Mile-High Med Student

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I had been looking forward to seeing Shauna for weeks. We had been dating for nearly a year now, but it had been almost three months since I last saw her. See Shauna and I had met during our senior year of college in New York. We met at some frat party, and we were both out to have a good time, so we hit it off pretty well. She was a fun girl, pretty wild, and awfully hot.

Things went well and we had a lot of fun, but nothing too seriously. Since we were having a lot of fun, I didn’t want to end the relationship even though I really didn’t love Shauna. I just figured after graduating from college, we’d each just go our own way. I was accepted to medical school and would be staying in NYC. Shauna wasn’t sure what she would be doing.

At the last minute, she decided to stay in New York after graduation, move in with a friend from school, and look for a job. She was very serious about maintaining our relationship, and since I wasn’t going to turn down free pussy, I agreed. We continued to have fun, although I was working much harder once med school started. Shauna though, couldn’t find a job. She had no money, and eventually she gave in to pressure from her parents to move back to Florida where she was from and look for a job there.

I thought that would be the end of our relationship, but Shauna was very insistent that we should stay together. She thought that we would still be able to get together pretty frequently. She left for Miami Beach shortly after New Years.

That was one hell of a night. Shauna said she wanted to give me a fucking I wouldn’t forget. After going out to a friend’s New Year’s Eve party, we came back to her apartment. She said she had a surprise for me. She went into the bathroom wearing her short black skirt and button-down white shirt. But when she came out, she was dressed as a nurse! She had on the white dress, with stockings, and high-heeled shoes, the white hat, and bright red lipstick.

“Is there a doctor who can help me?” she asked. I was shocked. We had never role-played before. She walked over to her desk and turned on a camcorder that she had positioned facing the bed. Then she came over to me, undid my fly, and started sucking my cock. It was awesome to see a hot nurse down on her knees sucking me off. We then went to the bed and fucked, with Shauna staying in her nurse character the whole time. It was the best night of sex in my life! When I left the next day, Shauna gave me the videotape of our screwing. “Enjoy this until we next get together. Then I’ll give you something to really enjoy!”

That was nearly three months ago. I had jacked off watching that video of me fucking her dressed like a nurse so many times. Now I would be going down to Florida for my Spring Break and finally getting some of that sweet pussy again. But when I got to her house, Shauna didn’t seem so excited to see me. I was immediately suspicious. That’s when she told me that she had met someone else.

That bitch! She hadn’t said a thing to me over the phone. I had been faithful to her for months, had flown all the way down to Florida to see her, and here she was telling me that she was screwing some other guy. I was mad, I was angry, and I was pissed off at her. So I changed my flight plans and the next day I headed back to the airport to fly home and get on with my life.

The flight was just reaching cruising altitude when I heard the intercom come on. “If there’s a doctor or nurse on board, please report to the rear of the plane. I repeat: If there’s a doctor or nurse on board, please report to the back of the plane immediately. Thank you.”

What was going on? Somebody must be sick. I looked around. I was sitting near the middle of the plane, but I didn’t see anyone standing up or heading to the back. The isle was clear. I waited a minute. Still nobody stood up. Should I go back there? I was only a first-year medical student. I hadn’t ever started seeing patients yet. All I had done was start learning some of the background info, so that eventually I would be able to see patients. I would be of no use if someone were actually sick. I wouldn’t know what to do.

So I sat and thought for another minute. But what if I was the sick person’s only hope? At that moment, the flight attendant came on to the intercom again and asked for a doctor. Ok, I thought, if no one else can help, I’ll give it a shot.

I headed to the back of the plane. I could see a stewardess standing up with two other people. The stewardess was middle-aged and appeared aggravated. The two other people were young ladies, college aged, and looked Hispanic. As I walked closer, the shorter, thinner Latina girl swayed to her side and fell down. The other girl tried to lift her back up, but once she couldn’t, she got down on her knees next to her. That’s when I arrived back there.

“Doctor! Thank you so much for coming,” said the stewardess. But before I could tell her that I wasn’t actually a doctor, she continued talking. “This girl here was dizzy and she just passed out. Her friend antalya escort here says that they’ve been drinking a lot.”

That’s when the friend kneeling down jumped in. “Hey I said we had some drinks. She’s just a little drunk—-nothing to go crazy about.” She spoke with a Spanish accent, and I could tell that she was not happy with the stewardess.

