Mitch: Ruination

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This is the second part of a three part story. It began with Mitch: Perdition.

It is the story of a brother and sister, Jack and Mitch, who come of age in a small town and a small house, discovering each other along the way.


Nothing quite prepares you for university life if you come from a small town. Mine wasn’t particularly small at twelve thousand people, but it had been twelve thousand people for as long as I could remember and I knew for a fact that we were losing more citizens than we were gaining. Everyone suspected that the mayor’s office was avoiding updating the sign because they didn’t want to give a number to what we all knew was bad news. We weren’t idiots, we could see the boarded up businesses and see the loaded up trucks and cars, always headed out of town, but it was one of those topics no one ever talked about. Most of our parents worked at the plants just on the edge of town, making plastic in all of its incarnations, and maybe we thought that if we talked about how badly the industry was off, we would jinx things, bring it to a close all that much sooner. After a while, you got used to people looking over their shoulders, even when something wasn’t there. It was normal.

My parents, luckily, didn’t have to help me with university. I had a scholarship through Dad’s company, but it was kind of an unspoken thing that I had best not fuck up this opportunity. I wouldn’t get another and we all knew it. I was the first person in my entire family, all back through the ages, who had ever attended university and the pressure to perform was pretty palpable. Dad gave me the big shoulder grab that all fathers do when they are trying to be serious, exhorting me to try my best and that he would be proud of me regardless, but I knew that if I failed this, we would never be the same.

Mom, on the other hand, was so quiet that she freaked me out. I knew that she was having a hard time with me leaving. My older brother was never leaving home and we all knew it, so I was the first child to leave the nest. Now that I’m older and seeing that exquisite pain for myself, I know now why she couldn’t speak. The knots won’t let you.

So when they packed me up in the old Ford Wagon for the drive into the city and what I thought was freedom, glorious freedom, I was on the verge of tears the whole way. Everything I had ever known was in that damn town and even though all through High School I couldn’t wait to get out (a fact I certainly didn’t keep secret), when the day came and I knew I was off to a larger world, I was pretty darn scared. It almost broke me to ask my Mom to drive me in instead of my father and I know that it hurt him to hear it, but I really needed Mom’s face to be the last one I saw when I hit the residence. You’ll never hear a teenage boy say that, I know, but sometimes when we get older, we get at least a little honest with ourselves. I had a bank account full of money from my summer job at a farm outside of town, the residence was completely paid for, as was school, and I was about as prepared as I could have been. I just had that feeling that something was missing, though. Something damn important.

Doug gave me the bear hug he always gave me, the kind that near breaks ribs and told me he was proud of me. My younger brother couldn’t be bothered to even say goodbye. He knew, maybe, that I would be back nearly every weekend until I got my feet underneath me. Dad, as I’ve said, gave me the man talk and the man shoulder grab. That almost made me laugh. Mom just sat there looking defeated with the keys in her hands. Mitch jumped up into my arms, a trick she used to do when we were kids, but which was a lot harder to handle when she was nearly my size. I caught her and felt her face against mine, both of us leaking tears.

“I love you older brother. Knock ’em dead.”

I couldn’t speak and I think they all knew it, so she hopped off and I near jumped into the car so that they wouldn’t see me crying. I can tell you now that no matter how this story goes after this point, the absolute last thing on my mind at that moment was sleeping with my sister. I was about as woebegone as a boy can get.

The drive took a couple of hours and if I had known then that this would be one of the last times I would have some honest to goodness alone time with my Mom, I would have made more of an effort to say something important. As it was, I sat staring out the window, petrified, and just wished that the whole day would end. We got there, though, and she helped me cart up my boxes to my little room, two at a time. When we were done, I actually felt a bit better because I could see the potential, what little there was, for my closet of a room. The mattresses were encased in plastic and about as thick through as your hand, neither aspect giving me much confidence, but I could move the two beds together to make a double bed and a plant would go OK on the windowsill …

And then Mom hugged me, hard, and we busted out crying all over again. Within a couple of minutes, we were laughing like fools. She gave me a weird look and cupped my face in her hands, and I wish I would güvenilir bahis have told her that I loved her then, because I honestly did. We had a bit of an awkward goodbye and then she was off for the lonely drive home. Outside my room, there was a growing cacophony as parents left and long pent up angst boiled over in to a right proper toga party, but at that exact second, I was about as alone as anyone can ever be – utterly anonymous.

