Meeting Mr. Right

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Kimberleigh Leighton was a thirty-nine-year-old, single, never married, very attractive woman, who was still waiting to meet Mr. Right.

Her love life in the past had been a horrible mess. She had gone through one man after the other, hoping for that elusive chemistry to flare up, but it never did. Since college she’d had twenty-four lovers, most of them she’d had moved in with only to move out within a month or two. Her relationships never lasted more than three months, followed by three months of no sex before she’d start another sexual relationship. She was not really promiscuous. She had went through only two men a year, but they had added up over the years which now looked like she had been a slut. Maybe in a way she had been slutty, but she had been desperate to find someone to settle down with and start a family. Finally after more than twenty men, she had given up on them. She then had moved on and started a relationship with a woman. It had lasted much longer, almost a year. The sex, even though toys were used, was exceptionally good and exciting.

That changed five years ago after she’d found religion. She had become a Christian and had vowed never to get into a sexual relationship again until she was married. It has been a little over five years, and so far, so good.

Right now she was sitting outside on her porch, her laptop computer on her lap and was getting ready to type what she wanted in a man.


Has to be kind even when kindness is not returned

Respects all people, no matter what color skin they have

Has to be intelligent (though not necessarily a genius)

Has to be passionate about his work, whether he’s a lowly waiter or a CEO

If he is rich, he has to be generous in giving and helping others less fortunate

Has to be a man who loves God above all else

Has overcome obstacles in his life

Appreciates nature from a Christian perspective instead of evolutionary

Has accepted Christ as his Savior

Kimberleigh stopped because the next thoughts that popped into her head weren’t very Christian-like. They were simply pornographic. She’d gone over five years without sex so that was to be expected. But so what? It was perfectly normal to think about sex. Humans were sexual beings. Above all, she wanted to be precise. She wrote on, but this time it was sensual.

He has to love the feel of skin on skin and can’t get enough touching, snuggling, and caressing

He kisses so good that my toes would curl and I would feel faint

Has a wild imagination in bed

Has to be well endowed (not gigantic, but something on the large side)

Can go all night on occasion

Wants to have more than two babies with me

She stopped again, looking up and down the street before turning her attention back to her typing.

He’ll love ancient history and archeology

He’ll be a courteous driver and won’t have an episode of road rage if he is cut off

He will cook once in a while

He’ll rub my shoulders and feet after a long day at work

He’ll go on trips with me to different countries where our sponsored children live (be it Sudan, Rwanda, Somalia, or any other so called “dangerous” or “poor” country)

Through a video camera, Kimberleigh’s neighbor, Gregory Kimble, was recording what she was typing into her laptop. After she went into her house, he hooked it up to his computer and read what she wrote.

He scanned the list. “That’s quite the list you have there, Kimberleigh,” he said to himself. “How I would like to be that man,” he said, after reading what she was looking for in the bedroom.

The next day, Kimberleigh was out walking in the park when she bumped into a man. He was unmovable, but she just bounced off him and fell backward onto her butt. She hadn’t been paying any attention. She had been thinking too much about the list she had written yesterday.

“Oh, God, I’m so sorry!” She scrambled to her feet and looked up at the most gorgeous man she had ever seen in her life. He was well over six feet tall, solidly built. Somewhere in his mid to late thirties. Dark blonde hair that was wavy. Eyes so blue it was like staring up into the clear blue sky. His smile was beautiful…white teeth and full lips that promised a kiss that could curl her toes and make her feel faint. She saw a tattoo peeking out at the side of his neck.

He could be the guy on her list. Except she hadn’t written down anything about tattoos, but she didn’t mind them.

She blushed when she realized that she was staring. Then she couldn’t move, couldn’t speak. All she could do was stare at him. And a strange heat began flowing through her body, getting hotter with each moment. For the first time in her miserable sex life, she felt something for a man without even sleeping with him. He’s the one, was all she could think about.

“Do you have a name, beautiful lady?” he asked politely, even though he already knew her name.

“Kimberleigh Leighton,” she breathed. “But you etimesgut escort can call me Kim.” That was it? It was over? She couldn’t let that happen so soon. “You know,” she said in her most normal voice, “would it be too much to ask if you could go out for coffee with me.”

