Maeve’s New Friend

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The twin apartment towers faced each other across an almost resort sized swimming pool nestled in its own garden and surrounded by a huge patio that only lacked a poolside bar to make you think that you were in the tropics instead of here, at home in Victoria.

Maeve, a tall redheaded woman with freckles on her upturned nose and spattered across the tops of her large soft breasts, uses her key to open the privacy gate and saunters into the pool compound as if she owned it carrying only her book and a towel. Her thick red hair and freckles screams Irish as the fifty something woman lets her robe fall open and off her shoulders as she walks. Looking straight ahead and ignoring the gathering of young people cavorting in the shallow end of the pool as she goes to her favorite spot nearer the deep end. The woman catches the robe before it hits the ground and continues on showing off her still young looking and tight body wearing the smallest of thong bikinis. It is three small green triangles of thin silky cloth connected by strings that pretend to cover her front while leaving her jiggling ass bare. Maeve’s ass isn’t the only thing that jiggles as she walks toward her favorite lounger either. Her heavy and still pert breasts sway high on her chest with each step; threatening at every movement to burst free from the tiny postage stamp sized bits of cloth that barely cover her breasts.

There is a sudden silence as Maeve walks past the children, as she thinks of them, until a young girls voice is heard saying just a little too loudly, “Oh my gawd, will you look at that old broad. She’s actually wearing a thong.”

Maeve pauses and is close to turning around to say something just as unfeeling to the brat when another young girl slaps some water at the first and hisses loud enough for her to hear, “Just hope you look that good when you’re even half her age Courtney, you dumb bitch!”

“Ah, peer pressure can work for the better sometimes,” Maeve sighs happily as she reaches her lounger and makes sure to bend at the waist to show off her tight old woman’s ass and her barely covered older and well used pussy as she spreads her towel to sit down and enjoy her book in the sun. There is a heartfelt wolf whistle and then laughter as the children resume their playing in the pool. The sound of a pair of bare heels pounding on the patio and the slamming of the gate makes her smile as she wishes that the mouthy girl that is leaving is a guest and the boy who whistled lives here.

“Wolf whistles are always nice,” she thinks as she opens her book to read. “Wait until they see how see through this bikini is when it’s wet. I’ll know who the whistler is then.”

“Fuck me, who is that red haired goddess!” Joel wonders as he leans on his third floor balcony rail looking down at the pool during a break from unpacking. His plan was to open a few more boxes then go out for a bite to eat but now all he wants to do is find a swim suit and a towel to go down and, “Er, check the pool out.”

The woman enthralls him. He had seen her walk through the gate and strut onto the patio, dropping her robe like a model in a Paris fashion show as she went. She looks like she is nude from his angle. Her long waist length red hair covers the strings that hold on her bikini top and he can see her beautiful and very naked ass. He thinks he can see the side of a breast as she walks past some young people in the pool. “She must be nude!” he thinks as he sees every person there stop and stare at her as she walks by. The goddess pauses for a moment then moves on to a lounger and bends over at the waist showing off her ass to the teens in the pool then lies down on her back with her tits falling to the sides as only large real ones can, stretching a green string that holds impossibly small triangles of cloth pretending to cover her tits. “Not nude, but close enough,” Joel thinks as he hurries to his bedroom to look for a swimsuit.

There are boxes everywhere but none labeled swimsuits; they all just say ‘bedroom’. Four boxes later he finds something to wear to the pool. A white string thong that can barely cover his cock and balls that he had worn on the beach at Costa del Sol in Spain. Not the thing to wear in Canada, especially when it is wet, then it becomes totally see through. “Fuck it,” he says as he strips down to put the skimpy piece of nothing on, “I just won’t go in the pool and I’ll wear some shorts to get there.”

“Damn good thing I still shave down there,” he mumbles as he struggles to adjust his thickening cock in the miniscule piece of cloth. Even dry there is nothing left to the imagination as the string that pretends to be a waist band comes to just above the root of his cock and the gossamer thin nylon of the pouch can’t hide his dark cock head or the silver rings that pierce his cock and balls.

Grabbing a still damp towel from the bathroom and his keys Joel goes to leave.

“Hang on, maybe she’s thirsty,” he says as he stops at the door. Long minutes later he is out the door with a cooler filled with ice, a bottle of water and a six pack of beer cans. “Shit…My keys!” he wails as the door slams shut and locks. “My shorts and my şişli escort towel too! Shit, fuck, piss!” he curses as he realizes that he is locked out of his apartment holding a cooler of beer wearing a string thong and nothing else.

