Mark , Mandy Ch. 02

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Hello again. My name is Mandy, and this is the second chapter of my story about my twin brother, Mark and me.

After our first photo shoot, Mark and I were a bit cool to each other. Our boudoir photo shoot had evolved into a sex education session, where I taught my brother how to eat pussy. I think we both knew we had crossed a line, we had gone a bit too far. Technically we didn’t have sexual intercourse, so I still felt that we hadn’t broken our promise to mom to not have sex with each other. But we had definitely taken our relationship to another level. As twins we had a special bond, and now there was a new dimension to that bond.

Mark did take more photos of me another day, casually dressed photos and some swimsuit shots of me. But nothing sexual happened between us.

The next day Mark’s girlfriend, Suzy, returned home from her college cheerleader tryout. She greatly appreciated Mark’s new skills and they were having sex at every opportunity. I felt proud of my role in greatly improving their sex life. However, as Adam and I had broken up, it was now Mark and Suzy having noisy sex instead of Adam and me. It was as if Mark was teasing me for all that time I made him listen to my screams of pleasure from fabulous sex with Adam.

For the time being, I stopped teasing my brother. I stayed properly dressed around him, and I avoided using sexual innuendo when we were alone together.

– – – – –

About a week later I was in my bedroom, on my computer selecting my class schedule for the fall semester at the University. My cell phone rang and displayed Suzy’s name.

“Hey girl.” I answered the call.

“Hey yourself.” She replied in our normal greeting. “Can I come over for a while?”

“Of course you can.” I said. “But if you’re looking for Mark, he’s not here. He’ll be back a bit later this afternoon.”

“That’s okay as I really want to talk to you. Can I come now?”

“Come on over.” I answered.

Suzy and I had been best friends for many years. We were very accustomed to visiting each other and talking for hours about our circle of friends, our boyfriends, school, and cheerleading. But ever since she began dating my brother Mark, all her visits to our home were about visiting him. So I was pleasantly surprised that she wanted to see me.

About 15 minutes later Suzy was letting herself in our front door, as was her custom. Suzy was practically part of our family as she has been my best friend since third grade, Mom acted like a second mother to her, and my twin brother Mark was her current boyfriend.

“Hello! I’m here.” Suzy called out.

“Come on up. I’m in my bedroom.” I shouted out to her.

“Is that my Suzy that I hear?” called out my mom from her downstairs bedroom. Even though it was a workday for her, Mom was home packing her suitcase for a three day, out of town trip to attend a technical conference.

I could hear mom and Suzy talking downstairs, so I set my laptop aside and went downstairs to join them. I found them in the kitchen. Mom was telling Suzy about the conference. When I walked in, Suzy gave me a hug and a kiss. She was just like a member of our family, and we are a family that likes to hug and kiss.

“I think I’m all packed and ready to go.” Announced my mom. “The two of you keep an eye on Mark while I’m gone. And all of you behave.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant by us keeping an eye on Mark and behaving. I thought that mom knew that Suzy and Mark were having sex on a regular basis. She just didn’t know my recent involvement with Mark when I taught him how to eat pussy. And I hoped she never learned about that.

“You need any help with anything?” I asked.

“No. Everything is in the car. I’m ready to leave. You know how to reach me if you need me.”

Mom gave me a hug and goodbye kiss, and then gave a hug and kiss to Suzy as well. Soon mom was gone and Suzy and I were by ourselves in the house. A few minutes later we were upstairs in my bedroom, sitting on my bed facing each other. Over the years we had often spent time together like this.

Suzy had a huge smile on her face. She had several reasons to be happy; her relationship with Mark was great, and she was happy to have been chosen to be on the college cheerleader squad.

“What’s up?” I asked her.

“Several things.” Suzy began. “First I wanted to thank you for filling in for me on Mark’s photo shoot. You did such a great job. Mark is so happy with your photos. He has a great set of photos for his portfolio.”

“Have you seen the photos? Which ones do you like the most?” I asked.

“The glamour shots are fantastic. You really are beautiful, and the poses were perfect.” she replied. “But my favorites are the boudoir photos, especially the naughty ones.”

“Mark showed you those?” I was surprised he had shared those with her.

“He was most eager to share those with me.” Suzy replied. “Do you know that he sometimes masturbates while looking at your photos?”

“Really?” I was even more shocked.

