Megan Dream

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My fingers tingled as I lightly touched Megan’s tits, playfully engorging them at my touch. The quarter shaped areoles taunted me as they moved with the deep pleasure breaths Megan was gasping. I could feel the blood rushing to the tips of her tits, turning them a deep red, engorging them, ready for my mouth. Without even thinking my moistened mouth replaced my left hand on her breast, sucking her nipple into my mouth. She tasted sweet and tangy as I sucked away, drawing more blood to the tip. Megan’s breathing was becoming labored as I kept tonguing her tit, pinching and twirling the other, increasing the pleasure she was experiencing. Quickly she was reaching her end. The air was whistling through her mouth as she tried to move with me. With my free hand I trailed down her body, touching every sweet spot, teasing her, until I reach the sweet mound I was after. The heat from her cunt was intense, burning her up. Swiftly I parted her lips and pushed my middle finger into her vagina causing her to gasp in pleasure and grab my body screaming…

I bolted awake as my head came crashing into my wall, ending the sex dream I was having. Pain engulfed my mind erasing the image of Megan’s body being pleasured by me. I tried desperately to regain the image but I was to awake to grasp it, it was gone. Grumpily and pissed off I threw my sheets off and rolled out of bed, grabbing my pants before opening me door. I always slept in my underwear. But since I lived with my dad I had to cover up when I left my room.
He was sitting on the couch watching yet another recorded football game; since he worked the graveyard shift he always missed things like that. Casually I plopped myself next to him trying to hide that I was still very sexually aroused from my dream. My tits stood clearly visible from my thin cotton shirt and I could smell my own juices. But my father never took his eyes off the TV, just gave me a side hug good morning and told me breakfast was on the table.
Breakfast at my house was always cereal, so I passed on it and went back to my room to change. But as I was leaving I could have sworn that my dad was looking at me like he knew what I had just dreamt about. But I quickly shrugged that thought off and raced back and slammed my door closed. No within the safe box of my room I peeled my shirt and pants off, pinching my now fully engorged nipples. The only images that still remained from the dream now played in my head as I quickly stuffed my hand in my panties and pushed my middle finger up into my own cunt. The pleasure of being intruded caused the tension building in my body to release as I quickly pushed in and out, causing myself to start to come. Finally when I couldn’t take it anymore I pushed a second finger in and pistoned myself to a climax, falling to the floor gasping for air. The image of Megan’s pussy still clearly visible in my mind.

Rain poured down onto my car as I considered juts leaving the school grounds and coming back for when I actually had class, but I had promised Kelly that I would help her get her things to class, so I quickly shoved my door open and slammed it shut racing to the building, locking the door of the car with the button on my keys. The car honked to let me know it was locked. Racing to not get drenched I buzzed past a few girls that were just walking under an umbrella, one was Megan. She looked angel like with the halo of light from the rain hitting the umbrella. Her hair was covered under a black Beatles jacket and she had her hands shoved in the pockets. I wanted to stare at her more but I was getting drenched as I looked. So I peeled myself from my fantasy and ripped the front door open as I came to a dead stop in front Kelly.
“Hey Kell.” I breathed, out of breath from my dead run from the parking lot. She just smiled as she grabbed my arm and led me out into the warm halls.
“Thought you were going to ditch me?” Kelly’s crap was over in a corner, out of the way or people. “Now, you can take the board and the bag. Since you were late we’re going to have to take the shortcut, so outside we go.”
Quickly she and I raced down the hall and out into the quad, an outside sitting area that was lush with trees and bushes. When it was dry and warm outside this place was always filled with couples basically having sex. But today, because of the rain, it was more a barren waste ground then the make-out place. Kelly grabbed my arm again, pulling me close to her as we together ran across the grassy opening, attempting to miss the puddles of mud. I wasn’t so lucky and hit one spraying myself with mud up to my face. The board I held was still safe; I at least knew not to get that dirty. Now mud drenched I wanted the rain to clean me off, but the door to the Drama Building was close and Kelly was picking up speed. We avoided another puddle as Kelly slowed down at the foyer of the new building. I myself didn’t stop, just bolted into the building and dead stopped before I ran into the cardboard cutout of Shakespeare.
