Mike and Megan Ch. 01

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We often think back to how it all started for us. It truly started one fateful summer day. We remember every detail quite well…

I was lying on my back. Mike was pressed so close against my side and his closeness had made it hard for me to breathe. I found myself even holding my breath as he kissed me on my neck and nuzzled on my earlobe. I reminded myself to expel my held breath just as he placed his hand on my flat stomach. It was on top of my shirt, but I could feel the heat of it right through the cotton. His breathing was heavy. I could feel it on my neck as he continued to kiss me there. It felt incredible. He rubbed his hand back and forth over the fabric of my shirt, all the while bringing his hand lower and lower toward the bottom of the top. I knew he was going to push his hand up under my top. I felt nervous, scared and somewhat conflicted. My head felt foggy, and I knew what we were doing was wrong but it just felt so right.

A small cry escaped my lips as he quickly slipped his hand under my top to caress my butterfly-filled stomach. I wanted him to push his hand further up my top, but I was too shy to suggest it. I wasn’t even sure either of us was ready for the next step. I was not wearing a bra and I could see that Mike realized and appreciated that fact.

My breathing grew heavy and ragged as he shifted his body partly over me so he could place his lips to mine for a deep kiss. I willingly parted my lips for him, and he gladly pushed his tongue into my mouth. I tasted him and he was so familiar and so divine. I couldn’t get enough, but I was still unsure about my kissing prowess. Nervously my tongue had flitted about between our mouths. I was an innocent in so many ways. He knew this, and therefore had told me that everything we did had to be my choice. I could feel his raging hard cock, concealed only by his jeans, pressed firmly against my thigh. I knew he had silently prayed that he wouldn’t find himself back in his room masturbating alone again.

“Do you know when they will be home?” I whispered so softly.

“They said they would be home late. He had a business meeting and she had a ‘Weight Watchers’ meeting and then she was going to run some errands.” He answered distractedly while still caressing my stomach and raining small kisses along my jaw.

“I’m just so nervous.”

“Meg, you know I would never push you. Well you should know that by now anyway. I would never hurt you or do anything to you that you were not ready for.”

I nodded in response. Slowly he removed his hand from under my top. I could think a little easier with it removed, but I missed the warmth of it against my belly. I knew what he said was very true. At times, I had almost wished he would force me or push me to go further. Then maybe I could have gone through with it sooner.

We were born the same day in the same hospital. He was older by two and a half minutes. He was taller, heavier, and stronger. And yet, when I looked into his blue eyes, that were so much like mine, I saw so many similarities. One having been, that we both wanted to cross the taboo line from being just twins to being lovers. I had wanted him. I knew he wanted me.

Inhale. Exhale.

I had had such deep needs, but I was so frightened of being caught by Aunt Lyn and Uncle Doug. Losing my virginity to my own brother had also been a valid fear. The day we turned eighteen together had been the day this had all begun, it had been that very night that we had had our first real kiss with open mouths and eager tongues. Mike had not been a virgin, but I had somehow held onto my virginity. I wanted to make love to him so badly that I was almost wild with my need. I knew the feeling was mutual. It was clear to me that it was not my virginity that drew Mike to want me. I am sure that had been alluring, but we were also very much in love. For that simple reason he had always afforded me the safety net of moving snail slow when it came to intimacy. He never wanted to force me into anything, so when I did allow him to make love to me he could be sure I wanted it as much as he did.

“Do you know about oral sex, Megan?” He asked quietly with his lips near my ear.

“I am a virgin, not an idiot!” I answered sharply.

“I want to do that to you, right now.” He smiled ruefully, and I am sure my eyes had widened with my alarm.

“That is sick Mike!” I looked him in the eyes. I was dead serious. “Do YOU know what oral sex is?”


“So you are honestly saying you want to lick me…down there?” My jaw hung open. I had never considered the things he would want to do with me.

“Yes.” He adjusted himself through his pants. “Can I?”

“I don’t know if you can.” I said acting technical and snotty.

“May I Meggie?”

“I just don’t know.” I froze then, listening to something distant. “Did you hear that?”

“Nope, now back to my question…”

“No seriously Mike! I heard something. I think someone is home! You had better get izmir escort bayan out of here.” I said with panic evident in my voice.

