Mom – My Private Teacher

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My mom died of breast cancer when I was only 5 and by the age of 7 I had a Phillipine step-mom who was only 14 years older than me.

Dad was a very successful businessman and totally obsessed with the female beauty, so he quickly had my ‘mom’ have a boob operation and also her lips thickened.

She looked absolutely awesome and her small 5’3″ thin body only made her boobs look even bigger. Well, it is pretty obvious that I grew up perving on my ‘mom’ and her 40″ D-size breasts.

She was a really loving person and accepted and treated me as her own and soon I had even forgotten that she was my step mom.

A short time after my 16th birthday, dad had a major car accident and later died in the hospital where Lin (my ‘mom’) promised him she would take care of me.

She inherited all my dad’s money and lived true to her word with me. We grew really close and we had a very open relationship.

Well, I had a great youth with everything a kid could want, except sex! Yes, I dated a few girls but never got the chance to experience any kind of sex, where be it oral, vaginal or anal. So with this said you can see that at the age of 26 I was a freak because I was still a virgin and an avid masturbator.

I had been dating Pam for nearly 3 years and we finally decided to get married. I still lived with ‘mom’ and about 7 weeks before the wedding we were sitting at the dinner table when I opened up to her.

“Mom, can I ask you something?”

“Sure honey! What is it?”

“Well, ummm…”, I couldn’t find a way to say it.

“Yes? Go on!” she said.

“Well mom, I need your opinion about something.”

“What’s that sweety?” she lovingly asked as she cut up her steak.

I got up the courage and just blurted it out! “Mom, I’m getting married in 7 weeks time and Pam is still a virgin.”

“Really?!” She seemed really surprised!

“Problem is… so am I!” She stopped everything and just stared at me. I could tell she was having a hard time believing that, specially since I had been in quite a few decent relationships.

“How can that be? What about Jenny or Trish?” both of whom had been serious relationships and had lasted longer than a year.

“I don’t know mom! It just never happened. All I’ve really done is kiss them and play with their boobs.” There was no stopping me now.

“So I’ve been thinking of getting some professional help for my problem and wondered what you thought about me seeking a professional hooker to teach me how to love a woman.”

She was lost for words as she tried to find the right thing to say. “Oh Paul, I don’t really think you need that. Trust me, when the moment comes you’ll know what to do and you’ll be just fine! And besides, going to a prostitute could be dangerous with all the strange diseases going round nowadays!”

“Yes mom, I know but I’ve really thought about it and am keen on going ahead with this. I just felt I should tell you about it first.”

She let go of her knife and fork and held my hand, squeezing it gently. “Well, if you really want to, I guess you should do it. If you need I can güvenilir bahis help you pay for the lessons.”

“Thanks mom. I just needed to share this with you and your approval is very important to me.”

We finished our meal without exchanging another word and we got on with our lives.

Three weeks went by and in that time I had spent a lot of time looking up adverts on the web and in the newspaper but hadn’t found anyone that seemed to be what I was looking for.

Anyway, one evening I came home and after a shower slipped into my sleeping boxers and a t-shirt and went to the dinner table where mom had prepared one of my favorite meals – roasted chicken with hot mexican chili and baked potatoes. We ate as we normally did and I went to watch tv in the lounge while mom went to put on her nightgown before joining me.

About 15 minutes later she joined me on the sofa and started up a conversation.

“You know… in the Phillipines there is a custom that the bride’s aunt teaches the groom all about the various methods of pleasing the bride during the honeymoon.”

She caught me by surprise and I wasn’t really sure what she was going on about.

Mom stood up, quickly opened her nightgown and let it fall on the ground exposing her tiny, thin body with those huge silicone boobs, a trimmed black haired pussy and a red garter belt and stocking combination. Her thin straight long hair was all on the left side covering her left breast and she looked divine, just like a true goddess.

I tried not to get aroused but my cock twitched and I felt it begin to swell in my boxers.

She sat next to me and continued: “Seeing your future bride doesn’t have an aunt and seeing I am Phillipine I thought that maybe I could teach you how to make love, if you’re still keen on getting some professional help.”

Those words stirred me up completely and my cockhead began to pop out my boxer shorts through the front opening. I didn’t know what to say and was actually about to recline when she commented on my fast growing erection – “I take it that is a ‘yes’!”

I began to quickly defend myself as my heart raced and my thoughts were mixed with excitement and embarrassment “But you’re my mom! That wouldn’t be correct!”

“Technically I am your mom but we both know I am not your biological mother so unless you don’t find me attractive or are too embarrassed to try this with me I don’t see anything against it. Besides I’m sure I’d enjoy it too because it has been quite a while since I’ve had sex with another person.”

She got me and I was stunned. My silence came out as a confirmation and her left hand began to caress my eager cock to its full attention. She didn’t even stroke it 30 seconds and she bent over and placed my head in her mouth and began to gently suck it. It wasn’t a major blowjob with eager sucking or anything but more of an oral lovemaking session with my cock.

I could feel her warm moist tongued explore my whole head as she gently just sucked on my bulging head. Needless to say in no time I was squirming on my seat saying “Mom… stop! Stop…!!” türkçe bahis And before I could say anything else I unloaded my nuts into her thick lips. She wasn’t disencouraged by it at all and continued her gently sucking and licking until I had finished my load in her mouth and she swallowed me completely.

