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I was out on the town with my daughter Eveline, going from store to store, clothes, shoes, lingerie, jewelry, we covered all the basics. Just when we were about to call it a day, Eveline noticed a sign that said, “Mirrors, windows into your deepest desires.”. Now, Eveline is the most artistic of the family, neither her brother nor my husband, nor I, have any interest in anything remotely resembling art, exhibitions, theater etc.

So, to humor her, after dropping off the spoils of our little shopping spree in the car, we headed back and swung by the exhibition. There was a large stall in front of the mansion where the exhibition took place, manned by an elder couple, who were handing out flyers and trying to lure in visitors. Two meters next to them was a young man fidgeting with his iPhone; he was clearly there against his will. I assumed he was related to them in some way and had been coerced into helping them set up the stand.

As the elder gentleman started talking to me, I noticed Eveline and the young man exchanging a few glances. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what he was thinking, but Eveline didn’t seem to mind. Although she did nothing to encourage his behavior, she was clearly fascinated and flattered by his attention. She was a married, grown woman, so I figured she knew what she was doing.

I paid the admission price, which was ridiculously low, and we entered the mansion. Inside, it was one mirror after the other, in all shapes and sizes, decorated in most extravagant ways, some decorated with gold and rubies, some simply made out of wood and metal. Some showed an accurate reflection, some distorted your reflection in different ways.

It was quite a large mansion, with a lot of corridors and rooms incorporated in the exhibition. After a while, at the end of one of the many corridors, I turned and realized Eveline was no longer behind me. I began retracing my steps, expecting to find her lingering at one of the funny mirrors we had passed. When after several minutes I still hadn’t found her — nor had seen any other visitor — I was starting to get worried. Suddenly, I noticed a staircase leading up. Intrigued, and still out to find Eveline, I decided to go and investigate.

When I got to the higher floor, I found myself in a little hallway illuminated by a sky dome, with just one door, which was slightly ajar. As I approached the door, I heard panting and moaning coming from within. As I reached the door, I could peek inside and noticed that the far side of the large room was completely covered in mirrors. Aside from my own reflection, standing in the doorway, I could see Eveline behind the door, facing away from me, her hands pressed up against the wall as her skirt was pulled up, her panties pulled down and the young man from the stand pumping her roughly.

Although I found her behavior highly inappropriate — especially since she’d been married for only seven months — I didn’t want to go inside and disturb her, so I backed away from the doorway. As I didn’t want to lose track of her again, I remained on that floor and could therefor hear every slap of the skin, every pant and every moan. Even after taking a few steps away from the door, I could still see the lewd copulation in the far mirror. To make matters even more uncomfortable, Eveline started climaxing loudly, her body convulsing wildly against the wall.

Although part of me wanted to look away, the part that was in control kept staring at this depraved spectacle. To my horror, the young guy fucking her suddenly pulled out, just as Eveline turned around and sank to her knees, opening her mouth as wide as she could, ready and eager to catch his load. It only took him a few more strokes to actually get off. I watched in shock as a large amount of cum erupted from his large penis and hit my baby girl in her slut face!

Eveline positively wallowed in the sperm bath she was getting; a wide grin on her face, her eyes closed and turning her face in every possible direction to collect as much of the slimy goo on her skin as possible. When the guy was finally done drenching her, Eveline opened her eyes and looked into the mirror, directly at me!

At exactly the same moment, I felt a hand on my shoulder, which scared the crap out of me. I quickly turned and was stunned to see Eveline standing there, fully clothed, not a smidge of cum on her. Confused, I looked back at the room, but there was no sign of her, nor her lover. “Mom, you’re not supposed to be up here!” Eveline whispered. I ignored her, and, unwilling to believe that I had imagined the whole incident, I walked into the room. At that moment, I heard another voice saying, “Hey, you can’t go in there!”

I ignored the voice and barged in, only to see that the entire room was covered in mirrors, from wall to wall, from floor to ceiling. It was a most unnerving experience. But what bothered me the most was the fact that there was no sign of anything that could explain what I had seen; no Eveline, no young ankara escort man, there wasn’t even a wall. Just mirrors all around me. As I turned in place, trying to figure out what was going on, the large number of my reflections began to overwhelm me. For a moment, I lost all perspective, all sense of my position in the room. If Eveline and the elder woman hadn’t pulled me out, I probably would have fainted.