As I looked down at her, my eyes were immediately focused on her cleavage. She had some big titties, probably C cups, and was wearing a low-cut white tank top accentuating her cleavage. I was staring at those breasts when I heard the stewardess shriek, “Oh, no!”

I looked over and the drunk girl was vomiting. “She ruining my plane!” the flight attendant continued. Vomit was on the girl’s face and shoulder, and tracked down to the carpet on the floor.

The flight attendant was shaking she was so upset. She looked at me. “Doctor, she’s just a drunk girl. Help me carry her into the bathroom and she can vomit in there—-in the toilet-—and give me a chance to clean this mess up.”

She started to grab the drunk girl’s arms and drag her to the lavatory door which was only a few feet away. So I joined in, along with the girl’s friend. Soon we had moved her into the bathroom and laid her against one wall.

The stewardess, who was now holding the door open, looked at me and said, “Stay in here and see to it that she’s feeling better.” With that, she gave a menacing stare at the other girl, turned away, and let the door fall shut.

I was left in the small bathroom with the two girls. It was a tight fit. I didn’t know what to do. Suddenly the girl who was standing started speaking, “What a bitch. That stewardess is a tight-ass. She wouldn’t know the first thing about having fun.” Then she asked, “So you’re a doctor?”

I then realized that I hadn’t spoken the entire time. I wasn’t sure what to say. “Well, I, uh…”

Before I could continue, she cut in. “That’s cool. You’re pretty young to be a doctor. I’m Maria and this is Angelica,” she said as she pointed down to her friend. “We just went down to South Beach to have a good time for Spring Break, you know. So we had some more drinks this morning, and maybe brought a few more in our carry-ons. So Angie’s a little drunk, no big problem.”

It seemed pretty straight forward to me. I’ve been drunk before. It certainly looked like the girl on the floor, Angie, was drunk. No need for a doctor here—-thank god.

I was debating what to do. Could I leave? Angie was lying down, her back propped up against the wall opposite the door. The two other walls had the toilet on one wall and the sink on the other.

Angie started to moan now. “Uhhh…” She was a short, hot Latino girl. She was maybe 5’2″ with very dark, straight black hair, and dark skin. And she was very thin—-she couldn’t have weighed more than 100 pounds. She was dressed like she was out on Spring Break—-a tight white t-shirt, short green shorts, and flip-flop sandals. She had small tits, and her bra (which looked like it was also a shade of green) was visible through her t-shirt. Her shorts were very, very short, and I’m sure that if she was turned over I would have been able to see the bottoms of her ass cheeks below them.

She was hot! But she was also drunk. Her head was swaying from side to side as she moaned incoherent words. Plus there was vomit on her face, shoulder, and shirt too.

I looked at Maria, her friend, who was standing opposite me. She was hot too, but in a very different way. While Angie was short and tight, Maria was taller and rounder. She was dark haired and eyed like Angie, but was at least 5’8″. Her tits, as mentioned earlier were big and poking through her tight white tank top. I didn’t see any signs of a bra underneath. She was wearing a short, loose black skirt. You could tell she had a nice round ass. She had her purse over her shoulder.

Maria then bent down, putting her purse down. She spoke to Angie. “How you feeling Angie?” Another moan was her only reply. “Feel like you need to throw up again?”

Angie nodded yes.

Maria helped Angie lean forward. Soon Angie had her head over the toilet. She was on her knees, with her hands on either side of the bowl. But I was staring at her ass. See, I was right about her shorts—-the bottoms of her ass cheeks were visible below the end of her shorts. I could also see that the green shorts had the words “South Beach” written in white on the ass. It must have been a souvenir of their trip.

As I was staring at Angie’s tight ass, I heard her moan again and the sound of vomit splashing in the bottom of the toilet. After a few seconds she was done. At least she made it to the toilet this time, I thought. Maria, who was kneeling down next to Angie, now stood up. She then asked me to help her lift Angie up. We each grabbed an arm, and with a little effort, Angie was stand9ing up between up. Good thing she didn’t weigh anything. We each held on as it was clear that Angie was still too dizzy to stand on her own. kepez escort She swayed a little from side to side.

“You feeling better?” Maria asked her.

“A little.” She had responded, which was an improvement.

