Me or Mom Ultimatum

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The sun shone weakly as it prepared to set when oil exploration geologist Ted Murphy arrived home from his final foreign contract. He’d soon start work as a lecturer at his old university.

As the train began moving off, the lone figure on the sole platform of the rail station of the nondescript town waved and he waved back at his sister Jenna.

The kid stayed where she was, and that puzzled Ted.

Usually she’d come running, as fast as most teens her age. She’d leap into his arms and excitedly smother him in kisses and yell to be kissed.

Ted strode toward her with a backpack and a carry bag. All of his other possessions had been freight-forwarded to the university. As he closed in, the first thing he noticed was the blonde hair of the eighteen-year old. It was now cut short and appeared curly. She had filled out and then he really focused on a pair of great looking tits.

Oh my. His little sister he’d not seen for three years was all grown up.

She said hi and made no effort to re-connect physically. So he dropped his bag and, scooping behind her knees, picked her up and kissed her.

“Put me down,” she commanded but was ignored.

Ted asked, “Are you still sore at catching me with my hand up mom’s dress?”

“Well a little I guess. It really shocked me at the time.”

“Your mom was horny. Don’t you ever get horny?”

Jenna looked away and said yes of course.

He grinned and placed her back on her feet and continued to hold her waist. He said they had a sexy mom. For some years Carol had got him to rub her off when everything began to get out of control for her, that it just wasn’t as intense when she did it.

He eyed his sister. “You know she’s eleven years younger than dad? I would make her wet, that’s all. I’ve never fucked her if that’s what had you worried.”

She said it wasn’t natural but she sounded less than convincing.

He joked, “Ah you’re jealous” and she turned away again, making it impossible to read her expression. So he played big brother and said, “I suggest you carve through some of society’s stupid social rules and you’d be surprised how little about human behavior is not natural.”

She snorted and said rules and mores were necessary for a smoothly running society where respect for each other and other people’s property allowed society to function in an orderly manner.

He mocked, “Oh you’ve been receiving an education since I last saw you?”

At last she smiled and she apologized for having misjudged him because she hadn’t possessed the information to make a valid judgment.

“Thanks for that Jenna but please understand what I was doing was and should remain a confidential matter between our mother and me.”

“I can accept that,” she smiled. “Mom also asks me to keep some things confidential. Here let me kiss you properly.”

The kiss was slow and sweet.

“Are you still a virgin?”

She snorted “Ted” and pulled away and sighed and said no.

“Were those encounters enjoyable?”

Grimacing she said no and waited for the embarrassing comment to arrive. But she was caught flat-footed because all he said was shall they go and picked up his bag and had taken a couple of steps before she cried to wait for her.

“I was waiting for you to ask did I think it was my fault sex was usually unrewarding, or that if I wanted a decent experience I should try you.”

“Jenna,” he said, pretending to be shocked.

She turned pink and flustered, “Why are you keeping me off-balance like this?”

Looking innocent he asked, “What do you mean?”

She frowned and said she’d explained herself sufficiently.

Smiling and eyeing her breasts, he said in the three years since they’d last been together she’d changed to become a young woman. “You’ll be nineteen in three weeks.”

Miss Pink Face looked surprised and asked did he know and remember everything.

“Only things that are important to me.”

“Meaning that…?”

She hesitated,

He said, “Not only are you family Jenna but you are my only sibling.”

She nodded. “Dad has never really been fond of me like he was of you and in mid-teen years mom and were somewhat off each other.”

He reached out and she took his hand and came right up beside him.

He blew into her hair and she laughed and relaxed to look at him almost coquettishly and listened attentively as big brother, nine years her senior, said, “Some of those years from when you were thirteen would have been difficult years for mom and now she’ll see you as a competitor. We both know just how competitive she can be and she’ll know her beauty is fading and her figure has lost its elegance. In reality any tension between you two probably won’t really ease till your become pregnant.”

“Why’s that?”

“You wait till when you’re told you are to be a grandmother. That will force you to act your age. In mom’s case he’ll see you as a deliverer of grandchildren and forget that crap about your being a competitor.”

“Are you sure about this?”

“No but I read a lot and it sure sounds like good theory to me.”

“God avrupa yakası escort you are impossible,” she giggled and crooked her arm into his and squeezed affectionately. “You are still a fucking tease. The truth is what you said about me and mom being competitors is way off beam.”

