on the neck.

“Please let me go. Our children can come in any time. Now is not the time for your games.” I said as I struggled to get free, but he didn’t hear me. He unhooked the blouse and removed it.

He grabbed my breasts with both of his hands and started sucking my left breast. My mind began to think of my father-in-law reluctantly. I held Karthik’s head as he is tasting both my right and left nipples alternately.

“Even if I see you in the saree, I can still picture your naked body” said my father-in-law one morning. The thought come to my mind frequently and the lust began to occupy me more and more. I tilted Karthik’s head who was licking my nipples and I kissed him on the lips. Then I put my tongue in his mouth and pulled his tongue in. While sucking and moving the saliva it gave me sensation. I unbuttoned his shirt and rubbed my tongue on his bare body then rubbed my breasts on his body.

Overcoming the emotion, Karthik made me stand back. As I turned to grab the edge of the dining table. Karthik lifted my saree along with my skirt. With my breasts in the front and my buttocks in the back. This is Karthik’s favorite position. Karthik puts his dick into my pussy and pounds me from the back.

I lifted the saree completely and he buried his face between by buttocks. Licking my pussy with his tongue. At the same time there was a text message had arrived. It showed up on my mobile which was sitting on the dining table. While enjoying what Karthik was doing, I checked it.

“Yes or no?”- This was the only message. Sent by my father-in-law.

After reading that message, something in my pussy dripped even more water. This may be new to Karthik. My mind began to soak in lust. At the same time as Karthik was tasting and drinking the overflowing, pussy water. I replied to my father-in-law.

“Yes, uncle.”

To Be Continued…

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