Mia’s Sweater Stretchers

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Mia looked in the mirror and felt like a sex goddess. Long red hair, green eyes, fiery red bush, and massive boobs.

In six months, her tiny tit-lets grew into a pair of sweater-stretchers. Humongo hooters stuck out from her chest, begging for attention… with her puffy nipples leading the way.

While taking Zoom classes, the eighteen-year-old went from an ‘A’ student to a ‘Double-D.’ Below the camera, her boobs blossomed. Mia couldn’t wait to go back to class and show off her cleavage.

Mom told her guys are handy–real handy! “And if you’re not careful you’ll have those hands all over your hooters. Mia you need a husky boyfriend.”

Mom was right. At high school, the guys saw her new boobs and yelled Moo-Moo Mia! And lots of guys ‘accidentally’ bumped into her chest. Sometimes hands first.

Sometimes she let ’em have a feel.

After classes that day, Mia started to drive home when her car broke down. Soon two cars pulled up with four guys. Instead of helping her–they chased Mia behind a bus stop!

The older guys held her down, yanked up her blouse, and gawked in awe at her huge jugs. Each of them fondled her in turn. Then a guy named Jimmy yanked her shorts and panties off… everyone stared at her curly red pussy.

“Wow Mia, you could be a porn star.”

A few of them touched her down there. The twins took turns sticking their fingers up her slit while the other guys groped and sucked her hooters. She really didn’t mind the groping, but things got worse.

After feeling her up, Jimmy and Tim held her arms while the other two guys unzipped, pulled out their boners. One screwed her pussy while the other fucked her mouth.

It was so damn naughty she couldn’t stop giggling.

Then it was the twins’ turn in her hole. Mia was fucked by guy after guy. But the redhead tried to enjoy it and even had an orgasm. Getting gangbanged made her feel popular… almost.

After the last guy spurted into her fuzzy, cum-urinal he pulled out. Someone took a close-up pic of Mia’s sloppy cunt. That made her feel slutty.

Then a bus city pulled up and stopped. All the guys ran away.

Mia was pissed. ‘Dammit–they shouldn’t have left me lying in the dirt, all naked and sticky.’ She was elated when the twins ran back, helped her get dressed, and drove her home.

They parked in her driveway, then invited her into the backseat. Mia knew what they wanted, and she could’ve run inside. But Mia really appreciated their help and let them have another piece of pussy pie. They took turns.

Jimmy spread her legs and screwed her first while Tim sucked her tits. Mia actually had an orgasm. Then Tim wanted his cock sucked before he pumped her full of cum. She let him take a pic of her cream pie.

The twins wiped off her fully fucked twat and helped her dress for a second time. “Thanks Mia, that was awesome.”

She stumbled inside. Mom saw the dirty handprints on Mia’s blouse and the sperm stains on her skirt. “Dammit girl, you’re going to wind up a gangbang girl like your slutty sister.”

“Daughter use your knockers to get a boyfriend. NOW!”

Mia had her orders.


Monday, the twins cornered Mia in the gym. They wanted to show Gunter her new boobs. “No dammit, my tits aren’t for show-and-tell!…um, wait… is that Gunter over there lifting the barbells?”

The muscle man walked over, flexing his abs. He looked like The Rock.

“C’mon Moo-Moo, show him.” Tim and Jimmy pulled up her blouse, and she shook her mammaries. Gunter’s eyes bugged out as his mouth drooled. He was properly impressed.

Jimmy yelled, “Hey let’s look at her cute pussy, Mia doesn’t mind.” Before she could stop them, the twins yanked down her shorts, exposing her curly red pubes.

All three guys tried to finger her. “Dammit my pussy’s not a finger toy!”

Gunter whispered. “No Mia, pussy is FUCK toy. A beautiful fuck toy.” She looked up to see three tent-poles bulging in the guy’s pants. Gunter’s tent-pole was about to rip through his shorts.

“I know what you dick-heads are thinking. And no you can’t fuck my twat again. I’m going to find a big, mean boyfriend to protect my goodies.”

Jimmy yelled. “Can I be your boyfriend? Please Mia? I’m kinda big and mean.” Tim punched him. “No I’m gonna be her beau!” Gunter knocked both of them down.

While they fought, Mia buttoned her blouse, yanked up her panties, and ran away laughing. Jeez, she couldn’t wait to tell sis that three guys fought over her. It tickled her pussy.

Later that night, Mia thought about Gunter while fingering herself. The guy was big as an ox AND dumb as an ox. But adiosbet yeni giriş he had a lump that made her twat twist and tingle! She set her boyfriend trap.