“Why did you go in there? What did you see?” the elder woman asked, in a frightened tone of voice. Before I could respond, the door to the room slammed shut — by itself — and created a shockwave which resonated deep within my body. The elder lady, even more apprehensive than before, let go of me, and said, “We need to get out of here!” “Mom, why did you go up there?” Eveline asked as the three of us headed down the staircase.

“Look, if they don’t want people to go up there, they should hang up a sign or something,” I replied, annoyed that everyone was pretending I had done something wrong. When we reached the lower floor, about two seconds later, Eveline stopped, looked at me and said, “But mom, there was a 300 pound mirror blocking the staircase; it took the two of us just to move it out of the way.”

As I looked over her shoulder, I could see the big mirror she was talking about. I didn’t understand. I hadn’t seen any mirror blocking the staircase on my way up. The elder woman, several meters ahead of us, called out, “Don’t linger, you shouldn’t be here!” This prompted Eveline to start walking again. “And don’t look in any more of the mirrors!” the woman added.

Off course, after hearing that, my first reaction was to glance at the first mirror I passed. To my astonishment, my reflection was in exactly the same position as I was, moving forwards and being supported by Eveline, but was completely naked. No clothes, no shoes, no jewelry, nothing! Out of reflex, I looked down to verify that I was wearing clothing — which I was — and then glanced into another mirror, where my reflection was once again naked. It was strange to say the least, but as there was nothing frightening about it, I managed to stay calm and just attributed it to stress and the unsettling environment.

Once outside, the elder woman sat me down on a nearby bench, as her husband and the young man struck up a conversation with Eveline, keeping her away from us. “How did you know there was a staircase behind that mirror? It’s been sealed off for years!” she asked. “Look, I didn’t see any mirror or signs, I just saw the staircase…” The elder woman looked at me funny and said, “You could actually see the staircase? And you didn’t move the mirror?” “You think I moved a 300 pound mirror, by myself?” I asked. “No,” she replied hesitantly, “I guessed I was just hoping you did…”

A small silence ensued. “You saw something up there, didn’t you?” she asked. I nodded. “Something bad?” I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Something unsettling.” “Was it scary?” “Not really,” I replied, remaining vague on purpose. I didn’t feel like sharing what I had seen. “Then you were lucky… that room is off limits for a reason, there is something supernatural about those mirrors! People have gone insane from staying in that room for too long!”

“Then why…” I started to say. “Did you see anything weird after leaving the room?” she asked, interrupting me. Not wanting to share the fact that my reflections had been naked, I nodded no. “Good, you don’t want to bring whatever is in there, out with you,” she concluded. My heart skipped a beat. Did I bring something out with me, or had I just been imagining things? Was the old lady cuckoo or did she know what he was talking about.

Reassured, she walked up to her husband and the young man and as they returned to their stand, Eveline walked up to me. “Mom, what the hell happened in there?” she asked, worried and curious. “Honestly sweetie, I haven’t got the faintest idea,” I replied truthfully.

After reassuring her extensively that I was all right, we decided to try and forget all about it, and head home. Even though we started talking about other things, the sight — even though it had obviously been false — of Eveline getting fucked and sprayed in the face continued to haunt me. Figuring I could use some time away from mirrors, I let her drive and just stared out in front of me, through the windshield. For the next twenty minutes, Eveline did her best to keep my mind off of what had happened, nearly talking my ear off. By the time we got home, I had almost forgotten the whole incident.

But, after she parked the car and we entered the house through the garage with all of our shopping bags, I found myself freezing as I stared into the mirror in my own hallway. Eveline, who was several paces ahead of me, turned back and said, “It’s okay mom, come here.” She grabbed my bags, and put them, along with hers, down against the wall behind us, then grabbed my hand and stepped in front of the mirror, which didn’t go below the waist. I was relieved escort ankara to see I was wearing clothes and was just about to signal Eveline everything was all right, when I saw her reflection reach out and cup my right tit, the one closest to her. From the corner of my eye, I could see Eveline’s hand was actually nowhere near my tit.

