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I have read many stories and now I am addicted to this site. This is a true story about the extras of my wonderful and productive sex life. After my marriage at 24, my wife and me used to live in a dharmashala. This place had a square open compound in the center with rooms on all four sides. We stayed on the first floor. A sexy Sindhi woman Maya used to stay opposite our room on the ground floor. Maya was a married woman in her mid 30’s, Very fare, and pink skinned babe with a body fully ripe at her age. She had one of those bodies that you dreamt, you could just fuck and fuck, without getting bored. She was very good looking. What attracted her to me was her big pair of titties with a nice round ass to die for. She had lovely lips.

When she walked, the way her ass swayed she could have given a dead man a full erection. Someone once joked ‘ the Lord gave Sindhi women such large breasts that they can lift them onto their shoulders to scrub below during a bath.’ Maya had been married to Ashok for more than ten years and was still issue less. You could read hope in her face, whenever she looked at small children in the building compound. As far as my wife was concerned she became pregnant shortly after our marriage. During the day when I was out on work, my wife and Maya would meet and talk. Maya was a very good cook and spent a lot of time teaching my wife to cook and gossip. When I came back from work, my wife would start the discussion on Maya and her childless life. I started fantasizing giving Maya my seed and producing a number of Kids from her beautiful body.

Luck finally dawned when my wife was sent to her parents for her first delivery. Maya took over the task of cleaning and keeping our room spick and span. I would leave the keys of our room with her and on return find my things back in place. I never missed my wife in respect of anything except sex. Maya would even cook a meal for me on Sundays. When alone I would always dream and fantasize some way in which she would allow me to touch her beautiful body and let me screw her.

This day arrived on one Sunday afternoon when she was making Roti’s in our kitchen. She had worn a low-neck light yellow colored gown with nothing but her bra and panties under. I could clearly see the body figure through the thin fabric. Her smile while working prompted me into asking why she was not interested in having children. Her expression changed to a sulk and with a tear in her eye she replied by saying that her husband was old and wasn’t very good at sex any way and that they hardly ever had güvenilir bahis sex anymore. I told her that I found that hard to believe, as she was so beautiful. She just smiled. Whilst we were talking I couldn’t help but keep looking at Maya’s rising breasts under her thin gown. I could feel her body heat even at a distance of two feet. Her nipples had gone hard whilst we were talking and were showing through. She noticed me looking but didn’t mind me looking, infact she was quite enjoying toying with me I think. Suddenly, she just let the roti belan (wooden pin) fall to the ground and both of us bent over to retrieve it. We crashed into each other with our heads and the pain made us sink on to the floor. She was in heavy pain so I touched her head and kept my fingers pressed at the point of hit. She too offered to press the swelling above my forehead. I got a good peek into her gown and saw her off white breasts jutting out of her deep valley. She touched her right breast and said ‘ oh ma’ ye bhe dukhte hay’. I looked at her in disbelief but she smiled seductively and moving closer grabbed my hand and placed it on her right breast. I gave it a squeeze. Oho Boy, this is GOOOooooD.

Encouraged by her clear green signal, I placed both my hands on her breasts also and began to fondle them. My wife’s breasts are soft and small compared to these tough melons. I looked into her eyes and saw an eagerness to give tender pleasure. She was smiling and covered my hands with hers pressing her tits. Both Maya and I were getting excited. My heart was racing away and my nape was hot. I pressed against her and stared to kiss her passionately. Our tongues were flicking softly in each other’s mouths. She tasted so well. My right hand moved down her back onto her nice big ass and pulled her onto to my crotch. I held her to me and could feel her swollen nipple with my left hand under her gown and bra, and with her in my lap rubbed between her legs firmly as I kissed her neck. She was getting very aroused and I could tell that she loved the idea of doing this with a younger man. Her husband was above 45 years old. We carried on like this for a while, enjoying the feel that man and woman are made for. I was in no hurry and so was her case as her husband was employed at a garment shop that had no holidays. ‘Sunnyji, aap great ho, aaj jo bhe ho raha hai mai useke bahut sapne dekh chuki hu’. ‘Bohat dino se intazar tha is din ka, Please mujhe pyar karo!’. I smiled at her and went on enjoying her body feel. We then got up, shifted to the bed and as I sat down on the bed. türkçe bahis My dick was hard, now seeing the mountain in my shorts she climbed the bed, standing, she pulled off my T-shirt in one motion and lifted her gown up to her thighs and facing me sat onto my lap. I kissed her sliding my tongue deep in her mouth and sucking her lower lips. Her breasts were pressed into my chest as she sat on my lap pressing her pussy to my hard rod and kissing me and sucking my tongue, I pulled her to me hard and her breasts were crushed to my chest she was moaning, SUNNY! UMMMM AHHH, moving her pussy to my hard dick I put my hands into her gown and felt her plump buttocks and smooth back. Moving my hands all around her back I released the clip of her ‘bra’. She was holding my head in both hands and pressing it to her mouth kissing me hard. Maya’s lips were so succulent that you could suck them for hours together and her mouth smelled well and tasted better. I moved my hands to her breasts slowly pressing them twitching the hard nipples slowly, she arched back and pressed my mouth to her breasts I kissed her tits from above the gown and bit them slightly she let out a gasp, AHHESS, SSSSSSSSS. I then lifted her gown and it came off her along with the earlier opened white bra, she was bare chested now, wow what a sight it was, her breasts were hard and tight.

