Maricel’s Birthday

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Note: The following story is entirely fictional and all of the characters are over 18 years of age.


Hello. My name is Miguel and I live with my mother in the city of Boston. Although we live alone, we have a large extended family throughout the city’s neighborhoods. Most weekends, especially in the summer, we attend parties at the homes of various relatives. We celebrate weddings, anniversaries, graduations, Quinceaneras (our version of Sweet-16) and, of course, birthdays.

One weekend this past August, my mother and I went to a party at my Uncle and Aunt’s house, for their daughter Maricel’s eighteenth birthday. Maricel and I were always close, being approximately the same age, with me being a few months older. We went to different high schools in the city, so I hadn’t seen her for a while and I was looking forward to doing so. Plus, I was hoping to meet some of her (hopefully hot) friends.

We arrived and made our way through the crowd to find Maricel. After the hellos, she seemed more interested in her friends than her cousin Miguel, so I drifted away. Bored, I passed through the kitchen where I spotted my mother and my aunt (Maricel’s mother) chatting at the kitchen table. My mother was droning on about something she had bought and my aunt waved me over, perhaps to rescue her. I pulled out a chair and sat down.

As my mother continued with her story, I noticed my aunt was eating an ice cream cone. As I watched, she slowly licked around the edges and over the top, her eyes never leaving my mother. Now, my aunt is not a beautiful woman. She has short black hair. She wears glasses, and over the years, she has added some pounds to her small frame. Nonetheless, as I stared at her licking that ice cream, I couldn’t imagine anything more erotic.

I didn’t want to get caught staring at her, so I watched her out of the corner of my eye. As my mother continued talking, my aunt finished the exposed ice cream and she gently pushed the cone into her mouth, before slowly withdrawing it, her lips sliding over the surface.

My God, I thought, that must be what she looks like when she is sucking beylikdüzü escort cock!

My own cock began to stiffen. I became concerned not that anyone would notice the tent in my shorts, but that some pre-cum would leak through. I know from experience that that stuff takes forever to dry. Eventually, my mother finished and we all got up, me being the last, in an attempt to hide my stiff prick. Immediately, my thoughts turned to getting some privacy so I could beat off with my aunt’s tongue in mind.

My aunt and uncle have an old-fashioned water closet in their basement. It is little more than a toilet surrounded by a wooden box, with no sink or mirror. When they have parties, they leave the basement bulkhead open so people are free to enter the basement, use the water closet and return to the backyard without traipsing through the main house.

I headed for the basement, and I was in luck. No one was in the basement, nor in the water closet at the moment. Once inside, I kicked off my shorts and underwear, grabbed a Kleenex from behind the toilet, spread my legs and began stroking my cock. I have found that by standing and spreading my legs, my pleasure is increased. As best I could, I squeezed my balls with my left hand, while hanging onto the Kleenex. I fantasized about bringing my aunt down to this spot, pushing her down to her knees, and then pulling out my cock, allowing her to work the same magic on me that I had just observed her do with the ice cream.

The music was blaring in the backyard, and I was deep into my fantasy, so I didn’t hear the steps or the voices. In an instant, the door to the water closet was flung open, and there stood my cousin, Maricel with her best friend, Yvette. As girls often do, they had decided to go to the bathroom together, no doubt to gossip and giggle as well as do their business. Shock on Maricel’s face turned not to horror, fear or disgust, but mischievous delight!

“Miguel! What are you doing?” she demanded, as if it wasn’t obvious.

“I…I…” was all I could manage.

“I…I…” she mocked, and then continued, bostancı escort “Miguel, I was just talking to your mother. Should I tell her what you are doing down here?”

I doubted she would do so, but I had no doubt she would tell all of her friends, completely humiliating me.

“Please…” I started.

Maricel looked at Yvette, then back at me. She slowly began to chew on her lower lip, pondering something.

“You know what, Miguel? We won’t tell your mother, or anyone else…on one condition.”

I was in no position to argue.

“What is it?” I asked.

“We want you to finish what you were doing, and we want to watch!”

I had no choice but to agree.

“You’d better hurry up, because someone is bound to come down here, soon” she instructed.

Turning to Yvette she whispered “Have you ever seen one, before?”

Yvette shook her head and then whispered “No.”

“Neither have I” Maricel confided.

They squeezed, side-by-side, into the doorframe and leaned down to get a good look.

Peering up at me, Maricel said “And Miguel, I mean ‘finish it.’ I don’t want to just see you stroke it. I want to see something squirt out!”

As I stroked my cock, I considered my fate. Not so bad, after, all. I could think of worse punishments. My cousin and her friend were both beautiful dark-haired 18-year-old Latin girls. They were dressed similarly, in shorts and t-shirts. Maricel had her hair in a ponytail while Yvette had two pig-tails sticking from her head. I tried to concentrate on their perky breasts, because I couldn’t see their crotches very well. I wondered if this was turning them on as much as it was me.

As I stroked my cock, Maricel, leaning in, with her hands on her knees, alternated between watching my cock and my face. She must have enjoyed seeing the growing tension and pleasure.

Having had no sexual experience, I am sure that Maricel was not attempting to be sensual when she absentmindedly ran her tongue over her lips.

“Do it again” I demanded through clenched teeth.

Surprised, çapa escort she looked up at me and asked “Do what again?”

“L-lick your lips” I stammered.

Understanding now, she responded “Absolutely not!” but she held her mouth open to form and emphasize the last word.

That was enough for me. I shot the first streamer of cum, imagining that I was aiming for her open mouth. In fact, I hit the Kleenex, dead-on (I had had a lot of practice with this). When they saw the cum, one girl gasped and they both seemed to flinch. When they saw that they weren’t going to get hit by flying cum, they both relaxed and leaned in again to watch me fill the Kleenex. I hadn’t jerked off for days, so there was quite a load of cum. When I finished, I wiped the head of my penis on the Kleenex and waited to see what would happen next.

“So cool” was all Maricel managed to whisper.

I held out the Kleenex for them to examine. Maricel seemed to sniff the air.

“It doesn’t smell like anything.”

Then, slowly, removing a hand from her knee, she extended her index finger and touched the puddle of cum. “It’s warm.” She remarked. Then she slowly brought her finger to her tiny button nose.

“Doesn’t smell like anything” she repeated, as if surprised. Then, staring at her fingertip, she seemed to be wrestling with a momentous decision. Decision made, she extended her tongue and licked the cum off of her finger.

Swallowing loudly and dramatically, she declared, “Doesn’t taste like anything, either.” Turning to Yvette, she asked, “Do you want to try it?”

Yvette shook her head, no.

“Oh, come on, just touch it” Maricel insisted.

As instructed, Yvette extended a finger to touch the puddle. Then, imitating what she saw, sniffed it.

Maricel wasn’t satisfied.

“Now taste it” she commanded.

Slowly, Yvette parted her lips and licked the cum.

“I don’t like it!” she declared and wiped the remainder on the Kleenex.

Maricel straightened up.

“OK, Miguel. A deal’s a deal. We won’t tell anyone. Now, let us use the bathroom.”

I pulled on my underwear and shorts, and as I squeezed past them, I asked, “Hey, how about letting me watch you, two, now.” But the door had slammed and their giggling commenced.

Slightly dazed, I entered the backyard and rejoined the party. Maricel and Yvette kept their word. They never said a thing to anyone.

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