Mary Felix entertains Mrs. Harrison

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Mary has managed to track down the woman who observed her coupling in the railway carriage with Mr Chandos, and has invited her to London…

True to her word, I received a brief note in the post on Tuesday morning from Amelia confirming that she would be arriving at Arundel Court around half past five the following day and would expect to stay the night.

Georgina was thrown into an orgy of anticipation and yet again had to be disabused of the notion that she would be joining in whatever activities I had in mind for my new friend. More pouting and flouncing followed until finally I was forced to grasp her firmly by the waist and look her in the eye.

‘My darling, you simply have to control yourself. If anything happens, you may watch from the mirror, but otherwise you will have to make yourself scarce when she is here. Or hide in the house at least.’

I leant forward and let my lips brush her neck. She shivered deliciously as I whispered, ‘You like seeing me naked, don’t you, Georgina?’

‘Yes, I do,’ she answered unequivocally, then turned her head to me, her lips parting, and for a moment we might have kissed, but I gently pushed her away and smiled.

She looked ruefully at me, then said rather flatly, ‘My word, you are learning, aren’t you? Very well. Jimmy and I will watch.’

‘Not Jimmy. I’ve got plans for Jimmy,’ I said.

With a little sigh of regret, she turned on her heel, and moments later I heard her footsteps on the stairs as she retreated to the boudoir.

Amelia Harrison and I had a most enjoyable time that evening. We dined early at the Langham and drank a fine bottle of claret with our roast lamb. The waiter was most attentive, and so he should have been. I had prepared for the evening with extra care, and Amelia’s eyes had lit up as she saw me all ready to go out, dressed in a royal blue silk gown. Unknown to her I wore nothing underneath it, a state that always imbued a purring excitement in me when in public.

She also looked wonderful, her face animated and excited in a way far removed from the rather flat expression that had greeted me when I had first entered her morning room in Francombe. I think that, perhaps, after three years of limbo, the opportunity to throw caution to the winds and have a night on the town was more than attractive. She wore her hair styled high with loose ringlets falling onto her graceful neck and, like me, had used a little powder and lip stain to enhance her already very attractive face. The thought of kissing her made my pulse beat harder and sent little thrills through all sorts of places.

After dinner we took a cab to the Adelphi Theatre, where Mr Henry Vickers was starring in a musical comedy called It’s All Down to Her! We took a box and were served a bottle of champagne as we watched the show, which certainly deserved its reputation as one of the hits of the season. Amelia’s eyes were glowing as she watched the tall, elegant, and distinctly good-looking Mr Vickers as he sang and danced his way through a series of numbers.

‘He’s rather handsome, isn’t he?’ I whispered.

She nodded without taking her eyes off him. ‘Oh yes, rather.’

After the show we took another cab to Claridge’s and enjoyed a late supper as we watched the couples dancing. A pair of young naval officers in uniform asked permission to join us, and we danced and laughed with them for some time. Amelia blossomed as they paid her compliments and chattered lightheartedly. At last I caught her eye and, to the obvious disappointment of our friends in blue, we asked for a cab to be called.

When we got back to Arundel Court, it was late and we were both distinctly tiddly, but I suggested a last nightcap in the boudoir and she readily agreed. As we stood in the hall, she told me how much she had enjoyed the evening and how grateful she was that we had become friends.

‘Even after such an unusual introduction?’ I laughed.

‘Even so,’ she replied, and as we climbed the stairs, she took my arm. ‘Where’s the upstanding Mr Chandos when you need him?’ she whispered naughtily.

‘Amelia Harrison!’ I feigned shock for a second, then as she collapsed into giggles, I joined her, and it was a very merry pair of ladies who sank onto the comfortable settee in front of the big mirror.

‘Someone’s lit the fire,’ she observed. It was true that the room was warm and the fire burned down low.

‘Jimmy must be back,’ I said. I’d mentioned him earlier, even though, like Georgina, he had not put in an appearance before we went out.

We sat and chatted about the evening for a while with our brandies until I asked her to excuse me. She naturally assumed I was going to the bathroom, and in this she was quite correct, although she would have had the wrong idea about my purpose. I opened the door quietly and had a whispered conversation with the person inside. He was ready. My word, he was ready. And having seen him, so was I.

I walked quietly back along the corridor, popped my head around ataşehir escort bayan the door of the boudoir, and with a confidential grin, hissed at Amelia.