“Damn Tish, could you have hit the mud puddles anymore then güvenilir bahis you already have?!” She playfully joked as Kelly placed her crap down to check her phone.
I would have checked mine to see what time it was but I couldn’t stop starting at my best friend’s chest. Through her rain drenched shirt her nipples were standing up, hard from the cold and wetness. Thought of my dream came flooding back and like a click I had the overpowering urge to latch onto Kelly’s tits and suck the crap out of them. But Kelly asking me something brought me back from that.
“Can you help me set up in class? I mean you don’t have class today because of the college being out, so?”
“Sure, but only for a minute, I don’t want to be the mud monster for too long.” I slyly smiled as I kept looking at her tits. They were still engorged and standing up directly at me. Even though I wanted so bad to shove Kelly to the wall, rip her shirt off and suck and lick those sweet tits I knew I couldn’t. She was my best friend and was straight as anyone could be. And Jason her boyfriend would kill me. So instead I grabbed the crap she handed me and walked casually into her class, helping her set up for her thing.

I once again braved the rain as I ran over to the English Building. My next class was there and they at least had a place that I could hang until I had to go to class. The sidewalk was slippery from the constant rain pounding it so I had to walk carefully. But once I had reached the double swing doors of the building I bolted in, not caring the door had slammed behind me. I quickly made my way to the girls’ bathroom at the end of the hall, passing classes already in session. I tried to be quiet but the squeak of my wet sneakers on the tile floors alerted the teachers that a student was in the halls. So instead of trying to be quiet I briskly walked to the bathroom instead and locked the door behind me. I didn’t want to have to have some random girl staring at me as I tried to get the mud off me.
The bathroom was rarely used, but since it did work and it was the nearest one in this end of the hall, girls would brave it. I learned a while back that this was the best place to go if you didn’t want to be found or disturbed. So now, as I locked the door, I flipped the dim lights on and checked the door once again. It was locked; no way was someone getting in.
Feeling that I was safe here I walked to the sink and let the water run until it was warm enough to use. As I waited I let my gaze wonder around the room. Graffiti filled the stalls and walls. Sayings like, “Beth Tanner is a whore” or “Anyone want to hook up with a 10?” were forever etched in the steel of the stall doors and on the peeling papered wall. The two stall doors were closed casting shadows on the floor of the broken toilets. Only one flushed and one actually worked, they weren’t the same one. If you hated filth, you defiantly weren’t going to be found in this room.
The water had warmed up and was ready to use. The paper towel roll was still next to the closets stall so I slowly bent down and ripped a small piece off it. But when I placed it back I swore I saw movement in the stall but starting longer I saw nothing more. I brushed the thought away and went back to wiping the mud off my face. I was now to the point of scrubbing the mud off my shirt when I hear a sound from that same stall. Like someone breathing, gasping almost. Trying to ignore it I kept scrubbing, but the thought of someone watching me was almost enough to get me horny. Blood was racing to my tits as I continued to wash. I paid to much attention to the mud on my breasts that I was getting myself off by just touching them. But before I could do anything I was found out.
“I knew it!” The voice stayed hidden, but it sounded too familiar. Almost like I had heard it a thousand times and now forget who it was. “I had a thought that you were a lesbian, and now I know. I followed you and Kelly, your friend right? I followed you and her and saw that you couldn’t take your eyes off her tits. It fit perfectly.”
“Who are you?” I almost screamed, fear raging throughout my body. All the thrill of being watched was now gone as the fear of what the voice was saying replaced it.
“Someone you know.”
“Just come out of hiding!” my mind raced though everyone I could think of that would have been able to put the pieces to together. But no one came to mind. Only Kelly knew that I was a lesbian, and she was in class, or at least she was when I left.
Sounds of someone moving off of something echoed in the small room and the door to the stall next to me swung open. In the dim light I saw the only thing I needed to realize who it was. The long blonde hair flared around her long, thin face and those icy blue eyes held me in my place. Even the image of her in person was enough to give me butterflies and feel so shy. That black Beatles jacket was zipped open, reviling that she was wearing a blue plaid shirt with an All Time Low tank top under it. Even the blue jean skinnies were just enough to show her figure and türkçe bahis sexy legs in all the right places. I felt ugly as I started hollowly back at Megan, the blonde Pandora-like goddess of my dreams.