“Sometimes halkalı escort we masturbate together while looking at your sexy naked photos. You’re really hot and naughty in some of those.”

I was stunned to learn that my brother, and my best friend masturbate to my photos, and do so together. Suzy had been my closest friend for so many years, and now she masturbates to my naughty photos? How kinky is that? I thought to myself.

“I also need to thank you for Mark’s sex education class.” Suzy continued. “He is now such an incredible lover. And I give all the credit to you.”

“I didn’t do that much.” I tried to minimize my role.

“I heard all about how you taught him to eat your pussy. That must have been kinky having your brother lick you like that.” Suzy appeared excited to discuss the event. “Anyway, you did a fantastic job and I wanted to thank you. I’ve never had so many great orgasms, and all were a result of what you taught him.”

“Glad I could help both you and Mark.” I replied. How ironic. She was having some great sex and I just lost my boyfriend. Now the only sexual pleasure I received was from my own fingers.

Suzy gave me a look as if she had a naughty idea in her head.

“Have you ever eaten another girl’s pussy? Ever thought about doing so?” she asked.

“What? Why would you ask that? Have you?” I asked back in surprise.

Suzy sat there with a sly smile on her face, but didn’t answer me.

“You have, haven’t you?” I exclaimed in shock.

“I asked first. Have you?” She said quietly.

I felt my pussy tingle. This conversation was beginning to arouse me, which also confused me as I had never really thought about eating another girl’s pussy. I figured she wasn’t going to say any more unless I first answered her question.

“I’ve tasted myself. You know, licked my fingers after doing myself. But I’ve never really thought about having sex with another girl.” I answered. “Now, what about you?”

“I haven’t yet. But I have thought about it. I am curious.” Suzy admitted.

I wasn’t sure where this conversation was heading, and I was a bit nervous while also excited about what this might lead to.

“I guess I’m also curious.” I said in such a soft whisper that Suzy may not have heard. We sat in awkward silence for a few moments. Then Suzy changed the topic, but it was still about sex.

“The other day I saw this really hot porn video.” Suzy began. “It was two girls licking a guy’s cock at the same time. So fucking hot.”

“And?” I asked, waiting for the obvious. I could guess why she was telling me this.

“I was wondering if you would be the other girl? You know, with Mark and me?” Suzy asked. She was obviously excited about this and hoped I would say ‘Yes’.

I was seeing a new side to Suzy. She was obviously more interested in sexual activities, and a bit kinky at that. She had never spoken before with me about lesbian sex, or three-way sex. I wondered what had gotten into her. This was not the Suzy I grew up with, or the Suzy I thought I knew well.

I was considering how to respond. I was wondering if this was really Suzy’s idea or Mark’s idea when suddenly Mark appeared at my open bedroom door.

“Hey Suzy! Hey Mandy! I’m home. I hope I’m not interrupting anything.” Mark said, first looking at Suzy and then towards me.

Suzy leapt off the bed and rushed to Mark, hugging and kissing him. It was a bit awkward to watch, like I was an intruder or something, even in my own room.

“We were just talking about you.” Suzy told Mark.

“Something good, I hope.” he said.

“We were talking naughty about you.” Suzy said as she cozied up to him.

Mark looked at me as if questioning Suzy’s remark. I simply stared back with a ‘I have no cue’ expression on my face.

“Why don’t you and I go talk about your naughty discussions?” Mark said as he turned to leave, his arm still around Suzy.

Suzy stopped and turned back towards me. She reached out with her hand and she pulled me off the bed.

“Mandy wants to come with us.” Suzy announced matter-of-factually while pulling me along with them. “She wants to watch, or maybe even play with us.”

Mark looked at me and then a broad smile crossed his face. I shrugged my shoulders and followed them down the hall to his room.

Mark and Suzy got onto his bed and began making-out. I felt like a third wheel and sat in the chair at his desk. I moved the computer mouse, and the screen woke up. There were icons for a few apps, and a few folders on his desktop. One folder had my name, so I clicked to open that. There were all the photos Mark had taken of me during our two day photo shoot. I had never seen the results of our collaboration. I was pleasantly surprised how good the pictures were. Mark definitely had some photographic skills.

There were also two sub-folders. One had the photos he selected for his portfolio and the other folder, labeled ‘XXX’ contained ikitelli escort all the naughty photos he had taken of me. These must be the photos that Suzy spoke about, what Mark viewed while masturbating.

