Mom Goes Slutty Ch. 02

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All characters over 18 years of age

This story uses some hindi/urdu words.


Narrator Somraju son of Nikita 24 years

In the previous chapter I narrated how my amma (mother) became a randi. She had always wanted to be a slut with lots of cocks and I helped her.

I took Nikita to Sheeshmahal theatre where she sucked a lot of cocks and then Abdullah the pimp got her some customers whom she fucked and serviced that night. We went home in the early morning hours with her clothes, body, face and hair covered and smelling of cum. She really looked beautiful with all the cum on her body. She was also smiling because she had enjoyed the sex and earned some money.

When she was being fucked after the movie Nikita was in ecstasy and saying “HARAMI ZOR SE CHOD, DAL ZOR SE, MAA BEHEN KO NAHI CHODA KYA, JALDI CHOD, AAAA OOOH MMMM ZOR SE, ANDER DAL, LAURDA DE”

When we reached home next morning our 27 year old maid Veena looked at Nikita and smiled. Veena asked “Randi raat ko maza kiya kya. Kitne aadmi ko choda. Mujhe le jaate to main bhi kuch mazaa kar leti.”

And to me Veena said “Babu mujhe bhi kabhi chodo. Mujhe bahut acha lagta hai. Mein ache se chodti hoon. Tumhe mazaa karaoongi. Bacha chahiye to doongi.”

Nikita asked Veena what do you mean and how dare you speak like this.

Veena replied “memsaab jaise aap dikh rahe, aapke kapde aur itna sara sex ki smell se saaf dikh raha ki randi jaise chudhai karke aayi. Agli baar hum dono randi baazi karke aayenge, paisa bhi acha milega aur acha mazaa hoga. Ache customer bhi dhoondhongi. Som babu ko bhi achi randi dilaaongi aur woh meri chudhai bhi kar sakta hai. Som babu hum dono ki dalaali bhi kar sakta hai.”

Veena continued “waise bhi mujhko acha lagta tum bhi randi, mein bhi randi aur Som babu Dalaal. Kya acha mazaa karenge. Som babu ka mein bacha bhi paida kar sakti. Saab meri bhi chudhai kar sakte.”

The next adventure of Nikita was at the wednesday club but I will describe that in another story.

In this story I continue to write about Nikita as a street whore and her adventures with men.

A few days later when my father was on tour my mom decided she wanted to walk the streets and have some fun.

She wore a red color saree, bichooas, big bindi, payal, glass bangles and a hair pin. Her nail polish was bright red. Her 46B boobs were enticing. Her blouse was a deep V cut. At the back her güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri blouse was a thin strip so that the back was literally bare. She did not wear a bra so her boobs were hugging her blouse and inviting. Her chapalls were golden color and payals made a cham cham noise. When she walked her bum looked sexy and boobs were so beautiful. At 42 she was a perfect MILF who all the guys would like to dip into her chooth with their hard cocks.

I was wearing a white kurta pajama and rubber chappals.

As we were exiting the gate our driver Raju asked “memsaab kahan jana hai.”

Nikita replied “Raju, Som babu aur mein auto mein jayenge. Hume kuch kaam hai aur parking bhi nahi hogi.”

Raju then said “memsaab bahut mast lag rahi. Bura mat manna bilkul hot randi dikh rahi. Mein to seedha tumhe apne laurde saath chodh doon. KYA MAST CHOOTH HOGI. MUJHE BHI DO. ACHE PAISE DOONGA.”

Nikita and I did not reply and went to look for an auto.

Veena followed without us knowing. She caught up with us. She was wearing a green saree, glass bangles, payals, bindi. Her boobs were a 36D and her waist 34. Her long hair was in a single plat. She was not wearing a bra and her saree was tied low just near her chooth. Even one or two vaginal hair could be seen. Her petticoat and her saree was hugging her legs. Her feet were in typical pink color chappals.

Veena said “memsaab mujhe chodke kyun ja rahe. Why are you leaving me? Mujhe bhi mazaa karna. Ache customer lati. Shastri statue pe chalte wahan bahut log aate. Aapne dekha Raju ko kya sexy lag rahe aap. Usse apni chudhai karao. He has a hard cock. Last time he paid me four thousand rupees.”

We went to Shastri statue. Veena caught Nikitas hand and took her to a group of women who were all chatting. They were all dressed just like what amma and the bai Veena looked. Veena sent me to a group of men and asked me to find customers.

The women with Nikita were discussing their customers and experiences. Kamla was telling the story of how a cop followed her when she as in a car with a customer and managed to escape. Anjali spoke of how she was arrested once while having sex but then bribed the inspector with a free fuck. Others spoke of their experiences. They discussed condoms and birth control. Nearly everyone said they did not like condoms but still used them for safety. Nikita and Veena both said they would never use condoms.

