Manhandled Ch. 06

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The two men enjoyed their drinks while I remained bent over the barstool, studying the carpet and moaning softly while two of David’s fingers played with my hole.

“Goddamn that’s a tight little ass!” David said to Tom. “I love the way it clenches around my fingers.”

“Oh yeah, his pussy feels awesome.” Tom replied. “Of course it won’t be quite as tight after tonight.”

“No it won’t.” David agreed. “He’s gonna be walking funny tomorrow!”

Both men laughed, and I heard them clink glasses again, while I just looked down, feeling a bit pathetic.

“Well shall we take this hot ass in the other room?” Tom asked David.

“Maybe in a bit.” David replied. “I kind of like him just like this.”

David pulled his fingers out and squirted a generous amount of lube on my ass, then I felt him behind me, with the tip of his cock touching my hole. I looked up and saw Tom walk around the bar, and sit down on the couch. He gave me a smile, then took a sip of his drink, and I felt David press his cock against me. I gripped the legs of the stool tightly, took a deep breath and nervously waited for David to penetrate me. I knew it was going to hurt, Tom’s cock still did at first and David’s was thicker. David grabbed me around my waist and pressed his head a bit harder.

“Fuck that’s a tight hole.” David whispered. He pressed a bit harder. My ring resisted, but he continued pushing until his tip began to slowly enter me. “That’s right baby, open up for me.” David said, slowly pushing himself inside of me.

“Oh yeah, take that ass!” I heard Tom say, enjoying the show.

David kept pushing, until my tight ring surrendered, and the head of his dick plowed through. “Oh fuck!” I gasp, squeezing the legs of my stool and trying not to scream.

Both men laughed and I felt David pour some more lube on me, then began slowly impaling me with his thickness. My body squirmed around, trying to escape the invasion, but David’s hands gripped my waist tightly, holding me in place while he impaled me, inch by inch, until I had his entire manhood up my ass.

“Mmmmmm yeah baby. There you go. That’s a good boy!” David said. He slowly slid himself about halfway out of me, before he pushed himself all the way back in.

“Damn that a big dick. Oh fuck!” I gasp.

Both men laughed again, and David began to slowly fuck me, not going all the way in, just kind of sliding it around to get me used to his girth. Just when it started to feel good, he slammed it deep inside of me, making me scream and squirm some more, then began fucking me a little faster, then he slowed down and took some long, deep strokes, before giving me a short, but brutal pounding.

“Yeah buddy, beat that pussy up!” Tom said encouragingly.

“Goddamn he has a sweet ass!” David grunted. “You like that big cock boy?” He asked, then gave me a hard swat on my butt.

“Oh yes! Fuck me David!” I moaned, while he rammed me. It still hurt, his thick tool stretched me open and when he went deep it felt like he was way up inside of my stomach, but one of the things I loved about anal was the pain, the feeling of being full, and of course that feeling of submission when a man took over and had his way with me. I really liked being ankara travesti on the receiving end of a man’s lust, and pleasuring him with my body. And I was really turned on knowing Tom was enjoying himself, watching me take his friend’s huge penis. Finally, my body relaxed and David’s cock began to feel really good. His thickness pressed against my spot and I could feel my jock getting wet. I was so into it, I felt like I blacked out for several seconds, unaware of anything but David’s cock sliding wetly in and out of me. I was in such a stupor, I barely noticed Tom’s dick rubbing my face, and when I did, I put it in my mouth.

“Good slut, take it on both ends!” Tom said gleefully. He held me by my hair and fucked my mouth while David continued to pummel me from behind.

“Mmmmm what a nasty whore!” David said, spanking me again.

Oh my God I am a dirty slut, I thought to myself. And it feels awesome. I had fantasized about this so many times and now it was really happening. The men kept talking dirty and David spanked me some more, which made it even hotter. I was enjoying myself so much. Tom took his cock out of my mouth and slapped me in the face with it, then David unleashed on me and gave me a fast, brutal fucking. He finally stopped and slipped himself out of me, and left me huffing and puffing for breath while the two men examined my gape.

