Make Me Feel

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Bea sat alone in a little alcove reading the morning papers as the rain pounded down on the pavement outside of the cafe. The news had promised dismal weather all week and they had delivered on that promise, the weekend before having been a complete wash out too. At first the idea of being off work for two whole days and doing absolutely nothing had seemed inviting but by lunch time on Sunday she had started to get a little cabin fever. Deciding to try and do something before heading into work on Monday Bea had decided to treat herself to decent coffee and a nice breakfast at the coffee shop around the corner from her business, deciding it was an act of self care she had sorely needed.

It had been a struggle to get into the cafe, the tube feeling like a sauna with everyone layered up with raincoats and packed in like sardines. Now inside the coffee shop the air felt just as thick, the windows steamed up in contrast to the cold air outside. Chilled out soul music played in the background, only just able to be heard over the hustle and bustle of a working coffee shop that served the city’s creative and tech types. Pushing her fingers idly through her shoulder length black hair Bea pushed it out of her eyes as she tried to focus on a story detailing the latest Brexit negotiations. She didn’t really understand most of what was going on but liked to at least try to stay informed. Resting her head on her hand she was aware of the coffee shop steadily filling up as it always did, but she paid it no mind, just sipping her cappuccino and taking the occasional bite from her plate of rarebit.

“Hi – do you mind if I join you?” A woman appeared at the entrance to the little alcove, nodding to the seat that was opposite Bea and before she had a chance to respond the woman was already setting her hand bag down on the empty seat opposite her.

“Uh, sure…” Bea murmured and collected her newspaper, folding it in half to make room for the tall, red haired woman stood in front of her, offering a polite smile as she realised she had spread her things across the table.

“Thank you, it’s always so busy in here, they need to open a second one,” she said, sounding a little frustrated as she slipped into the booth seating opposite Bea, her knees brushing Bea’s lightly as she got settled in and pulled out her macbook and started to work. The glow of the macbook just highlighting her delicate bone structure.

Bea just nodded and gave a weak smile before trying to focus back on her newspaper but her comfort bubble had been broken now there was someone in her space. Eyeing her over she admired her delicate bone structure, the freckles that were spread over her nose and upper cheeks showing her long red red hair was natural. Following the line of her delicate jaw towards her pale, slender neck Bea was about to let her eyes move lower before she caught herself and inwardly rolled her eyes. It had been a while but there was no need to be checking someone out so blatantly in public. Taking another sip of her coffee Bea turned her eyes downward only to feel eyes on her.

Glancing up she was met with dark green eyes that quickly diverted away from her and back into the screen that was illuminating this woman’s face. Biting into her lip she let her eyes travel a little lower, admiring the line of her clavicles which were only just visible in the v-neck of her navy and white striped t-shirt. Seeing the curve of plump cleavage just hinted at by the line of her t-shirt she smiled to herself and forced her attention back towards her newspaper once more.

“I hope you don’t mind me saying but… you have ink on your face.” The woman said a few moments later, gesturing to Bea’s temple where she had her head resting against her hand.

Oh. That made sense. That’s why she kept looking at her. “Thanks for telling me…” Bea murmured, a rosy blush spreading across her pale cheeks. Reaching into her bag she took out a heart pocket mirror and saw the black smudges all along the side of her face. She could feel the woman still eyeing her over even as she used a tissue to wipe it away. Turning to face her Bea offered a smile, always feeling awkward as hell trying to flirt in real life when she wasn’t intoxicated. Adjusting her legs beneath the table she ‘accidentally’ allowed their knees to brush together only to smile when the woman rested her leg against Bea’s. “I’m Bea… ” she eventually said, offering her hand.

The woman went to take her hand only to pause and take her hand back. “I’ve just realised, I’m really late… thanks for letting me sit here,” she smiled before closing her computer, sliding it into an expensive looking handbag and departing without another word.

Bea watched her leave and sighed out softly, realising she probably should have tried to make conversation earlier on rather than awkwardly checking her out and making eyes at her. One of the biggest troubles of being attracted to feminine women was never knowing if they were gay or not and so more often than not Bea wouldn’t make a move poker oyna which meant that when she did try it was the most awkward thing in the world. Sighing to herself she glanced at her watch, seeing time slipping away from her too and so she finished her coffee and headed out to work.

