Meeting a needy in Moray, Highland

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We had met via another dating site, a few emails, lots of texts, a phone call. I was up in north Scotland again for work, so had arranged to meet by me heading up for the weekend early.

When she climbed out the car, she looked lovely. Neat, short brown hair, bright pink lipstick, tight black trousers and a dark brown leather jacket that matched her boots. We kissed, that nervous just met and not quite sure where to aim kiss, and headed off for a coffee and chat. We were at the next hotel to the one I was staying in, and it was quite traditional Highland – all beige and dark tartan. My place next door was the opposite – all loud colours, modern and bright. As we chatted, I suggested it was the brightest hotel I had ever stayed in. The offer was made to come and check it out for lunch, and see if my room was *really* that bright.

As we entered the very large hotel bedroom, she did indeed agree it was rather good! Lots of red decoration, set off against modern furniture a wooden floor and old-building bay windows. We chatted and she sat on the end of the bed – I was close on a chair, but when I poured us a glass of water, I went to join her on the bed end.

I reached up, for her cheek, looked her in the eye, and leant in for the kiss. I could smell her perfume, and as we kissed her nervousness melted. We paused, long enough for me to check she was OK with a kiss, and she replied she was, and kissed me back. My hands wandered onto her legs, and thighs, round under her jacket, feeling her warmth. She pressed her boobs into me, holding onto my shoulder to stop herself falling back. I allowed us to lean, then lay back on the bed, whereupon my hand swept up from her side, over her lovely boobs. I could feel a padded, lace bra under her top. She gasped, and rolled a leg over mine, hooking me towards her.

I stopped us, aware the large bay windows on two walls were affording anyone in the street and across the way a view of us both. I suggested I close the blinds, and once again checked in that she was happy. She agreed that she had not intended for a date to go this way, but seeing as we were alone, in a nice room, and she liked my kiss…

As I lowered the blinds, she took off her jacket, unzipped her knee length boots, and shuffled back towards the pillows. I climbed back on the bed, and as she lay on her back, legs crossed and arms above her head, I crawled up the bed, over her until I was looking in her eyes, and kissed those soft lips more, our tongues doing overtime. He hands now snaked around my neck, drawing me down. I was hard already, and she must have felt me pressing against her.

I drew back, and tried to lift her top up. It wasn’t going to work, so she sat up and drew it over her head, exposing a lovely black and dark blue bra filled with large breasts. I was propped up on my elbow, and so with spare hand I swept into the bra cup of her left breast, feeling an firm and small sincan escort nipple and her intake of breath as I did. I once more sat her up, released her bra, and let her wonderful breasts out. My mouth immediately found a nipple, my hand supporting her breasts into my lips and tongue. At the same time, she was frantically undoing my belt and zip. Her hand delved into my trousers, immediately bumping into my cockhead that was straining under my trunks.

He hand was firm, stoking my shaft up and down as best she could in the confines of my trousers, squeezing enough to make herself felt, without being to quick or long in stroke. She knew what she was doing… She demanded I get undressed, and so I climbed off the bed, stood and unbuttoned my shirt, dropped my trousers and trunks, slipped out of my socks. She unravelled her bra and top, unbuttoned her trousers, and lifted her hips. I helped peel her tight trousers down. She was wearing some white and black, almost see through mesh knickers. I could smell that she was turned on, and as I climbed back onto the bed, she quickly grasped my cock and began pumping. I lay down, ran my hands over her, kissing deeply, and slid over the knickers.

I could feel her wetness, through her underwear, and pulled the gusset aside, hoping to feel more. She lifted her hips, and reached to lift her own knickers off, lifting her legs to do so. When her legs came back to the bed, her knees were up and legs parted. I immediately reached in, and down and felt her completely shaved pussy, just a small triangle of spares hair on her mons, with a lovely pair of soaking wet lips and a tiny clit. Her fanny was slippery, warm and happy to receive my finger, as a slipped in and out, trying to work out where her clit was and what she was enjoying. “I need you to fuck me” she said, “now.”

I rolled away, reached for my bag and dug around for a condom. She lay on her side, and suggested this was not normal behaviour for her, but that she had enjoyed meeting me, was in the mood and I was gorgeous… I climbed back on the bed, and she immediately pulled me on top, spread her legs, and reached between us to guide my cock into her. She was so wet, I was struggling to find her entrance, but suddenly I found myself feeling the warmth of her pussy. Her legs went up, knees parted and feet on my bum. Her had pulled at me, and with one movement I was deeply inside. She gasped, and I said ‘fuck, that feels good”. We waited a moment, before I felt her hips rock a little, encouraging me.

Very quickly I built up a rhythm, pulling half back and then firmly and quickly slamming back in. She clearly enjoyed that more than the slow, gentle strokes I had started with. She had hooked her hands under her knees, pulling them up and apart some more, allowing me deeper. He wet pussy was not tight, but had a lovely set of ripples on the walls, which felt great as I slid sincan escort bayan out. We continued for a few minutes, until I was beginning to sweat with the exertion.

