Making Ends Meet

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Author’s Note: These stories are based on my life experiences.


This next story is about my first erotic Halloween party and all of the events leading up to it and, although I’ve been to others since, it still remains one my favorites from over the years…

So far, I’ve succeeded in telling about my life in a sequential fashion — and I’m going to try to stick with that format (even though I’ve had a few requests for some current stories). Of course, if it takes me as long as it has to get my last seven years written as it has so far I’ll never tell a current one — so perhaps I might just throw in a current one now and then just for fun — but not today.

As with my previous writing, this one is from a time in my life about 7 years ago — when I was just turning 21 and still attending university (UBC in Vancouver, Canada). I was still living in UBC dorms at Thunderbird Park with my roommate Cheryl.

For those who haven’t already read my stories, (or have already forgotten from the overload you get from pouring through the thousands of other stories on this site) a little about myself…

I’m the classic ‘medium-height-curly-blonde-haired-blue-eyed-cutie’ that guys like to dream of (or so my guy likes to tell me). I’m 5’6, and back then I was quite athletic, with the hard body to match (I still keep myself in pretty good shape today — but back then between running, soccer and volleyball I was in great shape). For the tit-men out there, I have 34B cup breasts with puffy brownish-pink nipples whose nubs seem to love poking out like hard little pencil erasers with the least amount of provocation. And for the rest of you, I keep my ‘kitty’ either very neatly trimmed, or shaved completely, and ever since my first oral encounter, I’ve kept my lips shaved bald. I’m told I have a nice ass — though I’ve always though it was a bit too round, but what do I know. Oh, and I love sunbathing (nude, of course), I tan fairly easily (with SPF 10 applied liberally), and I keep my summer tan well into the fall too.

It was a Thursday and a week had past since my last exhibiting (and fucking a stranger) adventure and mid-October was already here.

I was on my way to the cafeteria to meet Cheryl for lunch when I saw a poster advertising the annual “Halloween Howler” pub crawl. This event is sponsored by the UBC and Simon Fraser student unions and consists of a huge fleet of rented buses crammed with alcohol fueled students touring dozens and dozens of local pubs & clubs…

Although a night of partying was not out of the question for us, the idea doing something a little different on Halloween seemed like a good idea to me — I made up my mind to talk to Cheryl about it today a lunch. I found a quiet table off to the side, in the warmth of the late autumn sunshine pouring in through the window, and waited.

As I was considering our options, I glanced up and saw Gail headed my way. For those of you who don’t remember Gail, she is also a student a UBC and lives just down the hall from Cheryl and I — Oh… and she had also just become my second female lover the previous weekend.

Our encounter had started on the Thursday before last weekend in the girl’s shower, and ended (at least so far) in a Sunday afternoon spent naked in bed exploring each other completely. Although she had been initially apprehensive, as I was her first lesbian lover, it didn’t take her long at all to begin enjoying herself — and by the end of the day as she clung to my body she proclaimed herself to be “a confirmed bi-sexual woman”.

I caught her eye, and she grinned as she approached. She looked absolutely fantastic as she approached, in jeans and sweater, her well proportioned breasts filled out the sweater to make a form that had every guy in the place watching.

She immediately came to me and bent forward as I leaned back in my chair and tilted my head back in expectation of a hug. Instead, she treated and greeted me by planting a full kiss on my lips. As soon as our lips met, I parted mine and she did likewise as we allowed each other just the briefest taste of each other. Although I had not been expecting such warmth in her greeting, it excited me to know she was clearly completely open about expressing her sexuality and I felt that now familiar tingle in my pussy.

I remember thinking to myself that half the guys in the place probably thought ‘Damn, they’re gay’ and the other half thought ‘Damn, a potential threesome’. I liked that thought completely.

She disengaged her kiss, pulled out the chair next to me and sat at once. I held out my hand and she took it in hers as she sat. “Katie,” she exhaled, “you have no idea how much I’ve been thinking about you. I’ve been dying to do that since Sunday!” She laughed, “Damn, I can’t believe I just did that — I have no idea who was watching us just now.” She glanced around, nervously, but still smiling.

“And it’s great to see you too!” I giggled. As I watched her sit, my desire for her only increased, and I found poker oyna myself squirming slightly in my chair as I repeatedly clenched and relaxed my pussy.