“Damn that’s pretty!” I heard Tom say, then felt him spit on it.

“Fuck, the boy almost made me cum!” David said with a laugh.

Tom pulled me to my feet and I leaned against the bar. He handed me a bottle of water, which I quickly gulped down.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” He asked with a grin.

I smiled back and said, “Fuck yes, this is so hot Daddy.”

“That’s a good boy!” Tom said, patting me on the butt. “I knew you would like this.”

David had come up behind me, and was kissing me on the neck, his wet cock sliding between my ass cheeks. Tom gave me a big kiss, then took my hand and led me to the playroom. David kept kissing my neck and teasing my nipples, while Tom rubbed lube on his dick.

“It’s my turn.” He said, then he pushed me belly down on the bed and mounted me, then shoved his dick in my wet ass, and began fucking me hard.

“Oh God fuck me Daddy!” I moaned like a bitch.

“Mmmmmm yeah slut, take Daddy’s cock.” Tom snarled. He grabbed both my arms and twisted them behind me, and rammed himself deep up my ass until I was screaming.

“Oh yes Daddy! Fuck that feels so good!”

“Yeah Tom, tear it up. Turn the bitch out!” I heard David say.

Tom fucked me hard for a long time, then pulled out and told David it was his turn. David flipped me on my back and entered me and Tom straddled my face and held my ankles back so David could get really deep. Tom’s cock dangled over my face, so I put it in my mouth and sucked it while David rammed me hard and fast.

“This bitch is a natural slut!” I heard David say.

“Of course.” Tom grunted. “Little faggot knows what he’s supposed to do.”

I sucked Tom while he held my legs open for David, who worked himself around at different speeds and depths. I felt like I was about to cum again, but didn’t, and my soft cock dripped until my jock ankara travestileri was soaked. David finally pulled out, and I heard him say “Damn boy!” Before he slid back in, and fucked me a little more, then pulled out again. I heard him laugh, and tell Tom he was about to cum.

“I told you he had some good pussy!” Tom said.

“You weren’t lying! Damn!” David said with a laugh.

Tom let his balls hang in my mouth and I slurped on them, then he rolled me on my side and held me tightly, while he slowly slid himself in and out of me.

“Damn boy, you are one hot bitch!” He whispered in my ear.

“Thank you Daddy!” I moaned, just enjoying the feeling of his body against mine.

Tom pulled one of my legs up, and began thrusting in me a little harder. David stood by the bed, his lean body glistening with sweat, slowly stroking himself while he watched. Tom began going hard, and I could tell he was about to cum. When he was close, he pulled out of me, rolled me onto my back and began jerking off over my face. David joined in, and I opened my mouth and waited for their loads.

“Yeah buddy, cum all over this bitches face.” Tom said to David. He began playing with David’s nipples, and talking dirty.

“Oh fuck I’m gonna cum!” David groaned, then squirted a big shot of his hot sperm into my open mouth, and then a second one into my mouth and on my face. His cock squirted again, and then dribbled some more as he finished, then he rubbed it around on my face with his tip. “Damn boy!” He said, trying to catch his breath. “Fuck!”

Tom slid his cock around in David’s sperm, then put it in my mouth, then began jerking off and he quickly came, drenching me even more. The men looked down at me, and I felt so nasty, with my face covered in their cum.

“Damn boy, that was so hot!” Tom remarked

“Fuck yes it was!” David agreed.

“I would say pussyboi deserves a reward wouldn’t you?” Tom asked David.

“He sure does!”

I felt Tom grab the front of my jock, and say, “Damn, this is soaked! Did you already cum?”

“No!” I answered. But just feeling him touch my dick was almost enough to make me explode.

“He soaked his panties!” David said, sounding amused. “Just like a naughty girl!”