I could tell he hadn’t heard a sound and I wasn’t sure I had either, but he respected my fears anyway. Uncle Doug had made it clear that he thought our relationship as brother and sister was weird. He had told Mike in no uncertain terms that he was to stay the Hell out of my bedroom. It pissed us both off to no end, but we were living under his and Aunt Lyn’s roof so Mike walked the line. He dragged himself off of my bed. He took a long look at me and told me I was damn sexy. My fair skin had flushed pink at the unexpected compliment. His eyes were hooded. He was clearly aroused and hadn’t wanted to leave, but he let my fears win out once again. Just as he turned to leave inspiration hit me, I sat partially up and grabbed his hand forcing him to turn back toward me.

“I want to ask you something.” I said and tugged his arm so he had to bend down close to me. I cupped my hand near his ear and whispered, much like children sharing juicy secrets. What I whispered obviously made him harder than before and he practically floated out of my room on cloud nine. No one had been home. The house was silent and still after he left. I felt no guilt this time though. We had a plan.

The evening had moved along slowly, but soon it was late evening and I showered before bed. I washed and shaved with great care. I shaved my legs and made sure they were perfectly smooth. Then I shaved my underarms. Finally I lathered and shaved my pussy. I left a small patch of hair on my pubic mound. Mike had said he liked it when a girl was neat and tidy with a cute little patch of hair for him to nuzzle his nose into. I personally wasn’t sure I had wanted his nose anywhere near the patch of hair I had left, but if he wanted it there I knew I would let him. There was very little I would have denied my brother. After my shower I had towel dried and decided to go to bed wearing just a matching bra and panty set. I never slept in the nude or even semi-nude. I was just far too nervous that my Uncle would make one of his surprise visits. He tended to do that quite often. I had found his behaviour creepy, but I lived in his home so I dealt with it.

I had laid awake under my soft comforter in my dark room for over an hour. I was on my back and thinking of Mike, while I allowed my right hand to slide between my legs. I gently rubbed my clit with my index finger. Time seemed to be crawling. I wouldn’t sleep. I had grown moist down there from my prolonged clit play. I had no intentions of making myself cum. It just felt good as it was.

Finally when I thought I was going to go crazy, the door to my room opened. It was dark in the hall behind him so I couldn’t see his handsome face, but I could see his outline sort of and I could hear his steady breathing. He came to the side of my bed. I hoped he would do exactly as I told him. It seemed the only way to make this happen. I knew I would have to relinquish my control in order to let this happen between us. He was silent. That was a good sign. He was going to play his roll and I was going to play mine. He pulled back my comforter and knelt on the bed next to me. A thrill of excitement raced up my spine. I did want this.

Make me do this, Mike! I cried out in my own mind.

He leaned forward and touched my breast. His quick intake of breath let me know that he was somewhat surprised that he had only encountered a bra as a barrier. Roughly he shoved it up over my breasts and he wasted no time in grasping one of my soft mounds and pinching the nipple rather hard. I gasped in pain mixed with pleasure. He lowered his mouth and sucked hard on the same abused nipple. This seemed all so very fast, but I knew this is what I had asked for. What I had told him to do. He smelled different that night, but nice. I assumed that he must have used new cologne to impress me. He had succeeded. I grew even more, moist between my legs as the assault on my breasts continued without any sign of relenting. I remembered I was supposed to be playing the role of a victim. I knew I should say something.

“Please don’t! Please don’t rape me!” I cried out, trying hard to sound frightened. The words had sounded phoney in my own ears, so I vowed to use more conviction.

Mike only responded by chewing my nipples harder, and when I cried out he shoved a hand over my mouth. A pulse of heat shot to my clit. He was really doing it! He was being rough and abusive. He was really raping me, and I was going to enjoy every second of it. Without ceremony he shoved a hand down into my panties. Gone were his gentle caresses of earlier in the day. Gone was the slow and easy love he had been affording me until then. I had been wild with desire. Mike moved further down the bed, abandoning my hard achy nipples. I lay like a rag doll as he yanked my panties off of my hips and down my legs. He threw them somewhere in the dark room.

“Oh God! escort izmir Please don’t do this, I’m a virgin!” I whispered into the dark, when he released my mouth.