Already she had that same sexy excited look from the week before in the shower, and then last Sunday in her room. Along with the look, I could hear the excitement in her voice as she said, “I’m so glad I found you! Are you busy? I’m free for a few hours…” And, well, I thought maybe we could, uh, go upstairs for a while?”

“Oh, yes, sweetie, I’m sure we can find some time together very soon. Right now, I’m waiting for my room-mate, Cheryl, she should be along in a few minutes — she said she needed to meet me right away — it sounded urgent.” I could see the disappointment register on her face, “But maybe after lunch, we could find some time to ourselves?” In my mind, I was already mentally stripping Gail naked even as we sat there — I shifted my legs towards her and let my calf rest against hers. My mind drifted quickly to an image of how soft and smooth those legs had felt wrapped together around mine the last time we were together.

She brightened instantly, “Mmmm, now that would be wonderful…”

“You haven’t officially met Cher yet have you?” I asked. Still thinking about our last encounter, I remembered the taste of her sweet nectar and I felt myself getting wet.

“No, I’ve seen her, but we’ve not been introduced.” Gail started to look concerned, “Is she, uh…, does she know about you and I?”

I laughed, “Oh Gail, Cher knows everything, we don’t have any secrets from each other. After I left you on Sunday, Cher and I spent the evening talking about you before we fell asleep together. In fact, the only thing she was jealous about was that she didn’t get to join in the fun.” A mental image of the three of us together in bed flashed through my head.

Gail relaxed and smiled slyly, “So you two are lovers then, I’d wondered… In fact I was sure, but I didn’t know how to ask. So she would have joined us huh… Hmmm, that might be a lot of fun some time.”

“Yeah, it would be — but very, very cramped in our twin dorm beds.” I giggled. The picture continued (Legs entwined, lips kissing and sucking, our naked bodies pressed against each other, consumed by lust…)

As Gail and I talked we had completely turned our back on the people coming into the cafeteria, and I jumped slightly in surprise at the feel of a hand on my right shoulder. It was Cheryl, of course who had quietly approached us as we talked.

“I’m not interrupting anything am I?” I heard her ask quietly.

I was instantly on my feet, and hugging her, I pulled back and kissed her warmly on the lips, and then turned and introduced her to Gail. She looked simply fantastic as always, her South-East Asian olive skin was a perfect contrast to the white silk blouse she wore under her open black woolen coat. I knew she wore no bra, because I’d watched her dress this morning. Though it was mostly hidden by her coat, I could still make out the outline of her nipple through the thin silk where the coat was parted open. The urge to reach out and cup it was strong — and I barely resisted.

Cheryl slipped her coat from her shoulders as I dropped back into my chair.

Gail’s eyes roamed over her hungrily — I watched as her gaze traveled from the pointed calf-high black lace-up boots she was wearing, up her long lean jean-clad legs, past her slim tummy and well shaped breasts (now with those hard pointed nubs I love so much clearly outlined in the material) until they finally came to rest in direct eye contact with Cheryl.

If Cheryl was surprised by being appraised so brazenly, she didn’t show it — indeed, she just smiled at Gail pleasantly and coolly, as if to say, ‘You like what you see’.

Gail broke the look first, as she slid over to the chair beside her allowing Cheryl to sit between us.

“Wow, both my lovers together — It’s too bad we don’t have more time to explore this situation right now, Cher. Gail, here tells me she’d like the three of us to have a little fun together sometime. And I was telling her you were thinking the same thing… We just need a little more room to make it happen, that’s all…” I said, while grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat…

Gail flushed a little, but Cher clapped her hands together with glee and laughed “Katie, you never cease to amaze me, I had no idea you’d just up and ‘out’ me to her like that!” And then she turned to Gail, and said a little more seriously, “But yes, I think I’d like that a lot…”

Gail slowly blinked, and then looked Cheryl over and said quietly, “Yes, from what I see, I know I would too…”

I interrupted “Cher, I’ve got an idea for Halloween, but first, what was so important that you needed to meet at lunch today?”

Then Cheryl got serious, “I’ve got a problem, Katie, a big problem…” She looked down at her shoes, and then up at me, “You already know I’m not doing well in a couple of my classes. What with working in my off hours, canlı poker oyna and all the studying piling up, I still feel like I can’t keep up.”

