Mom Becomes My Lover

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My name is Tommy, It’s Saturday morning, and I wake up to the smell of my mom cooking breakfast downstairs. I get out of my bed, and head to the shower and jump in real quick, getting out of the shower I put on a loose fitting pair f shorts as always, and head down to the kitchen.

Walking into the kitchen I see my mother Rose standing at the stove cooking breakfast.

“Good Morning Mom.” I say to her. She jumps slightly.

“Good Morning Tommy, you scared me.” She replies and laughs. My father passed away three years ago, and it left my mother to raise me all by herself. She was standing there in this raggedy old housecoat she loved so much, it had a few holes here and there.

My mother and I sat down to eat having a little conversation while eating. My mom looks over at me with these green eyes. I could tell she wanted to either say or ask me something.

“How’s Debbie?” She asks.

“She’s fine.” I reply. But we are no longer seeing one another anymore.”

“Why not?” My mother asks in a concerned voice.

“It’s ok mom we decided to just be friends, its better that way.” Mom looks over at me.

“Well a sexy young man like yourself will find a girl in no time.”

“I hope so mom.” I reply. “It’s been three months now, and I am still waiting.” After breakfast I help my mom with the dishes, and go watch television. The first show that I absolutely love to watch is Jerry Springer at nine along with a few other shows that I love to watch on Saturday mornings. After Jerry Springer went off I headed upstairs to use the bathroom.

“That’s the only thing wrong with this house, no bathroom downstairs.” I think to myself and chuckle just a bit. Upon getting to the bathroom I hear my mom in the bathroom moaning in pleasure, but the funny thing is she is moaning my name. Startled I run back downstairs, and continue watching television. Later on that night at dinner I sit there all quiet and mom looks over at me yet again.

“Why so quiet, your not usually like this.” Mom asks. Lifting my eyes off my plate I look over at her.

“Mom, can I ask you a question?”

“Yes son you can ask me anything, you know that.” Rose replies. Now looking at her I begin to get a rise in my shorts cause she is wearing a pair of pj’s with the top two buttons undone, showing more cleavage than usual. I start out to ask my question not knowing just how to ask what I want to ask, so I begin to stutter, and mom looks at me.

“Come on ask already.”

“Ok well if two people love one another, should they be afraid to show it, I mean in a sexual way?” I managed to ask.

“No not at all Tommy, but they should at least be of a certain age at least eighteen.”

“Ok thanks mom, you were a big help.”

“Your welcome Tommy, anytime I’m always here.” After dinner I helped mom do the dishes, and we head into watch a little television before going to bed. After watching television we head upstairs to bed. We say good night, and separate in the hall way going to out own rooms. I get into bed, contemplating all that’s gone on through out the day and just what I have heard. Although now I have a raging hard-on as the incestuous thoughts of my mother, and knowing of her masturbating to me as her object just over took me. Taking güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri my own shaft into my hand I begin to stroke it with the wonderful woman who has raised me on my mind. Finally bringing myself some well-needed relief I manage to drift off to sleep. The next morning I wake up with a massive hard-on, I’m not sure if its truly because I have to pee, or because I still have thoughts of my mother on my mind, either way I get up and head to the bathroom, not thinking because we always keep the door closed I open the door to find my mother standing there totally nude.

“I’m sorry mom, I didn’t know you were in here. It won’t happen again I promise.” Turning to walk away I couldn’t believe what I have just laid my eyes on.

“It’s ok come on in, you must have had to go. I was just going to take a shower. Go ahead and use the bathroom it’s ok.” Mom calls out to me. I walk in, and stand in front of the toilet releasing my hardened mass, and begin to relieve myself while my mom hops in the shower. After I was finished I decided to sit on the toilet, and talk with her while she showers.

“Mom, do you remember what you said last night about two people having sex if they really love one another?”

“Yes.” My mom replies in a now quiet tone. As out conversation goes on I continue watching my mom threw the glass door. Watching her curves sway back and fourth. Getting up I strip off all my clothes, and slide in the shower behind her.

“What are you doing?” My mom asks me looking at me in a rather stunned look. “I am taking shower, you aren’t supposed to be in here with me, I’m your mother.”

“Mom, I needed to take a shower to, and I didn’t think it would bother you if I joined you.”

“Well I guess its ok.” Mom replies. Tommy takes the soap, and finishes washing his mothers body front, and back stopping at her ass to enjoy the view he has at the moment. After he washes her down he hands her the soap, and asks her to do his body now starting with his back. His mom takes the soap, and washes his back, and his butt working down his legs. Standing back up she says, “Ok now turn around.” Tommy does as told, and turns around. His mother takes the soap, and starts washing his chest, and crouches down to wash his slowly growing mass. Watching this thing grow as she is washing it brings back the thought of the other night when she was masturbating to the very sight. Quickly she moves onto his legs and says, “There you’re done, now lets get out of here.” Tommy agrees and shuts off the water opening the door they both step out one at a time drying off and heading to their respective rooms to get dressed.

The day continues yet Rose can’t get the sight of her baby boy’s manhood out of her head. She remains in one horny state all day. Tommy on the other hand was in just the same predicament, the sight of his mothers beautiful body, and the feel of her protective hand wrapped around his manhood as she washes him fills his head. “Oh my god what am I going to do? I don’t know how to explain my feelings for my mom to her. How am I supposed to continue living like this? I need to have her. I need to feel her wrapped around my cock. There are so many girls in this world that I could date, however I don’t want any of them. I want güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri my mother.” Rose and Tommy gather in the kitchen for dinner. Neither one of them really said two words to the other.