Joel’s first plan was to saunter onto the pool patio with his cooler and towel in hand, wearing a pair of shorts so he could get to the pool without being arrested, and take a lounger near the red haired goddess hoping to strike up a conversation after he stripped to his thong. “Never even picked up the shorts, did I,” he grouses as he stands all but naked in the hallway.

Plan ‘B’ dies instantly when he remembers being told by Frank the super when he was given his keys this morning to not lose them as he would be gone until late the next day.

Realizing that the only place he can possibly be is the pool Joel sneaks down the back stairs as he forms plan ‘C’ in his mind. Joel is still fixated on meeting the red headed woman. She’s not a goddess anymore in his panicking mind but a savior. He will meet her and plead with her to help him, hoping to convince her that he just needs to sleep on her couch for the night. Not in her bed as he had originally planned.

“Now, to just get in the locked gate,” he thinks. “I’ll hide in the bushes until somebody comes out.” That plan worked when a couple left the pool with the wife complaining about noisy kids and that naked red headed hussy at the deep end.

“But dear all the bits that the law says need to be covered are covered. I saw all three of the green triangles covering her,” the man answers as Joel passes them in his near nakedness to quickly grab the gate before it closes.

“I suppose you saw all one of his white triangles as well,” the woman huffs as the gate shuts behind them.

“How did you know he was wearing white dear?” is the last thing Joel hears as he strolls down the pool side.

The teens in the shallow end go quiet one more time as yet another near naked older person walks by. Joel is almost at a lounger near his goddess when a young girl puts two fingers in her mouth and gives him a very loud wolf whistle.

Maeve looks up from her book when she hears the whistle to see a man with long salt and pepper hair and a thick beard to match walking her way, “Good grief, I’ve been out thonged by a man,” she thinks as she watches his cock and balls move from thigh to thigh with each step, barely held in by the gossamer thin fabric of his thong.


She sees his bulge swell noticeably as he gets nearer to her. The man is tall with wide shoulders and a barrel chest over a still somewhat flat stomach. His muscular arms are heavily tattooed, the left is a complete sleeve, and his nipples are pierced by thick silver rings. “Do I see some silver in that tight pouch as well?” Maeve wonders, “MMM.”

“Fuck, I’m getting a woody…no a fucking hard on just looking at this woman,” Joel laments. “Oh well, here we go. I’m committed now and if I can’t talk her into a place to stay I am more than just a little fucked. Do I see her licking her lips? Smile you fool.”

“Hello, I thought you might need a cold drink of water so I brought my cooler with me,” Joel says lamely, holding it in front of his straining and very thick cock. Maeve looks at the blue eyed man over her sunglasses and motions with her hand for Joel to move the cooler to his side.

“God,” he thinks, “Fuck begging for the couch tonight, I’m going to get laid.” He moves the cooler aside, “Water or beer; it’s all I brought.”

“That’s not all you’ve brought,” Maeve coos as she looks pointedly at the crotch of the tall well built man standing in front of her. “You might need some cooling down yourself though. Let’s go in for a quick dip before I accept a beer from a handsome stranger.”

“I shouldn’t in this suit; it becomes invisible when it gets wet.”

“You don’t think this little number doesn’t do the same thing, do you?” Maeve asks with a raised eyebrow as she pulls on one of her bra straps to shake a tit at Joel. “Come on, I’m a little too hot anyway. The pool is empty but for the children and they need a show from us older people.

“A little too hot; way too hot is more like it,” he thinks while he watches her large tits move on her chest as she stands and walks to the pool.

“Come on, don’t be shy. I won’t bite…very much,” Maeve says as she passes the handsome piece of male flesh that has appeared out of nowhere and goes to the edge of the pool to dive in.

She feels the water rip the tiny top from her breasts and pull her thong bikini bottom completely off as she dives to the bottom of the pool. Once there Maeve rolls onto her back to let herself slowly rise to the surface showing the hunk standing on the edge of the pool above her breasts as they gently float free on her chest and her shaved pussy with its long pink cunt lips. She thinks that she might have his attention now. “Shit, that guy is gorgeous and his cock is getting even bigger!” she sighs to herself as she floats slowly up through the water.