The man’s eyebrows rose in surprise. Must be desperate, was his first thought. He cocked his head, as if thinking about what she’d asked. Then he asked, “Do you have a habit of asking men out on dates that you don’t know?”

Kimberleigh felt her face redden as she let out a very awkward laugh. “Occasionally.” Then she squeezed her eyes shut in mortification. Did she just say she asked out men on dates occasionally? The truth was that she had never asked anyone out. “What is your name?”

“Gregory Kimble,” he told her with a smile. “But you can call me Greg.”

“Well, Greg Kimble, I’d like you to join me for a cup of coffee sometime.”

Greg nodded, obviously trying not to laugh, then he looked Kimberleigh in the eyes. “I’d like that, Kimberleigh. I’ll call you, or you’ll call me.”

“You call me,” she told him, handing him a card. “Here’s my number.”

They each walked the same direction.

“Where do you live?” she asked.

“Just a few blocks from here.”

“Really? Me too.”

As they walked, Kimberleigh found out he lived right next to her. Thank you, God. This man must be the one for her.

“Great!” A huge smile spread across her face. “I’ll talk to you on Friday, then!” In two days she had a date with Greg Kimble, right here in her own home. She couldn’t help wondering if it was the right thing to do. She was probably setting herself up to be seriously tempted, but she was sure that she would not fall victim to sexual temptation. Plus, Greg was a gentleman. He would never do anything that would go against all that she had vowed. He was different. There was something about him that was very decent, and she was looking forward to getting to know him better. Still, the least she could do was pray for strength to resist temptation.

The knot in Kimberleigh’s stomach got tighter and tighter with each passing minute. Greg was late. Sure he’d called to tell he’ll be late, but maybe it was just a character flaw. Maybe he was always late.

Then there was a knock on the door. “Come in,” she called out.

Greg walked in and closed the door gently behind him. His eyes held hers as he walked up to her. He was wearing jeans with a white shirt. His tattoo was showing just above the collar of his shirt.

He was without question the most gorgeous man she’d ever seen in her life. The knot that had been in her stomach was now lodged in her throat.

Greg never took his eyes off her. His smile widened as he walked. She had her hair down, and it fell in waves down her front, almost hiding the gentle swells of her full breasts. She was wearing a knee-length dress and a white top that showed just a little cleavage. She looked soft and round and he was drowning in the need to plant his face in the crook of her neck and sink his fingers into her nicely shaped derriere. But he thought better of it. He couldn’t remember ever thinking about doing anything with a woman except what he wanted, when he wanted, for as long as he’d wanted. The last time he’d been this conflicted had been when he had his first sexual experience with an older woman, when he was fifteen.

Once they were in the living room, he stopped her in her tracks. He pulled on her arm to turn her so that he could look at her face. His gaze was locked on hers like nothing existed but her. Suddenly he was standing very close to her, and he kissed her. No warning. Not a word of greeting. He just pressed her body to him and put his mouth on hers. It wasn’t the kind of kiss that quickly turned out of control, but it wasn’t just a peck either.

His lips were like warm silk. One hand gripped her upper arm and the other held her at the base of her spine. The knot disappeared, swept away by the rising wave of sexual desire that wiped out any thought. Including her brain function. She couldn’t move. She was on fire. She’d been reduced to nothing but a willing recipient to Greg’s will. His soft tongue opened her lips. She had forgotten how this felt. No, wait…she’d never known how this felt.

Her pulse thundering, she stopped thinking and gave herself up to the kiss. Old habits weren’t easy to resist. Desire ripped through her, exhilarating her like none of her past lovers ever had. The feel of his hot mouth over hers and the pressure of his strong hands as they molded her to him made her want him even more. Her passion flamed hotter, grew wilder.

Kimberleigh let out a moan of wonder and delight, her body on fire. She pressed against him, restless and hot, her tongue teasing his. She savored the way he was holding her, his hands cupping her buttocks, lifting her from her feet as he held her against him. Her hands slid down his back, over his hips, grasping him and…

“This is crazy,” etimesgut escort bayan she whispered.

“No. Resisting each other is crazy.”

Then his hands were under her skirt, clasping her firm buttocks, his palms burning hot against her bare skin and sending darts of sensation right down to her toes. She sensed his strength as he lifted her slightly, eased her onto the plush sofa and followed her down. Her skirt hiked up to her waist and she felt herself exposed. A jolt of panic went through her. “I’m…I can’t do this. I made a promise to God to abstain from sex until I’m married.”

