Mature Affair Ch. 02

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The morning after we first met, Dylan and I showered together and then talked for a long time over coffee, I in my robe and Dylan, not having a robe, in his shorts and shirt. I asked him how an old woman like me had caught his attention. “You’re not old, and there was just something in your eyes that I had to get behind,” he had said. “You have a sexy attitude, and your curves drive me nuts.” He reached under my robe and squeezed my breasts, first one, then the other. “What made you receptive?”

“Dylan,” I answered, “I haven’t had a night like this in a long time. I don’t really see men very much these days. Men my age want to go out with women younger than you, and the men who do want to take me out, well, either they’re seventy-five, creepy, or both. You made me feel safe and wanted, and I so enjoyed having a hairy fellow next to me in bed.”

“You like that I’m hairy?” he asked. I nodded my head. Dylan is quite a hairy man. He has thick dark hair on his chest and his legs. His butt is hairy and the bush around his cock is spectacular. I understand that, nowadays, many men as well as women shave themselves bare between their legs. Something to do, I gather, with the notion, not entirely true, that no one likes pubic hair in their mouths, and the men, in particular, seem to think lack of hair there makes their penises look larger. I, however, love it when a man is hairy. I came of age in a day when being hairy was desirable, even avant-garde, and some men went so far, pathetically, as to purchase chest hair wigs. As for myself these days, I didn’t shave my pussy, but I did keep it trimmed short and neat, in a style I liked to think of as feminine but not prepubescent.

“I like pubic hair,” Dylan continued. I like it on me, and I like it on others, too. I even like saying it. ‘Pubic hair!'” He reached beneath my robe again, lower this time, and held my mound. “You should let this grow out.”

I nodded. “Perhaps I will. For you.”

Dylan smiled. “Your underarms, too.”

“We’ll see,” I countered. “But I’m not growing hairy legs!”

“Wouldn’t think of asking!” he replied.

“If I let it get bushy down there, would you still, you know, want to go down?”

“You bet I would! I love the feel all over my face and I love the scent. You’ll know how much I like it when you feel my tongue all over your hairy triangle.”

“Mmm hmm,” I murmured, moving in for a deep kiss. Dylan squeezed me tightly, and I slipped a hand inside his shorts and gently held his balls.

We spent the day together, and then that night, doing everything with each other, all over again. By the time Dylan finally left the following day, we had become very comfortable with who and what we were together. I settled down and did some grocery shopping, and curled up with a book that evening. Starting the next morning, I no longer trimmed my pussy hair or shaved under my arms. When Dylan called on Wednesday to invite me over for dinner, I felt giddy and packed myself an overnight bag.

In the weeks and months that followed, we were together often, usually several times a week. We acted like Ankara escort young lovers, exploring our erotic desires in all kinds of ways. We tried different positions. We found places to make love outside, in the dark, and eventually in the light.

Dylan made love to my increasingly hairy vagina and armpits with his face, his mouth and his tongue as well as his cock. He clearly was enamored with my fur. And I sucked his penis. I sucked it when it was hard, sometimes letting him go off in my mouth, other times begging him to enter my pussy or my anus, taking his come in all of my holes. I sucked it when it was soft, bringing it to a proud erection. I sucked it when it was limp and spent, just to feel it in my mouth. I licked his balls, taking them in my mouth one at a time and teasing the hairs on his scrotum. Once, when I was behind him, playing with his bottom, I touched the tip of my tongue to his puckered asshole. He jumped as if hit with an electric shock. But then he backed up to my face and begged me to do it some more. And the next time his mouth was in my crotch, he turned me over and did it to me, and I loved it.

I purchased a strap-on dildo and gently opened his rectum, reaching around to grip his hard dick as I gave it to him in the ass. Then he made me finger myself as he returned the favor, sliding his cock into my butt. And, in between it all, there was lots and lots of good old penis-in-the-vagina intercourse.

Late one hot summer afternoon, we took a drive out in the country to a lake. Dylan parked the car at the end of the gravel road, and we hiked along the shoreline maybe a mile or more, until we found a bank that was totally secluded. There were no people anywhere around, no roads, no paths, no houses nearby and a meadow with tall grass reaching all the way back to the forest, maybe a quarter of a mile. There was no reason at all why anyone would come along this way. We spread out a blanket, stripped down to our bathing suits underneath and sat down to enjoy a light supper of bread, cheese and wine. Afterward, we lay down in the setting sun and relaxed in the warmth. Dylan leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips. It went on for a long time. The sun danced across the water, and I felt the warmth growing inside me.

Dylan stood up, unfastened his trunks and announced, “I’m going skinny dipping. Want to come?” Yes, I wanted to come. I got up and began slipping off my maillot as Dylan dropped his swimsuit to the ground, freeing his partially erect penis. The receding sunlight splashed across his pubic bush, highlighting the occasional red hairs among the dark brown thicket. I tossed my suit to the side, and, naked, we held hands and ran into the lake like teenagers.

In the water, we floated on our backs, held each other from front and back, and gently, shyly, touched each other’s genitals below the surface. We kissed some more, deeply, pausing to come up and breathe when our heads went under the water. Our tongues met, intertwined, and explored each other’s mouths. Dylan floated around behind me and reached around, holding me by the breasts and wrapping Ankara escort bayan his legs around my waist. He wriggled around and rubbed his hard cock against my back.