And that was that. I was a university student.


The first week really did go by in a blur, mainly because I was drunk as a fish nearly every night. The residences hold dances for each of the six major buildings, so the entire first week is a bunch of corny, undersexed, overdressed and completely obliterated students groping each other to make up for the heavily supervised dances back in their respective home towns.

There were no parents, no chaperones and only the omnipresent campus 5-0 there as a security presence. They were nearly as drunk as we were and not a heck of a lot older. Without a word of a lie, I fell in love a dozen times a night, but staggered home through the underground tunnels to my room empty handed and didn’t care a whit until the headache started the next morning. When it did, there always seemed to be a beer back in your hand to start the whole mess all over. The dances were neat to see because hardly any of the new students knew anybody and so they stood back like a ring around the dance floor, sipping, but the returning students knew this week was the last they would have before real work, so they got right down to it. It was hard not to catch onto that wave, and so I rode it for all it was worth. The ring collapsed after a few drinks and everyone was one giant mass of sweaty humanity; deaf, drunk and loving life.

By Thursday, though, I was damn good and homesick. It was then that it really started to hit me. What was missing, that damn important thing … was Mitch.

I missed my whole family, of course, but Mitch and I, well, we just were. There is no denying it, now. In my head I was looking at the freckles on her nose, the tiny ones you couldn’t see more than a few feet away, and watching her smile and wrinkle them up like a fool. It damn near broke my heart and I had a giant knot in my chest that just wouldn’t go away. There were some darn beautiful women in residence, let me tell you, with better bodies, better faces and at least some of them with better minds, but you can’t account for intimacy, really knowing someone. It really makes up for a lot.

And so I sat, half corked, looking out my tiny window, in my tiny room, in my tiny little existence where I could disappear tomorrow and no one would ever know, and I missed my sister more than anything I’ve ever missed in my life.

I was too proud to call and I sat there until it was nearly midnight, just staring, before I screwed up my courage and phoned my parents to see if I could come home for the weekend.

My Mom just about exploded and handed the phone to my Dad. In a conspiratorial voice, he told me that Mom had been messing up my bed the whole week, just to make it look like I was still living there and that perhaps I should come home for the weekend to help her along. You know, just as a favour. My God, I could have kissed the man for not making me ask, but I managed to mumble that I could probably manage it, so he told me he’d pick me up after classes the next day and take me back late Sunday night.

I was grinning the whole time and then Dad said what I really most wanted to hear, “Oh, Jack, Mitch wants to talk to you, give me a sec.”

And he handed her the phone. I could hear some fumbling as she ran up to her room with it. A few seconds later, I could hear her breathing on the other end, neither of us able to really speak. We sat like that for a minute or more, the air heavy between us.

“Uh, are you home for the whole weekend?”

“Yeah, I suppose so.”

“I … I miss you.”

I really couldn’t hold back by that point. Her tiny voice was honestly more than I could bear.

“I miss you, too.” I knew she could hear me choking up.

“I’m getting my pup tent and a couple of sleeping bags. I know that Friday you’re staying in your old room, but, I mean, could, uh, would you come camping with me? I’d get all the stuff ready tonight so you wouldn’t even have to do anything and if you wanted, you could even stay over Sunday and I’d drive you back in Monday before school, early. I’d have you in in time for a shower before class, even. I took the time off at the restaurant, so please say yes.”

“Are you kidding?,” I laughed hard and long, the tension blowing out of me like a balloon. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

And that was where it truly began.

I came home the prodigal son, my Dad crowing away and strutting like a peacock, my Mom kind of hiding in the kitchen until I dragged her out and gave her a good long hug. Even my younger brother Calvin seemed happy to see me, which was a wonder. We ate dinner like a family again and it was like I had never left. I loved it. Partway through türkçe bahis dinner, Mitch started yapping about the trip and how she had the site all booked, how it wouldn’t be too cold this weekend, how the cooler was packed, and the whole family kind of gave us both a look. My parents weren’t too happy that I was thinking of staying out Sunday night or that I was going to stay at the campground most of the weekend. They knew I was supposed to be out to visit the family, but they mostly kept quiet and just let Mitch and I have our thing, planning away. The whole time I was thrilling in every cell of my body.

