Mario Returns to the Club Pt. 01

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Mario’s was eager for a match with June after losing on his debut to her and another woman named Faith. He had recently been promoted as the head of his department but June still worked in this office, so he decided to ask her about a rematch but she declined.

“I got a lot of work. Hit up this lady named Cheryl who looks over the strip-club and the sex-fighting club at the place and she’ll hook you up for another bout.” she said.

“But I want you. I want to beat you up and beat you good this t… JUNE!” grumbled Mario as June grabbed and pinched his dick.

“Ow stop that!” cried Mario.

“That’s not happening till you stop bitching, forget about facing me and go down there and tear some asses to shreds by yourself.” ordered June and finally after a nervous nod of the head, Mario complied.

Later that day, Mario eventually left for The Club and went straight to the backroom which led to the sex-fighting area. He didn’t even look at the strippers or anyone else. “Ah you’re here to lose again mister?” joked Cheryl.

“Nah I’ll be fine this time around I’ve got some experience.”

“If you say so.” said Cheryl. pendik escort “I’ve got a younger one tonight for you. Turns out she lost to some hunk a few weeks back so basically she’s down one just like you but she’s younger and also more athletic than you so keep your cool and you might be the one to walk out of here a winner tonight.”

Mario’ s readings were taken and he had gained weight since his debut loss. His opponent was skinny 5’6 blonde in her early twenties with small tits, pink puffy nipples and thick ass. She had worked on her behind to make sure she stayed fit.

Mario walked to the stage proud and naked but was shocked when he saw his foe. The young woman was Kara, his ex-wife’s sister. Mario and Kara hated each other and her indulgence in his sex life and marriage was one of the reason he was now divorced.

Kara looked confident as she stared at Mario’s hung cock. “No wonder my sister was never excited to talk about you.” said Kara as she stood firm in one place staring at Mario’s cock who clenched his fists angrily and got into position. He began letting in some wonderful sights of some fine lines maltepe escort dividing her legs. She had a round shaved pussy and an ‘arrow in the heart’ tattoo just above her right breast which Mario couldn’t stop looking at.

Her skin shined under those damning lights with a relatively louder crowd than Mario’s last encounter. Maybe Kara’s age and Mario’s impressive work despite his loss had brought in more viewers.

Mario instantly went for her torso and she replied with knees to his stomach and face which knocked Mario back. Kara grabbed his hands, rolled him above herself and tried to choke him out. Mario struggled but grabbed her hair and slammed her on the ground. He went to teabag her but she slipped under him and kicked in the nuts. Mario fell on his ass holding his nuts so Kara quickly put him in a scissors lock from the side and stretched out her feet putting one on his face and the other on his balls.

Mario managed to get a peek of Kara’s pink and wet pussy and felt a bit of thirst for it. Meanwhile, Kara rubbed her left foot on his face to humiliate him and her left one to crush his balls. One kartal escort hit on the balls and one nasty rub on his face, Mario was in trouble early. “How you like that bitch?” Kara tried to get inside Mario’s head.

“Fuck you slut!” replied Mario as grabbed Kara’s arms and threw her away like a rag-doll. He walked up to her and held her legs up and opened them up. Mario proceeded to shove his penis down Kara’s asshole. The crowd gave a mixed reaction as Kara was seeing stars and her beautiful face was still covered in her silky blonde hair because she hadn’t recovered yet but was beginning to moan as she got hammered in the ass by a dominant Mario.

Kara tried to wriggle away but that made the pain and pleasure rush through her body even more. Mario pummelled her inside out however he let her loose a bit and allowed her to sit and wrap her legs around himself. They were kissing each other’s wet bodies as Mario fucked Kara in the ass and she covered his waist with her thin legs.

Kara grabbed Mario’s head as he kissed her breasts and started smothering his face in. She wrapped her arms around his head and rubbed his face across her pale white sweaty chest while also maintaining her grip around his torso with her legs.

She eventually managed to put him down slowly as she pinned his arms up with one hand and used the other to smother Mario’s face with her erect tits.

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