Married Cocksucker Buds Keep Going Ch. 01

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(This story continues as the two good buddies Will and Mike have had one steaming and very physical sex session in Will’s kitchen. You can click the link to find the first installment. Hope you enjoy this.)


Will and I had burgers off the grill for dinner, along with some chips and a beer. We sat chatting on his back deck while the sun descended beyond the thick trees behind his property. Though it was summer, the setting sun took most of the heat with it. Will gave me a ‘heads up’ kind of nod and we headed back into the house.

I have to hand it to Will. He is a reliable friend and a good buddy. Plus he’s horny all the time like yours truly. I knew that what we had enjoyed previously was just the beginning. If past experience was any clue, I was pretty sure that Will would be ready for round two soon after dinner settled.

We made our way to his basement, which was large but homey, and which was in the process of being converted to a family room. The walls were not finished entirely and there was no molding in place but there was a TV and all the electronics. Will turned on the TV and the dish and found the blocked channels. He entered the code to remove the blocks and tuned into an x-rated movie channel.

You have probably discovered the same things we have: most porn flicks are as boring as can be, the women usually often have far too many road miles, and if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. So we watched anyway for a while and this seemed to get our thoughts going in the right direction.

Will casually reached his hand across the sofa and stroked my palm with his baby finger. I needed no further encouragement. Our standing practice is to take turns doing each other. Since Will had sucked me off first in the kitchen, I knew it was my turn to get started on him. I looked over at him and saw the hungry look of my horny friend. I imagined my own look was not too awfully different from his.

I stood, making my way the short distance to Will at the other end of the couch. I pulled him to his feet, using my weight and leverage to easily draw him up directly in front of me. “Hey, buddy, you look horny as hell. Anything a good friend can do to ease the pressure?” I asked as I pulled him forward by the belt loops. I brushed my bulging crotch against his as I kept his gaze. He was hungry for me and that just caused both my own longing and my own cock to grow.

Will leaned into me and whispered, “You know what I want, buddy. No one else can make me feel like you do.” Will kissed my neck in that strong manly way of his and moved his hands around to my ass and pulled me to him. He ground his cock against mine and moved his mouth slowly toward me. Will turns me on so when he takes his time. Granted, when we haven’t been together in a while, the first time is all frantic and clothes flying and rough, but once the initial eruption of lava cum subsides, we both truly enjoy a leisurely and extended time of getting off together.

I waited for Will to slowly bring his mouth to mine. I put my hands behind his head and gave him a full lips kiss. Our scratchy faces made the contact that much more manly and I kissed him passionately before slowly parting my lips and letting my tongue find first his lips, then his teeth, then his tongue. Our tongues dueled for several minutes before we came up for air. I spoke in a low growl into Will’s ear, “You are the man, Will. I find such horny pleasure in your strong grip and your manly way. As a man, I want you, and I want your cock. I want you to know how much I enjoy this.”

With that I began to undress Will. I unbuttoned his polo shirt and slowly pulled it over his head. I leaned in and began sucking his right nipple. This brought moans from Will and he pulled me harder against the red hair on his chest. I sucked and nibbled while Will tilted his head back, moaning louder. His rough hands made their way through my hair and began kneading my head harder into his nipple. I nibbled harder, causing Will to groan with pleasure.

“Buddy, you sure know all the right ways to keep my attention,” Will whispered hoarsely. “My other nipple feels left out, though,” he said and smiled weakly at his own dumb entendre. I moved up and kissed Will’s neck, nipping at his ear lobes, then moved to his left nipple. My hands moved down his sides, then back up to his rib cage and I pulled his nipple to my mouth. I flicked my tongue all around his left nipple, knowing how much this turned him on.

With a strong grip on his ribcage, I sucked his nipple into ataşehir escort my mouth and sucked him hard. This caused Will to bounce up on the balls of his feet in pleasure. I continued sucking and licking his nipple until he was resting on his heels again.

“I’m heading south, buddy. I want to taste that wet spot I see forming down there,” I said quietly. With my hands still firmly on his ribcage, I ran my tongue slowly to his sternum, got some more saliva on my tongue and slowly made my way on the hair trail south. I stopped to tongue his belly button, which brought a smile and another groan from Will.

I stuck my tongue under the waistband of his Levis swishing my tongue on the hidden hair trail, then lowered myself to my knees. Will always enjoyed it when I stripped his pants and underwear off with just my tongue and teeth. He liked the teasing aspect and the extra waiting added to his explosion later.

I held myself steady by placing my hands behind Will’s thighs, just above his knees. I gripped Will’s belt in my teeth and pulled the excess back through the loop. I pulled hard so as to disengage the clasp. When I saw that the clasp was clear, I quickly flicked it out of the way with a finger. I pulled the loose belt back through the buckle and out of the way, then released Will’s belt from my mouth and moved in to get his jeans undone.

I had perfected a quick move the got the metal button out of the loop without the use of anybody’s hands. It had taken a long time to get it just right and lots of practice to do it quickly but I had it down pat. Just that quick, the snap was undone.