‘Come here, my darling. This is distinctly worth seeing.’ I put my finger over my lips as her eyebrows rose in a query, but, clearly intrigued, she stood and came over to the door. I breathed in her ear, ‘Follow me. Shhhh.’

Taking her hand, I crept towards the bathroom door, which was now half open, allowing the smell of sandalwood and steam to drift into the corridor. Arriving outside it, I again put my finger to my lips and raised my eyebrows.

She frowned a little and silently mouthed, ‘What?’

I gently steered her into position so that she could look through the inch-wide crack between the door and the jamb. She put her eye to it, and I heard a deep intake of breath and felt a quiver run through her body. Kneeling down, I edged in below her and looked too.

The bathroom was lit by two candles that had been placed on the chest. Their light threw a warm but faint glow onto Jimmy, who had clearly just bathed. He was standing at an angle to us, his front concealed, towel in hand and stark naked. As we watched, he tossed the towel onto a chair and reached forward to pick up a dark brown bottle of oil which was standing next to the candles.

Seemingly unaware of our voyeuristic presence, he tipped some into his hand and started to rub his arms and shoulders. Hearts beating, we watched as the oil slowly covered them, making every muscle and sinew stand out in the dim glow of the candles. He continued across his torso, his hands out of sight, but when he reached behind and oiled his buttocks, Amelia uttered something between a quiet sigh and a groan of longing. Still with his back to us, finally we saw his hands reach down to his groin, and it became apparent that he was slowly oiling his cock and balls.

After a minute or so of this, his head went back a little and he uttered a sigh of satisfaction as his hands worked away.

I stood and tapped Amelia on the shoulder. She turned to look at me, her eyes unfocused and far away, a deep red flush across her neck. I gave her my best imitation of Georgina’s mock outraged horror look. I think she must have realised what I had in mind, and she started to shake her head, mouthing, ‘No. No.’

Too late, my darling. This is what you need, I thought.

Hooking her arm firmly in mine, I pushed the bathroom door open with my foot. It swung silently back on its hinges, and as Jimmy sensed the air change in the room and stilled his hands, I spoke quietly.

‘Who’s going to do your back, then?’

He froze for a moment but did not turn around. Instead, his hands resumed their regular movement. ‘Is that you, Miss Felix?’

‘And my friend, Jimmy. This is Mrs Harrison.’ I felt her stiffen and try to pull away from me, but I had her arm too tightly. ‘Turn around and say hello.’

Slowly, he moved to face us, stepping back a pace so the light from the candles shone onto one side of him, leaving the rest of the room in darkness.

‘Oh my God,’ whispered the woman at my side as she stared spellbound.

And she had a point.

Standing tall and naked in the steamy shadows, his magnificently muscled body glistening where the light caught it, he did indeed look like a primeval god, as though from a classical myth. His cock was semi erect and standing out from his groin, the head exposed. Like myself, he shaved down there, so his long, thick shaft and heavy balls looked enormous.

Smiling silently, he picked up the oil and held it out to me. I could hear Amelia breathing heavily next to me as I led her into the bathroom and took it from him. He was at least a foot taller than us, and his close physical presence was profoundly exciting, a latent masculine energy that reached out and engulfed us both.

‘Hold out your hands, Amelia,’ I said to her. As if in a dream, she obeyed my instruction, and I poured a generous measure into her cupped palms before taking some for myself. ‘Now turn round, Jimmy,’ I instructed, and he complied.

With no further ado, I placed my hands on his broad shoulder blades and started to rub the oil in. ‘Come on, Amelia. It’s in your hands now; you might as well use it,’ I whispered to her, and with a faint sigh she placed her hands next to mine and started to massage the oil into his skin.

We took our time and worked slowly over his entire back, then, with increasing enthusiasm on Amelia’s part, we started on his buttocks and thighs. The fact they had already been done mattered not. His muscles were firm and unyielding, and the devil in me meant that I spent some time working the oil deep into his crack, stroking and occasionally slipping my finger into his bum hole, a little at first, then deep, past my second knuckle. Amelia looked shocked at this, but he sighed and flexed as I did it, and from my position at his side I watched his cock climb some degrees and approach the vertical. escort kadıköy It was a veritable beast of a thing, no doubt about it.