He looked shocked and said her name sharply.


“Your use of the F-word has shattered my belief that you’d become a young lady.”

She smiled and that switched to a frown.

“Mom and dad apologize for not being here. They’ve gone to the funeral of the woman who was mom’s chief bridesmaid.”

“Sara Bennett.”

“God why is it you remember her?”

“Until she and her family moved from here when you were about nine she and mom were practically inseparable. Sara’s older daughter is called Gwyneth after mom and Sara was the only person mom ever wrote to. All their lives those two wrote to each other every Sunday night. I remember we arriving home late from holidays on Sunday night and mom would immediately go off to write and the letter would be on the table next morning ready for dad to post on the way to work.”

“Omigod you have a sensitive side to you.”

“Yeah well you’ll learn sooner or latter even the most nondescript people can surprise you. When’s the funeral?” he asked as they reached their mom’s fully restored dark blue 1973 Triumph GT6 Mk3.

“Tomorrow at 1:00.”

“Right I’m going.”

“What in this old heap.”

He smiled and said if it got their mom the five miles to her office each workday then it would get him 450 miles to Ludlow.

“But why, Mrs Bennett is not a relative?”

“Yeah well mom would appreciate some support because dad is shallow emotionally so will just hang about, standing one pace behind her. But the real reason is Sara Bennett gave me a tricycle for my fourth birthday. It was blue and had a bell that dad disabled because I rang it incessantly. It had a metal plate over the back axle and I learned I could place one foot on that and operate my trike like a scooter.”

“Omigod. I know what happened. Being an only child at that stage, that gift removed the loneliness from your life.”

Her brother looked away and muttered he only came to appreciate that fact years later.

Tears in her eyes, Jenna said she would go with him.


“Because only now am I really learning who you are.”

He frowned and said she might be disappointed and she just smiled and gave him the keys and said she needed to go home and pack a few things including her black dress.

“Wear light blue.”


“No way was Sara Bennett a black depressive.”

“Very well. I have a mid-blue dress but it’s very short.”

“Then wear leggings.”

Ted and Jenna drove north until 10:00 when they stopped for a meal.

She ate lightly; he had a steak with all the trimmings.

“Are you driving there non-stop?”


“Why not stop here for the night,” she said. “This traveler’s hotel looks very comfortable.”

He frowned and said he always liked pushing on.

“I don’t see the point in this instance. We’ve made good progress so why arrive deprived of sleep?”


“So it’s just okay, no argument?”

Ted eyed her over his glass of red wine. “I’m bowing to superior logic. You are very beautiful.”

She flushed and cupped a breast and wobbled it and said she thought his entire focus was on her breasts.

“Oh I just glanced at them in passing.”

She giggled.

As they left the hotel restaurant she said, “Take a double room and save money.”

“Are you sure?”

“Go on.”

They entered the room and saw there was only a double bed rather than two single beds.

“I’ll get this changed.”

Jenna said, “No it’s fine. We are only here to sleep. Touch me and I’ll kick out your teeth.”

He grinned approvingly and said the Young Lady had developed some backbone.

“Undress me.”

Ted’s grin faded when he realized she appeared to mean that.


She flared. “Have you ever undressed mom?”

He looked away.

“I knew it. I knew there was something secretive between you two… your little smiles, those really something looks. I want the truth.”

“Yes I did but not in recent years.”

“How many times?”

“A few.”

She snorted. “I want the truth Edward Murphy. You appear to have a dazzling memory when it suits you.”

“I never counted and mom probably doesn’t know. Probably 200 times.”

Jenna sat on the bed in shock. “Two hundred times?”

“I really have no idea. It could have been 400 times. It began on the night of my nineteenth birthday when she arrived in my bedroom in her nightdress.”

“Omigod, mom initiated it?”

“Hell yes.”

“And she made you finger her?”

“Well actually she asked me to lick her.”

Jenna said calmly, “And then she licked you and then you fucked.”

“No not fucked. We’ve never went that far.”

“Jesus Ted, I bet you wished you had banged her?”

“Yes I often bağcılar escort did, especially in the beginning because being whacked off wasn’t enough. But on that first night when she hosed me over her tits mom made me promise I’d never push into her, not matter how hard she pleaded for it.”

