Meeting at the Party

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I get an invitation to a party that requires me to dress up and I do not want to go. Everyone at these parties always think they are better than all the other people. I know I have to go so I get all dressed up and go to the party. Feeling out of place I stay to the side and away from everyone. I see you are sitting alone and away from everyone also.

I come over to you and introduce myself and ask why a beautiful woman like yourself is all alone. You tell me that you do not fit in with this crowed and you are only there because you felt you had to make an appearance. We sit and talk about not really wanting to be at this party and why we were there.

I ask if you would like to go somewhere quiet and talk for a while. You agree and we find a quiet room that has a balcony we can sit on. We sit down and you take your high heels off and stretch your legs.

I slide my chair over and have you put your feet in my lap. Softly I start rubbing your feet and gently massage them. As I am rubbing your foot I begin to get excited and my erection sincan escort starts to press against your other foot. I move your foot away from my erection to try to keep you from noticing that I am getting an erection.

When I move your foot I look up and you have a smiling. Getting embarrassed I start to get up but you move your foot back and press it against my erection. Not sure what to do I put your foot down and begin to massage the other foot. As I massage your foot you start rubbing your other foot against my erection.

You pull your feet back and stand up then take my hand and pull me up. You put your arms around me and we kiss passionately. Reaching down you rub my erection making me get harder.

With my arms around you I slowly unzip your dress. You unfasten my pants and let them fall to the floor as I pull your dress off of your shoulders. As your dress falls to the floor I reach around you and unfasten your bra.

Pulling it off you lean down and pull my underwear down and softly kiss my erection. sincan escort bayan You sit back down in your chair and take my erection in your hand. Pulling me by my erection you get me close and softly kiss the tip. You put your lips around my erection and slowly slide your mouth down onto it. Sucking gently you slide it in and out of your mouth driving my excitement out of control. I hold your head and push into your mouth. My passion is skyrocketing as I slide in and out. I begin to shake and erupt in a wonderful orgasm.

Taking your hand I pull you up and kiss you passionately. I lean down and softly kiss your breasts then slide my tongue over your nipples. Feeling your hard nipples with my tongue I wrap my lips around them and suck them gently.

Getting down on my knees I tenderly kiss down your stomach. As I slide my tongue around your bellybutton I slowly pull your panties down. Softly I kiss down to your pussy and you open your legs a little wider.

Softly I kiss up and down your pussy as escort sincan I massage your butt. I slide my tongue over your lips teasing them and brushing over your clit. Gently I rub your clit with my tongue and slowly push my finger inside your pussy. I feel your clit swell and I move my finger in and out of your pussy faster. Wrapping my lips around your clit I suck it gently as I move my finger around inside you. I feel you start to tremble and I suck harder on your clit. You tense and shake as your orgasm rocks your body.

I stand up and hold you in my arms kissing you passionately as you still tremble. Turning you around you lean against the railing of the balcony and I place my erection at your opening. Slowly I push inside you moving in and out as I hold your hips. Leaning over you I reach around and gently rub your clit. You reach back and move my hand and rub your clit yourself. Moving my hand to your butt I gently rub my thumb against your asshole. Pushing into you harder I hear your moans getting louder. Our excitement is building stronger as I push harder into you. We are both moaning and you tell me to push harder. I grab your hair and pull you back against me as I push into you. We start shaking and we explode in a wonderful orgasm. Exhausted we drop into the chairs and rest before we get dressed and rejoin the party.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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