Masturbatra Rises Ch. 03: Close Calls

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Lisa clicked the icons on the map up on her computer screen. She sat in her office chair and banged the mouse in frustration, as the “spinning beach ball of death” appeared on her screen in order to show her Mac desktop computer was no longer responding.

Her frustration came from a few different places. The first was that her investigation was a lot harder to solve than she initially suspected. In the beginning it seemed simple: A deliveryman stole her friend’s jewelry, and she had to get it back from him. Yet, after dressing up like a comic book character that her son and his friends created, tracking down the perp, and then seducing him to the point where he came all over her tits, Lisa was left with nothing but an address that led to a dumpster in an alley.

And that alley in the city seemed to be near nothing of importance; only she couldn’t know for sure because she couldn’t get a clear view on the digital map.

All of this was going on while her son was in the basement, and she didn’t know how to go about telling him what she just did with that deliveryman. Lisa didn’t think he’d be mad, but so far, she hadn’t done things with other men without him being there, with the exception of when she masturbated Sean and Lenny upstairs- but she had announced that intention to him beforehand.

Lisa knew she couldn’t go downstairs and share her first alone encounter with Collin and pretend like nothing had changed between now and the previous day.

I finally have a man in the house that I can fuck when I’m stressed out, and I’m stressed out about the one fucking thing I’m not ready to talk to him about.

Looking at the time at the menu bar of the frozen computer, the middle-aged brunette bombshell knew that Collin’s friends were about to come over the house. In light of her bad mood, Lisa knew she’d have to get her sexy swagger back if she wanted to be effective at asking Lenny for a huge favor.

Lenny was kind of the techy one out of Collin and his friends. He spent the most time on computers, wore black-framed glasses, and frequently went on spiels about Internet rights. Lisa figured that if anyone could help her get to the bottom of why the deliveryman, Frank, was leaving jewelry in the dumpster against his will, then it would be Lenny.

Already in black leggings, a red camisole, and a white pushup bra, Lisa just needed her fun energy that she usually had. As she heard her front door open, Lisa imagined Collin’s head buried between her legs. Lisa’s thighs rubbed together lightly in response to her thoughts. That didn’t take long. She bit her lower lip.

“No, dude, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.” Sean’s voice echoed from around the corner.

“What do you mean? It’s reasonable for her to be able to do that,” Lenny responded.

“She can’t do that.”

Lisa immediately recognized that they were debating over content for her character in the next issue of the Myth of Masturbatra. “What can’t I do?” Lisa called out into the hallway.

The two boys went silent. Lisa chuckled, knowing she made them uncomfortable. They walked around the corner. “Hi, Mrs. Carter.”

“Hi, boys.”

“Hi, Mrs. Carter, you look as hot as usual.” Sean gawked at her simple, but sexy wardrobe.

“Thank you, Sean. So why were you boys talking about me behind my back?” She asked, feigning to be serious.

“Well, we…” Lenny looked over at Sean.

Not hesitating to throw his friend under the bus, Sean followed up, “Lenny thought it would be a good idea for Masturbatra to carry around a dildo and whack bad guys with it to beat them up.”

“It’s a perfectly fitting tool for her,” Lenny justified.

Sean rolled his eyes. “It’s unrealistic that a woman would be able to beat somebody up with a dildo. The point of the character is to seduce men, not beat them up like every other superhero.”

“Who cares if it’s realistic, Sean? The whole idea of a woman running around and stopping crimes by seducing men is unrealistic to begin with.”

The married mother with 36D breasts was about to interject, but she held off. You think that now…

“What do you think, Mrs. Carter?”


“Is a dildo a good weapon? Or can we both agree that Lenny is wrong?”

Lisa thought about it before offering her sage advice. “Let’s put it this way, if I wanted to get a man to do something for me, I’d be much better off pleasuring his cock than I would be hitting him against the side of the head with one. So yeah, it would be a bad weapon.”

Sean raised his hands in victory, and Lenny was embarrassed that he was on the losing side of the debate.

Lisa added, “Sean, can you go down to the basement and join Collin? I need to talk to Lenny alone.”

Both Sean and Lenny had a worried expression. They both had the initial reaction that Lenny had somehow offended Lisa by suggesting that a dildo would be a good weapon. Sean went down into the basement.

