Madrid Ch. 02

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The next week seemed to drag so much that I thought that Friday night would never come. It was just after nine o’clock when I decided that I couldn’t wait any longer and headed for the bar. There were a lot more people there tonight and I couldn’t see Esmeralda, so I found a space at the bar, ordered a drink and waited.

A couple of the girls looked at me, but I just smiled and shook my head. I was half way through my second beer, and beginning to worry that she wasn’t coming when one of the girls came over and asked if I would buy her a drink. I said no, but asked if Esmeralda would be in tonight. She went off to the back room and a few minutes later Esmeralda came out and almost ran across the bar and threw her arms around me.

She looked so delicious in a simple black sheath that I wanted to take her out immediately, but she said that I had to buy her at least two drinks first or the bar owner would be angry as this was the first time that she’d been in since last Friday. While we drank I learned more about her – she said was 20 years old and a student at Madrid University, her home was just outside Granada in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada

When I asked about working in the bar, she said that she enjoyed sex but missed her boyfriend who was far in the south. Also, being a poor student with expensive tastes, she was being paid to have a good time. She’d only worked there since the turn of the year when she came back to Madrid after the Christmas holidays and was able to pick and choose who she went with. All this really stretched my Spanish and took at least three times as long as it would have if I’d worked harder at my language classes. But now I resolved to pay better attention in the future!

I paid for the drinks and we went back to my apartment. All evening so far, Esmeralda had been bubbling with vivacity and as I locked the door behind us she pulled me round and locked her lips against mine. We started to pull at each other’s clothes, but as we got tangled up reverted to undressing ourselves. I still had my socks on when she attacked me again, rubbing her body against me and hooking one leg behind my back. I bent down, swept her up in my arms and carried her towards the bedroom, but she said that she wanted a bath first.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off her while we waited for the bath to fill, but she went back out and wrapped her tights around her hair as she’d done before. She delighted in showing off for me, and stood with her legs wide apart and thrust her hips forward so that I could see the lips of her pussy sticking through her hairs. She slowly turned around and, keeping her legs wide open slowly started to bend forwards, looking at me over her shoulder and smiling as my eyes watched her little bud appear, followed by her beautiful cunt. Then, just as I was reaching for her, she laughed, sprang into the bath laid down and invited me in.

She took the Badedas and rubbed my chest, gently pulling at the hairs and pinching my nipples. Then she turned me round and rubbed my back. When she got to my lower back, she leaned forward and bit me on the shoulder as she slipped one hand between my buttocks and gently rubbed from my arse to my balls and back again several times. Then she turned me round and, kneeling in front of me, repeated the action.

She kissed the end of my straining prick, then licked the little drop of pre-come that had leaked out. Mmm, me gusta mucho güvenilir bahis she said, and slipped her lips over the knob. She licked the sensitive underside and slipped it deeper into her mouth. She came up again and I saw her cheeks go in as she sucked hard. She took me deep again, and this time I felt her soapy finger slide into my arse. I didn’t want to come yet and half heartedly tried to push her away. But she shook her head, sucked my prick deep into her mouth and wanked me in time with her finger in my arse.

I exploded first as she was on an upstroke, so that the second spurt was deep in the back of her throat. She gagged a little but seemed to suck even harder. When she’d emptied me, she stood up, licked the come from her lips and smiled. Then she kissed me and it seemed that she thrust her tongue as far down my throat as my prick had been down hers. I like the taste of my own sperm, but this was the first time I’d tasted it mixed with Badedas. Could be worse I thought.

Taking the Badedas again, I took a handful and started to soap her back. I gently rubbed her shoulders and armpits and slipped my hands round to play with her firm tits. Then I started on her back, lower and lower, cupping her buttocks and slipping one hand in between. She giggled as my finger played with her little puckered arse, then gasped and opened her legs a little wider as it slipped in to the first knuckle. My other hand went round to her belly and then slipped lower. This time, because of the angle, I was able to slip three fingers into her while my thumb gently stroked her clitoris.

She turned so that she could put her hands on each side of my head to push it down and force me to lick and nibble at her waiting tits. She moaned with pleasure as the fingers of each hand moved more quickly in and out of her body and leaned back into the corner, holding my head tightly against her. As she came again, she lost all sense of balance and she would have fallen if I hadn’t withdrawn my fingers to hold her up.

I wrapped one of the big soft towels around her and patted her dry like a baby. Then, as I turned to get another towel for myself, she took hers off and dried me with it, taking special care over my balls and prick. When she’d finished, she went into the kitchen, got some ice then went into the lounge to make drinks for us both.

I’d turned the heating on full before I went out, and so we were able to sit together comfortably in the nude while we watched Tuti Fruiti again and sipped our drinks. From her comments, it was obvious that she liked the programme and I saw that her nipples were erect when I turned to look at her, which made me start thinking that she’d look good on the programme.

She’d been idly playing with my prick, and now looked at it as she felt it grow. Without taking her eyes off the screen, she leant over, took a condom from her bag and slipped it over my now fully erect prick. Then she treated me to the same display as before we got into the bath. She stood with her back to me, legs apart and bent forward with her hands on her knees. This time she didn’t pull away as I reached for her and stroked the cheeks of that beautiful arse. I was treated to the spectacle of her cunt lips puffing out towards me as she got even more excited as my fingertips played over her skin, down the backs of her legs and back up the outside, teasing her until she whispered por favor and wiggled that beautiful türkçe bahis arse from side to side.

