Making Class Interesting

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Out of the corner of my eye I watched his head slowly sink towards his chest. Subconsciously he caught himself and his head jerked back up. It’s always entertaining to watch people fall asleep in lecture, I think. The professor’s voice droned on and on and Ben’s chin sunk low again.

Damn, he was cute.

I had the biggest crush on my class buddy, Ben. He was adorable. He had this rugged punk look going on: tousled brown hair, a sexy full beard, piercing blue-green eyes, a button-down black shirt and jeans, and skater sneakers. We were close friends, flirting occasionally, but I really really wanted more.

I leaned closer to him so that our arms were touching. I breathed deeply, I loved his smell. It was a mixture of old spice and coffee and something… else. Something earthy. He woke up and glanced at me, giving me a bleary-eyed grin. I smiled and went back to trying to pay attention.

He didn’t, as he soon nodded off again. I went back to watching him. God, how I wanted to run my fingers through his beard, kiss the tip of his perfect straight nose. Kiss his lips, feel the rough scratchiness all over my face. All over my body. I was getting wet just thinking about it. I thought he was attracted to me, we’d definitely flirted in the past, but there was no way to know for sure. My body isn’t outstanding, but I’m pretty: about 5’4 with short brown hair, brown eyes, and a full curvy figure.

I just didn’t know how to get to the next level. Crossing the friendship line is always hard, plus I was quite inexperienced sexually. So, I had ever tried anything. I didn’t want to fuck it up; I cared about him way too much. But… I didn’t want to wait anymore.

I glanced around; everybody was either watching the professor at the board or nodding off themselves. We sat relatively close to the back of the class so chances of being seen were fairly slim. Oh god, what was I thinking? What was I about to do? Fuck it, I thought. I was tired of waiting.

I leaned over and gently stroked Ben’s beard. He woke up and looked at me, confusion clouding his turquoise eyes. I held his face for a moment and then quickly and softly kissed his lips. My heart felt like it was going to leap out of my chest. I let go and faced front again, my face burning red, my chest rising and falling with my rapid breathing. The professor was still blabbing away, facing the board, chalk scratching. I heard Ben exhale with a whoosh. I grinned a bit then at the thought that I had taken his breath away.

I glanced over at him. He was staring at me intently, wearing his quizzical face, obviously trying to work through what I had just done. I decided not to give him time to think. Without a clue as to what to do, I reached over underneath his desk and allowed my hand to explore his lap. He jumped in surprise but didn’t stop me. I ran my fingers lightly over his thigh, approaching his crotch. I felt him tense as I got closer to his dick. I pressed harder, trying to feel his penis through his poker oyna jeans. I found it and smiled at its already semi-erect state. I ran my hand back and forth along its length, enjoying the feel of it even through his jeans.

Ben put his arm around me and buried his face in the side of my neck. He kissed and lightly licked and sucked on the sensitive skin there, literally sending shivers down my spine. It felt wonderful; my heart was no longer capable of beating, just fluttering like mad. But I had to stop him. We were in the middle of class and continuing like that would no doubt have lead to somebody noticing.

“Meet me in the girl’s bathroom in two minutes,” I whispered in his ear. He gazed into my eyes intently with a look I’d never seen before. I felt a new rush of warmth between my legs. He nodded, and I got up and left. All the way to the bathroom I was worried he wouldn’t show. Would he chicken out? Would he start thinking about what we were doing and decide it was a bad idea? Would he realize he didn’t actually want me, but had just been carried away, caught in the moment, still fuzzy with sleep?

I was thankful to find that the bathroom was empty. This building was not a big or busy one so there typically wasn’t much restroom traffic, especially during lecture times. Finally, I heard the door creak open, and it was him. He grinned at me, sheepishly, a little of the confident lust of a few minutes ago faded from his eyes. That, somehow, gave me more confidence. He wanted this, too, but was just as unsure of how to proceed.

I walked over to him and pulled him into a stall, just in case. I reached up to put my arms around his neck, pulled him down towards me, and kissed his lips slowly and sweetly. I felt his arms circle me and rest on my lower back. I had never felt sexier, just kissing him made me crazy. His beard felt wonderful against my cheeks and chin as our lips danced over each other’s. I shyly explored his mouth with my tongue and leaned my body into his more.

Finally, he responded strongly. He hugged my body tightly to his with one arm as his other hand cupped the back of my neck. I heard him groan a little as he stuck his tongue deeply into my mouth, rapidly working his lips over mine. I moaned at the feel of my breasts pressed tightly against his chest and the bulge in his pants pressed against my hips. He buried his face in my neck again, sucking and kissing my skin. I gasped a little when I felt him slide both of his hands down under my ass and squeeze.

Wanting to finish what I had started, I reached down between us and rubbed his dick through his pants. He nibbled my neck a bit at this, and proceeded to fondle my ass harder, palming it up and down, squeezing the soft flesh harder. I giggled a little at this and he stopped his hickey-work to look at me and smile, too. I continued to rub and squeeze his cock, watching his reaction. His eyes grew cloudy again, and he let them close, enjoying the sensations I was causing.