She continued “Hell, we haven’t even been partying much…”

I nodded and Gail said “I know exactly how you feel.”

Cheryl looked her way and said “Thanks.” She looked back to me, “It’s not that I won’t pass them — I will, I know I will, but just barely — and that means I won’t maintain a “B” average, and that means good bye to the scholarship and the paid for housing… And that’s what’s freaking me out.”

Grimmer now, she started to look like she would break into tears any second, “I really, really worried, I know my parents will pay my tuition, but if I have to rent a place too I don’t know… I don’t think they can afford that… And working at Starbuck’s just isn’t going to make enough money to pay rent too.”

I could hear her voice cracking a little, “I don’t know what this means for us either…” Now she was actually very close to tears…

“Cher, if we have to move, we have to move…” I told her bravely, but in my mind, I knew my parents couldn’t afford to pay rent, and my part time work certainly wouldn’t cover it either. “I’m not going to let you move away or have to go back home.”

She looked up, and smiled, a little sadly, “But how, you’ve told me your family can’t afford to help much more than they can, right?”

That was when Gail interrupted, “Look it you two, what if the three of us rented a place together — maybe that would help — we could all share in the rent?”

I was startled by the suggestion, and Cheryl just turned and looked.

“Hell, my parents are both so loaded they could afford to rent the place for all three of us. They’re both successful realtors in the interior — believe me, they can afford it. The only reason I’m staying in these little holes is because I needed a place for the first semester — I’m already looking for somewhere else to live. What about it?”

Both were clearly astonished at Gail’s generosity, “You’re kidding us — we hardly even know each other!” I said in shock.

She leaned forward and said seriously, and forcefully, “We know each other well enough to sleep together don’t we? Even if Cher and I haven’t yet, we will.” She looked straight a Cheryl.

“Besides,” she continued, “I’ve already found a couple of two bedroom apartments for $1100.00 a month in Kitsilano Beach that my parents were willing to rent for me alone. How hard can it be to find a three bedroom for a little more — you girls could afford to pay the extra between you right?”

Without pausing for hardly a second she went on, “Even if you couldn’t afford that I’ll bet if I told my parents it was $1500 a month they’d put up the bucks just to show each other up!”

When she saw the look of surprised shock on our faces, she laughed, and said, “Come on you two, what have you got to lose?”

I looked at Cheryl, who was sitting back in her chair with a dazed look on her face, and I thought for a few seconds, and then realized, Gail was right — we didn’t have anything to lose that we weren’t going to lose anyway — and besides, I was going crazy in the cramped space in our dorm. “I’m in if you are Cher!” I laughed.

Cher looked at me, and then to Gail, and then at me again and then she said something that delighted us completely, “Ask, and God provides, Katie! I prayed for an answer this morning, but I never expected a solution so quick, Katie. I’m in!”

Gail laughed and we put our hands together…

Cher started smiling again, broadly this time, her eyes alight with excitement, “Now I can’t wait for us to move in together!”

Gail smiled at her and quietly said “Me too!”

We all quickly agreed to spend Sunday looking at places.

Gail then turned to me, “Now then Cher, what was your idea for Halloween, I’m ready for some fun!”

“Well, when I came in I saw the sign for the Halloween Pub Crawl, and it got me thinking. I’m not really interested in that craziness, but I would really like to have a little party.”

The other two were nodding in agreement, so I went on. “I was thinking about a house party…”

Gail looked a little doubtful, “But we have no house…”

Cheryl giggled, I knew she had read my mind, “But our boyfriends do!”

“Exactly,” I laughed, “now all we need to do is convince them to go for it.”

Cheryl said smiling, “Oh, I’m pretty sure I can convince both Dave and Chris easily enough. Especially if I promise them some ‘treats’. “

Gail was watching us both with an interested look on her face. “Oh, I know I can convince Keith too, but it needs to be more than just the six of us,” I said including Gail in our plans. I looked to her, “You’re interested aren’t you?”

“Oh yes, more than interested, waaayyy more than just interested…” She grinned.

“Good! Now, are you ready ’cause I was thinking about more than just getting dressed up. I’ve heard of an event in San Francisco internet casino called the Erotic Exotica Ball, where the costumes are very minimal and quite wild — I’d like to try to convince the guys to hold a small one here at their house?”