I moved back toward Will and instead of unzipping him just yet, I traced the outline of his hard cock with my tongue down his right pant leg. I don’t know why some guys hang one way and some the other. Even though Will was right handed like me, his cock hung down his right pant leg while mine hung down the left side. I adjusted my own throbbing cock so as to relieve some of the awkward positioning that happens when a guy gets hard in his jeans.

Will gently placed his hands on my head and slowly ground his cock against my face. He really enjoyed taking his time the second time around. He was in no hurry and neither was I. I bit against his shaft through the denim as he pushed it into my face. I licked the wet spot and could almost taste the distinctive flavor of his precum.

“Oh, Mike, my buddy,” Will whispered, “mmmm, your mouth feels so good. What a man you are to take me like this. What a stud you are, buddy. If I didn’t know better, I’d almost say I love you.” I bit Will’s cock hard through his jeans, but he just smiled. We had a standing agreement never to say ‘I love you’ when we were having sex. I did love him but now was not the time to say so.

I licked my way back up to Will’s zipper and I carefully got a good hold on the little grip and ever so slowly pulled it all the way down. Will’s throbbing cock was close to springing free. I moved to Will’s left hip, getting a firm hold on a belt loop and pulling his left side down just below his hip. All this time Will is moaning and running his hands through my hair.

I moved to the right side, fastened on his belt loop and pulled the right side just below the substantial bulge in his underwear. I kept moving back and forth from one side to the other until I had his jeans below his knees and as close to his ankles as I could get them.

Will steadied himself by placing his hands on his hips and lifted his left leg just high enough for me to slowly pull that pant leg all the way off. I switched positions and with Will still steadying himself, I pulled his right pant leg down and off. I grabbed his jeans and threw them into a corner out of the way. I doubted Will would be in need of them again for a while.

Will’s cock, now free of the restraint of his jeans, popped upwards. The only thing holding it back from a full extension was his underwear. I could see his red bush through the faded and thinning fabric of his briefs. His cock was not straight out but was bulging hard against his underwear and causing a sizeable tent. I just knew Will’s throbbing cock was aching for relief from the restraint of his sweaty briefs.

I now proceeded to lick Will’s hairy red legs, from his ankles up to his knees, I started on the right leg and went about half way, then moved to his left leg, first the front, then the back. While I was licking the backs of his legs, I would move my hand up the inside of his thigh, just grazing his balls and kadıköy escort then run my fingers into the outline of his crack. This made Will moan even more and without thinking he would lean forward just enough to allow me to delve deeper into his crack.

Neither Will nor I had much interest or inclination for butt fucking but we both got a heightened sense of pleasure by feeling the other’s hands moving into and around our ass crack. One of these times I was going to ask Will to lube up his finger and fuck my ass with it while he was sucking me. It had been a secret fantasy for me personally after I had heard some guys at work talking about it. Maybe tonight would be the night I would ask.

I kept up a steady pace on Will’s legs and kept licking him front and back until I got to his underwear. All this time Will was moaning and groaning and the wet spot on his underwear continued to grow. I could now taste the manly flavor of his pre-jizz and this caused me further discomfort in my own tight jeans. I adjusted things again, though I knew that the ultimate relief was quite a ways off.

I nuzzled my face into Will’s crotch, sniffing his underwear and really getting off on the manly sweaty crotch aroma. For some reason, that rutty and sweaty smell of Will’s crotch sent an extra jolt of blood into my already aching and throbbing cock. I will really enjoying servicing Will. His horny moans and groans, now growing louder, indicated his own pleasure. “Oh Mike, what a turn on you are!” Will said loudly. “That’s it buddy, taste my crotch. You love it and I know it, mmmm, lick me and suck my nuts, Mike, mmmm, please suck my nuts.”

I had to summon all the restraint I could muster to keep from just ripping his underwear off. I sucked his nuts through his underwear and felt his breath go ragged. I could feel the pulsing of his blood through his cock. It was time for some direct flesh on flesh action. I’d had enough of aging cotton.

I moved my mouth to Will’s belly button again and licked him there again, which caused Will to twitch and thrust his hips forward. His labored breathing told me he was getting off on my actions and that turned me on eve more. I guess it just turns me on giving sexual pleasure to another person, whether it was Will or my wife. I also knew that although Will was breathing pretty hard that he was quite a ways from his next orgasm. After the initial cum job, he was much more relaxed and under control. I knew that when he came again, it would be only after some serious effort on my part. I was more than willing to put in the time and work.

I got a good grip with my teeth on Will’s waistband and began tugging. I pulled his underwear over the tip of his cock, enabling his cock to spring up against his stomach. As before, I moved from side to side, taking my sweet time as I pulled his worn briefs from his body. Once Will stepped out of them, I lifted them to my face, licked Will’s wet spot from the inside, then tossed them into the corner with his jeans.

I licked my lips and let saliva drip from my tongue onto Will’s left ankle. I then licked from Will’s ankle up the inside of his leg all the way to his crotch and without stopping to warn Will or give him any indication of what I was about to do, I sucked both of his hairy red nuts into my mouth. I swirled them around and around on my tongue while Will went nearly spastic with pleasure.

