Making Love With Friend’s Mom

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Hi! I am saket and want to tell you my fucking experiences, which I have done when I was 18 years old.

Well first I want to tell you about my self a little bit. I am a good-looking guy and fond of older babes. When I was 18, I use to spend a lot of time with my friend at his home. My friends name was amit and we were use to be a good friends until one day when this happened in all out of blues.

I was very close to my friends mother as they two were all-alone, because his father use to work in an oil company and was out of town most of the time, let’s say for 9 months in a year. He was a senior official there and he was required to be there most of the time.

My friends mother use to have a lot of love for me, she regarded me as his own son and told many a times to my mother also. I was very pleased to have a friend like amit but I was not sure about him and the reason was his mom.

Now I want to come straightforward to my relation with his mom. As I use to spend a lot of time with my friend at his home, his mother use to come and sit with us and share a lot of jokes and stuffs with us. She show a lot of interest in me and use to laugh and eat with us and this is what my friend doesn’t like the most and I can read his face most of the time, what he was thinking of me and his mom. He always tries to yell me out about his mother what I think of her. But I always pretend that she is same as my mom and I regard here most after my mother and sometimes I even say to her mom instead of aunty, which sometimes clear doubts created in his mind and his mother likes that very much and try’s to hug me in front of her.

But from my side I always thought of her as a sex toy for me. Yes this is true and I masturbate a lot thinking of her having sex with me. When I visit my friend I always pray that he was not there so that I can have a go at his mom and which I thought his mother too needs me in that way.

This is because whenever I visited my friend his mother use to slid her cloth a little bit in order that I would easily see inside her and that’s why I always masturbate thinking of her in that way.

Now I would like to describe a little bit about my friend mom, she is 40 years old and a bit plump but looks a beautiful old lady with huge tits, which I was very fond off.

She is fair and her legs were as fair as her face, all I could say she was the most beautiful fat old lady in town. She drew a lot of attention of young boys towards her when we three use to go down market to buy some vegetables. When she use to walk fast her tits bounces so high and low that I think of grabbing her bouncy tits in my mouth and suck the hell out of her.

Now as days past I was losing control over myself and decided that today is the day to fulfill my needs. So I called over to my friend house and I was surprised to hear his mother’s voice, as I was not expecting her to pick up the handset because the phone was in amity’s room.

Now the next thing I asked her was about amit and she replied that he is out of town for few days as his father called him over to stay with him and learn about the factory’s manufacturing of oil.

Now I was getting more eager and curious to fuck her and I was expecting that she would call me over her house and it happened exactly the same way.

After a few minutes of talk she asked me to come over her house as she has made a good lunch for both of us and asked me to come before the lunchtime, as she was feeling lonely. After the talks I was completely stunned to what has happened now because as a matter of fact I was dreaming the same in my last night sleep.

So I decided to have a quick bath and have a go at my best friend mother.

As I reached amit’s house his mother was surprised to see me. She was surprised to see me so early as it was 9 am only.

She asked me to come over and relax on their huge couch. She asked me if I want any thing to drink and I happily asked her to make a coffee for me.

She smiled at me and kissed on my cheeks, while she was kissing my cheeks I saw her huge tit’s inside her night gown but couldn’t able see them completely as she was wearing bra’s. She noticed me what I was doing and paused in that position for sometime in order that I can have a complete look over them.

After kissing me on my cheeks she laughed at me and told me that you are now becoming a naughty boy and headed towards the kitchen.

As she was going towards the kitchen I was completely flabbergasted to see her huge butts jiggling around.

I was in state of shock of what has just happened and I was happy that all is going my way which I was dreaming so for many days.

Than I decided to take some action and have a command on my best friends mother, but that requires a huge effort and I was not sure that she would agree to my demand. But a slight glitter of hope raised in my mind of what happened few minutes back, I was thinking that she too wants me as she was not having sex with any body for almost 5 months and women of her nature need that every week.

So I was just etlik escort ignoring my negative ideas and I headed toward the kitchen.

When I reached the kitchen I saw her making coffee for me. She looked over me in a different manner and told me ” sweet pie your coffee is ready now”

She asked me to drink for the time being as she wants to have a quick bath.

She again kissed me on my cheeks and this time due to fault she let her hands drop on my 7 inches rock solid cock. As her hand touched my cock from outside I yelled a little moan, which took her by surprise, and again she laughed and told me that you are becoming naughty day by day and headed towards her bathroom.

I was now confirmed that she wants me and I what I do from now-onwards would be the best for me, so I waited patiently with my erect cock.

After few minutes she came down, and I was surprised to see her in nightgown again but this time it was more beautiful than the last night she wore.

She was locking so beautiful that I was now loosing my control and want to fuck now at every cost.

She then took a seat next to me and asked me to turn on the TV.

Then she looked over me in my eyes and asked me how she was looking.

I then with some effort said to her that she is looking sexy and as soon as I said this she was completely surprised to what she just heard from me.

Than she told me that I should not have spoken such words to her as she was my mother like.