He canlı poker oyna suddenly opened his eyes and ran his hands up under my shirt to feel my breasts. He let out a sigh that matched mine when his hands closed over them, gently squeezing as much of them as he could hold. My nipples grow instantly harder and he rubbed them through my satiny bra. I gasped as he pinched them lightly, and gave his cock a harder squeeze. He grinned and quickly removed my shirt and bra, and just looked at me. I blushed. Then he held my face in his hands, running his thumbs over my lips and cheek.

“God, Alicia. You are beautiful.”

I smiled at him and quickly unbuttoned his shirt, pulling it roughly off of his shoulders. I needed to feel his skin against mine. Before I could press my body against his, he stopped me. He grabbed a breast in each hand, pushed them together, and lightly licked each large pink nipple. I gasped as the cool air and his hot tongue made me shiver. His soft lips took each nipple in turn and sucked it gently. I ran my hands through is hair and hugged his head to my chest, arching my back and mashing my tits up to his face. He groaned and the vibrations on my nipples made my pussy flood more. I was certain to have a wet spot on my jeans.

I pushed him away and roughly into the stall wall. I pressed my body against his, reveling in the feel of his chest against mine. I kissed him deeply, suckling his tongue. I ran my hands all over his naked chest, lightly raking his chest hair and nipples with my nails, trailing down his stomach to his fly. I unbuttoned it and pushed his pants down enough to get my hand inside. The heat and stiffness of his cock drove me wild. I kissed him harder and squeezed it. I ran my hand up and down its length, jacking him off. He stopped kissing me to moan loudly.

“Sssh, Ben!” I giggled.

“Oh, fuck, Alicia. Please. Please suck my cock,” he begged. He was slowly rocking his hips against me.

“How much do you want it?” I teased, thoroughly enjoying having him want me so badly. I continued squeezing the head and rubbing my hand up and down the shaft, quickening the pace.

“So much, so fucking much … ahh fuck.”

I sank to my knees, pulling his boxers down. His cock sprang free and I kissed the tip lightly, investigating the feel. I then licked the entire underside from base to tip. Closing my mouth around its head, I began to suck. Ben groaned again, this one more guttural, sexier by far. He had his arms flung wide, gripping the top of the stall wall tightly for support. I was enjoying his pleasure. I continued to bob my head up and down his cock, following my lips with one hand, rubbing it harder and faster. My other hand had undone my pants and was slowly fingering my sopping wet pussy. My clit was so hard; it felt so good to rock my hips against my hand in rhythm with my mouth fucking Ben’s cock.

I stopped sucking for a moment to concentrate on the hand in my pussy and moan. I kept jacking Ben’s internet casino cock quickly. He opened his eyes and I felt his cock twitch at the sight of me pleasuring myself. He wordlessly pulled me up off of my knees and kissed me, hard. My pussy quivered. He spun me around, leaning me against the stall wall and trapping his cock behind my ass, and grabbed my breast with one hand. With the other he pulled down my jeans, but I made him leave my panties on. I wasn’t ready for that yet. He slid his fingers down into them and began fingering my pussy himself. His long, gorgeous fingers slid deeply in and out of my pussy, making my clit harder than ever. I pushed my ass back against his cock and moved so it slid up and down between the cheeks. He pinched my nipples and I moaned. The feel of his slick cock against my satin panties must’ve been amazing b/c he moaned, too, and began to hump my ass. I rocked my hips harder and his fingers plunged deeper and faster, pausing only to tease and torture my clit before fucking deeply again. I began to gasp and moan more, coming close to orgasm. He sensed this and stopped.

“Ben! No, please, make me cum.” He spun me around and pulled my panties down. “No! Ben, I don’t, please, I don’t want…” I never finished because he suddenly plunged his tongue into my slick pussy. “Oh god, oooh. Unghhh.” He circled my clit and then plunged deeply again. He reached behind me and fondled my ass as he used two fingers to fuck my pussy again. He repeatedly flicked his tongue over my clit quickly. I lifted one leg up on the toilet and I couldn’t help but grab his head and press his face more deeply into my aching pussy. I humped his face wildly and suddenly my body tensed up and began to quake. My clit exploded in orgasm and my pussy quivered and shook madly.

“Uuuungh oooooh yes! Ooooooh!oOOooh! Ahhh.”

He eagerly lapped up all of my juices, sucking and licking my pussy greedily. I pulled him up and kissed his lips, tasting myself on him, loving it. My hands flew back to his rock-hard dick and began pumping it again, wanting to make him cum. His head went back and I sunk down to lick his cock again. Working my mouth furiously up and down its length, I teased his balls with one hand and stroked the shaft with the other. He quickly began fucking my face, roughly using it to pleasure himself. I did the best I could not to gag and tried to suck his whole length down into my throat. I felt his whole body go rigid.

“Oh fuck, baby, I’m gonna cum.”

And he did, quickly and hotly, right down my throat. His body spasmed and his cock jerked repeatedly as he groaned. It was the hottest thing I’d ever experienced. I swallowed, happier than ever, knowing that I had made him cum. When he relaxed I released his cock and he pulled me up to kiss me, sweetly. Our tongues danced for ages, it felt like, our hands traveling over each other’s slightly sweaty bodies. I sighed happily and smiled.

“I think we missed the rest of lecture,” I teased.

“That’s ok, it was boring anyway,” he grinned.

“I think we crossed the friendship line, too.”

“Good. I think I’m gonna like it here on this side.” He hugged me tightly to him and I smiled, finally and absolutely content.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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