Cheryl laughed aloud, “Oh, I should have know you would have some kind of wild-assed sexy plan in your head. Okay, I’m still interested, but who do we get to come?”

Gail looked a little surprised, but chimed in “I’m STILL in. In fact, now I’m really interested! I’ve never heard of that thing in San Francisco, but your idea sounds great anyway.”

I expanded my plan further, “I was thinking, if all six of us could think of at least one other person to bring, and tried for two each, that would make more than twenty if they brought partners. Is that enough for a party?” Now they had heard almost all of my plan, I was worried that the though of being half (completely?) naked with that many people might scare either Cheryl, or Gail off — I needn’t have worried as it turned out.

Gail paused for a second, looked thoughtful, and then said, “There’s another girl I work with, who might come, and yeah, I know at least two of the guys in the pub would probably come too — especially if they thought there was a chance of seeing me half naked, yeah, I think those numbers sound right.”

I was surprised that she didn’t even hesitate about the half-naked part.

Cheryl was almost equally quick to come up with a few ideas of her own, “Well, there’s Marilyn my Chem. Lab partner — she’s told me she’s been to Wreck quite a few times, so she might be interested in something a crazy at this. And let’s see, hmmm… Oh, there’s Billy, he’s kinda’ geeky, but cute — I’ll bet I could get him to at least think about it — He’s my partner in my anatomy class. I’m pretty sure he would love to have a look at my anatomy!” She finished with a giggle.

“I knew it — now all we have to do is convince the guys!”

Cheryl winked at me, and smiled, “I think we should try to convince them on Saturday night, Dave and Chris have already invited me to come over for an evening of fun. And you and Keith will probably be hanging out anyway, what about joining us Gail?”

Gail smiled, and said, “Maybe, I will at that, I’m supposed to work Saturday, but I might just be able to get it off. What time?”

“Be ready to go at 7, and we’ll come get you then. Hey, I gotta’ run you two, my next class is in 15 minutes.” And with that Cheryl gave me a hug and a light kiss on the lips. She turned to Gail gave her a hug as well, and then she turned to Gail’s left ear, whispered something just out of earshot from me, giggled and left with a wave.

Gail blushed a little and smiled.

I looked at Gail’s grinning face and asked, “What was that about?”

“Cheryl told me not to wear you out completely, she wanted a little of you left for her tonight when she got home.”

I laughed, “So far no one’s been able to wear me out, you wanna try?” I grinned at her, stood, and put out my hand to help her to her feet.

She immediately took it, arose and continued holding it after she stood, “Let’s go!”, was all she said.

Quickly we made our way to her room. Although we had already made love once before, this was my first opportunity to undress her — she had been stark naked when she greeted me at the door last Sunday.

We entered her room with her leading, and me behind, and as soon as the door closed behind us she stopped and I held her from behind. My hands reached for her sweater bottom, and I lifted it up her back. She offered no resistance, and in fact helped by raising her arms as I pulled it up and over her head. Her hair was up again, just as it had been in the shower, and as leaned in and kissed he soft nape of neck I heard her soft intake of breathe.

My arms wrapped around her, until I could intertwine my fingers on her soft smooth belly. My lips continued their soft caress of her neck and I felt her move back against me sexily.

I let my hands roam upwards, until they cupped her breasts from behind. I slipped my slim fingers into the cup of her bra and I cupped one in each hand. “Take it off, Katie… Undress me, please” I heard her murmur.

My fingers found their way to her front bra catch, I unsnapped it, freeing her tits. She dropped her arms and I pulled back long enough to let the flimsy material drop free. Once again my hands enveloped her — cupping her soft round perfectly formed mounds in my palms, I let my finger tips ever so softly trace their way to her nipples. The little pointy nubs they are responded to my touch instantly — I knew from our past encounter they were already flushing to a deep pinky/red at even my gentlest touch.

My lips continued to trail soft damp kisses along the back of her neck as she leaned back against me.

“Undress me completely, Katie.” I heard her whimper.

I continued my caresses and my kisses instead.

“Please Katie, I need to be naked with you.” She pleaded.

I relented and allowed my hands to move down across her flat tummy, until I found the button top of her jeans. She drew in her already flat stomach in further so as to loosen the waist, and I easily unbuttoned them.

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