Joel stands transfixed at the edge of the pool as he watches escort ankara his Goddess float to the surface showing off her incredible body to him. When she breaks the surface the woman puts her arms over her head and floats with her back arched to present her tits to him. They rest on her chest above the water like twin islands and show off her long erect nipples as she waits with hooded eyes for him to join her in the pool. He dives in, cutting the water like a knife and touches bottom as she did then floats up looking at the lady’s shapely naked body above. As he knew it would the string thong he was wearing has been torn from his body too and now it lies on the bottom of the pool with hers. His rock hard cock touches his stomach as he rises to surface beside his goddess.

“Hello,” he says as he comes up for air. “Do you think the kids will complain about us being naked in the pool?”

“Forget them,” she drawls as she continues to float on her back. “They leave at sunset every night, anyway. Did your thong come off too?” Maeve asks as she rolls over in the water to see her new friend treading water next to her with his hard cock pointing straight up with his large balls floating below.

“His cock and balls are pierced!” she cries to herself and thinks, “Oh yes, I can hardly wait to feel that fat cock with its rings sliding up and down my pussy as he fucks me.”

They tread water in the center of the deep end as Joel tells her the true story of his dilemma while the children ignore them and finally begin to leave.

“See, I told you they leave at sundown,” Maeve says as she lets her hand accidentally brush against the fat cock waving between them. Joel, taking the hint, lowers his head to briefly suck on a nipple and then swims to where he can stand in the pool. Maeve swims along with her silvered haired stranger. She dives under the water to take his cock in her hand and quickly sucks it into her warm mouth before surfacing in front of him with her breasts sliding up his strong body.

“Do you have a name?” Maeve asks.

Joel chuckles as he thinks of every movie answer to that question then finally says “They call me…”

“Don’t,” Maeve laughs as she puts her finger to his lips, “I know it’s not Ishmael. And I’m not a whale!”

“Joel, then,” he answers as he pulls his red headed goddess close to his body. “You’re more like a barracuda I think, though. And your name, pretty lady, is…? What do I call my red haired Goddess?”

“Maeve,” the girl whispers into his chest as she feels his thick cock press into her stomach while his arms hug her just tight enough. “It means the cause of great joy in Irish.”

“Oh, I hope so,” Joel answers while one hand caresses her ass and the other strokes her long thick hair.

Maeve drags the nails of her left hand down Joel’s chest and stomach leaving a trail of red marks, then takes hold of his cock while her right hand pulls his head down for a kiss. Pulling her lips away after a long slow and wet exchange of tongues she breathes, “Maybe we should go to my apartment now so that I can save my naked homeless man from a fate worse than death.”

“Yes, please save me, fair Maeve; my Irish Goddess.”

“Oh, come on quit the theatrics. That sounds so hokey. Fetch our thongs from the bottom while I get my towel and robe,” Maeve laughs then climbs up the stairs at the shallow end to walk naked to collect them. She picks up her towel and dries herself off as she watches Joel climb from the pool holding their miniscule string bottoms in his hand with his still hard cock swaying in front of his body.

“Are you going to leave that bit of dental floss on your chest?”

“Oh, I forgot.” Maeve turns her back to Joel and lifts her long red hair to expose the thin strings of her top, “Would you do the honors, good sir?”

“Now it’s my turn to say quit fooling around with words.”

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist.”

Joel unties the string across Maeve’s back then reaches up to undo the one around her neck. He lets go of the strings and slides his hands over her shoulders to cup her breasts. Maeve pushes her tits out into his hands and moans, “We better get to my apartment soon or we’ll get arrested!”

“So, what am I going to wear back to your apartment? My swim suit is a little too nothing.”

“Well, I get the robe and what you get is the towel. It’s better than nothing,” Maeve laughs as she dons the robe and hands Joel her towel. He wraps it around his waist then shows Maeve his problem, “I hope nobody sees this on the way up to your apartment.” His hard cock is more than a little evident under the towel.

Maeve smiles at the stiff and very large penus barely hidden in front of her to say, “If they do I know they’ll be they’re jealous of me.”

The couple makes it to the elevator without anyone seeing them. “What floor are you on?” Joel asks with his hand over the panel.


Joel pushes ‘P’ and nothing happens.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Maeve says as she pulls a key from her robe to put it in the slot in the panel, “My mistake.”

“Do you own the top floor?”

“Yes I own it and both buildings as well. ankara escor That’s why they can’t kick me out of the pool for being so…well… under dressed.”

“Good god I sure know how to pick them,” Joel thinks and then shrugs at his dumb luck. “You must have a patio with a hot tub and even a pool up there, why go down to the public pool?”