I didn’t want to freak out and be labelled as a crazy person, so I tried concentrating really hard, telling myself that I was imagining things. But when I suddenly felt the warmth of her hand on my tit, I started panicking just a little bit. “Mom, are you okay?” Eveline asked, looking at me in the mirror, noticing that I wasn’t completely at ease. She didn’t freak out, so I assumed we were seeing different things. As I didn’t respond in a timely fashion, she turned towards me, facing away from the mirror.

Really putting my nerves to the test, her reflection — which hadn’t turned — immediately gripped my nipple through my sweater. I didn’t know what to do; there was no point in getting angry at the real Eveline, and yelling at her reflection seemed equally crazy. What I was seeing and feeling wasn’t particularly unpleasant, just weird and a tad incestuous — although it wasn’t really my daughter but her reflection who was… oh my god, I could go crazy overthinking this stuff.

I simply ignored the incongruent reflection and stepped back, looking the real Eveline dead in the eye and saying, “Everything is okay, sweetie, don’t worry.” Reassured, she grabbed part of the bags and headed into the kitchen. I grabbed the remaining bags and followed her. As I glanced back, I could see my own reflection smiling at me, still standing in front of the mirror! Needless to say, I was a little upset and concerned. In the kitchen, I sat down and asked Eveline to pour me a drink.

Eveline poured us two glasses of wine and we joined my husband and son — who were watching a loud action movie — in the living room. Eveline had taken a seat next to her father, while I sat down next to Jason, right in front of our large screen tv. We watched the last fifteen minutes of the movie together after which Eveline starting talking about our shopping spree. Although our visit to the mirror mansion came up, she remained vague about the details and didn’t mention the incident, for which I was grateful. I was ashamed and confused enough as it was.

Suddenly, as Eveline was still talking, my eyes accidently caught the darkened tv screen and I saw Jason’s reflection in it. Contrary to the real Jason, who was talking to his father and sister, reflection-Jason looked straight at me and had his hand around his massive erection, which was pointing straight up. As I didn’t want to alarm anyone, I shifted my focus back to the conversation and looked mainly at my husband and daughter. Off course, I couldn’t help myself and occasionally glanced at the tv, only to see Jason pumping his cock each time.

Although I was more intrigued than scared, I was relieved to hear Eveline say, “I’ve got to get going, I promised Dan (her husband) that I’d be home in time for dinner.” After giving her father and brother a goodbye kiss, she waited for me to escort her to the front door. “Mom, are you going to be okay?” she asked, clearly still a bit concerned. “Yes hon, I’ll be fine… and thanks for telling nothing to your dad about the mirrors.” “Truth be told, I still don’t know myself what exactly happened or what you even think you saw, but we don’t have to make a big deal out of it. It’s all in your head, mom, maybe a good night’s rest will cure whatever this is.” “Maybe,” I smiled and then gave her a kiss goodbye.

I closed the door and leaned up against it, getting myself together. This wasn’t in my head. I wasn’t imagining this, something happened to me while I was in the mirror room, and something had definitely come out with me. It didn’t appear to be dangerous, or malevolent, perhaps a little mischievous at most, so I decided to pull myself together and face it head on. I figured, the more I was exposed to it — whatever IT was — the faster I would grow accustomed to it.

I walked back into the living room and took my seat again, next to Jason, who was heavily debating the movie with his father. After gathering my courage, I looked at our reflections in the tv again. Sure enough, there was Jason — butt naked — jacking his big cock again. Inadvertently, I quickly glanced down at his real fly — as if I needed confirmation that what I was seeing wasn’t real. The tv wasn’t an actual mirror, so I didn’t have a clear and detailed view, but I could clearly see that it was fully erect and getting harder with every rub he gave himself.

Then, suddenly, it all became a lot more bizarre very fast as I noticed my son’s reflection push my reflection’s head down into his lap. Reflection-me was apparently eager to please and immediately opened her mouth and swallowed her son’s cock. Without missing a beat, she started bobbing her head up and down his enormous cock. I’d ankara escort bayan be lying if I said that didn’t make me a little wet. A small part of me wanted to open up my son’s pants and do the same in reality, but off course I didn’t.