And after dinner, Mitch dragged me out to her beat up Civic to show me it was all packed. I made a show of inspecting everything, but what was really on my mind was her hand on my back, which burned like fire. I leaned back against it, my eyes half closed, loving every second.

And then something broke that had needed breaking a long time ago.

“Fuck it. Fuckitfuckitfuckit.” I was maniacal. I needed this to begin, now.

“Fuck it. I’ll pay for the extra day, let’s just get the hell out of here. I feel like I’m going to break open into a thousand goddamn stars and for once in my life I’m not hesitating a single, solitary second. Get in the car. I’m driving.”

She looked at me like I was crazy … and I was.

I was bunched up like a tiger, completely prepared to toss her over my shoulder and chuck her in the passenger seat if I had to and she could see that I meant business, so she dropped the keys into my hands and jumped in without a word.

A minute later we were on the road, laughing like fiends with the stereo blaring and the last days of summer whipping by our windows. Oh, we’d catch hell when we got back, but I don’t think either of us cared at that point. You don’t get many chances to be truly impetuous and when you get them, you had best jump on them with both feet because otherwise your life will go right on by without anything close to a hell of a ride. And a hell of a ride this was.

By the second mile, her hand was on my thigh and we were smiling away at each other like lovesick fools. She’d play with my hair, then drop her hand back to my lap, each time just a tiny bit higher up my leg. She even leaned her head onto my shoulder, both of us loving the warmth. There was no words for it because neither of us knew what “it” was. We just knew we both wanted it. You never know love until you’re in it and even then, you almost have to lose it before you really know.

Mitch, reading my mind, grabbed my head in both her hands, twisted it around and kissed me, her tiny tongue darting into my mouth. I tried mightily to keep my eyes on the road, but I was losing the battle fast and the car was dropping speed like a stone. With a nibble for good measure, she let me go, plopping back into her seat with a thud that shook the car.

“Holy fuck.”

What else can you say to that?

“Holy fuck.”

She laughed. “Is that the only phrase you know?”

She had her eye half cocked to me and we both started laughing. Without a word, she reached over and held my hand on the stick shift. It was wonderful. We went for a few miles like that, just reveling in each other, but eventually the camp ground got closer and I could sense things were getting just a tad more serious. It was here. Really here.

She turned in her seat to face me, crossing her legs the way only women can, coiling herself up into the seat.

“You know what I just thought?”

“What?” I asked, kind of nervous to be actually talking about it after all the tension.

“No one in this campground even knows who the hell we are.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“So … “, she hesitated, clearly unsure of what she was about to say. “So, we could be, uh, someone else for the weekend. You know, not ourselves.”

I knew where she was headed and I really didn’t know how to respond. I think she took it as some measure of fear, because she jumped back in, talking just a bit too fast.

“I mean, we don’t have to if you don’t want to. I just wanted you to know that we could if you were interested. I mean, I could forget you were my brother and you could forget I was your sister and we could just, you know … be.”

I echoed her last words. “We could just … be.”



She inclined the seat a bit and then after a second of silence, continued.

“Do you remember when you came in while I was in the shower?”


“I knew you were looking at me. I let you, you know.”

“I honestly didn’t see much.”


“Yeah, that damn dimpled glass made you just a mess of pink spots.”

“Oh … too bad.”

And with that, we both looked at each other for a second, admitting for the first time what was going to happen. I felt alive. Ready and scared (of course), but alive. Sitting up abruptly, she kissed me again, just outside the eye. I was so in love with her right then I ached, so I slipped my hand onto her inner thigh and gave it a squeeze. She jolted and then reached into my lap, squeezing my cock through my güvenilir bahis siteleri jeans. I damn near came right there and gasped out loud.

“We are going to have soooo much fun.” She giggled as she lay back down. Oh, we would.