“I like showing off my body,” Maeve purrs as she pulls Joel’s towel off and then drops her own robe. “Don’t worry, when I put my key in the elevator it only stops at the top. Nobody will see us. I want to feel your cock now. I need you to touch me. Please touch my pussy!”

The elevator finally opens onto a plush anteroom which leads to a huge opulent living room filled with beautifully kept Art Deco furniture from the 1920’s and 1930’s. Maeve let’s go of her new man’s cock that she had been lovingly stroking all the way up to pick up the towel and robe.

“I may own this place but we can’t have clothes lying about in the elevator can we,” she giggles and then struts into her home to sit on an overstuffed couch with her legs wide apart to show her new friend her very wet pussy. “Kiss my pussy if you want to be my lover.”

Joel just laughs as he walks past her out onto the incredibly large sun deck to stand by her roof top pool to take in the view of the city below. Two can play this game.

He finds a table and leans over it to show the sexy woman on the couch his ass “You can kiss my ass first before you suck my cock Maeve. I will eat your pussy after, if I feel like it.”

There is a long silence before he hears Maeve answer in a small voice, “I’ll lick your ass but I won’t stick my tongue in it.”

Neither of them can believe what they are saying to each other as their sexual bantering continues. “Then do it, Maeve, crawl to me and lick my ass hole!”

She is shocked. Every other man she has asked up to her penthouse has obeyed her every word just so they could fuck her but Joel, her new friend, just laughs at her. He shows her his ass and tells her to kiss it. She feels strangely wet between her legs as she gets on her knees to crawl toward this man that has won her over. Her ass sways and her tits swing under her body as she crosses the room on her knees out onto the balcony until she reaches her new friend and lifts her head to run her tongue up and down his ass while she strokes his cock. She wasn’t going to put her tongue into his asshole but she feels that she can’t help herself. She tries to bury it as deep as she can while she fondles his cock and balls.

Joel can’t believe his luck; a beautiful red headed goddess is sticking her tongue into his ass and stroking him while he stands by the pool on her multimillion dollar balcony.

“Damn, that feels good,” he moans as Maeve tries to please the man standing in front of her. She moves her hand up and down his thick cock stopping every now and then to collect his pre cum to lubricate it as she tongues his ass. Joel finally cums and yells out his pleasure as he sprays his seed onto the patio floor under the table in front of him.

“Did you like that?” Maeve asks as she continues to stroke Joel’s still semi hard cock.

“Oh, yes.”

“Good, now kiss my ass!”

Joel turns to lift his Goddess off the floor and take her in his arms. “I’d like nothing better but first I’d like to watch you lick my cum from the floor.”

She laughs at him and says, “No.” She bends over to scoop some of his cum up with her fingers and brings them to her mouth to lick them as she looks him in the eye and then kisses him; pushing some of his own cum into his mouth.

“Now give me face!” She walks back into the living room to resume her original pose on the couch. “Crawl to me!”

Joel licks his lips tasting his own cum for the first time then smiles at his goddess as he sinks to his knees and crawls to her with his hard cock hanging below his belly and his balls hitting his thighs as he moves to begin licking her cunt and ass. When Joel gets close Maeve spreads her legs wide and slides even further down on the couch, “You can start by licking my ass, boy.”

Joel smiles at his goddess and sticks his tongue out to taste her tight brown hole then licks up her wet crack to flick her clit before pushing it into her cunt so he can taste her sweet juices. Maeve’s hips buck when she feels her clit being licked and she reaches down to force Joel’s tongue back up to where she wants it. “Oh, my. Oh, god, yes; right there. Yes!” she yells as Joel sucks her over large pussy lips into his mouth and attacks her clit with his tongue until she cums in his mouth in a huge gush of juice as her body shudders in the release of an orgasm that doesn’t stop. Maeve cums and cums again as she feels Joel’s tongue lap at her clit. Her fluids drip out of her and down his chin. She feels his fingers push into her to seek out the secret place deep inside of her, her g-spot, as he continues to lick her throbbing clit and she has the best orgasm yet. It doesn’t end there though; she feels a finger push into her ass and she is driven to an even higher level of bliss by Joel’s tongue and hands as he works his magic on her. Maeve grabs her tits and pulls at her nipples as her body arches and goes rigid in a final orgasm that has her legs squeezing her lover’s head and leaves her stomach quivering over and over as she slowly comes down to earth from wherever Joel has taken her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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