“You never thought it was me? How sad.” She was walking closer to me, trapping me between her and the wall behind me. The smell of roses and musk filled my senses, making me weak. “I saw you staring at me one time in my English class. I thought you were just looking for someone, but when you did it again I figured it out.” Her hand was on my arm, slowly inching its way up to my shoulder. “You know I was very flattered that you liked me. I mean, you’re a senior and I’m a sophomore. It held too that I thought you were pretty cute too.” I couldn’t catch my breath as she neared my face, her hand now on my shoulder and the other on my right wrist. “But before now, I wasn’t going to act on it until I knew that you really were what I thought you were. Kelly’s chest proved that.” Then it happened. Her lips touched my lips, throwing my off guard as she shoved my shoulder into the wall and pinned my right wrist.
I could feel her breast touching my body, her tits were hard even though the fabric of her two shirts and bra. I couldn’t hold it any longer; I kissed her back, pushing my tongue into her mouth. She let it in and giggled as she dropped her left hand to the base of my shirt. I knew what was coming and beat her to it. Swiftly with my free left hand I ripped my wet shirt off and peeled the black tank top off, leaving me in only my bra. She and I kept kissing but she let me go to pull her own shirts off.
Here was this blonde angel taking her shirt off for me. The same girl that the morning I dreamed of fucking until she pleaded for me to stop. A fire clicked in me and I felt power over come me. With her still taking her undershirt off I undid her studded belt and pushed her head closer to mine. Her body reacted to my moves and she opened up more for me to use her. Her hands were racing up and down my torso, teasing me every time she got close to my tits. But I knew what I wanted to do with her.
Swiftly I through her against the steel stall wall and unhooked her bra. She let me do what I wanted as she loosely undid my own belt and pulled it out of the loops, giggling the whole time. How I loved that giggle of her’s and the look on her face. She looked like a child as she broke our kiss so I could have free reign of her breasts.
“Trisha I want you to use me. I’ve wanted this for too long!” her pleading turned me on more as her bra fell to the dirty floor releasing her B cup breasts. Her areoles were the size that I had dreamed of. But now I could see that they were a light shade of pink and her nipples were fully engorged, sticking out a full inch. Eagerly I sucked it into my waiting mouth and felt as she arched her body to the touch of my tongue. Soft moans escaped her mouth as she breathed deeply to even out the pleasure attacking her.
Megan with her hands still tried to unbutton my jeans. I quickly stopped teasing her and took off my own jeans as I then pulled her’s off in one swift tug. A yelp of excitement was heard from her as my hand lightly brushed against her pussy but was back on her hips as I went back to teasing her tits. She had one hand on my own breast under my bra and the other inching down my stomach to my pussy lips. Just the touch of her soft hand on my tit was enough to get me off but I wanted her to do more. So instead of letting my hands hold her still I used them to go to the one place I knew she was needed the release. I let my left hand trail down her body to the band of her panties where I casually pulled them down. She just lightly stepped out of them and pushed her now naked body onto mine. Just that was all I needed to rip my own underwear off and lay her on the floor.
I don’t think either of us cared that the floor was filthy, we were too horny and busy fucking each other to care. Meagan’s hand quickly found my clitoris and started to play with it. I now had moved on to her other tit as my left hand rubbed up and down her pussy. The heat from her vagina was intense and I knew I needed to end the pressure for her before this thing ended. So letting her tits go I moved down to her cunt and shoved my middle finger into her vagina. Her body tensed up when I entered her and she gasped in pain.
“Be careful.” Her voice sounded distant to my ears as I went down on her and took her clitoris in my mouth. Another gasp sounded and I knew she was in ecstasy.
“I want you. Let me taste you please.” Megan’s pleading was candy to my mind as I flipped around, straddling her body giving her access to my pussy. Quickly she stuck her tongue in my and I felt in heaven. My own pleasureful gasps stopped me from teasing her as she got both her hand and tongue working together to get me off. I was so much in heaven that I almost forgot where I was.
“Megan…fuck me…NOW!” she did just that as she now shoved two fingers into my and pistoned me with all her force. Her tongue licked up all my juices and swirled güvenilir bahis siteleri my lips, teasing me. Right before I was too much in ecstasy I went back to her pussy and shoved in my two fingers, matching her pace on me.