“How much she pleaded? Omigod this is sounded like super-heated porn.”

“So you see it was a period in my life now behind me and the last couple of times I was home much to my relief mom showed no signs of wanting to pick up on our immoral ways again.”

“Is that why you haven’t married? You are afraid what the mother-in-law will ask you to do to her?”

“No at twenty-seven I feel I’m too young to marry. About thirty-two plus appears right in my mind.”

Jenna stood and said, “Undress me please.”

“No Jenna.”

She snorted, “I said undress me.”

They locked stares and when she said she wasn’t his mother, Ted looked away and swore.

“Coward. Scared of what you might find?”

Ted turned back and grinned at Jenna. “You see yourself as a hot number do you?”

She just looked at him and held up her arms.


Although knowing he’d do it and would go as far as Jenna required, Ted still sweated on this. It was akin to opening a new chapter in life he’d rather do without. Jenna was not yet twenty whereas his mom had been forty, a mature adult, when she started on him.

He’d found out later that was the time when his mom had found out his father was having it off with his personal assistant at the office. His parent’s relationship would later normalize but he knew something had been lost from it as a result of his father’s infidelity and, no doubt, because of his mother’s guilt that she’d carried on with him and found herself unable to stop. His mom had fallen in love with him because he’d returned emotion, Ted had been quite sure of that.

Even today he remembered clearly that first time with his mom and watching in disbelief when she squirted his juice over her tits and after scooping some of it into her mouth and smiled beautifully at him while she rubbed the stuff into her chest. He’d since had a number of women who’d rubbed his semen into their tits but none had ever matched the glowing delight he’d remembered his mom displaying.

Jenna was still immature. Becoming sexually engaged with her brother, at whatever level, might blight her in some way. There was a danger of that happening but perhaps she was just becoming competitive and focused like their mom. In just the few hours he’d reunited with his sister he’d seen flashes of aggression never evident before from her other than in tantrums. Suggesting to himself that perhaps she could benefit being rubbed up by her brother surely was feeble-ass thinking to justify to himself what he was about to do with her.

“Right Jenna I’ll undress you but only this once.”

“Of course. Why would I want repeats?”

Yeah right. Their mom used deceptive tactics like that.

Ted knew he had to knock any sense of romantic thinking out of her.

“I’ll only do it so I can get a good look at your tits.”

He waited for her to snort something like, ‘You guys are all the same’ but instead she surprised him when she looked at him calmly and said, “Liar.”

God she was tough. Where had the cry baby gone?

“Kiss me first.”

He kissed her sweetly.

“No like this.”

She kissed him passionately with wet lips. It must have been passionately because when she pulled away her tits were heaving. Gee there was quite a lot of tit there. Oh no, his dick was on the move.

“More kisses,” she purred and came into him for more.

He bent his ass out from her but in vain because she bent into him for wall-to-wall contact and when she felt his bulge on her lower stomach she waggled her groin over it and his undisciplined dick rose to the occasion.

Aw shit.

“You have a large one,” she cooed and had a hand on it.

“I’ll undress you,” Ted wheezed.

She countered and asked for more kisses. “My tits and pussy can wait for your adoration.”

“Pull your arms up,” he ordered and she obeyed and of course that only served to emphasis her tits.

Ted groaned.

“Getting sexy huh? Good boy.”

Ted decided to rip her clothes off and then grab a pillow and go to the bathroom and lock the door. If she wanted a pee she could go to public toilets. She’d had two glasses of red wine and obviously was out of control.

He jerked off her top and looked down in wonderment. Her skin was tanned and his little sister had a magnificent cleavage disappearing into her eggshell blue lace and satin bra.

Oh amazing. She’d be a great tit fuck.

His sister?

Oh… well yeah.

“Do you know how to undo a bra or have you managed to gain experience?” she cooed.

He completely forgot he’d decided to hive off.

“If I manage to get the bra off may I lick them?”

She smiled and said yes.

From experience he figured it was a two-clip bra and reached around her and pushed inwards bahçelievler escort and twisted and dragged it off her arms and tossed it away.

“Good heavens,” she gaped. “That’s much quicker than I can get it off.”

Behaving like a good girl she held up a medium c-sized breast for him to lick, smiling beautifully.

He circled the areola with his tongue and then wet-licked over the nipple and pulled away.