We rolled over, and she quickly mounted me, pushed my cock backwards until it contacted her, and then sank deep onto me. Her hips rocked and she leant forwards, allowing me great access to her boobs. She was enjoying this, and covering my cock and balls with her juices that were flowing profusely. I could reach her ample bum, and I squeezed and moulded her cheeks as she rocked. She ground down onto me hard, clearly wishing for me to me deeper and trying to grind her clit.

I sat up, taking her with me, trying to allow her deeper on my cock, that was now in danger of exploding. It didn’t work, and she rolled off, laying down and pulled me close to her, kissing me deeply. “You have a thick cock” she said “it feels great. I need it again.” I rolled over to kneel below her, lifted her legs higher onto my shoulders, and guided my stiff cock into her again. From this position, I could touch her clit, which I did. After a few minutes of stroking in and out, using my fingers in a gently swirly around her little pink clit, and more on her boobs, I felt ready to explode. She clearly while enjoying it, was not building towards climax. I asked her what was the best thing I could do to make her cum. She lowered her legs, pulled me forwards, and told me she came through a strong fuck. I immediately went back to thrusting firmly, and responded to her quiet moans of ‘faster’ and ‘harder’ as best I could. I was driving into her, the slapping sound was noticeable, and I could feel my balls slamming against her. Her hand was at the top of my bum, pushing me downwards in rhythm. The movement was too much, and I exploded inside her, continuing to pump, but rolling my hips some more. That felt bloody marvellous, and I managed to stay hard as my orgasm subsided. She stopped me slowly, and re-assured me it took a bit to make her cum, but it was through penetration and a firm, fast fuck.

A half hour or so later, we were cuddled up in bed chatting, naked. He hand had been roving over my chest, but it started dipping lower. My cock, always quick to react, had stiffened, and her hand brushed it. She pushed the duvet over her head, and dived down the bed. Immediately my cock was engulfed by her tongue and lips, her hand pumping and twisting gently so that my foreskin rolled back and forth. Her blowjob was superb, and she worked away using a few different techniques. I like a good BJ, but I prefer the feel of a pussy round my cock. I stopped her, we kissed, and with a twinkle in my eye, I headed downwards as well. She threw the duvet off us, the room warm and us feeling hot…

Her pussy was a sweet tasting one, and those large lips I had felt before did not disappoint. I used my fingers to part them, tongue and lips on the escort sincan glistening surface, as I pressed in to find her clit and entrance. Soon I had tongue on clit and two fingers rolling inside her. She was writing and holding my hair, clearly enjoying it. I think she was one of the wettest pussies I have had the pleasure of enjoying, and my face was coated in her juices.

“Now I need to fuck you” I said firmly. I rolled way, reached for another condom, and looked back to see here laying there, smiling at me. As I climbed back on the bed she said ‘”behind me” and rolled up into a kneeling position. Her heavy boobs sagged down onto the bed where her head was, her tummy curvy and her lovely big bum in the air. I knelt it, held my cock and slid it up and down her slit. Again, so slippery I struggled to find her entrance, and so she reached up and guided me in. Her pussy was angled steeply back, and so I almost need to thrust upwards. She answered my puzzled movements by sinking back onto me, pushing herself onto my rigid manhood. I could now start to thrust, holding onto one of her hips, the other on her thigh. It took a few attempts, but we soon matched each other’s rhythm, and found how much I could withdraw without falling out. As we built that rhythm, I reached round, stretching to find her clit while still moving in time.

She gasped, and really rocked back hard onto me, matching my inwards thrust. I could feel the inside of her pussy, and felt it tighten onto me as she worked. I was working harder, and she eased off her movements, but leaving her bum pushed against me. My other hand was now holding on firmly to help balance me.

Suddenly, she resumed her movements, hips shoving backwards, one hand grabbing the arm that was feeling her clit. Her pussy throbbed around me and she cried out properly. I slowly carried on moving in and out, each time met with a little shiver of her body, or a clasp of a pussy muscles. I needed her now, and suddenly gave three big thrusts, sending me over the edge into my own orgasm, enjoying the feeling of my hot seed shooting deep in her.

We finished, almost reluctantly slowing our movements, and me withdrawing before I become too soft. We lay chatting, and she said that she rarely came, especially with someone new, but clearly my fingers and cock had worked well.

Later that evening, after a meal, we had another powerful and sweaty bout of sex. She really enjoyed penetration, seemingly more so than foreplay, cunninglus or fingers, which was a first for me. The sex this time was slower, our needs sated a little, but keen to enjoy the opportunity.

She was apologetic for sleeping on a first date, but admitted that finding men she did not know in rural Scotland was a challenge – and even more so someone with whom some good sex would not get around the local villages or town. She had to get home to her teen son, and so left late that night. We met again on Sunday, again enjoying a walk, a meal and each other in bed. When we parted on the Sunday, we agreed to call and meet that night. She never returned my calls or texts, and blocked me on the dating site. I suspect she was married, or just looking for fun. And what fun we had had…

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