There was no resistance from Amelia as I took her hand and slowly guided it down between his buttocks. ‘Stroke his balls, my darling. That’s what he needs,’ I said quietly.

She reached forwards. Her mouth opened and I heard Jimmy sigh as she connected with her target. ‘They’re so big, Mary,’ she whispered, wide eyed.

I placed my hands on Jimmy’s waist and gently rotated him so that he faced us. I heard Amelia exhale quietly.

‘More oil, my darling?’ I asked innocently. But she ignored me and knelt down in front of him, her evening gown spreading out on the floor. Then, with her face less than a foot away, she began to wank him with long, slow, two-handed strokes from cockhead to balls.

She kept up a quiet but insistent moaning, her entire being focused on what she was doing. Jimmy sighed and reached out to place a hand next to the candles, then leant back and braced his glistening thighs as she worked on him.

Given her position, what followed was inevitable, and after two minutes she took a deep breath and leant forwards. Opening as wide as she could, she took his great cockhead into her mouth. I drew my fingernail over Jimmy’s nipple and felt him shudder.

‘Is she sucking you nicely, Jimmy?’ I whispered as discreet slurping noises floated up from below his waist.

‘Oh yes, Mary, she is that,’ he manged to gasp. Amelia continued her diligent work down below for some time until, with a groan, he looked at me, an unspoken question in his eyes. I looked down.

‘Do you want his come, Amelia?’

Her only response was a frenzied whimper, which I took to be answer enough.

‘Get ready, Mrs Harrison,’ said Jimmy, his hips starting to move.

‘There will be a lot of it, Amelia,’ I warned, my voice low as I let my hand trace down his back and between his buttocks. My finger stroked his bum hole as he started to shudder and shake, and I felt his thighs and buttocks tighten as his climax approached.

‘Here it comes,’ he muttered, then reached down and held Amelia’s head firmly between his big hands, hips working as I slid my finger into him.

With a great cry of passion, he spent. I heard Amelia spluttering and gurgling but, looking down, saw that she was remaining at her post, head bobbing and hands working as he released himself into her mouth. A woman of considerable application when aroused, I thought as I merrily joggled my finger on his gland.

Finally he released her head, and she rocked back on her heels and looked up at us. Her earlier composure had been replaced by a lustful narrow-eyed sneer and her carefully styled hair had broken loose, the ringlets cascading over her neck. A portion of Jimmy’s come had missed her mouth, and I knelt down next to her and, leaning forward, licked it off her cheek and swallowed. She shivered and, seizing the moment, I kissed her gently on the lips, lingering for as long as I dared.

‘Nice?’ I whispered. She nodded silently, seemingly unable to speak. I helped her to her feet and looked at the tall shadowy man standing smiling at her, his eyes glittering in the candlelight. ‘The bedroom, I think, Jimmy.’

With a swing of his muscular arms, he picked her up and carried her out of the bathroom, down the corridor, and into the boudoir. Amelia said nothing, but her arms wrapped themselves around his neck and she laid her head upon his chest.

The double doors that led into the bedroom were closed, and I slipped past him to open them. He strode into the room and eased her to the floor next to the bed.

The room was lit by four candles, one on top of each corner post on the bed, and the atmosphere was warm and intimate. I gently touched Amelia’s arm, and as she turned to face me, I took her hand and met her eye. Her expression was wary, as though she had suddenly realised what had just happened and what was to come. I recalled Georgina’s words to me. Speaking calmly and seeking to reassure her, I said something similar.

‘This is a place of great freedom, Amelia. You are quite safe here, and you can be certain that nothing that happens here is ever spoken of elsewhere. This house retains its secrets.’ I smiled at her and was relieved to see a faint smile appear on the lovely face opposite me.

‘Would you undress me, Jimmy, please?’ I said this without losing eye contact and was gratified to see a flicker of excitement cross her lovely face.

He moved behind me so he could tackle the buttons on my gown. As he did so, I slipped my feet out of my shoes so when the final button was released I was able to slide the gown off my shoulders and step out of it in front of Amelia. As she gasped, I realised that she had probably never seen another fully mature naked woman. And certainly not one in all her glory, complete with a serpent tattoo and a shaved cunny. Frankly, I knew that in the candlelight I looked spectacular, bostancı escort and I could see her slowly taking me in.

‘And now Mrs Harrison, if you please, Jimmy.’