“Do it properly please,” she smiled still holding it out for him.

Ted had no reason to argue. He attacked.

His sister dropped the breast and then held that hand behind his head, either in encouragement or to stop him pulling away, or perhaps both.

Soon she was groaning.

He pulled away and she said thanks, that she was almost wetting her panties.

Jenna’s manly brother, no longer attempting to conceal the shape of his erection, dropped her skirt and Jenna stepped out of it and kicked off her shoes.

Ted knelt and she cooperated as he removed her ankle socks and said she had very shapely legs.

“I know that. Tell me what you think of my pussy.”

Ted stuck his thumbs in behind the tops of her high-cut panties.

“Are you sure?”

She didn’t reply. He looked up and saw the delicious overhanging orbs and swallowed and slowly pulled down the eggshell blue panties.

“The smell is quite inoffensive. I see no hair. Everything appears remarkably clear with no evidence of sexually transmittable disease. The slit doesn’t appear to be over-stretched from fisting or admission of over-sized objects such as a baseball bat. I give it a top pass mark.”

Jenna was giggling. “Jesus you’re a horrible man. Disease, fisting? What do you think I am?”

“A thoroughly modern young woman exposed to everything from lily-white romance to ugly extreme sex?”

“Well yes, you’re right about that. Now let me undress you.”

“Um I’m sporting an erection.”

“Yes and have done so for almost half an hour to my knowledge. I’m pleased to know I have that effect on you.”

Jenna calmly undressed her brother, chatting about his body and what he did to keep looking so fit. As soon as she worked him out of his jeans and briefs she held his erection and licked it wetly from its tip to his balls and back up again.

“That will do for the moment. I need a pee. Come and watch.”

Ted followed her dumbly. He couldn’t imagine anything more unsexy than watching a woman sit on a toilet and pee out of sight and possible fart as well.

But it didn’t happen like that. Jenna climbed into the far end of, turned and lifting a breast and sucking it spread her legs and bending back from the knees urinated in a streaming arch.

Ted’s erection went so stiff that he winced. Not sexy? Dumbo knew he didn’t need another opinion to tell him how wrong he was about that.

He helped her from the bath and she held on to him and asked, “Well?”

“Baby I guess because I didn’t walk into that cold and had a hard on, I thought that was really sexy.”

“My girlfriends and I have done that together and we thought it looked sexy.”

Ted’s hand automatically dropped on to his dick ready to stroke it but there was intervention.

“Come to bed and suck me off.”

“Okay but I’m not going…”

She eyed him once they were through the doorway.

“I never want you to enter me, not matter how hard I plead.”

He eyed her. “Does that include the butt?”

“God you are disgusting,” she said, pulling him to the bed.

That left Ted hanging. Was her comment a yes or a no?

Jenna sprawled on her back and opened her legs for him but Ted dragged her back by the ankles until her hipbones were at the edge of the bed and then held her legs out wide and remained stationary until Jenna realized what was required and grasped and held her own legs. He dropped to his knees and aimed his dripping tongue at his sister’s hairless cunt.

This was charting new territory. Would it be a single visitation or would there be many returns? Ted had no idea and he though neither would she. Well there would be no need to have him return because she would have access to other cunt lickers without fear of guilt or detection of incestuous behavior.

Ted recalled the twice he’d come perilously close to entering his mother. The first time he’d been behind her, dry humping when she’d cried out and creamed and in his excitement he’d almost slip into gaping and oozing pussy she’d been violently fingering. On the second occasion he’d looked down at her oozing pussy and thought fuck it, he’d slide in and to hell with the objections. But as he closed in the excitement because too much and he’d creamed over her pussy and thighs and she’d yelled what the hell was he doing.

Well they wouldn’t be the same excitement and temptation with an 18-year old’s infrequently reamed pussy.

The skin felt wonderfully soft against his jaw and at the bridge of his nose as Ted’s tongue worked open the slit between the swollen lips.

“Oh shit, that’s incredibly heavenly.”

He grinned at her mix of words. Shit seemed so much out of place, but then again who was being rational in this erotic, incestuous situation? His tongue sank in.

There was no off-putting odor that often was encountered until being sluiced away by the flow of sexual stimulated release of lubricant and possibly other fluids. Obviously his sister had high standards of personal hygiene.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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