Almost a year ago to the day Bea had opened the tiny little spa. With a loan from the council, some ‘goodwill’ capital from her parents and friends in exchange for massage credits she had opened her own business after working only two years professionally as a masseuse. Working in the big hotels she had never had control of her own schedule and generally had a revolving door of clientele and had also had to cover up her tattoos. Wanting a little place to call her own she had opened the small spa with two treatment rooms just off of Old Street roundabout that catered to those who wanted a good massage in a relaxing environment close to their office. Two women rented space in the spa, one to do nails and the other to use the free treatment room and together they kept the trendy looking little place going. Pushing the door open she smiled at her receptionist, spending just a little time chatting before heading for her first appointment.

It had been a long day full of clients and Bea felt like her back was in half as she slowly tipped herself backwards, her head dipping lower than her hips as she groaned softly to herself. Slowly rising back up she raised her arms above her head for a final stretch only to jump when a handsome face appeared in front of her.

“Hi – I know you’re leaving but this woman came in wanting a last minute appointment and I said yes?” Josh smiled with a cheeky smile, just his head visible from behind the door.

Bea narrowed her eyes playfully at him but they both knew they couldn’t afford to turn down business right now. There were murmurs around the independent businesses that the council were going to increase business rates so she was saving a nest egg for any sudden hikes that might come their way. “Just get them ready so I can pop to the loo and get a drink…” Heading into the little break out area she made herself a mint tea and stretched out on the couch, easing off of her shoes and wiggling her toes, giving the client time to undress and get beneath the sheets as she thought about what she’d make for dinner when she eventually got home.

Walking into the darkened room, just a few himalayan salt lamps casting a warm rosy glow. Bea closed the door behind herself and pressed start on a air purifier that added a gentle scent of cherry vanilla into the room. “Hello… I’m Bea and I’ll be your masseuse today,” Bea murmured, reading over the paperwork that her receptionist had asked to be filled out. “We’re doing a deep tissue full body massage today?”

“Yes please.” The woman said, her face pressed down against the bed, the sheets covering her from head to toe but her red hair spread across the pale skin of her back.

“Okay… pleasure to meet you June.” Bea smiled and went to her oils, coating her hands in them and running them together to make sure they wouldn’t be cold. “If at any time you’d like me to adjust the pressure please let me know,” Bea murmured and eased the sheet down to the woman’s lower back, ready to tuck the sheet into her underwear only to see she wasn’t wearing any. Blinking in surprise she just left the sheets low, the cleft of her pale pert ass just able to be seen. At all times Bea was professional but she couldn’t help but admire the curve of her ass for a moment. Pouring some essential oils into a tissue she put her hand beneath the womans face and rested a hand on her back. “Take some nice deep breaths for me,” she murmured softly, watching her back rise and fall three times before taking it away.

Bea covered her hands in oil and warmed them before starting to move them across her shoulders, gently brushing her red hair off of her shoulders so she could get deep into her neck. Standing there in the near darkness she lost herself in the movements, enjoying feeling her stiff muscles begin to loosen and eventually melt beneath her strong hands. “How is that for you?” Bea asked after a few minutes, wanting to make sure was providing a good service.

“That’s great,” June said as she let out a contented sigh, adjusting her position on the bed slightly. “Could you focus on my thighs? They’re feeling very tight.”

Bea nodded and smiled. “Of course.” Pulling the sheet up to cover June’s shoulders she pulled the sheet covering her left leg to one side and blinked when she could also see her bare pink pussy lips. Her slim legs parted just enough for her to see her plump labia fully. Averting her eyes Bea began to massage her thighs, sliding her hands up from the back of her knee to just below the curve of her butt, fingers curling in sideways to make sure she got the whole muscle. June hadn’t been lying, her muscles were tight suggesting she was a runner or did some kind of kickboxing. Bea tended not to think of bodies as erotic things when working, canlı poker oyna seeing them more as problems that needed to be solved but June was beautiful and with such an explicit sight it was difficult not to react, her own pussy starting to become wet as she let her fingers glide over her perfect skin.