He took a pace behind her and began to unbutton her dress. Within a minute, it was draped over a chair and she was standing barefoot, looking at me shyly in her neat close-fitting chemise. I could see her nipples through the thin material and felt a powerful surge of excitement. Suddenly I wanted to see her unclothed very much.

She pointed at my serpent and said in a small voice, ‘You didn’t have that last time I saw you.’

‘No. My gentleman insisted I get it. And down below – the shaving. He likes it.’

‘Jimmy’s hairless too,’ she observed.

‘Oh yes, I’m afraid he’s rather fond of that as well.’ Jimmy’s deep voice carried a note of wry amusement as he cut into our conversation.

I burst out laughing, and seconds later, Amelia joined me as she turned to stare at him, her hand over her mouth in shock.

‘You mean you also …’ She hesitated and searched for the right word.

Oh well, in for a penny, I thought. ‘Yes, Amelia. The gentleman in question is a great admirer of both men and women.’

‘Often together,’ added Jimmy with relish, clearly enjoying the tale.

I stepped close to her and placed my mouth next to her ear. She smelled faintly of some deliciously sophisticated scent that I could not place. It made my head swim with desire.

‘Three in a bed, my darling. What a scandal,’ I whispered.

Then I took hold of her chemise and raised it over her head. Jimmy was still standing behind her and closed immediately, his great hands slipping under her arms to gently lift and caress her white breasts. Late thirties she might be, but with no children they had retained a fine full shape, and, greatly daring, I bent down and licked one of her upstanding pink nipples. She shivered beautifully at this, and as I was leaning forward anyway, it was the work of moments to open the button at the top of her drawers, sink to my knees, and gently slip them down her shapely thighs and calves.

Something between a groan and a gasp came from above and I glanced upwards. Jimmy was kissing her neck below the ear, his tongue busy as his hands worked her titties. He was not holding back either, and they were moving and distending as he squeezed and massaged the soft flesh very firmly. She was offering no resistance. In fact, she was leaning back onto him, her arm raised backwards to stroke his head. A lusty smirk enlivened her face as he indulged himself.

Her cunny was as neat as a new pin, a dark little triangle of thick hair through which two lips peeped shyly. I kissed her belly and let my tongue circle her tummy button before standing.

I felt the strongest desire to kiss her mouth and feel her tongue, but something told me she was not yet ready for such blatantly sapphic excitements. Instead Jimmy and I led her to the wide bed, and in a couple of seconds we were tucked under the covers with Amelia nicely positioned on her back between us. The candles threw a lovely mellow and intimate light onto the bed, while the room’s corners remained in shadow.

We went to work on her, stroking and caressing her throat and breasts, our three faces close on the pillows. Feeling her begin to respond, Jimmy went to kiss her, but she gently turned her head to face me, denying him. After a further minute or so I sensed she was distracted and, with a shock, realised I could see tears on her face.

‘Darling Amelia, whatever is the matter?’ I asked softly, but was only rewarded with a sob in return. I cursed myself silently for being so foolish, thinking perhaps that the whole scenario was too much for her, especially after a three-year abstinence. She was probably a virgin when she married, so it was hardly surprising that she was feeling overwhelmed if her previous experiences were limited to a single fellow.

She sniffed again and then sat up in the bed. We followed suit, and I noticed her eyes run over Jimmy’s torso as his muscles flexed when he pulled himself upright. Somehow the sheet did not rise above our waists, possibly due to my hand holding it down, meaning my breasts and hers were fully exposed. As was the top half of Jimmy’s upstanding cock, peering cheekily out from the covers below. Georgina must be enjoying herself, I thought.

I repeated my question. ‘What’s wrong, Amelia? Have we upset you?’

She turned her head one way, then another, looking at both our faces. ‘No. It’s just that I so want Jimmy to take me. So very much.’ She reached over and caressed his face. ‘I need to be kissed and fucked hard.’

He grunted and moved, but she lowered her hand on his chest and gently pushed him back.

‘But?’ I asked.

She turned to me. ‘It’s David. As long as he might be alive, I cannot let another man kiss me, let alone take me. Not even a man as magnificent as Jimmy.’

I heard her regret and felt the shiver as she said this and realised that the poor woman was in a frenzy of frustration. She had been celibate for a long time, and her reaction to his cock in the bathroom showed she had powerful appetites, so it truly must have been painful to feel his arousal and still deny herself.

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