So here we were. Fucking each other in the girls’ bathroom at school, buck naked, with the girl of my dreams licking my pussy and giving me what I wanted. Megan’s body was quickly growing stiff as I felt an orgasm coming up on her. But I kept the same pace as I stuck my tongue now in her vagina and rubbed her clitoris until a powerful force came.
“I’M CUMMING!” Megan shouted just enough for me to hear as cum gushed from her, going all over my face. I licked all of it off her pussy as I myself finally came. My pussy walls contracted and I bucked against her as she kept finger fucking me until my orgasms subsided. Five minutes went by before I stopped bucking and Megan released me. She eagerly cleaned me up as I did to her and pulled me close to her. Our lips connected once again and I could taste myself in her mouth.
Our tits rubbed up against each other as Megan twisted her left one and my right one. She was like a beast the way she still wanted to go. Quickly I became horny again and shoved my hand in my own cunt, fucking myself. I thrusted in with all my might as I started to breath heavy and with pure lust.
“Let me do that.” Megan pulled my hand from my horny cunt and shoved her own fingers in, giving as much shove as I was. But as she did me she was fucking herself too with her other hand. Quickly, just as before she and reached another organism about the same time, but this time her’s was longer and she cummed all over the bathroom floor. Me being the slut I was went down on her as she rode her orgasm out, licking up and down her pussy until all the cum was gone and in my mouth, then I kissed her again giving her own cum. She swallowed it eagerly as she still kept finger fucking me. I was so horny now that I couldn’t stop, I wanted me.
She must have read my mind because she flipped over and whispered, “Fuck me here. I want it.” I lovingly started at her exposed asshole as I started licking her rosebud with the intent to fuck her more. As I lubricated her ass she kept fucking her own cunt, going slow enough that she wouldn’t get off too early. When she was wet enough I pushed my index finger in and watched as her body tensed up and then soon eased. Slowly I inserted the next finger and she did the same thing. But she wanted me. “Just fuck me now!” She was so demanding that I stopped trying to be gentle and just shoved the third finger in and pumped in and out, fucking her. She rocked back and forth with my movements and soon she was groaning in pleasure, fucking her own cunt faster.
We did this for what felt like ten minutes before Meagan’s body tensed up and I felt her anal cannel constricted around my fingers and an orgasm race through her body. Screams of pleasure left her lips as she gave on last shove into her cunt and fell to the floor. I fell next to her, exhausted.
We lay still for a few moments before Megan stuck her finger in me and slowly fucked me while biting my nipple. “Oh my God Megan! You’re going to put me in a coma!”
“I just have wanted to do this for awhile and now that I am I want to make you feel wonderful.” She said letting my nipple go for a few moments then went right back to it.
“I’d love to stay here with you but I think First Hour is ended soon. I don’t want to draw attention to either of us.” I tried to move but she held me down, still finger fucking me.
“Let me do this one last thing and then we can go. Since English is next and if we’re both gone it might look bad.” And with that she picked up the pace of her fingers and rocked me to ecstasy as she brought me to my last orgasm of the day.
Air left my lungs as the pleasure over took me and I felt Megan’s lips on my cunt. She took all my cum and ate it before letting me go and grabbed her underwear. She quickly got dressed as I came down from my high and too grabbed my clothes. Quickly we both were dressed and I had composed myself, swiping the now dried mud off my clothes. But before I could unlock the door Megan pulled me into a kiss and pushed her tongue down my throat. She broke it quickly and unlocked the door herself, secretly giving my crotch a brush before even inching the door open.
“How about we meet here later today? I ‘m still not done with you.” Those blue eyes started sweetly at me as she stayed close, waiting for my answer. Carefully, making sure no one could even be around, I whispered back at her, giving her one last passion filled kiss.

Back in English I couldn’t keep my eyes off Megan and her clearly engorged tits. She knew I was watching her and kept letting me see that she too was still turned on. Mr. Solemn the English teacher stood next to me the whole class so I had to keep working on papers. Megan kept coming over to sharpen her pencil only to tease me. But since we were in class there was nothing else we could do. The thought of fucking her later today was what got me through the rest of the class and the rest of the day. And when I showed up at the bathroom after school at 3:55 she was already naked, masturbating herself.

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