Maria replied, “Good. Don’t worry, the doctor an I are going to make sure you feel better.” I guess I was in for the long haul.

“Here, lets move over near the sink so we can clean you off.” So we moved her. Maria grabbed some paper towels, wet them in the sink, and then started to wipe off any vomit from Angie’s face and neck. Soon she was clean.

However, Maria didn’t stop though. She then started to wipe off Angie’s t-shirt. Some vomit had landed on the left shoulder of the shirt, so Maria was wiping in that area. Maria applied more and more water as she tried to clean it off. Water was splattering from the sink over the shoulder, but it was also landing over the whole left side of her shirt.

Was I witnessing a wet t-shirt contest?

Maria just kept splashing water until the whole side of the shirt was wet, and becoming see-through! Angie’s bra was clearly visible. But Maria seemed not to care. As she splashed more and more, water covered more of Angie’s shirt, and also got on Maria’s own shirt! Was she doing this on purpose?

“Looks like I got the vomit all off,” she said. “Now we just need to let this shirt dry. Ok, Angie, we’re just gonna take your shirt off to let it dry.”

I was shocked, and delighted!

“Ok,” came a mumble from Angie’s mouth.

Maria turned and looked at me. “Well are you gonna help me? Don’t tell me the Doctor is afraid of a little skin!”

Did she know that I wasn’t really a doctor? I’m not sure, but I helped raise Angie’s arms and Maria lifted the shirt over hear head. In a second it was off, and Angie stood in her bra. It was a light green cotton bra, but the left cup was clearly wet and it looked a bit darker.

Then Maria said, “I guess I got her bra wet too. We’ll need to take that off too to let it dry.”

Again I was shocked. I looked down and Maria had already unhooked the bra clasp. Maria undressed Angie out of the bra and she was topless! She had the cutest little tits, A-cups, but perky and with big puffy areolas! I was mesmerized!

“You like them?!” Maria asked. I turned to her.

“Um, no, I was just looking.”

“I bet! She really has cute tits. You know, all year Angie and I have been roommates. At the start of the year, I was glad that she had such tiny titties because I figured all the guys would look at mine. But as the year has gone on, I’ve found myself too looking as them and admiring them. I wonder what it would be like to have such firm little breasts. I wonder if I’d like them better than these puppies,” as she placed her hands on her chest and shook her tits.

I watched as her large mounds jiggled under her tank top. Yeah, that would be quite a tough decision to make. I wouldn’t mind playing with both Angie’s small tits and Maria’s large ones.

As Maria took her hands off her breasts, it looked like her shirt was different. Maria noticed the same thing. Looking down she said, “Well it looks I’ve gotten my own shirt wet too.” Indeed, part off her shirt was now see-through! Her beautiful big breasts were now even more visible. The dark brown areolas were clearly noticeable, and her nipples were poking through.

“Guess I got a little carried away with the water,” said Maria as she took off her shirt too! My god, those were gorgeous tits!

I was now standing in the bathroom with two hot Spring Breakers, both of whom were topless!

“See what I mean,” Maria continued. “I have such nice tits, but so does Angie. I think some guys like them each way. What about you, Doctor?”

“Uh, well, size really doesn’t matter medically,” was all I could come up with. I was trying to act professional, like a doctor, but it was really difficult. I was staring back and forth, from one set of tits to the other. My dick was getting hard fast. I just wanted to suck on those titties! But I continued, in my best medical voice, “As long as they’re healthy, that’s all that matters.”

I had hoped that would satisfy Maria, but she pushed forward. “Interesting, because Angie and I were just talking about that. See, neither of us has had a real breast exam performed by a doctor. See, my boyfriends have always loved playing with my tits, but I’ve never had a doctor exam them—-you know for lumps and all. Angie told me the same thing. Now that we’re both here topless, I guess this would be a good time for that. Wouldn’t it Doctor?”

Did she really want me to touch her breasts? I hadn’t learned how to give a real breast exam in med school yet.

Before I could answer, Maria said, “Help me sit Angie down.” Maria had lowered the seat on the toilet, and together we sat her down on the seat. She was still mostly out of. Then Maria said, “Well Doctor, there’s your first patient! Go at it!”

Maria moved behind me and pushed me forward manavgat escort so that I was now directly facing Angie, who was now seated. Boy she had cute tits!