Speaking quickly and nervously, Lenny started, “I’m so sorry, Mrs. yakacık escort Carter, I don’t know what I was thinking. I-”

“Woah, woah, woah!” Lisa laughed. “You’re not in trouble.”

“I’m not?” The tall 18 year old with long black hair and glasses, who kind of looked like a skinnier version of Clark Kent, felt a little relieved. “So what do you need to talk to me about then, Mrs. Carter?”

“Well, there a couple favors I need from you.”


“I’m glad to hear you say that. So the first favor should be pretty easy.”


“I got these leggings yesterday (not true), and apparently they are meant to conform to the natural shape of a woman’s butt, and I get the feeling like they are deforming it. Since you’re the one infatuated with my ass, I figured I’d get an expert’s opinion.”

They both laughed as Lisa turned around. She stood up on her toes and pulled her shoulders back. Her red camisole slid up on her back, revealing skin between her shirt and the waistband of the black leggings.

Lenny marveled at the perfect ass. And, as he was allowed to, he reached out and lightly rubbed his hand on the smooth surface like it was a marble sculpture. “Can I sign up for your yoga class?” He joked dryly.

The hot MILF giggled and looked behind her shoulder. “I guess that means the pants are fine ha-ha. And if I were you I wouldn’t waste my time signing up. I’d rather show my booty off to you here where you can cum on it.” She winked.

She could tell from Lenny’s flush face and raging erection that he was in a good position for her to ask him for the real favor. “So now that you’ve helped me with that, I have the other favor to ask.”

“Do you need me to make sure your thong fits correctly?”

Lisa laughed again, almost until she was in tears. She wasn’t trying to be flirty; she found his dry humor to be that funny. When she finally caught her breath, Lisa replied, “Maybe next time I go shopping. No, what I need from you is your tech expertise. I need you to set up a surveillance camera of some kind.”

A look of unease came over Lenny’s face. “Like for home protection? Is there a threat of some kind?”

“No, no,” Lisa assured, “I can’t really explain why right now, but I need to watch what happens in an alley downtown for the next day or two.”


“I know it’s weird, but it’s very important that I do this.”

“Are you in trouble of some kind? Does Collin know?”

“No to both of those things. And for right now I want to keep it that way. This is just between us.”

Glancing behind his friend’s mom, Lenny could see a map on the computer screen. She saw him focusing on it. “Yeah, I tried to pull the area up on a map, but the computer froze, of course. I can’t get even get a good view of the alley.”

“Oh, that’s no issue.” Lenny cracked his fingers and started typing and clicking away on the computer. It unfroze and he got the map on a street view looking down the alley.

“Oh, awesome.” Lisa was impressed, placing her hand on Lenny’s shoulder.

“So what exactly did you need to see in here? It’s a dingy old alley.” Lenny asked, confused.

“Right there.” Lisa pointed at her computer screen. “That green dumpster. I need the camera pointing down the alley and getting all of the green dumpster. Someone is dropping something off there and someone else is picking it up. I need to find out who.”

Lenny considered her needs. “Ok, that shouldn’t be difficult.”


“Nope!” He said with a smile. “All I need to know is what time it takes place and I can set the camera to start a fifteen minutes before, and it can run for about two hours after.”

“Ummm… Shoot,” was Lisa’s response. The young techy knew immediately that she had no clue what time the drop off happened.

“Well that makes things exponentially harder, Mrs. Carter. Because the tape has to reset every two to three hours, which means that the recording before that time will be deleted. I don’t have the expensive equipment for this. That means I will have to watch the camera live to wait for the right cycle and then stop the recording. Is this really that important?”

Lisa exhaled. “Believe me, if you knew half of what I’ve done to just get to this point, then you’d know it’s worth it.”

“I would love to help. I’m just saying, it’s going to be really hard for me. I’d also have to go into the city to set it up.”

Cognizant of the amount of work Lenny was going to have to put into something that didn’t concern him, Lisa knew she had to make it worth his while. Since he still had an erection, Lisa wheeled the office chair back from the computer.

Lenny wondered why he was being pushed away from the screen, and then he found out. Lisa planted her firm legging-covered butt cheeks onto his lap. She leaned her back into his chest and turned her head to face him. “Lenny?”

He nodded, his face red.

Lisa slowly grinded into his hard-on yakası escort with her bubble butt. “Lenny, has a woman ever rubbed her ass so hard and so sensually against your bare cock that she made you cum just from that?” Lisa already knew the answer.

