Middle Aged Crazy

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I guess you could call it middle-aged crazy. That was the term that started being used way back in the seventies but it’s still appropriate.

As with so many couples, my wife and I had grown into a state where we were basically friends, room-mates, financial partners and occasional — make that very occasional — lovers. Things were stale and predictable and let’s be frank, kind of boring. I don’t put blame on her and I don’t think she’d blame me. It was just the way it was and from looking around and listening to people talk, it seems to me that we were part of a large majority of older, long-time married couples.

My story began one night when Dave, a friend of mine, and I were out for a beer. He’s one of those guys who tends to philosophize and even pontificate a lot when he gets drinking. Out of the blue he mentioned that he’d come to a conclusion about life as an older married man.

“There are three things you can do once your kids have grown and are out of the house. Volunteer. That’ll take up your free time. Secondly, you can get a divorce. That’s costly. And the third thing you can do it have an affair.”

I kind of laughed but it was certainly food for thought. So I said to him, “So which one are you opting for?”

He looked at me with a smirk on his face. He looked around the bar as if he were about to share something he wanted no one to hear and then said, “Door number three man.”

I was a bit shocked but pressed him on it. “And what’s that look like?”

He leaned across the table and with deadly seriousness said he’d found a website that was the answer to his problem. “It’s a cheating website for adults who want to have affairs. I’ve met three different women on it. Fucked two of them.”

I sat back, a bit surprised to say the least. Dave had always seemed to get along really well with his wife and he didn’t seem like a philandering type. All I could say was “Wow.”

“You ought to check it out bud. You won’t regret it.”

“Yeah, right,” I answered. But I made a mental note of the name of the site.

Our conversation turned back to the hockey game that was on the bar’s large screen TV and that was all that was said about the affairs and the notorious website.

When I got home late that night my wife was asleep in bed already and I went to my computer in my den. I was intrigued and checked out the website. “Life is Short. Have an affair,” it advertised. I then proceeded to fill in some personal questions and it showed me possible matches in my area, in the state and even in other countries. I was able to look at women who wanted affairs, cyber chat and it showed some pictures and some of their preferences. I was shocked at how many people there were on the site and the wide selection of women in age, body type and orientations.

The next night, after my wife had gone to bed, I returned to my computer and logged on with a new password they’d given me. I probably spent a couple of hours perusing what was being offered and it did more than intrigue me. It pulled me in and determined a new path for me. Yes, I even signed up using my PayPal account.

That allowed me to actually contact women that interested me. I was even able to chat online with two women that night. But the thing that really worked was when I looked at women in my area who were interested in fooling around, there were several my age and near enough that they’d be possibly available.

One in particular stood out. Her nickname was “Cuddly and Horny One.” She was within 20 miles, was married but interested in a one-on-one affair, and the picture beside her profile was of a nice looking blonde with rather ample breasts. I sent a message to her that I’d be interested in chatting. Then, I closed the website and went to bed. I was in a bit of turmoil, wondering if I was doing a very bad thing or if this could get me in trouble. I hardly slept that night although I must admit it made my dick hard just thinking about this woman whose profile seemed so perfect.

The next night I logged on and immediately saw that I had a response to my message to Cuddly and Horny One. She liked what she’d seen in my profile — the fact that I was fit, liked movies and music and politics. She said that my sexual preferences — especially the part about giving oral satisfaction – were exactly what she was missing and wanted in her life. She gave me her email address and asked me to respond.

The long and short of it is that we emailed back and forth for about a week, getting to know a few things about each other. Finally, I initiated a face-to-face encounter by saying that I’d love to meet up for coffee. Within hours, she’d written back that kartal escort she could meet for coffee the following evening. She had said her real name was Susan, she was 51 and worked as a nurse.

This thing moved fast. I arrived early at the coffee shop and sat in my car waiting for her to show up. Eventually I saw a very nice looking woman get out of an SUV and start for the door. I knew it was her and intercepted her as she was about to open the door.