Moving down her leg she covered it up once she was done and moved onto the next one, positioning the sheet so she wasn’t exposed but as she did June moved so that her labia was exposed again. Bea wasn’t sure but she would have sworn that her pussy lips were getting more swollen. Telling herself it was a moot point she went back to massaging her but every now and then her eyes would drift back, Bea’s cheeks getting hot as she felt her panties getting wetter.

“Could you go deep on that thigh? I have a super tight hip flexor…” June murmured, parting her legs a little more, a little smile that Bea couldn’t see tugging at her lips. June had never done something like this before but just the idea that it might work was enough to make her try it. The worst that could happen was that nothing happened and she got a good massage in a pretty, clean place.

Bea’s eyes immediately travelled along the line of her thigh to her pussy, biting into her lip as she saw her lips part, revealing how wet she was. Was she doing this on purpose? Bea couldn’t fathom a realm where she wasn’t. A few times in the past she had asked men to turn over and they’d had a hard on and she had kicked them out but a woman had never done this before and even though she knew it was ‘bad spa etiquette’ she couldn’t deny she was turned on by the display. Sliding her hands higher on her thighs her fingers dragged just alongside her lips, testing the waters to see how she reacted but June just lay there. Biting into her own lip Bea very lightly brushed her fingers over her lips, a small movement that could have been easily explained away but her fingers came away damp and she knew what June was trying to do. “Do you have tight interior muscles?” Bea asked casually.

“Very tight,” June murmured, parting her legs a little more. “Aching actually.”

Bea nodded slowly, her heart thundering in her chest as if she was wrong about this, it was going to go downhill very fast. Swallowing down the lump in her throat she reached forward and lightly traced her fingers along her labia, dragging her fingertips lightly over them and just gently brushing over her clit. June let out a soft moan and raised her ass a little off of the table and any concerns that Bea had had were dispelled. Biting into her own lip Bea started to tease her, sliding her fingers up along her lips and then around above her clit and then back down in slow lazy circles, her fingers getting wetter and wetter each time they passed over her entrance. Every now and then Bea would let her finger brush over her clit and she would be rewarded with a soft moan for clit, the woman’s body slowly starting to become more tense, her hips grinding down to try and force Bea to touch her clit more often. “How is the pressure?” Bea asked, unable to keep a hint of amusement out of her voice.

“It could be more direct,” June said a little impatiently, but even as she said it she could feel how wet she was getting from being teased so much. Pushing herself up onto her hands and knees she was surprised when she was pushed back down to lay flat against the bed.

“Relax…” Bea murmured and gave in, dragging her fingers over June’s pussy and then bringing them to her lips to taste her, letting out a soft moan of approval. Resting her hands on the back of June’s knees she slid them slowly back up and then eased two fingers inside her, moaning at how tight she felt around her fingers. June let out a low moan and Bea smiled to herself, starting to rock them slow and firm inside them. “We don’t usually offer this kind of service,” she murmured, leaning down and kissing along the inside of her thighs. Bea hadn’t even seen this woman’s face but it all just added to the eroticism of the moment, the air thick with incense and lust to the point she felt almost dizzy.

June laughed a little to herself, her eyes clenching shut as she lazily rocked her hips down to meet the masseuses movements, shivering as her hard nipples brushed up against the soft blankets on the bed. “Maybe you should,” she panted softly, her long red hair sliding off of her slender shoulders as she clenched around the masseuses fingers.

Bea rolled her eyes at that, not about to be a ‘massage parlour’, this was definitely going to be a one off. Curling her fingers inside of June she slid them along the front wall of her vagina till she felt that spongy spot and smiled to herself as June immediately clenched around her fingers. “Right there huh?” she murmured, sliding her hands over her body, giving her plump ass a little squeeze as she started to rock her fingers inside her more steadily.

“Yes! Yes right there!” June moaned out, not caring about being quiet now as she started to move more forcefully internet casino back, wanting to feel this woman really fuck her with her fingers. She had had such a shit day and all she wanted was to really come and she was touching all the right spots. “Fuck – yes,” she groaned, her forehead tipping forward to the bed as her hips and ass raised in the air, spreading her legs a little more and offering herself completely.