After a bit, we waded ashore and I lay down on the blanket on my back, with my hands behind my head. Dylan lay down beside me, and ran his tongue over my hairy armpit. This felt good, and I let him know it. He kept it up as his hand slid down to my mound, and, very gently, he began sliding his fingers up and down my outer lips, running through my pussy hair. It was becoming dusk and the shadows were long as, slowly, almost imperceptibly, my breathing began to grow harder. Dylan slipped a finger just barely in between and felt the wetness. Bringing moisture up to the top of my slit, he lubricated my clitoris and began circling it, with increasing pressure. My breathing became louder, and I moaned softly a couple of times.

As my arousal became more obvious, Dylan pressed harder around my button, and slowed the circling down to a crawl. I started squirming around, eager for him to complete each finger-circle of my clit, and having to wait for it longer with each revolution. Finally, when I was ready to explode, he was barely moving it at all, millimeters at a time, working me toward the edge with tiny, tiny baby steps. Finally, all at once, I went over the top, convulsed, squirted in Dylan’s hand, and lost all control. It went on for, oh, I don’t know how long, and before I got all the way back down, he climbed on top of me, sank his erection deep inside me, and pumped me to another big one right away. When that one ended, he kept going, and a few minutes later let go his load deep in my pussy as he brought me off once more, much littler this time but coinciding with his own big squirt.

After resting for a bit, we stood up, and I held Dylan’s penis in my hand as he peed against a tree. As the sun finally set and the sky turned red, we walked back into the lake to rinse off before dressing and leaving for home.

Another time, when we were lying naked and spent in Dylan’s bed, I asked him if he had ever had sex with a man. He surprised me when he answered, “Yes, I have.” Then he asked me, “What about you? Ever done it with a woman?”

“In college, I had a girlfriend once, for a semester,” I told him. “We slept together in her dorm room. We licked each other’s pussy and slept holding each other. Then she got a boyfriend, then I did, and it was over just like that. Sometimes I miss it. Ever had a threesome?”

“Just once,” Dylan replied.

“Two women or two men?”

“Two men. Me, my wife, and my – our – best friend, whose wife had just walked out on him. We all were young. It was their first anniversary and they were supposed to go away for the weekend. When he got home from work on Friday evening, she had moved out, with all her stuff, and gone back to mommy and daddy. We invited him over for dinner about a week later. We got to talking, and we got to drinking, then my wife asked him if he’d like to spend the night. Shocked the hell out of me, and I don’t think he realized at first that she was Escort Ankara inviting him to share our bed. She’d never suggested anything like that before, even just between us, but she had this warm and caring feeling about him. He was hurting, bad, and she felt he needed some tenderness. At first, the plan was that he and I were just going to take turns with her. Then things got kind of tangled up, and the next thing I knew, his hand was on my cock as I was eating pussy, and then his cock landed in my mouth, then he sucked on my balls, and we ended making an A-frame, with him and me holding hands over my wife, on her hands and knees, and my dick in her pussy from behind, while his was down her throat.”

“I think I would like that,” I said.

“You mean with another man, or another woman?”

“Either way, I think. I’d love to have two cocks to play with, and that A-frame thing sounds delicious. But I’d also like to let you watch me going down on another woman and licking her vagina. And then have her suck your cock before she watches you slide it into me.”

So, lying in bed, the morning after the gala, I asked Dylan if we should invite Young Lady Two, whose real name we had learned was April, for an intimate session. “But you suggested I leave those women alone,” he responded. “Now you want to bring her into bed? I’ll feel pretty silly when she looks at me and asks where it all went!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything. I guarantee your precious penis pride will remain intact.”

“How will you manage that?” he asked.

“I’ll take her aside at the beginning and tell her that you have a big dick, but maybe not as big as I led her to believe at the party, and if she wants to call it off, it’s okay. She won’t. I’ll tell her I was just bragging and you didn’t know anything about it.”

I rested my hand on Dylan’s penis and leaned in to nibble on his nipple. He started to grow and, when he was hard, I climbed astride him, slipped my pussy lips over his cock and began a slow, grinding fuck. It went on for a long time before he let go, deep inside, as my vagina gripped his shaft.

Afterward, as we looked into each other’s eyes, Dylan asked me, “Margo, do you think we’re in love?”

“I don’t know,” I replied. “It feels a lot like it. It’s more than just the sex. I love spending time with you, even when we’re not fucking. I love when we sit and talk, or just watch TV together without even talking. I love when you reach over and pat me on the bottom. But, and don’t take this the wrong way, I don’t want us to live together. I don’t want one of us to have to take care of the other’s affairs if they die. I don’t want to get in the way of your kids getting what’s yours at the end, or for you to get in the way of mine.” Dylan nodded agreement. “Mainly,” I went on, “I’m very satisfied with the way things are now. I don’t want to change a thing. I think we’re as in love as a couple of old folks, set in our ways, can be.”

Dylan gave me a big kiss, with lots of tongue, and rolled over on his back. “That sounds very good to me,” he said, as I reached down to take his hand and lay it over my wet, hairy pussy. His finger found my button and he began tracing gentle circles around it. My breathing grew harder as he picked up the pace, and kept it going until I shrieked and let go with a very wet climax.

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