“Susan? I’m John.” I said as I held the door for her. She gave a huge, beautiful smile and walked inside. “My treat I said. What’ll you have?”

I bought the two coffees and we sat down in a booth away from anyone else. She was easy to look at. Very pretty face. She had a few lines but then again, who doesn’t at our age. I was taken with her hands. She had long fingers, immaculately coiffed nails and a couple of rings, one being a giant diamond with an attached wedding ring.

We hit it off immediately. That to me is the incredible part of this story. My mantra in life has always been, “What are the chances?” but this meeting seemed like fate. We talked about our jobs and things that were going on in town. She talked about books she’d read recently and I responded with what I’d been reading. We liked some of the same music and TV shows and her top three movies of all time were all films that I liked as well. I think both of us were smiling the entire time. We never mentioned sex the whole time — although I suspect both of us were thinking about it. I saw how she looked at me and I was certainly ogling her.

By the time we’d finished our drinks, I was hooked. This woman seemed so ideal and even though we hadn’t talked about sex for one second, I was aroused.

We walked out to her car and I made a very forward suggestion to her. “There’s a nice park around the corner here. The parking lot is secluded. Would you like to go there to talk? Just talk….”

“Just talk? Well, if that’s all, forget it…” Susan smiled and gave me a rather coy look. “Okay, I’ll follow you.”

I drove to the park with her car following closely behind me all the way. We parked under a large maple tree, well away from anything else in the park. (It wasn’t a popular place for kids or even people and their dogs anyhow.)

She left her vehicle and came over and climbed into the front seat of my car.

“This has been nice,” she said. “I didn’t know what to expect but I think this might work. What do you think?”

In answer to that, I leaned forward and kissed her lightly on the lips. She responded with a hand on my leg and a poke of her tongue between my lips. I moved as close as the seats of my car allowed and kissed her firmly, my tongue exploring her mouth as well. My left hand touched her breasts and I could feel their firmness through the material of her sweater and her bra. I wasn’t at all surprised when her hand slid up my leg and she felt the hardness beneath my jeans.

After a few minutes of what really amounted to teenage petting, we pulled apart to catch our breath, if nothing else. I could see that her cheeks were flushed and I suspect that my lust was evident in ways other than the hardness of my cock in my jeans.

“Let’s make a plan,” I said and she nodded without saying a word.

We decided that we would meet in a nearby town that had a rather anonymous Holiday Inn on the outskirts. Unlikely that anyone would see us there. I would make the reservation for the next night and we’d meet there about seven pm. She fully concurred with my plan.

“This is going to be exciting,” she said as she smiled and stepped out of my car. She gave a cutesy wave, got in her car and drove off.

I sat there for a few minutes, wondering what I had got myself into. Was I being a selfish jerk and a terrible person by cheating on my wife? Would I be jeopardizing all that we’d built as a couple over the years? Or could I justify an affair because my sex life was so bleak and boring and practically non-existent. I had needs, damn it.

The next evening, I told my wife that I was going to the local team’s hockey game and drove instead to the Holiday Inn. I checked in and texted Sue that I had arrived and gave her the number of the room.

In about five minutes she arrived, slipping in and locking the door behind her. I walked to the door to greet her, thrilled with the thought that I was about to have sex with this incredible woman. She immediately threw her arms around me and we kissed in the small hallway for what seemed like minutes. Her lips and tongue tasted marvelous and she pressed herself against me so that I kaynarca escort could feel the press of her breasts against me and she could feel my stiffness against her.

Breaking from the kiss, I took her hand and walked us toward the king sized bed. I had put on soft music on the radio and only one desk lamp so that room was dimly lit. I’d brought a bottle of Shiraz and opened it so that we could share a drink and talk a bit.