She then sat up, fixed her hair with both hands making her huge boobs point in my direction and making them seem even larger than they were and with a naughty but loving smile she mounted my lap, prodding my cock with her hand into her warm love hole.

She popped her tits into my face “Come on! Suck them. We both know you love big tits and I’ve seen how every now and then you look at mine.”

She began to ride my cock slowly as she continued urging her nipples into my mouth until I surrendered and grabbed her huge tits. Wow! They felt great and her nipples were hard as rubber. I couldn’t believe I was actually fucking a girl, let alone the one I had so often fantasized about!

She continued rolling her hips as if she was the one doing all the fucking and then began to ask me to meet her rolling hips with pelvic thrusts which I obviously obeyed! “Ooohhh… That’s it!” and she began to moan as we both fucked in unison. Of course every now and then my inexperience revealed itself as I lost the rythm but I did my best to accompany her movements.

My hands moved down to her arse whilst my mouth just kept on licking and nibbling on her nipples.

I quickly felt my balls begin to tighten and sped up my movements. She must’ve understood how close I was to coming and urged me to fuck her even faster and harder and she sped up her rolling movements until I felt my cock begin to shoot my load into her now very eager pussy.

She continued her movements for a while and then stopped out of the blue and stood up.

“It is very important that when you make love to a woman that you also focus on giving her pleasure!” She reached out her hand and gestured me to hold it and to follow her.

I did and she guided me into her bedroom where she lay in the middle of her bed with her legs totally spread, exposing her pussy with a tiny little drop of my cum oozing out. She was almost doing a split in mid air and grabbed her ankles. I had no idea she was this flexible!

“Now it is your turn to please me. Eat my pussy!”

The thought of licking my own cum was a bit disgusting but I couldn’t lose this oportunity to eat my first pussy, specially my beautiful, exotic step mom so I knelt on the floor and held her thighs gently whilst digging my lips into her pussy.

My tongued darted in and out of her love hole, grabbing my cum and her sweet wetness and she pointed to her clit and told me to lick it. “Here! Lick it as if you are a thirsty dog!”

She was getting pretty horny and I obeyed and her moans began to get really loud! Her hips rolled and bucked until her movement was impossible to follow and she let out a controlled scream and came on my mouth, holding onto my head and hair and pulling me into her tightly.

My cock felt as if it were going to explode güvenilir bahis siteleri by itself and as soon as she caught her breath she turned around and got on all fours in front of me. “Go on! Fuck me! I want your cock again!”

Shit. Her ass looked sexy and I jumped her like a cowboy on his horse in one of those old western movies. I grabbed onto her hips and began to hump like a dog with a bitch on heat and fucked her as hard and fast as I could.

She managed to straighten her body up, flicking her long dark hair over my shoulders and looked into my eyes, placing her mouth on mine as I continued to push and pull my hips into and out of her pussy. She gripped my wrists and pulled them upwards and forwards placing my hands on her mammoth tits “Squeeze them!”, she begged and continued moaning. Her nipples had grown and the harder I thought I was squeezing them the more she asked me to squeeze them harder. I was afraid of hurting her but I began to lose control squeezing as hard as I could. She obviously enjoyed that and she thrust her hips into me hard, making my balls slap her pussy silly.

She grunted and slapped her body into me harder and harder until she tightened and trembled and with a dry grunt, released my hands and collapsed face down on the bed with her ass in the air.

The sight of her open, swollen cunt and asshole gathered some unseen courage in me and I prodded her asshole with my cock. “Oh yes! Fuck me in there! I just love to get my ass fucked!”

Geez, who was this woman in front of me? She was totally transforming into some kind of crazed out nympho and my mind sort of pulled an image of the Incredible Hulk. However, the animal urge was stronger and I pushed my cock into her back hole. Much tighter than her pussy, the feeling was really great and I didn’t even think about the possibility of hurting her or not and pushed myself into her deeply.

She gripped the pillows and just moaned “That’s it. Fuck it deep and hard!” And I did.

I rode that ass for what seemed like 10-15minutes until I emptied another load into her, falling breathless on her with sweat dripping from my body and face onto her beautiful dark skin. My cock softened in her ass and I rolled over on my back.

She smiled and rolled over onto me and stuck her tongue into my mouth, kissing me deeply for quite a while.

After that she said “God! If I knew it would be this good I would’ve fucked you a long time ago!” and giggled naughtily.

Well, we had a month before the wedding and let’s just say those were the best lessons I ever had in my life. The whole month was spent fucking and sucking in all kind of weird positions she came up with.

On my wedding day she took me out for a walk into the gardens and pulled out my cock and sucked me harder and faster than she had ever done before. “This is a going away gift!” she said. “And this way, you won’t come as quick with your bride and will be able to really please her! Just remember to be gentle.”

She placed her cummed lips on mine and kissed me deeply wishing me all the best for the honeymoon and for married life.

We never did have sex again but on two different occasions she has given me a blowjob (once at a Christmas party and the other on my 30th birthday) and once on one of her birthdays I went into the bathroom after her and ate her pussy.

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