The campground was pretty empty, despite the Indian Summer going on, and we had the pick of the lots, the lot manager gave us a bit of a hard time about not pre-booking the additional night, but I gave it right back to him in spades because I knew the cheap bastard was just looking for some extra money. He eventually relented and we dawdled around looking for the perfect spot, close enough to the water to be convenient, but far enough away from the rest of the campers that we could more or less do as we pleased.

“Don’t get too close.”, Mitch said as I looked like I was about to turn into one. “I want to be able to hear you, too, without getting nosy neighbours poking around.” She grinned and I grinned right back.

I don’t think anyone ever got a tent up that fast, to be honest. We’d kiss each other and grope each other like crazy fools in heat and I was as hard as a rock by the time we tumbled into the tent to get the sleeping bags ready. We both took a deep breath and then, in the half light, Mitch started zipping the two sleeping bags together so that we would sleep together, really together. My heart was pounding in my chest and I felt, honestly, just a little bit sick. We shifted around awkwardly to get it spread out underneath us and then the silence hit. Just us breathing. Her kind of half on her knees and me sitting normally, facing each other in the semi-dark.

Tentatively, I leaned just a tiny bit forward until our lips just touched. Just.

And we began. Light kisses turned into harder kisses and then I just couldn’t help myself. I unbuttoned the top two or three buttons of her shirt by feel and then just slipped my hand into her shirt, caressing her collarbone and upper chest. Her heart was thudding as much as mine. I don’t know why I needed to know that, but I did.

“I’m sorry.” She said, and I suddenly realized she was crying.

“What do you mean? You don’t have to be sorry. I want this.”, I said, desperation in my voice. She couldn’t be stopping this now. Not now.

“No.” She shook her head for emphasis. “I’m sorry about … Mike. It really was an accident.”

“Oh.” I got hard inside with that. I had forgotten all about it but it still stung, a bit, to hear. “Seriously, I don’t care. I honestly don’t fucking care. Come kiss me again.”

“No, you need to hear this.” She sat back, agonizingly out of reach. “He didn’t matter and never did. Never.”

I could see words weren’t going to matter to her, so I just did what I knew would show her how I felt. I lunged forward to kiss her hard and we bonked teeth. She grunted, but I pushed forward again and suddenly we were kissing for real, tongues everywhere and our hands grasping like thieves. I pushed her back onto the sleeping bags with my body and she leaned back, holding herself from falling with her arms around my neck. We didn’t once break our kiss. I ground into her like I was possessed and she moaned into my mouth. We kissed some more and rocked against each other until I was almost ready to come and started shaking. She stopped on a dime, scaring me, and her eyes were wide open, like coals in the dark.

“No, not like this.”

She rolled me over violently onto my back and when I reached for her, she gently pushed my arms down to my sides. When I reached again, she was more insistent and pinned them down, hard.

When I was settled to her satisfaction, she pulled her shirt off over her head and I sat back to drink her in. Even in silhouette, she was beautiful, with those tiny hairs on her neck curling up in the light. She unhooked her bra and tossed it back behind her along with her shirt and then took my hand and placed it full on her breast and it really did just fit. It’s hokey, but true. I could feel her body heat and her nipple rising like a stone underneath my palm. Mitch moaned slightly when I rolled back my thumb over the nipple coaxing it upwards. With her head back, she again dropped her hand into my lap and squeezed. It felt so goddamned wonderful that I wanted to scream.

Dropping her head down, she reached up and slipped my shirt up as high as it would go, leaning forward and taking one of my nipples in her mouth. She bent my arm kind of awkwardly underneath her, so I snaked it around behind her and laid it on her back, marveling at the muscles I could feel there.

Her mouth felt kind of warm and cold at the same time, her tongue tickling me with it’s little dabs. Her hand squeezed on my cock in sync with her licks and sucks and I was on fire, pushing up against her hand with each squeeze. I was kneading her back by this point, oblivious to anything but the sensations. Slowly, she kissed her way down my from my chest to my stomach and when she hit the edge of my pants, she stopped and used both hands to undo my belt, me still rocking away as if her hand was still there, almost completely out of control. When she had them undone, she roughly jerked them down, going too fast and bending my cock at an odd angle. I arched my hips to help her and she nearly dragged my pants off of me in harsh yanks. She chucked them, hard, as if she hated them and I know just how she felt.

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