Veena then said she loved güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri circumcised cocks. Nikita said she wanted to try a kata hua laurda. Others gave their opinion. Nikita said “Mujhe ek kata hua lund try karna hai. Uska nufta seedha chooth mein jayega to kya mazaa aayega.”

As this chit chat was going on a old man of 50 and a youngster of 20 came by. They asked for Nikita and Veena as both were looking slutty. They were speaking in English.

The elder man asked Nikita for her rate she replied “haraami rate chod chudhai karega kya. Chal.”

The man explained that it was going to be the first fuck for his son Azeem and he wanted him to be properly initiated. The rate was agreed at ten thousand for both Nikita and Veena to spend the night with Azeem and Rahil the father.

I was left with the randis to get trained as a dalaal.

Now the story is narrated by Veena of how they spent the night.

Nikita and Veena got into the mercedes benz. Veena sat with Azeem at the back. Nikita sat in the front with Rahil. At the back there was also Asifa 25 year old sister of Azeem.

Azeem was now sandwiched between Veena and Asifa. Asifa now said we will train him properly so that he knows how to fuck. Veenas hand went on his hard cock and she was playing with it through his pajamas. Asifa put Azeems hand on her boobs which were quite small. Azeem was feeling shy and asked both the women to stop.

From front Rahil asked his son to behave and learn from the women. He said “tumhara nikah hoga to tum apni biwi ki chudhai kaise karoge. Ache se seekho inse. Aur Asifa to tumhari bahen hai, woh to tumhe ache se sikhayegi aur yeh randiyan to expert hain, mein bhi inki chudhai karoonga.”

After some time we reached the home of Rahil and he took us inside. We first did Bismillah and then went into the Chudhai Room as they called it.

Without much ado Nikita removed her clothes, Veena removed Rahils clothes and Asifa removed Azeems clothes. Nikita lay down on the huge kingsize bed and got Azeem to position his lund on her chooth. Before he knew it Azeem was into Nikita and she was saying “HARAAMKHOR CHODH ZOR SE CHOD. MAADERCHOD ZOR SE DAL. FUCK ME. ZOR SE AUR ZOR SE.”

On the side Rahil was sucking Veenas boobs while Asifa was sucking Veenas chooth.


Azeem güvenilir bahis şirketleri was ramming Nikita who was screaming “MAACHOD APNA LAURDA DAL. BACHA DE MUJHE. ZOR SE NUFTA DE. AUR ZOR SE.”

Azeem was ramming Nikita who was loving the hard cock in her. He went on like this for atleast one hour and put all his seed into her. At the end his cum was all over her chooth legs, face and stomach. Her hair was also full of cum.

Nikita was so full of cum. Her hair looked beautiful. Asifa said I wish I had so much cum on me.

Now Rahil took charge of Veenas chooth while Asifa started to look after Azeems lund.

Rahil was sucking Veenas boobs and his cock was in her cunt. Veena was being rammed.


Now to return to Somraju

Somraju was learning the tricks of getting customers for the randis. He had got a customer for Nikita and Veena. Now Anjali, 27 asked him if he would be her pimp or dalaal. He was very happy.

Anjali told Somraju that she wanted him for the night first and wanted to spend the night with him. She also said that she would teach him the tricks of fucking.

Anjali was wearing a cheap lehnga, green nail polish, hanging earrings and a mangal sutra. Her husband had left her and she was now a full time prostitute. She took Somraju to her room.

Anjali immediately turned into a tigress and removed his clothes. She said “Chodo mujhe ZOR SE.”

Somraju got properly trained in fucking that night.

Anjalis skin was so smooth. Her pussy was deep and there was no hair. Her boobs were nice and big. She wanted him and he wanted her.

Somraju pierced through her chooth and rammed her. She was screaming the whole night “BAHENCHOD CHODH MUJHE. ZOR SE CHODH. JAISA MERA BAAP MERI CHUDHAI KARTA THA WAISE CHODH.”

This went on the whole night.


Nikita and Veena were turning the night hot. They were fucking like there was no tomorrow.

Azeem was taken in by the big boobs of the two women as well as of his sister Asifa. His huge cock was giving cum like no tomorrow.

Azeem was sucking boobs while Asifa sucked his cock. After some time his cock was in Asifas chooth and she was screaming “Bhai mujhe bacha de zor se chodh BAHENCHODH MUJHE APNI MAA SAMAJH KE CHODH. CHUDHAI KAR.”

Azeem was saying to his sister “RANDI MERA LUND LE. OOOH AAAH OOOH FUCK FUCK.”

At the same time Veena was being fucked by Rahil. She was screaming “Fuck me RAM ME GIVE ME YOUR COCK. MAKE ME YOURS. I NEED YOUR CUM. GIVE ME A BABY. BAHENCHODH GHUSED ZOR SE. CHODH MUJHE”.

This entire activity of fucking and chudhaai went on the whole night.

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