I closed these folders and noticed another folder on his desktop with Suzy’s name. I open that and was surprised to see how many photos he had taken of my best friend, his girlfriend. Most of these were casual photos, taken at home or out with friends. And then I saw another ‘XXX’ folder inside the folder of her photos. I open that to find some number of sexually explicit photos of Suzy. She had posed for him in her underwear, and sometimes naked. In some she played with her nipples and her pussy. There were even photos of her using a dildo to fuck herself. ‘Where did she get that?’ I asked myself.

There were photos of Suzy and Mark having sex in various positions. I assumed he used his remote control or a timer to take these photos. There were photos of him eating her pussy, she sucking his cock, and shots of him shooting his cum all over her body.

‘Whoa!’ I said to myself ‘Suzy is kinkier that I thought.’

I could hear Suzy and Mark behind me as their make-out session became more intense. They weren’t paying attention to me, and I barely paid attention to them. Turning back to Mark’s computer, I opened a network connection to my own laptop, logged in, and copied the folders containing my pictures and Suzy’s pictures over to my computer for me to review at a later time.

“Come look at this cock!” I heard Suzy say to me.

I turned to see that both of them were now naked. Mark was flat on his back, and Suzy was over him, facing the other direction, in a ’69’ position. Mark was eating her pussy while she held his large hard cock in her hand for me to see. She went down on it, sucking his cock while waiving me over with her other hand.

Somehow I felt compelled to join them. Maybe deep inside I really wanted to join them and play sexually with both of them. I stood up and stripped off my top and my shorts. I was left wearing only my low-rise thong, as I had not been wearing a bra. I thought that leaving on my panties, even as small as they were, would be the last protection from actually having sex with my brother.

I moved around to the foot of the bed and got up between Mark’s legs. From there I could get close to his cock from the other side. Initially I wasn’t sure if Mark was aware I was there. Suzy pull up, Mark’s cock leaving her mouth. She then pulled me into an open mouth, passionate kiss.

I was shocked by her brazen action, but quickly relaxed and enjoyed her kiss. ‘Damn, she’s a good kisser.’ I thought. Then she pushed my head down on Mark’s cock which was shoved into my mouth. I sucked and licked his hardness for a few minutes. Suzy’s moans told me that Mark was licking her really good.

“Let’s share that.” Suzy whispered to me as she move her face closer to mine.

I pulled my mouth off his cock and then, turning my head sideways, I began licking his shaft from the base up to the head of his cock. Suzy turned her head the other direction and began licking his hard cock on the other side. I could feel his cock throb against my tongue, and I could hear his moans of pleasure, even with his mouth muffled by Suzy’s pussy.

‘How insane is this?’ I asked myself as both Suzy and I continued to lick Mark’s cock. Our faces were just inches away from each other. I never could have imagined doing this, and suddenly Suzy had convinced me to do something so erotic.

We continued like this for a few minutes. The eroticism was intense. My pussy was throbbing and nothing was touching it. I sensed that Mark was about to cum from his moans, and how he tried to thrust his cock against our two mouths. And from Suzy’s hard breathing, I could tell she was moving towards an orgasm.

Suzy obviously knew that Mark’s cock was about to blow. She moved me back and sucked about half his cock into her mouth. Mark screamed as his seed shot, time and again, down her throat. I could see her eyes roll back into her head as she also was having an orgasm while swallowing his cum. I had once before seen my brother’s ejaculations and knew he produced a sizable amount of cum. Suzy was swallowing it all. And all while having her own orgasm. How could she do that?

I just stared in awe.

Eventually their orgasms receded. Mark’s semi-soft cock fell out of Suzy’s mouth. She laid on Mark, gasping for air. But her expression was one of pure joy.

I took Mark’s cock and sucked it a moment. He gave one final, small spurt of cum into my mouth which I relished on my tongue before I swallowed.

As I backed off the bed. Suzy turned around and lay next to Mark. They gently kissed and cuddled. Again I felt like a third wheel.

“I’ll just leave you two alone.” I said as I picked up my clothes and returned to my room. Suddenly I missed Adam, or any lover that would hold me and kiss me.

– – – – –

Sitting istanbul escort on the side of my bed, I could feel my pulse racing. That experience had been exhilarating. My panties were soaked, so I pulled them off and sat there naked.