Tuesday, Mia purposely missed her bus home. Running to the parking lot, she found the big oaf and accidentally bumped him with her boobage.

“Oh hi Gunter. Silly me missed the bus. Could you drive me and the girls home?”

“Which girls?” He stared at her bulging chest. “Oh, those girls. Sure!” They hopped in Gunter’s SUV and drove away. Soon she felt the guy’s big hand squeezing her knee and crawling up her thigh. Excellent.

Time to hook a boyfriend. And a girl’s hook is hidden right under her pussy hair.

“Gunter park behind those trees, I need to fix my bra. It’s pinching my nipples.” He looked shocked and zipped behind the trees. Mia opened her blouse, threw off her bra, and sucked her own nipples in front of Gunter.

That drove him crazy!

Gunter grabbed her boobs, kissed her hard, and groped her body like he had seven hands. She felt his huge paw shove into her panties. “Wait you brute! Don’t rip my panties! I’ll take them off.”

Mia got naked, giggled, and jiggled, and spread her legs invitingly. Gunter fingered her hole, then shoved his prick in so quick she didn’t get a chance to see it.

But boy-oh-boy, he had long one. He pounded Mia’s pussy like he was punishing it.

Gunter fucked her so hard the car rocked. Gripping his hips with her legs, she helped him fuck, humping her pussy against his raging boner.

“AUCCHH!” Gunter’s head flew up as his prick speared deep and spewed. Mia didn’t have an orgasm, but she felt Gunter filling her fuckhole with gobs of sticky goo.

After the screwing they kissed. “Thank you Gunter, I guess that fuck makes you my new boyfriend.” They left, and the guy fingered Mia while he drove.

Later in her driveway, Gunter covered her face in kisses. After a minute, the guy nudged her face down to his lap. Mia knew what he wanted. Opening her mouth, she waited for his fat prick, and he pulled it out.

“Wait a minute! GROSS–It’s not circumcised!”

Gunter’s prick looked like a deformed earthworm, with a fleshy thing on the tip. She pushed it away. “Sorry guy–deal’s off. I’m not putting that thing in my mouth!”

“But Mia we can work out this, yes? What about whip cream?”

“NO WAY DUDE! BJs are real important– but I ain’t never sucking your ugly prick. It’d make me barf!” Mia tucked in her tits and buttoned up her blouse.

“Ask Frieda. She’s German, so she’ll be glad to suck your sausage.”

“Help me Mia, please. My balls are so blue they might fall off.” Blue balls got her every time.

“Okay Gunter one last fuck.” Mia spread her legs politely. Gunter’s stiff worm prick plunged in like an iron rod, pounding her twat and rocking the car as they screwed. This time Mia had a fantastic orgasm.

Too bad his fuck-stick was so fucking ugly.


Mia still didn’t have a beau. So on Friday, she flirted with a guy named Caleb. He was tall and cute, definitely boyfriend material. They snuck into a broom closet, and he asked to see her melons.

“Sure.” Mia giggled and lifted her dress. Caleb’s mouth moved toward her tits.

“Wait a minute Caleb… Are you circumcised?” He didn’t answer. “Let her see your cock.” Caleb pulled out his dick, and she was relieved to see that mushroom head.

But his thing grew long and stood up stiff as stone.

“Mia you can’t leave her like this. Class is in a few minutes!” Oh shit, he was right. Mia dropped to her knees and sucked Caleb’s cock in a quickie BJ, furiously bobbing her head to beat the bell.

Her tongue swirled around his prick as her fingers tugged on his ball sack.

And it worked, his prick erupted! Mia choked and gagged but swallowed down gobs of sticky nutrition. The bell rang just as she pulled away. They both ran out the door, and she yelled, “Call me!”

Later that day, Jake the Jerk groped her tits at the water fountain. So she kicked Jake’s balls so hard he was sent the nurse… And she was sent to the principal’s office. Jeez.

When she walked into the office, Principal Honeycutt almost fell out of his chair. “Wow, is that you little Mia, hiding behind those chest mountains? My gosh, you’ve been blessed by the Titty Goddess.”

He patted her butt. “Now Mia what’s all this trouble with Jake?”

“The Jerk groped my boobs in front of everybody. So I crushed his balls… But sir, Jake’s such an idiot. If he’d just asked nice to see my knockers, I would’ve let him. I’m not titty shy.”

“Excellent.” Mr. Honeycutt adiosbet giriş led Mia to a couch and had her sit on his lap. “Now Missy. To settle this little problem I’ll need to see your knockers.”

