Mom , Son Enjoy Each Other Ch. 02

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All he could do now was sit and wait for the lecture he knew was coming his way. As his mom took hold of his hand as she sat there pondering what to reply to him.

“I am glad you were able to tell me that, I really had no idea why you were so sensitive, and now without realising it must have been real torture for you during these past years seeing me in my underwear and stockings” she said as she hugged him again.

“I don’t see any reason why I should change my way of living; you have certainly seen me in my underwear and stockings a lot. Maybe now it’s really time for you to see something else”

John looked at her surprised not knowing what she was on about.

“Sit back a little John.” his mom asked.

John did what him mom asked him as she got up off the sofa. She looked straight into his eyes with a smile on her face. Once she was standing she let her dress fall around her ankles. Her bra and panties followed shortly after and she stood there with her hands on her hips allowing John to openly stare at her body. John wasn’t sure what was happening as he looked on with his mouth hanging open and his tongue almost touching the carpet as he gazed at his mom’s naked body.

“Oh my fucking god!” was all John could mutter.

As he looked at her he could see her nipples hardening and he knew that his mom was more beautiful than he thought she was. Ok, she didn’t have the body of a 20 yr old, but what did have was certainly worth looking at. He gazed from her legs up to her thighs and to her crotch area. The admiration of her son had surprised Sue. She couldn’t believe at her age that she could still turn on a young man like she did with her son.

Unless of course the result of a hard on between hid legs or if intelligence of the male in general was reduced to zero when the blood all ran into his crotch. Was he was doing what any male reacting to the nude female form would do? She sat down on the edge of the sofa and put her head against the back of it and opened her legs as if presenting herself on platter.

She didn’t need to encourage him as he regained his composure and position between her legs. His hands moved over her stocking covered legs as his massaging gave Sue shivers up and down her spine. John leaned forward and touched his lips against her hot pussy. Sue was again turned on as her nipples began to go erect and her pussy began to flow again. John moved his mouth over her hot cunt taking into his mouth. He began working with his tongue making little circles over her pussy lips as he pushed his güvenilir bahis tongue between them in order to catch her sweet nectar before swallowing it.

Sue didn’t know anymore what she felt. Even Jack in his best days hadn’t succeeded in giving her such a feeling down there. She was shaking like a leaf and started to focus more and more on having an orgasm. It made her very happy to notice that John was so attentive, she wondered however at how skilled he was.

John noticed that his mother was reacting more and more to what he was doing to her so he thought that it was now time to start take it further. He took her clit tenderly in his mouth and circled his tongue around it before he began to start sucking on it. As he began to increase his speed more and more Sue let a long moan escape from her mouth. John began sucking in earnest until Sue gave a loud yell and started cumming.

Her body was shivering and shaking. This kept going on, certainly because Pete was still sucking her clit, now in a slow tempo. One orgasm after the other ripped through Sue’s body as John now began sucking his moms clit in slow long strokes until finally she was totally exhausted and her body went limp and she passed out from the sheer pleasure her son gave her. John then released her clit from his mouth and took again the opportunity to gaze over her body.

Sue slowly regained consciousness aware of the fact that what she experienced was totally new to her. Sue found it hard to believe that it had been her son who had made her climax so much that she passed out. She looked at him with a loving smile on her face as she leaned forward and kissed him on the lips tasting herself on his mouth.

Her lips parted and she slid her tongue between his lips. As he felt her tongue on his lips he parted his lips and let them enter his mouth. Sue slid her tongue into her son’s mouth in the search of his tongue, as she found his there tongues duelled together as if fencing. Sue took her time, as she tasted herself on his tongue and in his mouth. No place in the mouth was untouched as they French kissed. They had to eventually break their kiss in order to catch their breath.

“Thank you John, I must confess that I have never came so much even with your father”

“It was like being in heaven, but for god’s sake you have to tell me how you learned to please a woman like that?”

“I have no idea mom,” John replied.

“You are the first woman that I have ever done this to.”

“OK I have watched some porno movies and read erotic stories türkçe bahis online and out of magazines but no one ever taught me how to pleasure a woman.” John answered with a shy smile.