I again debated what I should do. She was drunk and barely awake. Could I really ethically do an exam on someone in this condition? Not to mention the fact that I wasn’t a real doctor, or that the “patient” hadn’t actually consented.

Before I could make a decision, I felt Maria push me forward. I fell forward and put out my hands to break my fall. My hands landed on Angie’s chest! I guess that settled the situation—-time to do the breast exam!

I heard a snicker from behind me. Maria was giggling. Why was she enjoying this? Had she planned this whole thing?!

I started to massage Angie’s right breast, first gingerly, but then more aggressively. I motioned my hands in circles. Her skin was soft and smooth. As I approached the nipple, I felt it rise to attention as it grew between my fingers.

I heard a moan from Angie, but not like the drunken ones from before. Her eyes were still closed as she sat lying back against the wall. Her moans seemed like moans of…pleasure?

I moved on to her left breast, continuing my massaging exam. I couldn’t take my eyes off her nipples. Her moaning picked up.

As I was finishing all I could think of doing, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned and was staring right at her grand tits, right at my face level. “My turn now,” was all she said. I turned straightening up and started to exam her breasts. They were so much bigger, so much more mass, and I knew it would take me a while.

“Doctor, your hands feel so nice!” Maria said as she stared to moan. “You must be a very good doctor! I noticed that Angie also sounded like se was pleased by your exam.” She must have been referring to Angie’s moaning, which had stopped by now. “I can tell when Angie moans from pleasure. I’ve heard it many times. She’s really a slut!” I just continued my exam, but Maria continued talking. “She’s the biggest slut I know—-other than me, that is. This week alone, she fucked nine different guys, all strangers. I think she was a little upset that she didn’t make it to double digits.”

Why was Maria telling me this? I tried to focus on what I was doing, as I was nearly done with the second breast. But the dirty talk about sluts and sex, and the image of Maria’s big tits and their feel in my hands, was getting me very excited!

Finally I was done with my exam.

“So Doc, how are my tits?”

“Um they feel very healthy, Maria.”

“Good. That’s a relief.”

I was thinking that this might be an appropriate time for me to leave girls there. Any longer and I was going to do something inappropriate for a doctor. Just as I was about to get the nerve to leave, Maria spoke again.

“Can I show you something Doc? You know how I told you Angie’s a slut? Check this out?”

Maria moved over in front of Angie. Then she bent down and put her hands on Angie’s waists. She looked back at me with a sly smile for a second, and then quickly pulled her hands downward. Angie’s short shorts went with them. I was amazed. Angie was wearing a thong, light green in color which must have matched her bra from earlier. I looked up at Angie’s face. She hadn’t reacted at all, even though her shorts were now down at her knees. Then I looked at Maria.

“I told you she’s a slut! Look at that thong! She’s begging for sex!”

Then Maria pulled the thong down! Here cunt was revealed!

“See, she shaves all of her pubes! A total slut!”

Indeed, she was completely shaven! Her twat was glistening and her clit was poking out of its hood.

Angie remained out of it, unconscious, just sitting back on the toilet seat. Maria wasn’t finished though. She continued pulling Angie’s shorts and thong down until they were completely off. She tossed the shorts onto the pile of drying clothes, but held onto the thong.

“See, while it looks like Angie’s unconscious, she’s really enjoying this!” Maria raised the thong to her face and sniffed it. “Definitely she’s enjoying herself! The scent of excitement and pleasure. And that’s not quite fair is it? She gets drunk, we have to clean her up, and she enjoys it? I think we deserve a little enjoyment!”

Maria rose and faced me. She was eye to eye with me. She moved forward, and I instinctively retreated backwards, but I was against the sink. No more room.

“Doctor, don’t be so shy. I can see you like what you see!” And she pointed down to my crotch. The bulge of my cock was obvious.

She reached over to her purse, stuck her hand inside, and came out with something. She opened her palm revealing a few condoms.

“We come prepared on Spring Break!”

Maria reached down and started to unzip my fly. Why fight it?!

She released my cock and it flew out at attention.

“Now to thank you Doc for your help!”

Maria was down on her knees now. She grabbed my dick with her right hand and started stroking it. I felt like I would cum right away. But she immediately kissed it and started sucking it. God it felt good. Maria was no novice. She sucked on it, licked it, kissed it, and took it all down her throat. I lowered my own hands and reached down to her tits, to play with them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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