Massage and Sex

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One evening I decided to pamper my fiancée with a foot massage.

She has nerve damage in one foot that can be painful at times so though it might help relax her a little bit.

My fiancée is lying on the bed in some black shorts and a strappy top as she normally wears around the house. As for me I have a pair of boxers and a t-shirt on.

We are laying on the bed top and tail, with my head down by her feet.

She has nice smooth skin on top of her feet which are quite tanned as she goes absolutely everywhere in flip-flops. This has given her feet a tan but also a whitish area in shape of a letter Y where the strap sits.

Her toes are quite short and a little bit chubby and almost always have nail polish on them. Her little toes tuck in under the toe next to it a little as if trying to hide from the world.

She has pale legs as she usually wears leggings or long dresses. Her calves are shaped like upside down champagne bottles and have thick thighs that taper up to her large round ass and wipe hips. The shape of her thighs and hips are not that visible this evening as she has baggy shorts on. They are comfortable for her but hide some of her curves.

Armed with a tube of moisturizing lotion I’m lying beside my fiancée and start to put some lotion on one of her feet. I rub my hand up and down the top of her foot to begin with to spread the lotion over her foot and then also over her toes a little. I keep rubbing her feet and around her toes when I start to feel her hand slip up my boxer shorts and over my bum.

I quite like my girls hands over my body and as I continue with her feet she then moves down and starts to massage my balls and the area between my bum and balls. This of course starts to get me a bit hard, which she teases me by running her fingers down my now semi hard cock and then retracting her hand from my boxers and rolling on to her belly so I may rub the bottom siirt escort of her feet.

I massage the bottom of her feet with the lotion. Bottom of her feet is also quite soft but also a little weathered at same time. I massage her feet especially around the heel and ball of her foot. She like it when I apply pressure to her toes and push them up towards top of her foot as if she had all her weight on her toes like she was on tiptoe.

Once I finished with her feet I turn around and slip my hands up the legs of her shorts and caress her big sexy round ass. I rub my hands up and down her sexy ass for a few moments all the while my cock is getting harder and harder.

She turns over and removed her baggy shorts. I can now see her beautiful pussy. Her pussy is nestled between her thick thighs and is only partly visible. She has a small mound below her belly that her little pussy sits at bottom of. Her pussy is not visible only a neat little slot which hides her wet pussy.

I gently part her legs, which opens her slot a little to show some of her pussy.

I get up on all fours beside her at this point I had removed my boxers too and had my ass towards her and my face over her pussy. I could feel the warmth of her on my face as I leaned in a kissed her mound each side of her pussy.

I kissed her mound and took into my mouth her mound each side of her pussy gently sucking her soft skin. Her skin is incredibly soft around her pussy.

I then open her slot with my hands to reveal the inside of her pussy. I little wet as I have been teasing her with my kisses. There is a wonderful small fold at top with a small clit just visible in the fold. My cock is as hard as ever at this point.

I dive my face right in and rub my lips side to side across her clit. I can feel her thighs tense up so I’m quite sure she is enjoying as much if not more than I am.

I love to have sincan escort my face inside her pussy. I enjoy it almost as much as the act of sex.

I then start with my tongue and run it up and down her clit. I withdraw my face to get some air while I run a finger or two around her clit to keep her going until I start again.

After repeating this a few times she is brought to climax and closes he legs and lifts them up towards her belly as she has an orgasm then relaxes again flat on her back.

I then get between her legs and lay my body on top or hers. While sliding my hands down her sides and crabbing her big round ass. My hard cock is pushing against the outside of her pussy and a few thrusts of my hips has my cock rubbing up and down the edge of her pussy.

I then use one hand to guide my cock inside her wet pussy. Once inside there is a slight wet squelch sound with every thrust of my hips. This is even more of a turn on for me. Her pussy is firm and tight around my cock. I have had 2 other sexual partners in the past but neither compare to the feeling when I am inside my fiancée. Her pussy is tight which seems to reach every nerve of my cock and always gives me intense orgasms the like I have never had with previous lovers.

While we are making love I change speed or even pause a few times to keep myself from blowing my load too early. I love the feeling of our entwined bodies getting all hot and sweaty together. I keep pushing my nine-inch cock inside her until my balls are bouncing off her ass and pussy has taken the entire length of my shaft. Then pulling out until only the mushroom tip is inside before then pushing the entire cock back inside again. With every thrust I get a feeling of pleasure rush from tip to base of my cock.

Eventually this feeling leads to my balls tightening and I’m ready to fill her with my seed. I try to hold it back but sinop escort the point of no return has passed so as I thrust one last time as deep as I can go, I feel my cock pulse hard as with each pulse a stream is fired deep in her pussy. With every pulse my hold body tenses up and my back arcs slightly as my chest is forced hard against her massive 42F breasts that I am lying on. As I fill her pussy my hands still on her ass have been squeezing and pulling her as tight against me as I possibly could.

I lay content on top of her sexy hot body for a while happy that I had given her and orgasm as well as filling her pussy deep with my seed.

Still with my hands on her hips and ass, I kiss her neck and lay my head on her shoulder for a few minutes.

Eventually we have to break apart and at this point my cock was no longer hard and was quite limp. As I withdrew my limp cock from her pussy a wave of our mixed fluids came from her pussy. I go about cleaning up the mess we just made with some tissues, etc. After this I slip my boxers back on and she puts her shorts back on and we cuddle sat up against the headboard of the bed and watch some videos on my phone. I can feel the intense heat from her body against mine and her strappy top is quite low showing quite a lot of her large F cup boobs and their firm round shape. She has small nipples but where not visible through her top unlike earlier when I had made her cum with my tongue when they were quite evident through her top.

This view of her large boobs was of course stirring my cock again.

She was tired and it was getting late so turned my attention back to the phone to keep myself from getting aroused again, which is no easy task as I find her excitingly alluring. Just the sight of her sometimes can start things stirring in my boxers.

After a few video clips we decide time to go bed. She lays on her right side with her back to me as she always does and I strip again as I sleep naked. I then get in behind her and spoon her but without thinking this gets me aroused and I lay tucked in behind her with my hard cock sitting behind her big sexy round bum as she drift off to sleep in my warm embrace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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