Meeting Katie at Her Dorm

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You opened the door to find me standing there, just about to knock. You obviously were about to go somewhere but at the mere sight of me, a smile came across your face and you invited me in. I smiled and came in, and as you shut the door behind me, I turned around and approached you, waiting for you to turn around again. As you did, you found me to be standing right in front of you, almost pressed up against you. You took a deep breath, smiled, then proceeded to run your hands down my chest slowly. You then playfully pushed me back toward the center of the room, smiling as I didn’t move very far despite the push.

You went to walk past me, but I grabbed your arm and pulled you to me, engaging you in a deep, passionate kiss. Our tongues rolling over each other as my hands slid up your stomach and to your breasts, and I teased them through the stretchy gray cotton shirt you were wearing, feeling your bra underneath, letting my hands brush over you gently. You moaned and sighed slightly in the kiss as you pressed into me urgently.

My hands slid to your hips and I spun you around, then gently pushed you over to the bed. You managed to keep our mouths in contact by turning your head, our tongues delving deep into each other’s mouths as we ran them over each other. My hands slid down your stomach slowly and I began undoing your pants just as we got over to the bed. I didn’t bother taking them off, but I just slid my hand down your panties and over your curls, searching out the hot, wet, silk that was you. My thumb found your clit and I slowly began rubbing slow circles around it as my fingers dove into you, causing a deep moan from your throat as you placed your hands on the bed. We broke the kiss and you leaned over a little farther, working your hips against my fingers as they plunged deep inside you roughly while my thumb circled your clit. You leaned back into me, tossing your head back onto my shoulder, causing your hair to cascade over my shoulder and down my back as your hands slid to your shirt and you slowly began peeling it off of you.

After you got it off, you tossed it aside etimesgut escort and then quickly undid your bra as well and slid it off of you, tossing it away as well. Meanwhile my fingers continued their assault on your insides even as you moaned and writhed against me. You moaned aloud as you slid your hands down and dropped your pants and your panties to the floor. I smiled as you licked your lips, then tossed your head downward, causing a cascade of hair as you kept working your hips back against my hand as my fingers plunged deep into you and I drew them out fast and hard. You pulled a hand from the bed and managed to get my pants open, undoing the button and unzipping them. You slid your hand into my boxers and began stroking my cock, feeling the hardness with your tapered fingers as my fingers probed your insides, causing you to moan loudly as your pussy began throbbing on my fingers more and more with each second.

My free hand began working my pants down, then my boxers with them, forcing you to have to pull you hand from my cock for a moment. I slowly pulled my fingers from you and you straightened up, then turned around and yanked my shirt up off of me and tossed it away. I then pushed you back onto the bed, causing you to flop down on your back. You began scooting away from me slowly, urging me to come after you.

You rolled onto your stomach and acted as though you were about to crawl away when I caught you by the hips and pulled you back across the bed. At this point I began teasing you with just the head of my cock, not burying it in you just yet, but running it along your pussy slowly from top to bottom. Occasionally I would stop and play with your clit with my fingers, then with the head of my cock, working it in slow circles as skin rubbed against skin.

Slowly I slid a hand between us and I spread the lips of your pussy slowly, then began working my cock into you with agonizing slowness, letting you feel every single inch of me as I plunged it into you. After I entered, my hands went to your hips and I slowly pulled you back into me, etimesgut escort bayan working toward sinking my cock into you up to the hilt. You put your hands down on the bed and grasped the sheets tightly, your head down as a low, husky moan escaped your throat. Finally you couldn’t take it anymore and you slid back on me hard, driving my cock the rest of the way into you. I took this as a sign that you wanted it fast and hard, and I began thrusting, picking up the pace rather quickly until I was pumping my thick shaft in and out of you as fast and hard as I could.

You began moaning and pleading for me to go faster and harder as I worked my cock into you more and more, penetrating deep into you as my hands kneaded your breasts. I began thrusting hard enough to make our skin slap together loudly as I worked your pussy rapidly, feeling you throb and begin to tighten around my shaft more and more. I felt my cock begin to swell as it filled with cum, building toward cumming hard. You began working your hips up and down as we smacked together more and more, causing our skin to get red as our bodies worked in motion with each other’s.

I closed my eyes and grunted, trying to hold off cumming even as I felt your pussy tighten unbearably around my cock. You were moaning loudly, and telling me you were going to cum, and at almost the same time we exploded into each other, both cumming forcibly as I buried my cock deep into you one last time.

I pulled out very slowly, making sure that the last bit of cum had flowed into you. I climbed up onto the bed and I laid down next to you, as you had collapsed onto the bed. I draped an arm around you and you nestled in next to me, the two of us lying there for a moment, looking into each other’s eyes and smiling.

After a few minutes, you pressed a hand to my shoulder and rolled me back over. You noticed that I wasn’t at all hard, having just spent myself in you. You kissed your way down my stomach, but only placed a hand on my cock and you began to stroke it slowly, wrapping your fingers around it and slowly escort etimesgut working your hand from the base to the head. It didn’t take long for me to get hard at that rate, and when I did, you smiled, then whispered into my ear that you were thinking of hurting me for interrupting your plans…I looked at you with a look that was a mix of questioning and fear. You giggled and then whispered that you meant hurt me in a good way.

With that you pulled back from me and swung a leg over me, sliding over and straddling me, your pussy just above my cock. You then shook your head and smiled, then swung your leg back over and switched directions so that you were facing away from me. You slowly wiggled your hips as the head of my cock was just at the entrance to your pussy. You smiled at the moan you got from me, then you slowly slid down on my cock and began rocking. You were riding me slowly at first, then a little more quickly and a little harder, grinding your hips down into me as you reached back and pulled my hands up to your breasts. I cupped my hands around them and slowly stroked them with my thick fingers, feeling their lusciousness under my fingers even as you rode me, rocking all the way back to kiss me, then rocking all the way forward to touch the side of the bed. You moaned louder and louder, as did I, trying so hard to keep myself from exploding into you too early.

After a few moments you pulled up off me and turned so you were facing me. I cupped my hands around your sweet ass as you rode me, occasionally pulling you up a bit so you slapped down onto me as you bounced on my cock, working it into you a little harder as I felt your pussy begin to throb on me again. You were beginning to tighten up even as you leaned down and I sucked on your succulent nipples, first the right, rolling my tongue around it slowly, then wrapping my mouth around it for a moment, then the left, as I did the same. Your pleas for me to cum had become desperate after a few moments time, as you were already building back to another strong cum, and as I felt you release onto me, I let go and came hard up in you.

You collapsed onto me, your head on my shoulder as we laid there. After a few moments, I looked over to find that your eyes were closed, a smile on your face as you drifted off to sleep. I closed my eyes and after a few moments I joined you in dreamland, enjoying a blissful memory of this encounter…

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