To tease her further I ran my hands up the inside of her thighs, just brushing the hairs of her pussy. Then I gently pulled her backwards until I could smell her excitement. I moved her closer still and kissed each firm buttock, then pushed her down until her cunt enveloped my willing tool.

She groaned as it went straight in to the hilt, and stayed in that position just using her well developed muscles to excite us both. I played with her tits, rolling them and gently pulling her hard nipples. One hand slowly drifted lower, playing with her navel, past the gentle swell of her belly and down between the soft hairs to her swollen clit.

Now she slowly started to move, up so that I almost came out of her, and then slowly back down again with a rolling action which rubbed her arse against my belly until I was again as deep as I could go. I took her hands and held them against her tits so that I could feel her playing with them. Then I pulled one of them down and wrapped her hand round my prick so that she could feel it go in and out of her now dripping pussy.

As she speeded up her riding, she started to play with her clit, and she used her other hand to play with my balls, it seemed as though she was trying to push them into her as well. My hands went back to her tits and I to suck her neck and shoulders, but she was moving too quickly now and so I just grabbed her tits and hung on.

Just as I felt that I was about to come, I lunged up and forwards, pushing her down onto her knees so that I could take full control and drive into her. I held the cheeks of her arse, rubbed her little button with my thumb and she slowly went wild as I thrust both prick and thumb into her. Her hands were on the floor, pushing herself back against me and her hair flew as she shook her head backwards and forwards in front of the coloured girl who was grinding her hips, almost in time to their wild fucking. As we came together, I held her tight against me so that she could feel my prick jerking deep against the walls her cunt. Then she fell to the carpet as I collapsed over her.

I eventually went to the bathroom to get rid of the condom. Then I went back into the lounge, picked her up and carried her to the bed. I wrapped the covers over us and we slept the sleep of the satisfied.

When I awoke, my prick was as hard as ever, but this time it was because I needed to have a piss. Because I was so hard, it took a long time starting and them seemed to go on forever. Just as I started, I felt Esmeralda come in behind me then, taking hold of me, she sprayed my jet around the bowl then pointed it straight down so that it thundered into the water. She took a tissue to wipe the drips from the end of my prick, then turned to face me and squatted over the toilet.

She aimed right into the water, and it seemed as though she would go right through the bowl, the floor and into the bathroom below, so long and hard did her waters flow. By this time, her arms were over my shoulders and she was looking me straight in the face. She didn’t move when she’d finished, and so I reached over for a handful of paper and gently patted her lips dry.

She said yes when asked if she wanted some coffee and went back into the bedroom. I found her sitting up in bed, reading the Spanish version of Penthouse that I’d bought güvenilir bahis siteleri a couple of days earlier with the intention of using it as an incentive to improve my Spanish reading. As there’s no censorship in Spain, I’d got no further that looking before I’d had to relieve myself from just looking at the various story board series of explicit pictures. Now here was Esmeralda reading the captions as well as looking with interest at the action.

I got back into bed, put one arm around her and she lay on my chest so that we could both look at the magazine. This story was about a man picking up a girl in a bar, so I told her that it was just like us. But she said no because the girl had sagging tits, not small firm ones like hers. I agreed and laughed as I pointed out that the man was a giant compared with me. She laughed with me, but said that I had nothing to be ashamed of, and also that mine was more beautiful. The couple in the pictures quickly got into bed and fucked and sucked for a couple of pages until there was a shot of me coming into her eager mouth. Esmeralda said that the girl looked very hungry and laughed.

Over the page, they were joined by a stunning black girl and Esmeralda said that this girl’s tits were much better. The man now became an observer as the two girls made love with each other. Fingers and tongues were everywhere until the last shot where the black girl’s thumb was inside the other girl’s cunt, with her fingers playing with her arse and the tip of her tongue lashing the white girls clitoris.

Now that looks good I said, and I felt the heat as Esmeralda blushed. She put the magazine down and reached for her cup without speaking. When she’d finished the coffee, she asked if she could stay for the night, which was of course what I had been going to ask her. But before I could say yes, she quickly added that there would be nothing extra to pay. Even if there had been, this girl excited me so much that I would willingly have paid for the whole night. We lay down and made love on our sides with less urgency this time, before falling asleep in each other’s sweaty arms.

In the morning, I woke to the feeling of a hot mouth and tongue playing with my hard prick. When she realised that she had successfully woken me, she slipped on a condom, sat on me and rode us both to yet another climax. Four in twelve hours! I didn’t know if I would be able to get out of bed for the rest of the weekend.

Hunger won of course and I asked if she’d like to got to a café just round the corner and try an English breakfast. We showered and enjoyed exploring each other’s bodies, finding out what each one liked and where we were ticklish, just like a couple of kids. Just before they left the apartment, I slipped her the money I owed and then took her down to sample the delights of bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms and beans.

My mouth was watering as I described it, and when it arrived she said that she couldn’t possibly eat all that so early in the morning. But we both ate with an appetite created by a hard physical work-out the night before.

In reply to my asking if I could see her again that night, she said yes, but that she’d come straight to the apartment. She explained that then, I wouldn’t have to buy any drinks in the bar, and she could charge me less as she wouldn’t have to give any to the bar either.

We agreed on nine, which was the normal time for eating in Madrid, and I said that I’d book a table at a good restaurant. She smiled, kissed me on both cheeks, said buenos dias, hasta la nueve and walked out, leaving me to have another expresso before going back to bed for the rest of the day.

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