But I however ignore her talks and immediately asked her to tell some thing about sex.

She was stunned to what I was asking her and what I was doing right now.

She asked me to leave but I ignored her and quickly GRABBED ONE OF HER TITS.








She asked me that she would let me do what I want but I should not ever dare to tell others what I have done.

With that said, I promised her that I would not tell anybody.

She than quickly took me to amit’s bedroom and locked the door from inside and slid all his curtains, as the room was visible from outside.

Than she than told me to sit next to her and asked me about sex. ” She wanted to know that what I know about sex and have I done earlier with any girl or not “

I replied to her with shame on my face that I just know how to suck tits and nothing more.

” She laughed at me and said that it would be more fun with you if you don’t know about sex an told me that today I will try to teach you how to have sex and how to make a women happy!! “

I was happy to hear that and without wasting any time she took my hand and placed on her huge tit and asked me too press.

With that she sighted a huge moan and kissed my lips. We kissed for at least 3 to 4 minutes and after that she asked me pull her nightgown.

When I pulled her nightgown there she was my beautiful plum lady halved naked which I dreamed of.

I was stunned to see her huge tits, which were forcing to come out of her black bras.

She told me to UN tie her black bra’s from behind, as I did she soon took my hand and placed my palms on her 38 d’ breast.

As I touched her breast she moaned and asked me to play with them.

Than I asked how to play with them, she then smiled to me and took my head and towards one of her breast and asked me suck her.

I did that and it was a sight as if a mother nursing her child.

She was letting huge moaning sounds and continuously asking me to stop as this was wrong, we should not do it, as she was my mother and my best friends mom, but now the limit’s was crossed and I continuously sucked her both breast alternately and she was pressing my head deep inside her breast rather avoiding me to do so.

But I was enjoying the time and was sucking her huge breast with full force.

After sometime she asked me to stop doing that and it’s now her turn. But I was so into sucking her breast that I was not letting her to do that, but than she promptly told me that “please stop now, it’s hurting now, son, u can do it afterwards, I am all yours now. Let me now do some sucking job for you.”

After hearing that I quickly removed my head from her breast and was curious to what she will etlik escort bayan do now with me.

She than removed my cloth and I was quite ashamed of being nude in front of her, but at the same time I was not fully naked, I was in my underwear.

She bit surprised to see my cock, which was demanding to come out. She quickly undid my underwear and took hold of my 6-inched rock solid cock.

I let out a huge moan and she smiled at me and told me that you are too young for me, but however I promised you I would let you do. With that she opened her mouth and took my whole 6 inches fat cock in her warm mouth.

I screamed in pleasure but she continued to suck tightly, giving me all pleasure, which I was dying to have for such along time. She continued to suck and lick my cock in her warm mouth. After sucking for at least 5 minutes I begged her to stop as I was cumin but she ignored my pleading and sucked with all her force.

But when she came to know that I was really on the verge of cumin she took out my cock from her mouth and started to fondle with her sweet, soft hands.

She at times uses to rub my prick with her breast and asked me to cum but I refused as I demanded a fucking with her, but she refused to do so.

She told me that this would not be right having full sex with me and I am like his son only and if something happens than she would never face the society.

But I continuously begged her to have full sex with me. But after looking at my pleading and demanding face she allowed me to fuck her and told me not to mention about this, what we are going to do now.

She smiled at me and with a laugh she again kissed my lips saying that I have become a very naughty and nasty boy and she never dreamed of such things happening between my best friends mom and me.

But again the problem arises for me, as I was not a literate of how to have sex.

I told her that I haven’t had sex with anybody earlier so, if she doesn’t mind teaching me.

She again smiled at me and this time asking me to come over top of her.

I did what she ordered me to do.

First I lay beside her and than she asked me to come on top of her.

As soon as I started to climb on her my 6inches cock came in contact with her old but beautiful pussy lips of her.

They were pinkish in colors and were swollen a little bit.

Than I asked her what should I do next, she than took my head from behind and put on top of her swollen lips.

She than asked me to lick and bite her lips in the same way as I did to her tits.

I did the same first by licking and than started to bite a little bit, as I continued to do so she was moaning loudly and I was bit afraid as somebody would listen that.

But she continued to laugh, and moan loudly and told me that she is now Cumming and asked me to stop.

Than she told me to put my cock at her lips and asked me to slid it inside.

After listening to what she said, I took hold of my penis and started to slide it inside her, but I was failed to do so.

Than she asked me to try once more, I did the same this time and again I failed to deliver the goods.

She smiled rubbing my back, and asked me, that if this is my first time, and I nodded yes to her.

She than told me by saying ” oh my poor baby, I would let you know how to get inside your friends mom”

With that she added that by saying ” that I have to help her in doing that, and I agreed to that”

She than took my penis in her hands and guided to the valley of softness and warmness.

Now my prick was exactly aimed to her pussy lips. She asked me to stay in this position for few seconds and told me that she would push me from behind and I should also thrust simultaneously with her push.

