Memories of a Lustful Youth

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Just a summary of a few fond memories of my sexual “exploits”….others may follow in a later missive.

I remember the first time a man made me cum. Paul was 25 years older than me (I was 20 or 22 at the time), and had been a long time friend and drinking companion. I knew he was gay, and I knew I had always been bi-curious, but I had only ever been with women.

I had missed the last bus home, and he invited me to stay with him. We took a cab to his place.

There was only one bed, so we were going to sleep together. I had not anticipated sex, but when his hand slipped under my briefs and began massaging my ass, my cock got rock hard, and I knew I was going to let him suck me if that’s what he wanted.

It was. And he did. Fantastically. He teased me and played with my cock until I almost had to beg him to let me cum. When he finally let me, I remember holding his head as my whole body convulsed and I shot wave after wave of my seed into his mouth. It was the best orgasm I had ever felt, better than any a woman had ever given me. I learned in that moment that there was no substitute for an experienced man.

I was still too shy to touch him yet though, so I watched him stroke his lovely cock until he groaned and shot stream after heavy stream of white nectar onto his chest and belly. I have always wished I had sucked his cock that night, that I had made him cum as powerfully as he had done for me.

There would be several encounters like this before I finally built up the courage and returned the favour. His cock and cum were so delicious, and the experience of doing this for another man was exhilarating. I had a new favourite pleasure, pleasuring men.

Paul and I would enjoy each other for a number of years following.


I had met Gary through mutual friends at the local bar Paul I used to hang out at. Gary, and his wife Elizabeth, or “Liz” as she liked to be called, were also about twenty years older than me. He was a modest fellow, with a modest beer-belly resembling the middle age that he was. Liz may have been just slightly bit younger than he, a slender figure who always had a friendly smile and a kind word. Over time we had all become good friends.

It was not uncommon that I would go to their place on occasion for a movie night. We’d have a few drinks, eat pizza or popcorn and enjoy a recent video release.

On one of these occasions, it was just Gary and I. I don’t remember why Liz wasn’t with us, but it was just us two guys. We had been talking and drinking, when the subject of my ‘good friend’ Paul came up. Gary asked how long I had known Paul, where we had met, that kind of thing. I don’t know why, but I said to Gary, “You know Paul is gay, right?” I hadn’t violated any confidentiality; while Paul was not feminine in any way or flirtatious with men publicly, it wasn’t much of a secret to anyone.

“I am too,” was Gary’s ataşehir escort bayan response. “Well, I’ve enjoyed sex with both men and women,” he quickly corrected.

There was a moment of silence before I said “Oh ya?” I realized he was looking at me differently than he usually did. His eyes were requiring a reply.

“Me too,” I said, “Well, I consider myself bisexual, but it was Paul who showed me that I really prefer sex with men.”

That’s when Gary leaned over and kissed me. I kissed him back.

Soon we were both naked on the couch. Gary was sitting, and I lie beside him with his cock in my mouth and my cock in his hand. He squeezed and tugged my stiffness as I fondled his balls and licked and sucked his cock. His hand was masterful, and I was fucking it rhythmically while I savoured his manhood. Soon he announced he was going to cum, and holding my head, much as I had done to Paul that first night he sucked me, began unloading eruptions of warm delicious fluid to the back of my throat. I milked him dry and cleaned his cock.

I kneeled in his lap, my legs outside his, and jerked my cock towards him. He watched my face as I stroked myself, and it wasn’t long before I was shooting cum onto his hairy belly.

We were all cleaned up, dressed, and enjoying another drink when Liz arrived home.


The first time Paul had me anally, it was at my request. He was on his back, and I rode him cowboy. I wanted to do it this way my first time so I could control the depth, in case it hurt. Initially, the entry hurt immensely, but once I relaxed around him, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I almost blacked out when I orgasmed, and I loved the feel of the tension in his body under me as he pushed his cock, and ultimately, his seed, into me.

The first time I let Gary fuck me, it was from behind. I was bent over the hood of his beautiful red sports car in his garage. Liz sat in the front seat, watching, as Gary held my hips and worked his cock in and out of my ass. It was so hot having him ravish me this way, and with his wife watching us, no less! Grunts and hissed “yeses” escaped me as he pleasured himself inside me. When he came, his thrusts almost lifted me off the ground, forcing my own orgasm, and resulting in splatters of my cum across his grill and bumper.

Liz knew Gary liked men, I discovered. She wasn’t a jealous woman, and wanted her mate to be happy. But their ‘third’ would have to be ‘bi’, she had insisted. I now know why.

Liz emerged from the car as Gary withdrew from me. She reached under her dress, and pulled her panties down, then stepped out of them. She lifted her dress up as she climbed onto the hood of the car, and presented her pussy to my face. A lovely brown triangle of curls sat above her pronounced clitoris and begging labia. I performed the best I knew how, paying close attention to that magical escort kadıköy love-nub that all women love. She pressed my face in hard to her and cried out when she came.