Greg squeezed her bare hip. “Me, too.” He pushed up her top past her breasts.

“Then what are you doing?”

“We are not going to have sex. I’m just going to pleasure you. Do you have a problem with that?”

She didn’t have a problem with being pleasured, but God might have. Her thoughts scattered like ashes in a storm when Greg’s head lowered and his mouth closed hot and wet over her nipple and he sucked her through her bra. The fierce tickle between her thighs turned into a driving need and she couldn’t stop the noises that escaped from her throat.

Greg could feel her tension. He vowed this would be good for her if it killed him. As turned on as he was, he just hoped that he would be able to control himself from going all the way with her. He kissed her again, swirling his tongue around hers and at the same time smoothing his hand down her belly and cupping her sex. He dragged his fingers through her moist folds and parted her. She was so wet. Any thoughts that she might not be as turned on as he was, disappeared. His shaft was as hard as a column of steel. He drew a deep breath, slowing himself down before he went off like an untried teenager.

“Open your legs a little more,” he whispered.

Her knees fell open. He pushed a finger into the hot, soft sheath waiting for him. Her breath caught, her eyes flew open and locked on his. “It’s okay.” He drew out her moisture and played with her, slowly stroking the sensitive inner and outer folds of her sex. “You feel so good…like wet silk.”

Kim began to make frantic little grunts. He moved over her and knelt between her thighs, watching her face. A crease appeared between her eyebrows, her mouth twitched, but she didn’t open her eyes. Her fingers gripped his upper arms. Her hips lifted and rubbed herself against his hand. He found the entrance of her with his fingers and rubbed a certain area just inside her, slowly stroking, arousing her more and more.


“Come for me.”

“Oh…I don’t…I don’t know what’s happening.”

“Tell me when…” Greg leaned down and kissed her, sliding his tongue into her mouth and keeping rhythm with his fingers.

“Ohhh…I think…I’m…” A sob from deep inside her escaped her as she went over the edge. As her orgasm ripped through her, loud sobs escaped her. Then she finished off with little whimpers that were pure pleasure. When she reached for him, he stayed in her arms, holding her in his. “But…you didn’t…you know,” she said in a small voice.

“It’s okay.” He kissed her long and deep and she returned a kiss so hot and passionate he almost whimpered. Oh, Kimmy…”

He wanted to strip himself and her, but he didn’t want to stop for even a second. He moved down, trailing his open mouth her body until he reached her smooth, slightly rounded belly. “You are so soft…so sweet…so responsive…”

“Oh…you’re…tickling me.”

“Is it uncomfortable?”


“I don’t want to do anything you don’t want.”

“It’s fine. It’s…incredible.”

“Lift your knees. Let me kiss you. Oh, Kimmy, you are so beautiful here.” With that said, he kissed her right next to her swollen clit.

“Greg…you shouldn’t.”

“Please, don’t stop me, Kimmy. I’ll make it good for you. I guarantee that you’ll like it.”

When he dragged his tongue up one side of her sex, she arched her neck and back as Greg pleasured her like she’d never been pleasured before. He sure was good with his mouth…

Then the pleasure was over. Greg slowly pulled away. He was a sensational kisser, just what she wanted.

“We are mad,” he said, shaking his head.

Kimberleigh’s cheeks flushed; her heart pounded in her ears. Mad wasn’t the word to describe it. What had she been thinking? This was her neighbor, still a stranger for heaven’s sake! She knew the cost of such illicit behavior with any man, knew the ultimate outcome. Suddenly embarrassed, she tried to twist her wrist free, but Greg held her tightly.

“Be still,” he said firmly but not harshly.

She wished she could take back the last few moments and make them disappear. But that was impossible. What had just happened will always be there.

“Greg,” she whispered, “what are we going to do about this?”

The question hung there between them.

Greg couldn’t look away from Kimberleigh any more than he could release escort etimesgut her. She stood before him, her face shiny, her lips swollen from his kiss, their velvety softness glistening with moisture.

Greg was fascinated with everything about her. It was all too familiar, both new and completely wrong. He slowly released her wrists, sliding his hands to hers and lacing their fingers. He didn’t want to release her yet.

