Massage Parlour Delights Ch. 02

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Rob continues his research into massage parlours, this time in his own words.

I quickly became a fan of massage parlours. This was long before they became poorly disguised brothels, there was no question of actual sex, just a lovely massage from a sexy young girl and the chance of extras, which were never offered, you had to ask.

Besides all those long trips away left a lad loaded with testosterone, and if masturbating wasn’t cheating, so being masturbated, I reasoned, wasn’t either.

The extras were, in those days, building up from the early days of a quick hand job to the standard three. The standard three then were, hand relief, topless hand relief and full strip.

I had worked my way up from hand relief to topless but had yet to take the option of a full strip. The whole process always started the same way. A sauna, usually with men’s magazines scattered about to get the client in the mood.

Once he was all fired up he went to the lounge and chatted to a selection, if he was lucky, of masseuses and chose one to be massaged by. She then led him off to a small room with soft lighting and lots of mirrors surrounding the actual table.

Small talk would set the scene and then he would be asked to get ready while she sloped off for a few seconds. He would drop his sauna towel then lie face down on the table and drape a fresh towel over his bum. Ready, she would return.

“Oil or powder?” Was the question of the day, oil was the sexier option. The massage then took place with all propriety, starting on the back then moving to the legs. The strokes usually got higher and higher until her fingers ‘accidentally’ touched his pubes in a suggestive way.

The objective, quite clearly, was to give the client an erection. After that güvenilir bahis it was obvious what he was after and found it easier to ask the question as the massage came to its conclusion.

“Do you do any extras?” The girl would then list her services and the expected tip, remove the required amount of clothing and proceed with the hand job. Sometimes the client was allowed to touch the areas she had revealed, breasts, buttocks or even on very rare occasions, her pussy.

This then is what I was expecting as I entered “The Oasis”. I paid for my sauna and a half hour massage . A quite delightful girl, of about my age, maybe a little younger, gave me the obligatory tour. She was short, curvaceous, with an urchin hair style and a really bubbly personality, topped off with a Scottish accent. Her rather short pleated skirt didn’t quite reveal her knickers but her bra was clearly visible through thin material of her straining blouse.

I was shown the changing room, lockers and so on, the sauna and the normal showers.

“When you’re ready, come to the lounge and I’ll take you for your massage.” Result! This was one of the establishments which allocated a masseuse on your arrival and I was to get little miss bubbly. Exciting!

I made my way to the sauna, greeted the couple of blokes already there and picked up a copy of Men Only. I got hotter and hotter in both senses of the word. I knew, by this time, that anticipation was half the fun so I didn’t rush and was careful not to touch my erection.

After several sauna, shower combinations I had a final cold shower, let my cock subside to just a swelling, wrapped a towel round my waist, and made for the lounge.

“Ready?” Said little miss bubbly, with a cheeky grin and a mischievous giggle. We made our way türkçe bahis to the massage room. It was absolutely standard, music, lights mirrors. The small table in the corner contained oil, good; kleenex, very good; and a sign that positively shouted NO SEXUAL SERVICES. My heart sank, surely I hadn’t miss read the signs? Surely the clue was in the magazines in the sauna?

My relief was absolute when little miss bubbly locked the door, walked straight over to the sign, turned it round to face the wall and chirped, “We won’t be worrying about that then!”

I knew we were on the same page, there were extras on offer, that much was glaringly obvious. I had long planned my next move once I had established I was in the right place. The anticipation, as I have mentioned, is at least half the fun but in those days the format was to ask for extras at the end.

Then the required clothing came off and the hand job started. Two minutes later, on average, it’s all over and it’s out with the kleenex, pay up and push off. I wanted more, particularly anticipation, so I planted my bum on the end of the table and said.

“I feel at a little bit of a disadvantage, having no clothes on and you’re fully clothed.”

“Well aren’t you the cheeky one!” She said, cocking her head provocatively to one side and stating her expected tip for a full strip. It was agreed and she moved in closer and leaned towards my ear and said.

“You’d better unbutton my blouse then.” I did, slowly, she slipped it off revealing a well filled bra.

“Now undo my skirt.” Her hot breath on my cheek charged the atmosphere even more. I undid the two buckles at the side, it dropped to the floor and she stepped out of the wreckage. Now dressed only in bra and pants, she reached behind her and released those güvenilir bahis siteleri fantastic breasts from their cotton prison with a saucy smile.

“You like my puppies?”

“I like your puppies very much,” and I reached up to stroke her nipples. She giggled, they stiffened. She stepped back, hooked her thumbs in the sides of her panties, looked straight into my eyes and started to wriggle them down. Her pubes were trimmed into a landing strip above her actual vagina but her lips were completely bare.

“And my pussy?”


“Now whose at a disadvantage? Drop that towel and get on the table face down.” The massage was most erotic, watching her naked form moving around in the mirrors. As she stood at the head of the table I allowed my hands to caress her buttocks, God they were firm.

There was no accidental touching of my pubes, we had already passed that stage and I was well and truly erect when it was time to turn over.

“Move across a bit.” I obeyed and this nubile, bubbly, confident, fun loving, naked girl climbed onto the table beside me. She ran her hands all over my body, concentrating on my bum and cock, and she encouraged me to do the same. There was no kissing and definitely no fucking, but otherwise this was as full on as you could get. My hands wandered over those luscious firm buttocks, all around her magnificent puppies. She was very skilful at recognising me about to reach the point of no return. She paused, allowed the tension to subside, and started again, but the outcome was never in doubt. As I started to pant and my muscles tensed she put her cheek to mine, breathed hot air into my ear as she whispered.

“Cum, cum for me……… You know you want to……… just Imagine you have your lovely throbbing cock deep in my little tight pussy.” She gripped tighter, worked some magic on the underside of my cock and I exploded. She let out a dirty little giggle. Kleenex time.

As always, any comments good or bad, are welcome.

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