As Sue sat on the bed, she crossed her long curvy legs and undid the top button of her blouse, revealing a glimpse of dark bra and deep cleavage. Her smile never seemed to leave her face. We didn’t have much to say as we sat and sipped the wine so I moved beside her and kissed her neck. She moved her head to the side and gave a slight moan as my tongue licked her earlobe.

She sat forward and put her wine glass on the bedside table. Taking my glass from my hand, she placed my glass beside hers. Then, leaning toward me, she gave me the deepest kiss I think I’ve ever had. Her tongue went nearly down my throat!

She stood up suddenly and began to take off her top. I began to unbutton my shirt and as we undressed, we kept our eyes locked on each other. I stood up and began to help her with her top, then her bra. As I unclasped it, she shrugged it off her shoulders and I looked down at the most beautiful breasts I’d ever seen. They were what I considered a perfect size — a handful – and the nipples were smallish but standing out. I couldn’t resist bending forward and taking one into my mouth, sucking it and letting my tongue flick back and forth. She once again let out that soft moan as she let her head fall backward. Her hands on my shoulders encouraged me to stay there and feast on her breasts for a moment or two.

After attending to her nipples and licking the underside of her breasts, I stood up once more and pulled off my shirt. Her hands slid across my chest, touching my nipples and lightly pulling at the hair. Then she began to undo my belt.

I watched as she unbuckled it slowly and deliberately. Her eyes were glued to mine and she was doing it by feel. As it came undone, she looked down and began to slide my pants to the floor. At the same time I was trying to slide her skirt off. It was too awkward and we both stopped with a quick giggle.

She slithered out of her skirt and I let my pants fall to a pile around my ankles. I was standing there with only my underwear and a rather large bulge pointing directly at her. Her panties — very tiny, though not a thong — matched the bra she’d been wearing.

“Lie down,” I said and she lay back on the bed.

I took hold of the panties and slid them ever so slowly along her hips, her thighs and below her knees. Then they were off. I stood up and slid my own boxer-briefs down my hips and off. My cock, free at last, stood erect and pulsing.

I looked at her pussy. She had a beautifully coiffed “landing strip” of pubic hair, all trimmed and freshly waxed or shaved. I leaned forward to get a better view. Instinctively she opened her legs, revealing her slit.

I kissed her knee. Then slid my tongue up her inner thigh and to the top of her tiny bush. I tugged at the hair with my lips and then continued circling her thighs with my tongue, teasing her and not touching or even going near her waiting pussy. Looking up at her, she had closed her eyes and was letting me explore and tease all I wanted. I ran my fingers and hands along her smooth long legs, kissed the tops of her toes and worked my way slowly back up her legs, kissing or licking and lightly touching with just my finger tips.

I parted her pussy lips and saw her little hooded bud, my target. Bending close, I let out a small drool of spit and then followed the wetness with my tongue. She inhaled sharply but lay there, waiting for me to go to work. Work? Ha. This was ecstasy. I flicked my tongue back and forth on her clit and then began to suck on it, pulling it into my mouth but continuing to tickle it with my tongue. Sue lifted herself up off the bed to meet my tonguing and moved her hips slightly to try to increase the sensations. As I munched on the top part of her increasingly wet vagina, I parted her lips with my fingers and pushed my right index finger inside. Wet indeed! She moaned as I then inserted two fingers and slowly moved them in and out, careful to draw my finger along the top of her vaginal canal as I withdrew it. With that action and the vibrations from my tongue, she was soon on the brink of orgasm. I couldn’t stop as I knew that would be cruel as well as not fulfilling what I wanted to achieve. Her orgasm. Finally kozyatağı escort — and it didn’t take long — she let out an involuntary cry as she exploded with pleasure, her hips bucking and pushing her pussy against my face and tongue. She pushed my head away as she writhed in the after-shocks of her orgasm.

“Oh my god,” was all she could seem to say. Over and over.

I straightened up, wiped the pussy juice from my face and looked down at her. Lying there, legs wide apart, she smiled up at me and panted. She exhaled a long slow breath and then sat up.

