Me, my friend and his younger brother and sister part 1

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right my names daniel and this is the story about how me my friend jacob had a very good time with his brother joseph and his sister holly.
Well it started when i was at jacobs house 1 day. However jacob wasnt home at that point at time but his kid sister and brother were. Holly his very cute 13 year old sister, was great looking, she was 5’4ft,small budding tits and a cute preteen ass and brown hair. his brother jack was 11 and small for his age, he was very skinny with blonde hair.
Anyway i walked into the house and walked into their living room were their computer was kept and i saw a porn website on the screen, with lots of threesomes and lesbian groupings. holly then walked in and realized i had noticed.
“shit i forgot to close please dont tell anyone espically jose and jacob”
“its ok i wont what are you watching anyway?”
“i have always been interested in threesome and the idea of double penetration. you want to watch with me?” she said shooting a very mischievous grin while doing so.
so we sat down adn she started playing a clip of two girl sucking on a guys cock. you could see holy was enjoying it her tiny preteen nipples poking through her shirt. however she wasnt the only 1, my 7 inch cock was straining against my boxers.
“is this getting yout horny?” she asked again shooting me that mischievous grin
“yeah i have a real big erection at the mooment i can see i’m not the only 1 who’s turned on”
“yeah just sitting here and watching porn with another person, gets me really excited”
“really? can i aask you a question?”
” yeah sure”
“do you masturbate?”
“yeah every day”
just at this moment little jose bursts into the room.
“haha i knew you touched yourself i’m telling” he shouted, holly now on the brink of tears knowing she was going to get into troublem”
“hang on a minute jose i’m sure theres no need to start spreading this around.”
“yeah there is she is always teasing me and jacob around the house, wearing tight güvenilir bahis little short shorts and tight tops”
“well why would you get her into trouble maybe she could persude you not to tell”
” what do you mean?” they both ask in unision
“well holly you want to experience a threesome and double penetration and jose you obviously want to have sex with your sister”
” yeah thats a great idea” says jose ethusiasticaly
“well holly what do you think?”
“yeah…ok lets do it i’m so horny right now i’m up for anything”
So with that we got up and headed upstairs and went into hollys room.
“Where should we begin?” asked holly
” well lets all strip naked that would be a start”
with that holly and jose began to take off their clothes and within a few minutes both preteens stood there naked in front of me. jose was like i said small and skinny and his tiny erect penis was only about 3 inches long. however holly was incredibly to look at with her tiny preteen nubs, roughly about A cups maybe a small B cup but her niipples were brilliant really long compared to her tits, she had nice toned legs from playing hockey at school and a small tight teen ass, over all she looked grat naked.
Any way then i stripped down revealing my throbbing 7 inch cock both jose and holly were amazed by it. then the fun started holly slowly leaned in and took the head of the cock into her mouth. her mouth was lovely and warm and her tounge slowly circled my head. in the mean time she had taken joses cock into her hand and was jacking him off with vigour. then she swapped taking me into her hand and it felt just as good.
however i felt that holly was getting left out so i lowered my hand and started to gently explore her virgin, 13 year old pussy. she was so tight, inside her pussy was so wet and warm. i decided it was time to take our little session a step further. i positioned holly on her knees and told her i was going to take her virginity and that it may hurt. i then slowly türkçe bahis entered her gently slipping in my cock into pussy. she let at a soft moan, she was soo tight it was incredible, i then pushed further and hit her hymen and she let out a gasp. i told her that this next push was going to to hurt alot and to brace herself. i then pulled out and finally pushed all the way in.
she let out a huge gasp i slowly started to pump, hollys breath now becoming heavy. meanwhile jose come in front of hannah and stuck his cock into hollys mouth and started to give him a blowjob. jose was in heaven in hollys mouth. just like i was in her pussy. then i started to get that bubbling feeling in my balls and i could see that jose was aswell. hollys breathing was now rapid and she was moaning loudly.
then just like that we all orgasmed, i shot a torrent of cum into her virgin snatch and jack unloaded his little nut sack down her throat.
we all collapsed on the bed all exhausted from our little sex session. then i saw something that gave me an instant hard on. jose bend down to hollys pussy and starting licking her clean, and taking all my cum into his mouth. I was so turned on that i thought it was jose turn to get penetrated. so i bend him over and started to lick his asshole and slowly slipped my middle finger into his virgin ass. jose let out a small moan and loaoked back to see what i was doing.
“its ok just keep licking your sisters pussy and enjoy this”
with that i took my now rehrdened cock and placed it at the entrance of jose asshole i slowly pushed not wanting to hurt him and his anus slowly started to relax. within a few minutes all of my cock was inside of him, i then started to pump into him, it felt great not as good as hollys pussy but just as tight, it felt great.
i started to pump faster holly now moaning from joses probing tounge. i felt the sensation in my balls again and started pumping faster and faster, jose moaning and jacking himself off at the same güvenilir bahis siteleri time.
finally is exploded filling joses ass with cum. he then exploded covering hannahs tits and belly in cum. now with the sensation of jose cum on her body hannah came releasing her hot feminine juices onto joses face.
i then turned jose around and proceeded to suck his cock clean, while holly stuck her tounge in joses ass and cleaned him out, we continued like this until jose was hard again. then we decided it was time that holly got her wish of double pentration. so i lifted holly up and sat her on my cock, i went in alot easier this time and she still felt great, jose then sat down on the bed and started to lick and finger hollys asshole, holly now moaning from the stimulation both of her holes were recieving. finally it was time and i lowered hollys ass down and jose inserted his 3 inch penis into hollys virgin ass. after she was settled we both began to pump in and out in time causing holly to scream with pleasure.
All three of us were beginning to sweat and the heat of our bodies and the constant breathing and panting was too much and jose shot his load deep into hollys anus, that was all holly could take and with one final healistic scream she collasped from her orgasm. i however had still not come so i ordered jose to come round behind me and fuck me in the ass while his sister sucked me off. althought joses cock was by no means huge it felt good in my ass and that combined with hollys warm wet mouth was all i need and shot 6 large streams of cum down the back of her throat.
finally all 3 of us collasped onto the bed exhausted and spent, we then decided we better get up and go for a shower and get dressed before anyone got home. however just at that moment we heard the door open and boy did the people standing in the doorway look surprised.

im open to comment and suggestions, however i have already planned who the people are going to be but im open to suggestions to what should happen in the next chapter more gay, anal, double penetration? you help me decide.
please leave comments and rate this story and i will write more.

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