The quivering highschooler shook his head no.

“Well I’m going to be transparent with you, Sweetie. I need you to put that camera downtown in that alley. And I need you to watch it and find out who is taking a package out of the dumpster. And I know that the only way for you to do this job and to care about getting a result as much as I do, is to motivate you.” Lisa continued grinding on his groin harder and harder. “And I also know that you love the way my ass feels against your cock. Now, would I go this far with you without Collin watching if I didn’t absolutely need this information? No, of course not.” Lisa shrugged with honesty. “But I do need it. So I’m going to make a deal with you. If you install a camera in that alley and reveal the person picking up packages there tomorrow, then I will sit you down in the chair of your choice in a room all to ourselves, get into nothing but a G-string and a top, and give you a lap dance so good that you will cum all over my ass.”

Lenny was speechless. Lisa couldn’t tell if he was in shock, about to cum, or both. “So, Lenny,” she continued, “do we have a deal?”

He was in a haze of euphoria from the goddess on his lap. He nodded his head as a light moan escaped his mouth.

A giddy Lisa got off his lap. “I guess we may have to add ‘the dazing lap dance’ to Masturbatra’s powers?!”

Lenny would have found it funnier if he weren’t blue-balled. He winced in the chair.

Realizing how close she left him to finishing when she got off his lap, Lisa reached down and finished him off with her hand. She laughed as his ejaculate landed all over Lenny’s shirt. He would have been more upset if he hadn’t just spent a minute in paradise.

Recovering from his fog, Lenny asked playfully, “What do I tell Collin and Sean when they see my shirt?”

“Tell them I’m coming for them next.”

Lenny ran down the stairs in his splotchy shirt.

Lisa was left to think about how to confront Collin. Not only did she go out twice as Masturbatra without telling him, but also now she had told a friend before telling him. The caring mom scolded herself for digging herself a deeper hole. She wondered how she could go downstairs to play with him and act as if everything was normal.


Meanwhile, in a nearby neighborhood, Frank pumped his fist in celebration. He was delivering to his favorite house, which he figured would help ease the pain of letting the “handjob fairy” slip through his fingers.

His celebration was interrupted by a text message from a blocked, but familiar, number. He sobered up as he opened the text. “You better have a bigger yield today. You were light the last couple days. I hope for your own sake you aren’t jerking around out there. – Rx”

Frank shuddered to think of what would happen to him if he didn’t deliver more product to the dumpster that day.


Collin and Sean were talking about a basketball game last night as an exhausted Lenny bumbled down the stairs. He was still panting and his face was glistening.

“What the fuck happened to you?” Collin jabbed. “You look like you just outran a bear.”

“Yeah, how much trouble did you get into?” Sean added.

Lenny controlled his breath. He thought of how to explain what happened without revealing Lisa’s secret. “She wasn’t very happy about me wanting to change the direction of her character.”

“Wait, what’s on your shirt?!” Collin interjected. He squinted at the liquid spritzed all over Lenny’s light blue t-shirt. “Is that cum?!”

Trying to explain the mess, Lenny continued, “Yeah, as I said, she was not happy.”

Sean laughed at the bittersweet result of Mrs. Carter’s handjob. But Collin sunk back into his chair. He wasn’t sure how he felt about his mom jerking off one of his friends without him being there or knowing she was going to do it. He had a slight insecurity that his mom just considered him to be another play partner and not something more.

Just then, Lisa opened the door and came down into the basement. She saw Sean and Collin with their pants on. “Hmm. I told Lenny to tell you two to be ready.”

Once again, Sean pointed out Lenny’s screw-up. Lisa said it was okay and that she’d wait until they were ready. Most of Lisa’s talking was directed towards Sean. It was hard for her to look at Collin. It was likely due to her guilt, but Lisa sensed some tension with her son.

Regardless of his insecurities, Collin pulled his pants down and began masturbating to the beautiful woman in front of him. Lisa worked on Sean first, trying not to make eye contact with Collin for the time being.

While masturbating her son’s friend, Lisa realized that if she were going to be Masturbatra in real ataköy escort life, she actually needed to take the handjobs in the basement a little more seriously. Reflecting on her experience with Frank, the deliveryman, she was unable to get him to give her all the information from a handjob alone. I actually need to train a little.