“I am happy to hear that I did a good enough job.” John said as his composure grew.

“What you did to me was out of this world” beamed Sue.

“Well mom I am pleased to hear this because as I really enjoyed tasting your juices, you such a beautiful pussy and I would like to have the pleasure tasting you again”

Sue again leaned forward and kissed him full on the lips and thanked him. As John tried to stand she looked at him wondered where he thought he was going as she wasn’t finished with him yet.

“And where do you think you are going mister?”

“I supposed that this was all that was going to happen”

“Oh no John, if you thought that this was it then you are wrong. I still have plans for you that’s if you’re still interested?” Sue asked him.

“I know what people might think and say if only they knew but I think of what happened not as incest but more like love between consenting adults.” his mom stressed.

“I do understand how you felt about what we just did, but if we are going to be more than mom and son then I want you to call me by my name”

“I don’t care that others might call this incest, I prefer to call it love.”

Sue motioned for John to stand which he immediately did. Sue stood in front of him and began to undress him as she began unbuttoning his shirt. She removed his shirt and sat back down. She then untied his shoes and kicked them off. Sue then unbelted his belt and pulled the zip on his pants down and pulled them down to his ankles and he kicked them off next to his shoes. His boxers were last to come off; Sue slid her thumbs inside the waste band and slowly pulled them down.

A little yelp escaped her lips when she saw the hard on in all its glory. It bigger than his fathers that’s for sure. She bent her head and licked the pre cum that oozed out of the slit at the top of his cock. She took his cock in one hand and her other on his big balls while she took as much as she could of his 8″ monster into her mouth.

It was John’s turn to moan, as he had never experienced such a warm and wet mouth on his cock before, as he was still a virgin. He was enjoying what his mom was doing to him. As Sue tasted his pre cum she was very happy to find that it had a great taste to it even if it was a little salty.

She took his saliva-covered cock from her mouth and stared at it the huge man güvenilir bahis siteleri meat in front of her. She opened her mouth very wide and took as much of his cock with a little difficulty bobbing up and down. She managed to take about two thirds of his prick in to her mouth the first couple of times then took his whole engorged member into her throat until his pubic hair tickled her nose.

Sue took hold of his cock at the base in one hand as she gripped his hips with her free hand and held him like that so she was able to move his cock in and out of her mouth without the fear of him chocking her.

John was in heaven. He had already masturbated quite some time but the feeling in his balls told him it wouldn’t be long before he exploded into her throat as his mom bobbed back and forth on his cock. He kept himself as still as possible even when all he wanted to do was hold her head and fuck her mouth, his mom was in control for the moment He began to moan as his balls started to tighten and he knew that he would be able to last much longer before he came.

” I’m going to cum mom.” he said with short breaths.

Sue already had sensed that her son was about to explode, but instead of taking his cock out of her mouth she kept on sucking.

“Oh Fuck, I’m cummming” was all that John could say as he began to shoot his load into his moms throat. Sue felt him start to cum in her mouth and swallowed as much as she could into her tummy before pulling back and letting him fill her mouth with the last few spurts. After she swallowed the remaining cum she took the entire shaft back into her throat and let her tongue swirl around his shaft.

John almost passed out as his orgasm was so intense, his legs started shaking and he needed all his strength to keep him from falling backwards onto the floor. When Sue finally let him slip out her mouth with a plop as John dropped to the floor to recover. As they lay there Sue fondled her son’s semi hard cock and in no time he was fully hard and ready to go again. As he sat up and found her mouth with his tongue and tired to part her lips to snake his tongue into her mouth and finally succeeded. Once in Sue’s mouth he tasted his own cum for the first time on her tongue after which both they both French kissed until they had to break the kiss to take a breath.

“Thank you Mom err Sue, that was amazing to see you swallow my cum. It is something I dreamt about but thought would never happen” John said as he looked at Sue and felt a warm feeling. He was to tired to move from where he lay and just smiled at his mom.

“What happened here between us is something that will treasure forever” he said.

“So young man you think that it is over already?” came a voice from the door behind them.

To be continued…

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