Meeting Jeff Pt. 01

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Meeting Jeff.

I first met Jeff at work I was working in a parts store for cars and trucks, he was your typical backyard mechanic. Jeff was a rough looking guy, he needed a shower, clean clothes, someone to basically take care of the man. Every time he came in, he came to my desk for service. I could figure out what he needed by the weird description he gave me of the part he needed.

I first noticed Jeff as he walked around our store looking at different things, mufflers, batteries, toneau covers, headache racks, for the back of his half ton. Jeff drove an older Chevy truck, it needed a paint job, he had actually fixed it up really well. Once complete it would be a show stopper, he planned to do truck shows, Jeff lived and breathed cars and trucks.

Jeff was a man a few words, he would come up to my counter and tell me what he was looking for and if I could find him the best deal on the parts he needed. I of course did all I could to help the guy out, I found myself so attracted to him.

From his dark wavy hair, to his dark mysterious eyes, he had a shag type hairstyle, long in the back, short on the sides and longer on the top. Jeff combed it back with his Chevy hat on at all times, he needed his eye brows trimmed and separated, his beard was a wiry mess. His neck needed to be trimmed and shaved, the man needed a shower and clean clothes as well.

Jeff was very slim, his clothes hung on him, his pants held up with his well worn belt. His clothes always so dirty, between oil and grease, and dirt from working under cars and trucks. I checked for a wedding ring, but there was none to be found. He seemed to be a loner, one of those guys who fades in the background where no one sees him, I know he caught my radar.

Jeff made my day each time he came in our bahis siteleri store, I actually looked forward to seeing him, he was not much of a talker but he did talk to me more than anyone else in the entire store. If someone tried to serve him he would pull back and wait till I was free to wait on him.

He always paid with cash, no credit cards or debit cards, even his money was covered in oil and grease. All I know is I liked the guy, I found him so mysterious, a little dark and a whole lot shy. I found the fact that he was shy one of my favorite things about him. He would turn so red as I chatted him up, even if my hand touched his as I gave him his change he would be shy about it.

When he would come in I always said hi to him as he walked in the store, he would give me a wave, always the shy quiet one. Things changed when he came in the one day, it was close to closing, I was finishing up with my last customer as he walked in.

“Hey Jeff how are you?”

I asked him as he walked in, my other two workers heading out the door as Jeff walked in.

“Hey Billy, I’m good how are you?”

I went and locked the door as the last two workers left, Jeff was worried it was to late to get what he needed.

“Jeff man it’s all good what can I help you with today?’

Jeff explained what he needed, his description was a bit vague but I knew I could figure it out, I showed him on the screen what he might be looking for and he pointed it out what the exact part was he needed.

“Thanks Billy, you always make buying parts so much easier for me.”

“Thats my job Jeff, always like to help a guy out.”

I got a sly smile from him, I searched out the part and found I would have to order it, but have it in tomorrow by noon. I gave him the price and I would canlı bahis siteleri call him when it was ready, Jeff smiled at me.

“Thanks Billy man you are the best guy ever.”

“You’re a pretty cool guy as well Jeff.”

“Well I better get going, thank you Billy.”

“Have a great evening Jeff, I will call you once your parts are in.”

He gave me this look, I had never met a man who was so shy in my entire life, Jeff turned as he was about to walk out. I almost thought he might try to kiss me, his eyes on my own, my own cock started to rise. Dam I found this man so sexy, once cleaned up he would be so incredibly handsome.

“Good night Jeff.”

“Night Billy.”

The sexual tension could be cut with dull blade at this point, I watched him as he walked away from the store. I knew I wanted to have sex with this man, he was the kind of guy I was always attracted too. I closed the store, making sure all the doors were locked the money put away, the lights out. When I came out Jeff was in his truck.

“Something wrong Jeff?”

“Yeah she won’t start, it does this all the time, I really need that part I just ordered Billy.”

“You could leave your truck here Jeff and I could drive you home.”

“I’m worried someone might trash it if I leave it here Billy.”

“It’s safe here Jeff cameras all over this place, come on get in with me.”

Jeff reluctantly locked his doors and got in my SUV with me, he looked all over my car.

“Dam Billy this is a nice car.”

“Thanks Jeff, I like it.”

“You in a hurry to get home Jeff? We could swing by the bar and have a beer?”

“Sure thing Billy I’m in no hurry, I do live alone, no real friends to be honest.”

“Buckle up Jeff.”

He and I got the looks from the patrons in the canlı bahis bar, most people in this town were not really nice to Jeff, they used him to get their cars fixed for cheap but were never really his friend. He and I took a seat and the server came by to take our order. I ordered two beer and some finger foods for us to munch on, Jeff was overly shy in a public place, he was much more comfortable when it was only him and I.

We sat we talked, I asked about family, he was an only child, both his parents passed on years ago, he still lived in the family home alone. He never dated, he liked to be alone, his only friend being myself, the only person in town he actually interacted with.

I really was not surprised by this, he was an introverted kind of guy, overly shy, no self esteem whatsoever. Sitting here looking at him, I could see the beauty in this man sitting across from me, he was genuine, real, the kind of man you might call a Prince Charming in disguise.

So honest, so sweet, him being shy only made him more attractive to me, most people did not see Jeff, they saw the rough exterior. How unkept he was on himself, I have to say his body odor was a bit intoxicating. Looking in his eyes I knew I wanted him, I wanted to feel his lips on my own, to run my hand over his sculpted slim body.

I imagined he would have an uncut cock, with a long foreskin, big bull balls covered in a matt of thick pubic hair. Jeff felt my eyes undressing him as I stared at his body, I would take this man right here right now if I could. My cock arched outwards wanting out of my work pants, Jeff had me rock hard and ready.

“Billy man are you okay?”

“Yeah Jeff I’m fine.”

I was red faced and my brow was sweating, I was over heating just thinking about Jeff’s cock and naked body. I tried to compose myself, I was even breathing hard it had been so long since my last date or sex for that matter. I watched Jeff as he drank his beer and ate some of the wings I had ordered, I was mesmerized by this man.

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