Sean, Lenny, and Collin watched with curiosity as the hot mom switched to using her left hand. She remembered Collin’s rather attractive British soccer coach from Middle School say, “A player that can only use his dominant foot is half a player.” Lisa didn’t want to be half the masturbator she could be.

“Uh, Mrs. Carter,” Sean voiced with a tone of skepticism, “why are you using your left hand?”

Lisa knew she was less capable with it, and it felt weird using it for her, too. Not wanting the prodding to go any deeper, Lisa replied, “Sean, you have 38-year-old woman down on her knees, stroking your cock for fun- you need to learn when to not ask questions and just enjoy what’s happening.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

After Lisa aimed Sean’s cock so that he came all over his shirt, too, she stood up and knew it was time to face Collin for the first time since she put on the Masturbatra costume.

Lisa tried to smile naturally when she knelt down in front of him. He smiled back, but his came across as forced as well. With his two friends talking off to the side, Collin said lowly to his mom, “So I saw you gave Lenny quite a handjob upstairs.”

The loving mother could tell it was an awkward situation for her son. She knew he was probably feeling a little less special, which compounded her concerns about telling him the Masturbatra secret. Wanting to make him feel better while also not lying, Lisa explained incompletely, “When I was up there with Lenny he was at a point where he either had to finish or he would have been in a lot of pain for a period of time. Believe me, I wish you were there to see it. I always want you there when I’m doing something sexy.”

Collin knew it was not a complete answer, because his mom didn’t explain how Lenny got to that point. But he could sense in his mom’s voice that she was sincere about wanting him to be there. The young ripped son grinned at his mom. “Are you going to go lefty on me, too?”

His mom laughed. “Dealer’s choice. I think I can get you off with my left, though.”

“What the hell, I’ll try it out,” said Collin, in a visibly better mood that helped put Lisa at ease.

During the experimental, but enjoyable handjob, Collin could see there was still something in his mom’s demeanor that seemed off. But he was okay with ignoring it for the time being, and he slipped his hand under his mom’s bra.

“Ahhh, God, I can’t believe I went a full day without that feeling,” she cooed in response to his fingers pinching her nipples.

The non-dominant handjob was going better with Collin than it was with Sean, but after examining her son’s heavy balls and long shaft, Lisa knew she’d need a bit more firepower. “How about I just finish you off with my mouth?” She asked with a sense of defeat.

Seeing that she was assuming he’d say yes, Collin tried to throw her off, “I don’t know. I think you should keep going with your left hand. You don’t want to be a quitter.”

Lisa rolled her eyes, and sarcastically laughed at her son’s toying. She then opened her mouth into a perfect O with her shiny pink lips, and then went down towards his crotch.

Before she took her son in her mouth, Lisa looked back up at him and reminded with a wink, “Son, the only quitters are spitters.”

Collin moaned as his mom sensually made love to his penis with her mouth. He grabbed her brown hair and made a ponytail of it with his hand. He used his other hand to guide her head, as if she needed it.

There was still something suspicious surrounding what happened upstairs with Lenny, but with how his mom was sucking his cock, it was hard for him to believe he wasn’t the most important man in the world to her.

Lisa was like an artist, and she wanted to use her mouth to put to bed any doubts of her feelings towards him. She closed her eyes for a moment to just focus on her mechanics. I wish I had an audio recording of my mouth sucking his dick… I’d get wet just from hearing it ha-ha.

It made Collin even happier to see how much his mom was enjoying it. But like all good things, it had to come to an end. Lisa could tell by the way his testicles were moving against her chin and by the way his hands were gripping her breasts that he was about to explode.

Collin groaned. “Oh, fuck, Mom!”

Lisa pulled her mouth back so it was just massaging the sensitive tip. She used her right hand to lightly squeeze his testes while using her left to jerk. She looked up into his eyes. “That’s right, baby, fill your mommy’s mouth with your cum.”

Her son’s eyes squinted, and Lisa took her mouth off his mushroom tip and left it open just an inch away. She stopped squeezing his testicles to let them move on their own accord.

Lisa pumped her son four more times before the first rope of thick splooge shot out into her mouth. She pumped him furiously. Collin’s pupils were dilated as his nuts were drained. “Uhhhh,” Lisa moaned aloud to let her son know she was enjoying the aftermath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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