He only grunted. I kept my legs as tightly closed together as I could. I knew he would want to pull them apart. It would all be part of the game. Mike wasted no time in tugging my legs open with a brutal forcefulness. I knew his roughness surely bruised the fair skin of my thighs. His fingers eagerly pushed their way past my outer pussy lips. He spread them and ran his fingers through my slickness. He had never touched me there before. I wondered if he liked it. I wondered if he could feel how smooth I made myself for him. I didn’t dare ask. I wanted to talk, to ask him, but it would have ruined the atmosphere.

“Please stop! You can’t do this to me! Please…” I begged.

Ruthlessly he shoved at least two fingers into me, but not very deep. It didn’t hurt too much. It didn’t feel good either. It just felt foreign. All of a sudden something didn’t seem right to me. I had no idea what was wrong for sure, but hot tears began to run down my face and I cried in earnest. I wanted this to stop now. This wasn’t right. My body began to shake violently. I wanted him away from me.

“Casper! Mike! Casper!” I called out the safety word that I had told Mike I would use. It had been out favourite childhood show. He painfully rubbed my clit with his thumb, and I knew that he was not going to stop no matter how hard I cried.

He pulled his fingers from my body and shoved them into my mouth. My mouth and throat were dry and I tasted nothing. I was too focused on him moving up between my legs. I cried out the safety word repeatedly as he moved his crotch in closer and closer to my pussy. His cock was poised at my entrance, and I was full on crying while making futile attempts to push him away. I didn’t want this! This couldn’t be happening. Something was not right. The bedroom door opens. The room is suddenly flooded with light. Mike stood in the door way looking shocked.

Uncle Doug growled furiously. I sobbed with fear and relief for a split second. “Get the fuck out of here Mike! Your slutty sister wants a good fucking! She is as wet as a bitch in heat.” Uncle Doug seethed.

“No….I didn’t realize…” I cried out without thought. “No! No! No!”

Doug turned to look at me then, his eyes shooting daggers. He reached down and took his hard penis in hand and began to push into me. I screamed loudly. I pushed at him and thrashed wildly on the bed. I held him off as best I could so he wouldn’t penetrate me. He was bigger and stronger and would over power me quickly.

He only succeeded in getting the head of hic cock passed my vaginal entrance when Mike rushed forward and locked a strong forearm around Doug’s neck. Even though they were similar in height and weight Mike seemed to have no problem pulling Uncle Doug off of me. They struggled and tussled wildly around about the room. It would only be a matter of time before Aunt Lyn would be awoken by this commotion. I scrambled to the top of the bed and folded myself into a tight protective ball. That had been too close. With a primal growl Mike launched himself at Uncle Doug knocking him off balance. Uncle Doug landed on the floor with a very loud thud, and Mike was right on top of him punching him hard in the head and face. Uncle Doug’s face grew bloody with the barrage of punches. I could smell fear and desperation on the air.

“You better have more than that Mikey! Cause I am going to fuck you up! Then I am going to let you watch me take your sister’s virginity. And if you think your Aunt is coming to stop any of this you are deadly wrong you little piss-ant. She is out cold from the sleeping pills I slipped into her tea before bed. I’ve already had my way with her, and next with be our little Meg.”

I think something snapped inside Mike at that moment. He raised his clenched fist and smashed it hard into our Uncle’s face. We both watched as Doug’s eyes rolled back into his head and he was seemingly unconscious. Mike wasted no time. “Are you ok?” He asked over his shoulder as he rummaged around my desk.

“I am fine. I am sorry.” I felt ashamed. “What are you looking for?” I ask stupidly.

“Packing tape would be great.” He answered distractedly. “Ah Haa!” He held up a roll that I had had left over from a school project.

Mike knelt down and rolled Uncle Doug onto his stomach. The older man remained out cold, but did groan slightly. Mike seemed to realize he would have to act fast. I watched as he pulled our uncle’s wrists together and bound them with the tape. Mike was quite liberal with the tape, but I didn’t relax until the older man’s feet were bound as well. Just as Mike finished up, Uncle Doug regained consciousness. He was well beyond irate.

“You…Fucking Bastards! Taking you pathetic orphans in was the biggest mistake of my fucking life! I’m warning you, when I get loose I am going to fucking rape izmir escort you both and then kill you!”

“Meg, get dressed.” Mike commanded over the raging man on the floor. He tossed me some clothes. I was on auto pilot as I pulled the clothes on.

“Mikey…she was revved for me buddy! She was hot and ready and wanting my dick. Don’t flatter yourself that your sister wants you…she just wants anyone with a hard cock to make her a woman.” Doug taunted from the floor.