“What? But sir you’re the principal… I’d feel really weird showing you my boobs.”

“Now Missy, you said you weren’t titty shy.” Mia nodded and undid her blouse and bra, letting her tits bounce out, proud and pointy.

“Oh my! I can see why they drove Jake crazy.” Mia flinched when Mr. Honeycutt grabbed her tits and sucked her long nipples like he was milking her.

“Stop that sir!” But the horny man reached for her panties. She blocked his hand. “Don’t do that sir! What are you going to do about Jake?”

“Oh he’s expelled. Now it’s just you and me, and the girls.” He yanked her panties down to her knees and gawked at her naked twat. “MY GOD GIRL! Your pussy is perfect!” She blushed as he fingered her perfect pussy.

“Mia can she be you’re new beau? I’m single?”

“Boyfriend? How did you know I was looking for a–“

“–twats talk.”

“Yes I need a boyfriend. But he must be circumcised dammit! No more worm pricks!” Mr. Honeycutt nodded and unzipped, proudly displaying his manhood. The thing had a wonderfully wide knob and was so frickin’ hard it looked frozen.

“So Miss Mia… maybe I can be an every-Friday-after-school boyfriend? Yes, I think that will work nicely. I’ll fit you into my schedule and you’ll fit me into your hole.”

“No Sir. That’s WAY too weird Mr. Honeycutt.”

“Call me Mr. Honey.” He grinned. “And I think a good pussy licking will seal the deal.” The horny principal forced Mia’s thighs apart, stabbing his tongue into her squirming hole.

“Stop that sir!” But his nasty tongue lapped away at her slit. Mia tried to push his head away, but… his mouth found her clitty and nibbled it like a pink gummy bear. “Ohhh… Shit!” He wasn’t Mr. Honey– he was Mr. Horny!

Mr. Horny pulled his stiff prick up to her saliva-drenched pussy and plowed in, driving his shaft deep into her tunnel. “OUCH SIR!” The couch squeaked as the principal humped away, squeezing her fat tits, and pounding her perfect pussy.

Jezuz! It was awkward as hell getting screwed by the school principal. His nasty prick was so stiff and so hard…and plunged so deep she could feel it in her throat.

Soon her thighs burned like fleshy fire. Then she felt IT, that naughty twinkle… and a spasm… Mia’s back arched as a lightning bolt ripped through her twat– tearing straight up her spine!

“OMYGOD Mr. Horny!!”


Saturday. Super, awful, terrible, sore-pussy Saturday. Caleb never called. So her big sister invited her to a college party. Which was awesome. “And lots of free booze.”

“But sis, I’m not old enough to drink alcohol.”

“You’re old enough to drink cum ain’t you?” Mia blushed, and her sister laughed. “Mia you’re 18, Legal Meat. The frat guys will LOVE you. Hell, you might get lucky.”

The sisters arrived at the frat house wearing football jerseys as dresses. Inside were a dozen beer kegs, a bunch of stoners dancing to disco music, and drunken guys dunking each other in a tub full of beer. Awesome.

Her slutty sister joined a strip poker game. Mia got a beer and danced with the disco guys for a while. Then she sat on a puke-stained sofa. And it didn’t take long for her huge hooters to attract men.

Tits are man-magnets. And Mia was top of her class. Two drunken frat boys stumbled over and gawked at her cleavage. “Whoa, nice knockers babe.”

“Thanks.” Soon a fourth guy staggered over with Jello shots. Mia drank one. It was great. So was the second, but the third was a mistake. As were the fourth and fifth. Soon horny frat guys circled her like pussy vultures.

Jake the Jerk showed up and yelled, “Hey that’s Moo-Moo Mia, she’s got crazy big hooters. And look she’s not wearing a bra!” The guys studied at her chest, and her protruding nipple bumps gave it away. “Oops.”

“Hell yes.” A guy tried to lift her jersey, but she stopped him. “C’mon Mia, show us.” They chanted, “Boobs! Boobs! We want boobs! “

“Okay-okay. You guys wanna see Perky and Pinky?” She lifted her jersey and they lunged for her hooters like starving calves. One guy sucked Perky while the other guy almost bit Pinky’s nipple off.

“Ouch–not so hard.” Behind Mia, two guys yanked her jersey over her face and held her arms back, while more guys pulled off her panties, spreading her legs wide… she knew what was cumming.

Mia’s sister said the frat boys would LOVE her… And they took turns loving Mia.

