Married 26 Years , This Is A First

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“I love you, Darling,” she said, stepping from the tub. As she dried herself, he couldn’t help but stare at his beautiful blonde wife of 26 years. “Thank you for being so honest with me.”

Slightly embarrassed and dripping with sweat, he answered, “I’ve had this pent up inside for our entire life together. Thank YOU for understanding and helping me find myself.”

She had come home after a couple of hours at the spa as she did every Saturday. An hour of aerobics and an hour of yoga always had the same effect; hot & sweaty and horny as hell. As was her custom, she stripped out of her running bra and sweatpants (she never wore panties), and ran a hot bath. After first checking the temperature with her toe, she slipped into the warm, sudsy water, sliding the glass doors closed behind her. Slightly aroused and needing a bath as well, he stepped into the bathroom, removed his clothes in a pile, and slid the door open and stepped in. She looked up at him and smiled. Whenever they took a bath together, she knew it always ended up with hot sex.

“C’mon in, Honey. The water’s fine.”, she said.

Quietly, he sat, immersing himself to his waist. His ballsac pulled closer to his torso as it submerged. His soft cock shrunk up inside his belly. As he lowered himself, she reached for his manhood, giving it a gentle tug and squeeze.

“I can’t wait for that perfect cock of yours to harden,” she said, smiling. Sitting cross-legged in the tub, bubbles partially hid her love-nest. He turned to put his back to her and gently sat between her open legs. She took the soap, lathered up the cloth and began to wash his bursa escort back. He sighed as the warm, soapy water washed over his tense back muscles. She swirled the cloth from side to side, rinsing the suds. When his turn was finished, they spun, almost in unison, and he faced her back. Taking the bar of soap, he lathered his hands and began to softly caress her smooth shoulders.

He could feel her relax and she melted back into his chest. His soapy fingers reached under her arms and began to softly knead her breasts. Her head fell back on his left shoulder and he could see down her neck and past her breasts to her pretty pussylips. Reaching further, he began to run a soapy finger down into her fluffy pubic hair and between her cuntlips. Gently, he massaged around and on her pouty clit, bringing it out from under its hood. She cooed quietly as he began to reach deeper, slipping a finger inside her. Her hips crunched up to meet his stroking as she reached behind her to grab ahold of his stiffening dick. Panting softly, she orgasmed, squeezing her eyes closed. With her cum subsiding, she pushed his hands away, stood up, and turned around.

“Your turn,” she said, confidently. She had never masturbated him to orgasm, and she had her mission before her. “Today, you come for me, Honey.”

She dropped to her knees, took the soap, and made her hands slick with suds. She grasped his firm erection with both hands and gently but firmly began to stroke him. Instinctively, he leaned further back, raising his hips and spreading his thighs. As he hunched at her stroking with her left hand, her right hand gently grasped bursa escort bayan his now-full balls and she gave them a nice squeeze, rolling them between her fingers and thumb. A soapy finger traced its way further down to his tight asshole. Her strokes became more intense, more urgent as she slipped her middle finger in his bunghole, up to the first knuckle.

“Ahh, that feels great,”, he sighed. “Go a little deeper while you jack me off.”, he offered.

Pushing a little harder, she slipped the soapy digit all the way into his ass. “Oh, ugh, ugh, that’s it,” he panted. He could feel his erection stiffen even harder as she began to pull, then push the finger back inside of him.

“That’s it, Sweetheart. Yes, yes. Fuck me with your fingers.” Not missing a stroke, she pushed a second finger inside his ass, fucking him mildly and jacking him more fervently. She could feel his cock growing firmer and watched as his balls contracted, feeling his sphincter tighten and loosen around her fingers in rhythm with her beat. He felt that he wouldn’t last long, as this was a first for them. Too often, he had wanted to feel what a woman felt when making love, but was always too inhibited to ask his lover. “What if she finds it too gross or disgusting? How could I face her if she refused?”, he thought. But now he knew better. He knew by her loving strokes and gentle fingering that she, too, wanted him to know the experience.

As she felt for his prostate, his hole loosened further. She now could fit a third slim finger inside him. Forming them together into the shape of a small tubular triangle, she continue invading escort bursa his netherhole, pounding harder and faster on his cock as she pushed in and pulled out of his asshole. Her fingertip grazed his prostate and he moaned, almost in a whisper, “Fuck me, Fuck my ass!”, over and over. She bit her lip in concentration as she tried to bring her lover over the edge. In and out, she finger-fucked his butt. Hell-bent, she jacked on his now-throbbing and purple-headed penis. She would not be denied his pending orgasm.

With a loud moan, he squeezed his anus hard as the sperm roared up his shaft. He exploded into her face, sending stream after stream of his jism up and into her hovering mouth. She felt his ass clamp tight, spasming around her fingers, as the white spunk shot into her mouth. Smiling, she began to swallow his load, and she sent her fingers deep inside his hole. The ropes of cum dwindled, and his ass became slack at the end of his orgasm. She gently pulled her fingers out, and lovingly milked the remains from his softening cock. Licking his piss-slit, she finished cleaning him off.

“God, Honey, that was great,” he said, relaxing back into the now-tepid water.

“I finally did it! I jacked you off!”, she replied triumphantly. “Finally, after 26 years, I jacked you off!”, she smiled.

“I was so afraid of what you’d think, and I’ve been denying myself this pleasure for so long,”, he explained. “You don’t think it’s queer of me to want you in my ass, do you?”

“Not at all, Honey. I know you’re all man. There’s nothing you could want of me that could ever change that.”, she said lovingly.

“I love you, Darling,” she said, stepping from the tub. “Thank you for being honest with me.”

He said, “I’ve had this pent up inside for our entire life together. Thank YOU for understanding and helping me find myself.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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