Mike’s jaw visibly clenched but he just ignored Doug while he shoved more of my clothes and belongings into my travel bag. “Are you ready?” Mike asked, looking at me. I nodded.

“Let me go!” Doug growled, not for the first time.

We both ignored the vile shouts from my room, as we ran down the hall to Mike’s room. I sat on the bed while Mike quickly dressed and then packed himself a travel bag.

“Where are we going?” I finally asked.

“We can’t stay here. He is going to violate us both ten different ways and then kill us. We have to run.” Mike said calmly.

“What about Aunt Lyn?”

“What about her? She married the bastard!”

“We can’t just leave her here at his mercy!” I cried.

Mike shot me a dirty look and scowled heavily. “She is probably out cold! What do you want me to do?”

“Can’t we just take her with us?” I pleaded. Mike fell silent while he was thinking.

“I am sorry Meggie, we can’t take her. I will tell you what, I will carry her down stairs and we will call 911 before we run. We’ll leave her by the door and the paramedics will find her quickly.” Mike handed me our two very full and very heavy bags. “Let’s go get her.”

I followed him again down the hall toward Aunt Lyn’s room. As we passed my room we could hear Uncle Doug struggling with his constraints. His breathing was heavy, but he didn’t seem to have made any progress with his escape. The door to Aunt Lyn’s bedroom was wide open and the older woman was sprawled naked on the king-sized bed. It was evident that Uncle Doug hadn’t been lying when he had said he had had his way with the deeply sleeping Aunt Lyn. From the redness of her pussy and breasts it was obvious that he had been rough and abusive with the unconscious woman. Fear trickled through me, at how close I had come to actually being raped.

“Find her some clothes. Mike ordered. As always, I complied. He was always the more level headed of the two of us.

I found her a tracksuit that I thought I could probably get her into while she lay sound asleep. Mike found another duffle bag in the closet and promptly began to fill it with various items. I noticed him grab a wad of cash from Uncle Doug’s sock drawer, and a few pieces from Aunt Lyn’s jewellery box. I continued to struggle to get the clothes onto my slightly heavyset Aunt, until Mike took that task over as well. I watch him look at Aunt Lyn’s exposed breasts. I felt a pang of jealousy that I knew was ridiculous. Her breasts were bigger than mine with darker nipples. I couldn’t help but wonder if he liked the look of hers better than mine?

“Meg? Hello? Are you coming?” It was Mike.

I refocused my eyes. He was now standing in the doorway to the room with Lyn hoisted over his shoulder. She was too heavy for him. It was written all over his face. “Grab the bags and let’s go.” He said through clenched teeth.

I grabbed the bags and hauled them all down the stairs behind Mike. Lyn’s head bobbed behind Mike’s back making me wonder just how many sleeping pills Doug had slipped into her tea. My knowledge of sleeping pills was limited, but I always thought the person should be able to wake when stimulated enough to do so.

“Mike, she is really out…you don’t suppose we should take her to the hospital, do you?”

“I don’t know. Let’s just get the hell out of here and call 911. She seems to be breathing fine. Her pulse was strong.” Mike grunted as he takes each step heavily with the extra weight. We could both hear Doug yelling from upstairs. He was still secured, and as angry as a raging bull.

Mike deposited Aunt Lyn on the sofa in the living room. He was breathing heavily, but managed to instruct me to call 911. He told me to tell the dispatcher everything. I do so quickly, but when the dispatcher insisted that I stay on the line and that Mike and I should remain on site, Mike disconnected the call and took me by the hand.

“We can’t stay, Meg. They will be here soon to take care of her. We have to run. Not for safety, but so we can be together. We have to go.” Mike persuaded.

We ran out the front door, with Uncle Doug’s hollers chasing behind us. Mike pressed the unlock button to our Honda Civic. When we had combined money from out part time jobs, we had had no idea the little car we bought would later become our getaway vehicle. “Get in the car, Meg. I will be right back.” He barked at me

I jump in to the passenger seat. Mike tossed our bags into the backseat before taking the drivers’ seat. Jamming the key into the ignition, he pounded his foot down on the gas-peddle causing the small car to almost bunny hop down the driveway. The car screeched out of the driveway, and off into the night with a whining four cylinder engine.

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