The sight of her ass and pussy in the air was beautiful, Bea’s own underwear soaking as she hopped onto the bed behind her, fucking June with her fingers with one hand and reaching around to start teasing her clit with the other. Bea slid her fingers over the hood of her clit and moved her fingers steadily up and down, working the more sensitive head and the internal areas with the steady motion. June started to writhe and buck beneath her and she couldn’t help herself, bending down and kissing and taking a cheeky nip at her ass.

June panted, her pale pink nipples hard as she rutted her hips down forcing her breasts to bounce with the movement, taking what she needed from this anonymous masseuse, moaning out as her fingers curled tight and fisted the soft sheets. The soothing music that had filled the room before seeming a world away as she got closer. Her stomach muscles clenched as she pressed her face to the bed, moaning out one last time before she came, her pussy flooding as she cried out in pleasure.

Bea watched, completely enraptured with the sight before her and she slid her hand over June’s back soothingly, working her fingers more slowly now until she shook with each movement and she knew she was too sensitive. Removing her fingers she sat back on her feet, unsure of how these things normally went.

“I – mmm – I wont need the rest of my massage,” June said as she started to regain her breath, pushing her hair from her damp face.

Blinking at that Bea moved off of the bed, seeing this as the professional arrangement it clearly was. Of course there was no desire there on June’s part, she hadn’t even seen her face. “Oh okay. Well. I’ll just be outside for you to get dressed.” Bea murmured, resorting immediately back to the usual script. “Take your time getting up and just come out when you’re ready.”

“Thank you,” June murmured and melted down against the bed, the sheet that had been there for modesty now crumpled on the floor. She lay there in the dusky pink glow of the lamp, her slim body stretched out like a lazy cat.

Hesitating for a moment Bea waited to see if anything else might happen but realising it wasn’t going to she stepped out of the room and closed the door behind her. With the fresh air of the waiting room around her she wondered if it had really happened at all or if this had been some temporary psychosis. She didn’t do things like this. Things like this didn’t happen to her. Despite the worry that she had made it all up she could still feel June’s wetness on her fingers. Looking down at them for a moment she brought them to her lips, sucking them clean and she groaned softly as she tasted delicious. Going to the kitchen to get some lemon water she waited outside, feeling a little awkward.

June dressed in her own leisurely time, taking a moment to touch up her makeup before going outside. Seeing the masseuse there for a moment she took in the hazel eyes, the shoulder length black hair and fair skin and for a moment there was something familiar about her. “Thank you for the massage,” June said with a pleasant smile. “I’m sorry that I kept you past closing.”

When June walked out of the treatment room Bea nearly lost her mind – those green eyes and freckles immediately familiar. It was the woman from the coffee shop! She thought she saw a hint of recognition in June’s eyes but it was gone as quickly as it had been there and Bea realised she had not made as much of an impression on June as she had made. The conversation seemed so normal, like it would with any other client and yet Bea knew less than ten minutes ago this woman had been moaning for her. “It’s not a problem… you’ve already paid so you’re free to go.”

June nodded, eyeing Bea over for a moment and then smiling to herself. “Do you have a loyalty programme?”

“Uh – no? Not really…” Bea shook her head, unable to shake the feeling she was being assessed and coming up short.

“Hmm. Well. I like it. I’ll be back.” June said with a smile, reaching into her purse with beautifully manicured nails and handing over a ten pound note. “Have a good evening.” Without waiting for another word June left, closing the door behind herself.

Bea stood in the empty massage parlour and tried to fathom what the hell had just happened to her. It was the sort of thing you saw on Channel 5 soft porn movies and yet it had happened. Shaking her head she stood there for a moment only to burst out laughing and covering her face with her hands as this was absolutely not the kind of things that happened to her. Walking back into the treatment room she stripped the bed, still able to smell the scent of sex on the sheets and it just made her giggle all over again. Shutting down the spa for the night she made sure to check everything was switched off and then bundled herself up to head home.

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