She had just cleaned her armpits that day. I smelt and licked them. The smell and salty taste was very sexy. Her tummy was beautiful with the sexiest navel I have seen. I put her left nipple in my mouth and sucked it moving my tongue in circles over it pinching the other, she screamed, HAA! SSSSSS CHOSOOOOONAH HMMMMMMM, then she sat in front off me and slid off my shorts and undies and my dick sprang out in full hardness, all 6 inches of it, stood straight like a pole she started to lick it, licking the tip first, I said ‘Cocoa bar?’, pressing her to my dick she slowly slid it in her mouth ,her mouth was hot and she went on moving it in out in out ,wow it felt nice, and moving my hands in her hair and I came hot in her mouth. It was my first time in a mouth. My wife disapproves of oral sex. Maya was licking my cum off my rod and I lifted her and put her on the bed and kissed her and took off her white panty, she was wet there a very clean pussy no hairs and the lips were pinky pink, I kissed her thighs and slowly went for her pussy kissing it and opened it and started to lick it sliding my tongue in her slit licking off her cum she was screaming,’ OO maaa OH HAAAA’, trashing in the bed ‘SSSSS’,I was licking güvenilir bahis siteleri off her cum and she was cumming Cumming, she opened her legs wider and I put in my tongue deeper in to her pussy slowly fucking her with my tongue biting her clitoris with my lips she pressed my head to her pussy and said,’YE HAI JINDAGI kA SUKH’, after some time she pulled me up to her and kissed me hard on the lips my rod was pressing to her soft pussy trying to go in, her chest pressed to mine, she opened her legs wide and held my rod in front of her pussy lips and I pushed my hard rod in her soft pussy she held me tightly and said tenderly, ‘I Love You Sunny’, kissing me hard ,screaming in pleasure, I was moving in her first slowly then faster going in fast and coming out slowly ,she bit her lips and held the bed post and was arching her hips to my thrusts, I started to fuck her hard now fucking her to glory like never before ,going in out in out in out, I held her legs wide and was fucking her harder she was screaming , YES YES, YES, she was moving her head side to side biting her lips as she erupted again and again, Then she wanted to ride me so she came above me put my rod in her pussy and started to move my rod in her pussy going up down up down enjoying herself arching her back and fucking me , SSSS YESSSSSSS SANI Sunny I Love You’ I was pressing her breasts as they were bouncing on her chest holding her hourglass shaped hips then I was moving her in me in, out, in, out, when she said , ‘YES YES I AM CUMMING SUNNY’ I too let out and we both came at the same time, my rod spurting hot juices in her pussy mixing with her hot cum, it was feeling I will cherish for the rest of my life. Then she fell on me and we relaxed, my rod getting limp in her pussy and she looked at me and said, ‘ Maai aaj pahili bar leak hui hu’, and kissed me and lay on me for some time I also hugged her. I told her she was very sexy and always fantasized having her, now its come true. She smiled and said ‘BHAGWAN KARE AAP kA BACCHA MERE ANDAR SE PAIDA HO’. ‘MAAI BAHUT SALLO SAE ‘BAANJ’ kA NAM SUNKE THAK GAI HU’.

We were together for the full evening and I fucked her two more times and with my tool soaking inside her we fell asleep. Later, at about 9.00 PM she woke me and we kissed again. We fucked each other many times after that day. I think I was in love with her. My wife was no comparison to Maya. Maya produced a baby girl within a year. We named her ‘Milan’. Her husband Ashok who knew about his shortcomings, was happy to see a kid at home. Although we moved to another house, I have continued to meet Maya over the years and we have together been successful in bringing Two more children into the family, one boy and one more girl. My wife produced Two kids too, but the second one was created when I was mentally screwing Maya.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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