Rose and Tommy do up the dishes and headed off to their rooms once again. Rose goes into her room closing the door, and climbs into bed. All she can think about is her son’s very erect, and very thick mass pointed at her face in the shower earlier in the day, and how much she just wanted to take a hold of it, and swallow it whole. Rose can feel her pussy starting to become even wetter thinking of how much she just wants to have Tommy take her, and make her his. Slowly she lowers her hand to her awaiting pussy, slowly sliding her fingers along the smooth hairless lips of her dripping snatch. Moaning as she thinks about someone else’s (preferably Tommy’s) fingers touching her smooth pussy for the first time since her husbands tragic death.

Tommy now in his room has fallen asleep, and is now in a dream of his own about his mother, and wanting so badly to make love to her, and be all the man he can be, and take care of his mother in the many ways he knows how. Back in his mothers room Rose is now working her wet dripping pussy faster than ever before moaning louder and louder, “TOMMY FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD. I LOVE THIS BIG COCK. I WANT IT SO BAD. FUCK ME PLEASE.” His mother screams as she continues to finger her pussy faster and faster till she explodes in orgasm after orgasm, finally drifting off to sleep.

The next morning Rose wakes up, and decides she is going to make her son want her, but not be to up front about it. He will however know by the clothes she is going to wear for the day since they are staying in. Rose gets out of bed, and goes in quickly to take a shower. Getting back to her room, she puts on one of her husband’s t-shirts that comes just below her ass cheeks cause she only stands 5’2 inches tall. She walks in front of the mirror just checking herself out, and thinks to herself, “Damn I look good for my age of forty-five.” Rose walks over to her make up table and puts a little on. Walking out of the room in just that shirt, no panties, no bra, just that shirt, rose walks down to the kitchen, and starts making breakfast all the things she knows Tommy likes eggs, bacon, toast, orange juice, and strawberries. All this she is for her son that she is going to have today one way or another. Tommy wakes up to all these wonderful scents he is now smelling, and walks down to the kitchen to find his mother bent over the table filling his glass with orange juice, and he can tell she is wearing nothing but that shirt. Smiling Tommy knows today is going to be a good day.

Rose turns around to find that her son has been watching her all this time she has been bent over the table and she was sure he could see her bare ass. She smiles at him and says, “Your breakfast is on the table now come and eat.”

“The food smells wonderful mom, thanks for making me breakfast.”

“You are more than welcome, you need to remember now you are the man of the house, and I need to keep you strong and healthy don’t I?”

“Yes I guess so.” Tommy replies in this dazed look. His mother sees the look on Tommy’s face.

“I know you güvenilir bahis şirketleri seen my ass while I was filling your cup, and I know you would love to take it and make it yours right?”

“UMMM yes I guess I would.” Tommy replies in a silent tone not quite knowing what to say.

“Boy, don’t play stupid with me, I know you want to take my ass cause you had one hell of a hard-on the other day in the shower, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since then, so I know you want me.” Tommy is now shocked at what he has just heard.

“OK OK damn, yes I want you, I have wanted you for years now, and now that dads gone god bless his soul, I will have you if it’s the last thing I do.” Rose looks at Tommy.

“Yes you will have me, but we have to eat first, and go into the city for some things. When we get back home and get things unpacked you can have all of me that you want. You’re the man of the house now, and I expect you to act like it.

“Then what are we waiting for? Lets go and get things done then.” Tommy asks in excitement.

“In do time my boy, we will. Now you will finish your breakfast. Finishing up Tommy and Rose clean the table up and Kiss one time before going upstairs to change and get ready to leave for the city being as they live about thirty miles away from the nearest city.

Coming back downstairs Rose and Tommy head out the door, and get into the truck, and head off to the big city. About fifteen miles into the trip Rose looks over at Tommy.

“Tommy I need to pee, you need to pull over right now.”

“Right here? We are in public you want to pee right on the side of the road?”

“Yes.” Rose replies. “Now pull the truck over, and come around and stand in behind me so you can block the traffic so no one can see me from behind.” Tommy pulls the truck over and gets out walking around to his mothers side of the truck, Standing behind her as she pulls down her pants, and panties as she begins to relieve herself. Meanwhile Tommy can hear the pee hitting the road, and slowly turns to look at his mothers ass while this stream of pee comes from in between her partly open legs. Rose notices Tommy catching a peek of her exposed rear end.

“How does it look with your mother in a position you have never seen her in before?” Rose asks Tommy. Tommy quickly turns back around, and Rose finishes up, and stands back up.

“Damn it, I don’t have anything to wipe myself with. Oh screw it I will do it later.” Rose begins to pull her pants back up when all of a sudden Tommy stops her.

“Sit on the edge of the seat mom, I will take care of that for you.” Rose does as Tommy tells her to but what comes next shocks the hell out of her. Tommy slides down in between his mother’s legs placing them over his shoulders, slowly lowering his head to his mother’s smooth, slick pussy lips. Rose grabs the back of Tommy’s head.

“Don’t do that, its gross.” Tommy just looks up at his mother.

“Do you want to walk around with a wet spot on your pants or not. Relax it’s ok I know what I’m doing.” Rose agrees and leans back as Tommy places his head between his mother’s legs again. This time he begins to clean her wet pussy lips from top to bottom, causing her to shake into one of the biggest orgasms she has ever had Cumming all over her sons open mouth.

“Ok isn’t that better?” Tommy asks.

“Yes, thank you sweetie.” Rose pulls her panties as well as her pants back up they both get back into the truck, and head off to the big city together.


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