Pretty soon, Jason’s reflection had both his hands on my head and was fucking my mouth vigorously; my reflection didn’t seem to mind one little bit. After another minute or two, the scene culminated in a lewd and sleazy climax. My son’s reflection started shuddering, clearly about to cum and then, pulled his dick out of reflection-me’s mouth and gave it the typical last strokes before actually spurting. My reflection rested her head on his stomach, opened her mouth and let her tongue hang out in a most vile and slutty way, presenting her face as target practice.

Jason’s reflection aimed his convulsing cock at her and just came. As his thick, white sperm splattered all over her face, reflection-me looked at me — grinning widely. About ten seconds later, with an insane amount of sperm on her slut face, my reflection reached out, grabbed her lover’s cock and ran her tongue up and down the shrinking shaft, swallowing the cock head whole and bobbing her mouth up and down several times, until the dick was too small to suck on.

Feeling extremely uncomfortable about what I had just witnessed, I excused myself and walked into the hallway. Not really knowing where I was heading, I walked away from the nearest mirror — the one in the hallway — and headed upstairs. Realizing the wardrobe in the master bedroom contained a full length mirror, and not wanting to enter Jason’s bedroom, I walked into the bathroom and locked the door. I got down on my hands and knees and crawled over to the toilet at the far side of the room, deliberately staying under the reach of the mirror above the double sink.

I sat down on the closed toilet lid, running my hands through my hair whilst staring at the floor, contemplating everything that had just happened. Weird, inappropriate and stimulating were the adjectives that came to mind, yet I didn’t feel threatened or scared. I hadn’t flicked on the light, as I normally did upon entering the bathroom, especially at this time of the day. The sun was already setting, which meant that in addition to no artificial light, there was not a lot of exterior daylight coming in through the small bathroom window, next to the toilet. It wasn’t until I poked my head up and looked dead ahead that I realized I had made a tactical mistake.

Without the normal abundance of light, the glass shower pane acted as a mirror and showed an almost perfect reflection of myself sitting on the toilet. As I carefully got up, planning on leaving the bathroom, I kept my eye on my reflection. All of sudden, I saw myself stopping and sitting back down on the closed lid, smiling up at the real me.

While I looked reflection-me in the eye, she began unbuttoning her blouse, taking it off and throwing it on the floor, then reached back and unhooked her bra, taking it off as well. Next, she stood up, pushed her skirt and panties down in one quick motion and stepped out of them as she sat back down on the lid. The experience was once again surreal; although I still had all my clothes on, I could actually feel her –or was it my own, god, this was confusing — touch on my skin.

As I looked at a naked version of myself, spreading her legs and putting her right hand between her wide open legs, I decided I might as well try communicating. “Can you hear me?” I whispered, as I squatted down in front of the shower glass, gawking at my deviant reflection. She didn’t reply, instead… she flickered — like a glitch in a movie or tv-show — and from one moment to the next she was suddenly squatting down in exactly the same position as I was — only naked.

Before I could react or repeat my question, I saw her insert two fingers up her twat. This time, however, just like when Eveline’s reflection touched my tit in the hallway mirror, I could actually feel what she was doing. I felt her — or my — fingers in my wet twat, although I was fully clothed. Although I must have had an expression of confusion and perhaps a little fear on my face, my reflection was grinning widely, apparently unaffected by what she was doing. I gasped and moaned as my right hand — the one my reflection was using to finger herself, and me with — grabbed hold of the side of the glass pane. “Oh god, oh shit… what the hell,” I whispered as I looked at my reflection grinning as she fingered the shit out of me.

Worried I might tip over and hit my head on something, I quickly mustered all of my strength and got up and sat back down on the toilet lid. For about ten seconds, my reflection remained squatted and continued masturbating like there was no tomorrow. I trashed around on the lid, unable to sit still, panting and moaning as silently as possible. Then, my reflection pulled her fingers out, giving me a small reprieve. Then, there was another flickering, and she was suddenly sitting back on the lid, as I was, only much more composed and relaxed. To my horror, she placed her left index finger on her clit and started gently massaging it, sending shivers and powerful jolts of pleasure through my body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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