“Oh, Mike, fucking ay and fucking wow, buddy, mmmmmmm,” Will moaned loudly. He began to spread his legs and bounce a little on the balls of his feet. I placed my hands on Will’s hips and pulled him tight to my mouth. I sucked Will’s ball bag all the way into my mouth and had plenty of extra skin in my mouth besides Will’s tasty and hairy balls.

I put my right hand under Will’s crotch and splayed my fingers up and down his crack. As he leaned forward, I let my finger tips brush against the hairs around his asshole. Will shuddered and moaned. I licked my index finger, leaving ample spit on it and ran it over top of his asshole. Will lurched forward and upright, unintentionally clamping my finger into his crack and up against his asshole. I allowed my finger to massage his asshole while Will moaned louder and louder.

“Mike, what are you doing to me, you fucker?” Will moaned. “What a fucking sensation that is! Oh, don’t stop, whatever you do, ohhhh, man, ohhh, fuck,” Will moaned some more. I kept kneading my fingertip against his asshole as long as he kept my finger gripped in place. I moaned in pleasure myself as I continued bostancı escort bayan to suck on Will’s balls and bag.

After a couple of minutes of Will rocking back and forth on my fingertip, he leaned forward and placed his hands on my shoulders. I knew it was time to remove my hand and I did so, though reluctantly. For some reason this had turned both of us on. As I paused to take a breath, I noticed a huge wet spot on my jeans. They were a lost cause at this point. I was glad I did not have to wear them home like that right away.

After Will straightened up, I gently plopped first one ball, then the other, back out into the air. I nuzzled into Will’s bush and placed my hands on his hips once again. I always try to do things differently every time we get together. Variety is the spice of life and I did not want to get bored or to bore Will with the same thing every time.

I licked up the right side of Will’s cock, licked around his cock head and sucked in as much precum as I could get without pulling his foreskin down. Then I went down the left side. At this point I was driving Will to distraction. Every little way that I touched him, whether with my fingertips or my tongue or my mouth, seemed to set off another spasm in Will’s body.

I rested back on my haunches for just a moment and looked up at Will. He had the funniest look on his face, super horny yet also like he was off in la-la land. He placed his hands on his hips, thrusting his cock forward. It was time, and we both knew it.

I placed my hands on his, pursed my lips and placed them gently on his cock head. Will shook and moaned as I let my tongue slip under the now tight foreskin and swirled my tongue over the head of his cock, pushing his skin back with my lips. Will let out a very loud moan and mumbled, “Mike, you turn me on, you cocksucker buddy. Oh, how you turn me on….only a real man could do what you are doing. Only a real man could take my cock all the way in….mmmm, what a man you are, Mike, what a man.” With that, Will began to rock his hips forward, pushing his cock a little bit further in each time.

I slurped my pleasure as Mike just kept rocking back and forth. Will was not thrusting yet. He just had his hands on his hips, now holding mine in place and kept rocking back and forth on his feet, from his heels forward to his toes and back again, sliding his wet cock in and out of my hungry mouth. I tried to hold my head in the same place and position as Will rocked and cocked my face. This guy was such a stud fucker. It was great. He just kept rocking and pushing his cock into my mouth. He kept this pace up for about fifteen minutes, just lost in the pleasure of this blow job as he rocked back and forth.

Will had gotten quiet without me noticing at first. When I did take note of the silence I looked up when I could and saw a tear coursing down Will’s left cheek. Will then placed his hands on my head and I knew what that meant. Instead of just sliding in and out of my mouth, I now placed more pressure on Will’s cock with my lips. I pushed his foreskin back with my lips and took tight hold at the hairline on his shaft. Will began to fuck my face harder and harder.

I can usually tell when Will is about to cum. He loses all control and just slams my head repeatedly up and down his cock, grunting and smashing my nose against his pubic bone. But this time Will pushed my mouth to the end of his cock and pulled his foreskin all the way down and started yelling all sorts of unintelligible stuff as he shot his load into my mouth, pumping his fist in little spasmic jerks as he shot one hot rope of jizz after another into my eager mouth. I kept swallowing every jizz jolt until there was nothing left coming out.

I sat back on my haunches, momentarily sore and tired and looked up at Will. “I think there’s more for you…let me spray it on your face, buddy,” Will whispered hoarsely and sure as shit, he started firing more ropes of jizz at me, hitting me all over the face. Wow, this was a new one on me! I did not care that Will was doing this to me. Hey, he is my bud! Plus, we had made a pact never to leave pecker tracks on the other guy’s body, so I knew Will would clean me up.

Once Will finished shooting his load, he fell to his knees and licked my face clean, then gave me a hard deep-throat man’s kiss and we swirled his cum back and forth before he sucked into his mouth and swallowed it.

I became aware of a seriously painful throbbing in my jeans. “I’ll give you just a minute to catch your breath and then you need to take care of my horny and throbbing and slick dick, buddy,” I said.

“You know I’ll take care of you, Mike,” Will smiled. I did know that and I waited as Will caught his breath while leaning back against the couch.


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