We all went inside, and enjoyed a movie together.


So our periodic movie night became a periodic sex night, sometimes involving Liz, sometimes just Gary and I.

When it was just Gary and I, he could be very sensual, seductive, and passionate.

It almost always started with kissing and touching. We would often lie side to side in a sixty-nine, and suck each other’s cocks, feeding each other our warm, creamy loads. I loved cumming in his mouth while mine was full of his cock.

We had taken a particular liking to him making love to me. I’d be on my back, with him on top of me between my raised legs, slowly working his cock in my ass as he kissed my neck, face and ears. I would moan under his pressure, and tell him how much I loved having him inside me, how good he was making me feel, and how much I loved his cock. I loved opening my legs for him like this, feeling them around him, watching them bounce as he worked up to his orgasm inside me. Sometimes when he was bringing up his speed as he neared orgasm, my right leg would get an uncontrollable twitch. The tension, then relief, I felt in his body as he flooded my insides with cum, was a feeling I always enjoyed. If he hadn’t made me cum while he was in me (which he was often able to do), then I would lie beside him and stroke myself to orgasm while we kissed.

We had this other thing I enjoyed, that we did occasionally. Gary would sit up against the headboard of the bed, with me in his lap, my back to him. He’d take my cock in his lubed hand and slowly, deliberately, massage it. I would turn my head and we’d kiss, but soon I was fucking his hand as much as he was massaging me. After I erupted and sent my seed flying everywhere, I would turn around and give him a long, slow, teasing blow job, until he was begging to cum. Then is would suck him forcefully, until he unloaded his relief into my mouth.

When it was all three of us, Gary was different. I didn’t mind, I liked this side of Gary too. When it was the three of us, it was pure lustful sex.

It was always their call what we did, but they both were imaginative and adventurous.

Liz liked to watch me suck her husband off. Sometimes he’d cum in my mouth, but she really like watching him shoot his load onto my my eagerly awaiting tongue and across my face. She would lick her husbands cum off my face, and taste it from my tongue, then direct me to eat her pussy while Gary kissed her and played with her tits. I had gotten good at making her cum with my tongue. She liked me to masturbate while I ate her, and when my orgasm came, she wanted me to cum on her feet. Many times she orgasmed with my cum in between her toes and running down the soles of her feet.

Other maltepe escort times, she would sit back and play with her pussy while she watched her husband suck me off, then, with my cum in his mouth, Gary would get on top of her and kiss her passionately, sharing my seed, and fuck her. Gary had good control, and would pull out as he came, splattering her pussy with his seed. I would clean his cock, then go down on Liz, lapping up their combined sex fluids.

Or Gary would take her from behind, fill her with his seed, and then she would squat over me in a sixty-nine, and I would eat the lovely cream pie from her, licking and sucking her clitty, while she and Gary sucked and stroked me together until I blew my load into their mouths or all over myself.


Roger was one of the owners of a gay club I used to occasionally attend. He had been flirting with me for some time, and so when one evening when he asked me to stay after closing, I did.

We had a couple of drinks in his office as he did the closing receipts. Then he had me drop my pants and sit on his desk in front of him. He fondled my cock with his hands until I was hard, and then closed his mouth over me and sucked. His tongue worked magically with the bobbing of his head, and his skill and talent were exceptional. I was soon moaning uncontrollably and cumming down his throat.

He stood a dropped his pants, and directed me on my knees in front of his chair, before he sat back down. My pants were still around my ankles as he put his hand behind my head and directed my face to his cock. He was uncircumcised, which made me a little nervous- I had never sucked an uncut cock before, and was worried I might disappoint. I used my hand to draw the foreskin back from the head, and ran my tongue around his now exposed helmet. Then I took him in and sucked him hungrily. I knew I had done well when after only a few minutes he grunted and flooded my mouth with his dicksauce. He drove me home that evening, and expressed a desire to see me again.

Another time, when I arrived half way into the evening, he immediately brought me up to his office. He told me what he wanted, and it sounded like fun to me. He had me jerk off into his underwear, which he then wore, wet with my seed, for the remainder of the evening. For the rest of the evening I was aroused as I watched him mingling with customers, knowing his underwear and cock were wet with my cum. When he drove me home that night, he drove us to a secluded area, and asked me to fuck his ass. He handed me a condom as we exited the car. He dropped his pants and leaned over the back of the car, and after wetting his rim with my saliva, I inserted myself. I had never fucked a guy’s ass before; it was warm and tight, and it wasn’t long before I blew my load into the condom. Then he turned around, and I squatted before him, and sucked his uncut cock (which initially tasted a bit like me as a result of marinating in my cum all night) until he took over with his hand, and shot long strings of hot jizz all over my face.


So those are just a few memories. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, or directly by email.

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