Her lashes fluttered as they rested against her cheeks before she looked up at him, her cheeks becomingly flushed. She was a sensualistic creature, something he used to revel in until he decided to give up his hedonistic lifestyle.

More than anything, he wanted to take her right there…bend her over the table, lift her skirt, and give into the passion he’d felt in her embrace, seen in her eyes. But he couldn’t. This was no ordinary women. She was experienced, but was abstaining from sex just like he was. Even though he knew that she would enjoy their lovemaking, it was afterward where the problem lay.

He wasn’t a philanderer, but he’d had many relationships, his last one five years ago. Before that, most of which had ended within a month or two. All began with intense passion, but looking at Kim now, he had to admit that none of those relationships had offered the promise of this one. There was something about her that he yearned for, that fired his senses and stirred his imagination. He wanted to settle down, marry her, and start a family.

While they ate, he couldn’t help but look at her sensuous mouth. Despite her vow to remain celibate until she got married, he knew he could seduce her within a few minutes. She was so beautiful. She was nothing like the women he’d pursued in the past. She was a sweet woman. Already he had feelings for her.

He followed her into the living room. Unbeknownst to her, he rudely ogled her firm, full bottom and calves. Because of her dress, he couldn’t tell if her thighs were as nicely shaped. But he knew they were a handful of soft, but firm flesh. He had felt her earlier, when he given her two orgasms. He wanted to pleasure her again, but he also wanted her to do the same for him.

“Have a seat,” Kimberleigh told him.

When he sat down, he felt something poking him in the back. Reaching behind him, he grasped something and brought it forward to look at it. It was a few seconds before he could get his brain to cooperate with his eyes, because he swore that he was holding a large dildo. It was made of firm rubber and felt almost life-like. And it had an on/off switch.

He heard Kimberleigh gasp. “Oh, my God,” she whispered. “Oh, no.” She scrambled for it, but Greg snatched it away and held it out of reach. She fell across his lap, clawing at the air to get it away from him.

He tried hard not to laugh. He held the dildo into the light and looked it over. “Why do you have this?”

“I’m going to die now.” She buried her face in his thigh. She suddenly made another lunge for the toy. “Give it to me!” she cried. “Give it back!”

Suddenly he stood and raised it high above his head. Kimberleigh jumped in the air, her full breasts bouncing and brushing against his chest, trying desperately to get a hold of the sex toy she had totally forgotten about. It had been in the sofa’s cushion for the last six months, ever since she’d used it last.

She lurched against him, knocking Greg to the floor. She collapsed face down beside him with a groan of defeat.

“I’ve never been this embarrassed in my life,” she murmured into the carpet.

Greg’s hand rested on the small of her back. He was laughing. He was happy for the first time in five years. Being with this woman made him happy. This must be what it feels like to be happy and falling in love.

She peeked out from beneath her hair that hid her face. “You should probably go now.”

He lowered his head, putting his face right to hers. He could smell her delicious scent. He pushed the curls away from her cheek, and lowered his lips to kiss her on the tip of her small nose before moving to her lips.

His hand returned to the small of her back. He felt her arch into his touch. He felt her warmth through her top. Without thinking, he slipped his hand under her top so that he could feel her soft skin on his. She let out a small moan. He moved his hand lower, past the waistband of her skirt, and laid his hands on her bottom.

“Greg?” She lifted her buttocks slightly when he patted her.

He moved his hand along the back of her thigh until he reached the hem of her skirt. Grasping it, he pushed her skirt up, slowly baring her to his hungry gaze.

Without thinking, she opened her legs. He put his mouth on the back of her thigh and kissed her, then moved to a buttock cheek and kissed her there also. He’d never felt a woman so responsive to his touch. He’d ever felt this kind of hot rush of desire. He wanted her. He didn’t want her to stop him. He dragged his lips across to the next cheek. “Kimberleigh, oh, God, I’m trying to be decent. I really am.”

In response, she lifted her buttocks a little more. “Use the toy,” she gasped, wanting him to satisfy her with the toy instead of his own penis.

“It’s a large dildo, sweetie.” His erection throbbed.

“Well, it’s the only one I have and if you want me, you’ll have to use it.”

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