One after adiosbet güvenilirmi another, they shoved stiff boners into her sore pussy and humped away. Long pricks, fat pricks, skinny pencil pricks.

The guys slobbered over her tits while fucking her pussy. As soon as one finished, another prick plunged into her sloppy hole.

But with the jersey over her head, she couldn’t see any faces. Dammit, a girl wants to see who’s screwing her! Wouldn’t you?’

The guys came back for seconds. It was kinda weird getting fucked and re-fucked. But during the gangbang Mia had three incredible orgasms…

She couldn’t tell who was fucking her until a guy whispered. “Mia, thanks for the pussy. Now I’m going to bang your booty.”

It was Jake the Jerk! The Jerk flipped her over, spit in her butthole, and drove his prick straight up her ass. Dammit.

After the gangbang, Mia stumbled to her feet and kicked Jake in the balls. The Jerk hobbled off. She headed for the bathroom to pee… then decided to piss in the frat boys’ bucket of beer. Excellent.

Mia couldn’t find her clothes, so she slipped on some guy’s t-shirt and another girl’s panties. Now Mia needed a ride home.

Glancing in the poker room, she saw her naked sister wedged between two guys, with a prick in her bush and one in her tush… Her sister looked busy.

Mia almost called an Uber but decided to walk home bare-footed. As she walked, she felt lines of gooey cum running down her thighs. And Mia realized her big sister was right. She did get lucky… several times in a row.


The following day Mia woke up with her pussy sore as a peeled tomato. She soaked her twat in the tub, dreading school. Pics of her gangbang had spread, and the titty gropers were waiting.

She needed a boyfriend, Now!

The idea hit her like a bucket of beer. She looked down at her aching pussy. ‘Sorry girl you’re in for another workout… if I’m lucky.’

Jimmy and Tim met her at the park. They snuck behind a tree, and she let them fondled the twins.

“Okay, one of you lucky guys is going to be her boyfriend. Now I want you to fight each other and the winner gets my super-sized tits and my super-sweet twat.”

Tim kissed her. “Mia we ain’t fighting. We both want to be your boyfriend, both at the same time. ‘Cause guarding your huge tits is too big a job for one guy. So we’ll do it together.”

“Two boyfriends, oh wow? We could try it, umm… what about sex?”

Tim laughed. “We already double-banged you once.” The twins carried Mia to a grassy spot and took off her clothes.

“Wait a sec guys, I need to see your cocks.” They whipped out their boners. Both had nice knobby pricks, so she gave each a quick suck and spread her legs.

They flipped a coin. Mia was used to guys flipping a coin to see who fucks her first.

Jimmy won and pounded Mia’s sore pussy with quick hard thrusts while holding on to her tits like fuck handles. She could tell he’d been dying to screw her… Mia’s hot twat was just getting aroused when Jimmy tossed his head up and spewed.

‘Great. Jimmy’s done, and I’m horny as a nun in a cucumber field. Maybe getting double fucked was a good idea.’

As soon Jimmy pulled out, Tim plunged straight into her sloppy fuck-hole. He sucked her fat tits and pounded Mia’s twat. Tim’s prick was shorter than Jimmy’s, but boy did he know how to screw…

Tim’s stiff prick found her itchy g-spot and hammered it mercilessly. Mercilessly! Soon an orgasm ripped through her body– ricocheting from her tits to her toes. “Oh Yess! Yess!”

As she screamed, Tim pulled his prick up and spewed into her mouth.

Mia swallowed his cum, and they lay naked together in the grass. Somehow the nerd twins got a brilliant idea. “Hey Mia guess what? We can both screw you at the same time.”

The horny guys rolled Mia on her side. She gritted her teeth as Tim’s prick pushed into her pussy while Jimmy’s boner shoved straight up her asshole. “Ohmygod!”

Mia felt the cock in her ass hit the cock in her cunt, like dueling swords. But that’s one of the joys of being a girl–getting fucked in both holes at the same time!

The naughty twins jackhammered her back and forth, trying to split her in half.

Mia was so proud of them. Jimmy and Tim became her boyfriends, and she was their faithful girlfriend…except of course, for Friday afternoons with Mr. Horny.

She thought her boyfriend problem was solved. But Tim and Jimmy dumped Mia when they found her naked and spread on Mr. Horny’s desk. They were pissed.

After school, Jimmy, Tim, and two other guys cornered Mia in the gym and stripped her naked. Mia got groped and fingered, and as usual they all took turns screwing her silly… And she loved it.

Mia realized she didn’t need any boyfriend. It was fun having a free-range pussy… A wild pussy… a pussy made to be shared.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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