“Your turn, baby.”

I stood where I was and watched as she took hold of my hard cock in one hand and guided it to her open mouth. Her tongue flicked along the swollen head and licked a drop of pre cum from the tip. Then she slid her mouth all the way down on my prick, gulping all of it. Her nose rubbed against my pubes and I could feel her tongue swirling around my stiff shaft. I closed my eyes and let myself enjoy the expertise and skill she brought to her, ahem, task. Her head bobbed up and down on my cock like it was on a timer and with each motion the pleasure seemed to increase. My hands on her head, touching her soft hair, kept perfect time. After maybe a minute or two I had to stop her. I couldn’t cum just yet but any more of that action and I’d be shooting a load down her throat.

“Well,” I said, ” to quote my friend Sue. Oh my god, oh my god!”

We both laughed and I pulled the condom that I’d brought from my jeans pocket.

“Let me put it on you,” she said and expertly slid the prophylactic onto my dick, sliding it down the entire length with a skilled hand.

We slid over to the middle of the bed and she lay back, pulled her legs up with her arms and gave me a new target. I slipped the covered head of my cock up against her clit and waggled it a couple of times. Then, with deliberate slowness, I pushed my hard prick deep into her waiting pussy. It was so wet and I slid back and forth easily. Her legs rested on my shoulder and in that position I could feel how deep I was going inside her. She breathed heavily as she looked in my eyes. We rocked like that for several moments, her tight pussy gripping my cock and she matched my thrusts with movement of her own.

I like variety when I’m fucking and I withdrew my cock and without saying anything, pushed her over onto her stomach and motioned for her to get on all fours. Then, I pushed my cock into her again from behind.

“Oh, I love doggy style,” she said and again, made her own motion against me. In fact, I bent motionless and let her buck back and forth on my cock. Her heavy breathing and the enticing grunts she made told me that she was enjoying this as much as I was.

We fucked for a couple of minutes in doggy style and then I decided it was time for a change once again. I pulled my cock out and flopped back on the bed, my cock stiff and throbbing with my heartbeat against my stomach. Sue straddled me, took my cock in hand and guided it into her opening. Then she slowly eased herself down, impaling herself on my stiff prick.

I looked up at her. Her face was flushed, which only made her look more beautiful to me. As she rose and then lowered herself onto me, I looked at her chest. She had a colourful blotch on her chest from the excitement but more importantly I was able to look at her amazing tits. I held them, I pulled and pinched her nipples and she placed her hands on my chest for balance. She continued to thrust and ride me, my cock easily sliding in and out of her gushing cunt.

“Oh fuck me John,” she said breathlessly. “I’m cumming.”

She arched her back and threw her head back, but kept control enough to keep my cock inside her. She shuddered and moaned loudly as another orgasm swept her away. I kept thrusting and could feel that my own explosion was getting very close.

“I want to see you cum,” she whispered as she leaned over me. “Come on my tits.”

I pulled my cock out of her snatch and tugged the end of the condom off. Gripping myself, I began to tug on my cock. Within seconds I was there. I leaned over her and she watched wide-eyed as I jerked my prick and began to spurt all over her breasts and stomach. The white semen flew through the air, one gob landing squarely on one of her dollar sized nipples.

Done, I collapsed beside her and leaned in to kiss her. She grabbed my head in both hands and gave me the hardest, longest, wettest kiss of my life.

“That was fantastic,John.”

“That was amazing Sue,” I answered, “You know something, I kind of like you.”

We both laughed and lay there in a close embrace, the cum on her tits and stomach almost gluing us together. My heart was beating rapidly and I was sweating like I’d just run a marathon. Her body glistened as well and as she lay one leg over mine, I felt her reach down and grasp my now flaccid penis.

“I can’t wait for little Johnny to get hard again. That was fun and I want to do it again.”


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