“Damn that was fucking hot.” I said to myself. I felt more curious about Suzy and what a horny, kinky girl she was. I was glad I had copied her XXX photos to my computer. I wanted to see them. I open my laptop and logged on.

It felt so naughty as I sat crossed legged on my bed with the laptop in front of me as I looked at erotic photos of my best friend that my brother had taken. Suzy was incredibly sexy, incredibly hot. With one hand I slowly scrolled through her photos. With my other hand, I fingered my soaking wet pussy and my large, swollen and sensitive clit. Now it was my turn to masturbate to her pictures as she had described that she had masturbated to my pictures.

I knew that I wanted her. I wanted to touch her, pleasure her, and lick her pussy. I wanted to taste her sex and have her fluids all over my face as I gave her a great orgasm. I was amazed how Suzy was affecting me.

I slowly reviewed all her XXX photos. The photos of her masturbating with a large dildo were so fucking hot. I could feel my own pussy spasm in desire. And I was mesmerized by the photos of Suzy and Mark having sex. His cock was so long and so thick, and she was able to take all of that inside her pussy. I wondered how intense that felt. I had thoughts about how it would feel to have that cock inside my cunt.

I couldn’t believe my own thoughts. How decadent I was, wanting to fuck my brother, and wanting to eat Suzy’s pussy.

My fingers were furiously fucking my cunt. I was so incredibly horny. The images of Suzy’s body and face filled my head. Images of her luscious mouth, her perky tits, and her wet pussy were driving me on. Suddenly I could hear Suzy scream in sexual pleasure as she and Mark must have been having sex again.

I was in a sexual daze. I wanted to be fucking him. I wanted to be fucking her. How did I get to this?

My orgasm hit and I screamed in pleasure. My body shook, my pussy quivered. I gasped for air. It was the most incredible masturbation orgasm I had ever experienced.

My body trembled for several minutes. I lay they and savored the feeling as my orgasm continued to flow through my body. What a wonderful feeling. Slowly my orgasm subsided. I reached over and closed my laptop. Still naked, I curled up on my side and dozed off.

– – – – –

Sometime later, I don’t know if it was minutes or possibly an hour, I awoke with Suzy getting onto my bed and laying next to me. She put her arm around me, pulled my naked body against her naked body, and she kissed me. I melted into her.

“That sounded like you had nearly as much fun as we had.” Suzy whispered in my ear. “Were you as horny as we were?”

“Yeah, that was an incredible experience with you two, and I had to have my own relief.” I told her, not willing to yet admit that I got off by looking at her erotic photos. “I’m glad you’re here. but what about Mark?”

“He’s sound asleep. After four orgasms, he’ll be asleep for quite some time.” Suzy replied. “So I thought I would some spend some time with you. Are you okay with that?”

“Yeah, I am.” I told her as I hugged her tight. I could feel her hard nipples pressing into my breasts just as my hard nipples were pressing into hers. It just felt right holding her.

“You know Mark really wants to have sex with you.” Suzy said rather casually.

“I can’t believe that you are telling me that. You are his girlfriend. How could you consider him having sex with another girl, and especially with his sister?” I asked.

“I think there is enough love and sex for all of us to share. I don’t have a problem with Mark having sex with someone that he loves, and that I also love.” Suzy said and then waited for my reaction. “And I have no problem with that other girl being his sister. Sex is a lot of fun and really feels good. I think we should experience as much as we like with whoever we like.”

I looked into her eyes and could see the love and sexual desire that she had for both Mark and for me.

“You really do love both of us don’t you?” I asked, knowing the answer already.

Suzy nodded her head and kissed me briefly.

“Earlier you told me that you’ve been thinking about having sex with another girl. You were talking about me, weren’t you?” I asked, again certain that I now knew her feelings and desires.

“Yes, I want to pleasure you. I want to lick your pussy. I want to taste you. I want to give you a screaming orgasm.” She said confidently.

“We have been friends for many years. I do love you. I just haven’t ever thought of loving you, or any girl, that way. This is all so new to me. It is all so sudden.” I said hesitantly. But inside I knew that I wanted to make love with Suzy. It was just difficult to admit that.

“We can take this slowly.” Suzy told me. “Earlier you said that you also were curious about having sex with a girl.”

“You heard that?” I asked

“Yes, I did. Did you really mean that?” she asked, her voice full of hope.

“Yes, I did. But this is so new to me.” I replied, not wanting to turn her off or turn her away.

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