I agreed to her, but I questioned that, should it hurt my penis, she laughed at me and told that a little bit during entrance but after that you will have to hurt me and take full control of her.

She told me that you would feel as if you are in heaven when your cock will penetrate in me.

As I was getting quite excited I told her that I am now ready to get inside her.

She again kissed my lips and while kissing she banged me behind from my hips and my cock entered in her pussy.

We both screamed when my cock entered her pussy, but my scream was a little painful with pleasure as compared to her.

She was screaming in pleasure but I was not comfortable with that. I told her that I want to take out my penis but this time she refused to my demand and asked me to push my cock even further.

But I was having pain in my prick as my foreskin, was totally pushed downwards.

I pleaded her to let me off now, but she ignored and further locked her legs behind my hips.

She told me that I would feel great if I start to hump her by sliding my cock in and out of her pussy.

She told me to do once like this way and if I still feel uncomfortable then she will let me go.

I followed her instruction, by just sliding a little bit escort etlik of my red headed cock outwards. As I slid it backwards she again pushed me inside her and I again screamed but this time in a lot of pleasure and she too with pleasure.

She then asked me, how it feels now and I without giving her the answer pushed my cock with a lot of force inside her and this time it was her who told me to be patient and be slow, not to be aggressive as this was my first time and she doesn’t want to make me explode too early.

But I was not listening to her and started smashing my cock deep inside her naval with lot of man hood.

She begged me stop and does it slowly because I was now hurting her.

But I was enjoying this and was not listening to her and as I smashed my cock in her with a huge force I quickly grabbed one of her huge bouncing breast and at the same time I kissed her lips with a lot of passion.

She then asked me slow down a little bit, but it was not so demanding as earlier one and I was feeling that she too was enjoying my cock in her.

She then grabbed my hips in order to support me while I was sliding my cock in and out of her pussy.

As she was enjoying my cock I sometimes took my penis out of her vagina and again try to slide it in her pussy by my self and again I was not able to do so.

She again took hold of my prick and placed on top of her pussy lips. Than she locked her legs again behind my hips and while she grabbed my hips she pushed me again inside her and this time it was feeling a lot better and I was enjoying this a lot.

When my cock slide inside her pussy she always use to say, ” that this is wrong my poor baby, what if your friend will know about this, please don’t do this my baby, but I was not listening to her and was thrusting with a lot of force and I was feeling proud to fuck my dream women and mother of my best friend.

As this was my first time I couldn’t hold my self much more and with loudest scream of all I burst out thick milky cum inside her cunt one by one.

It was so much in amount that it started to drip out from her cunt and I collapsed on her breast sucking them very slowly.

When I was at the verge of Cumming she ordered me not to burst inside her cunt as she would become pregnant, but I could not hold myself and blew up inside my friends world where he came from. As soon as I blew up all my eagerness in side her she screamed loudly and started to kiss my lips.

We than laid in that position for at least an hour or so, with my semi erected penis inside her valley.

She than asked me to get rid of her now as her son would be here any time, but I told her that I am still not complete and she again felled my penis growing inside her.

She then told me that I can do it tomorrow again and I should leave now.

But I don’t agree to her and asked her if I can enter my cock in her butts.

She smiled at me by saying that I can do her backwards tomorrow, but not today, as she was exhausted now.

But I again pleaded in front of her and told her that I will make it fast this time.

She looked at the door and after few seconds she allowed me to do.

I was happy to hear with that I quickly grabbed her breast and started to put her nipples in my mouth.

But she doesn’t allowed me to do so, as it would again take time, but I however managed to suck her breast for few seconds and with that she bend her self facing her large, soft shiny butts in front of my penis head.

I asked her what to do next; she then grabbed my penis again and aimed right at her butt’s entrance.

She then asked me to push the same way as I did in her pussy.

I did the same way and this time my cock entered in her butts quite easily and we both again moaned.

I started to push in and out of her butts while grabbing her breast from below, which were touching her son’s bed.

I sometime kissed her shoulders and with my hand tied again her big waist and started to ram my cock inside her.

I quickly took on the pace and with huge thrust I shouted my load inside her butts.

We both screamed when I blew my whole load inside her butts.

I again fall on her back with pleasure and she laid facing downwards to her son’s bed with me on top of her.

My cock was still inside her butts and we remained in that position for quite sometime.

But now she ordered me to leave and told me not to talk about this to any one. I told her to trust me and asked her to have sex with me again.

She quickly grabbed and kissed me on my lips with great hunger and told me that she would call me when my friend is not home.

We both smiled and again kissed each other, but as we were kissing my friend out of nowhere entered inside his room and was shocked to see both of us fully naked.

He shouted over me and told me how dare you touched my mom.

But his mom quickly grabbed him and asked me to leave immediately.

I was quite horrified about what happened just now and was in no state to face my friend again.

I was ashamed of what I have done and was thinking that I will loose my best friend forever.

It was now 3 days after that event happened, I haven’t met my friend nor is mom, but suddenly my phone rang and as I picked up the phone I was happy to hear my friends mom.

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