Tom laughed and said, “Such a dirty slut!” while he rubbed my jock. He was driving me crazy.

“Make the bitch cum.” David said.

“Oh I will!” Tom chuckled.

He got up and walked off, then returned and climbed back onto the bed, then laid down beside me. I felt him shove something up my ass, then he pulled my hard cock out, and held it tightly. David laid down beside me, and started biting my nipples. Then I felt whatever was inside of me come alive, pulsing, wiggling and vibrating. Tom squeezed my dick tighter and David bit my nipple, then the room spun as my own cum flowed from my body. I felt myself convulsing, and screamed with pleasure, while I enjoyed another insane orgasm. When it finally stopped, Tom rubbed the tip of my dick, torturing me while I begged him to stop. When he finally turned the toy off and let go of my dick, I was completely drained and my body was limp. David rubbed his finger in my juices, then put it in his mouth.

“Mmmmmm.” He said, travesti ankara then gave Tom some, and then finally gave me a taste of my own cum.

I couldn’t do anything but lay there, so the men left me and went back to the rec room, but Tom returned with water and a wet washcloth. “Did you enjoy that?” He asked, giving me a smile.

“Uh huh.” Was all I could manage. My orgasm was so intense I couldn’t think. Tom laughed and walked out of the room, leaving me there to recover.

After I laid there for a long time, I finally felt like my legs would work, so I wiped the cum off my face, then slowly walked to the bathroom and took a quick shower. When I finished I walked into the rec room, where Tom and David sat fully dressed at the bar, nursing fresh drinks. The clock on the wall said it was 11:30. I had no idea it was that late and that we had been at it for that long.

“Hey sexy!” Tom said. “Did you finally recover?”

“Yeah, um I gotta go.”

“So soon?” David asked. He looked disappointed.

“Yeah, I have to be at work at seven.” I explained.

“Oh, well ok.”

I gathered up my clothes and began to get dressed, and then said my goodbyes.

David gave me a kiss and said, “It was very nice to meet you Zach. I really enjoyed tonight and I hope you did to.”

“Oh I definitely did!” I replied, then gave him another kiss, just to make sure he believed me.

Tom got up and walked upstairs with me, then walked me to the car. Before I got in he put his hands on my waist and gave me a long kiss, and I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back.

“Thank you for tonight Daddy.” I said. “It was incredible.”

Tom smiled and said, “I’m glad you enjoyed it. I thought you might.”

“I did!” I said, then kissed him again before I got in the car. I smiled all the way home. One of my biggest fantasies had been being fucked by two older men, and it had just became a reality.

I was ten minutes late to work the next morning, and moving slow. My well fucked pussy was really sorex and my shirt irritated my tender nipples. By noon, my boss was really pissed.

“I don’t know what you did last night, but you ain’t worth a fuck today.” He yelled.

“Sorry, sir, it was a rough night and I didn’t sleep good.” I explained.

He shook his head with disgust and stormed off. I went back to work, and just tried to make it through the day. I just wanted to go home and sleep.

Of course, that afternoon, I texted Tom and asked if I could come over later.

“Sure.” He replied. “But just so you know, Cory and his friend Jon are coming over later as well. We will be out by the pool.”

“That’s ok.” I texted back. And after work I ran home and showered, then put on my black thong swimsuit, and a pair of shorts and a tank top, then headed over to Tom’s. I was excited to see him and David again, and I had been wanting to meet Cory. I was still really sore, but at this point I didn’t care. I heard people laughing in the backyard, so I headed up the driveway to the pool. I walked in the gate and saw Cory on his knees, sucking David, while Tom and another guy watched. None of them had noticed me, so I just stood there for a minute watching Cory expertly suck David’s giant cock. Tom finally saw me, and his face lit up with a big smile.

“Zach, you’re just in time!” Said Tom.

“Mmmmmm good!” I replied.

I slipped off my shorts and tank top, then walked over to join the party.

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