Mom Was a Problem

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Mom was a Problem

Mother said life would never be the same after I had a real cock in me. Coincidentally, she told me that shocking news over morning coffee the very day I was fucked for the first time. Marie was hung over, mad at herself for sleeping with a guy she didn’t like much, and depressed that life wasn’t better after divorcing my dad.

“Fuck, Julia, who am I to talk? I’ve messed up my life from A to Z.”

I was up with the sun most mornings and responsible for strong black coffee, made with freshly ground beans. I was due at the bakery by eight, so the conversation was left unfinished. How was a recent high school graduate, still a virgin, supposed to counsel her own mother?

Jared was the dude that did it. Afterwards, my eyes flicked to his crotch every time we met. I guess that’s what mom meant. When you were a virgin, your thoughts about sex were always there, but pretty confused, full of question marks. How would it feel? Did it really hurt?

Jared had a summer job interning at a law office near the bakery. One of his jobs was showing up at the same time I did to receive the daily care package of croissants for the partners and donuts for the associates. I thought he was cute, in an athletic sort of way. We hadn’t gone to the same high school, so the morning pickup was an opportunity to exchange gossip and get to know one another. Turned out he was as curious to know whether I had a boyfriend as I was to know whether he had a girlfriend.

He solved the problem by asking me out to a rock concert. My eyes asked whether he had someone else in mind first.

“Julia, don’t give me that look. I broke up last winter. She found another guy.”

“Jared, I sell you pastry. Not much basis for a relationship.” I gave him my dark, sultry look.

There was no one else in the shop and he came around the counter to put his arm on my shoulder. “Hey, I’m asking for a date, not the moon. Let’s be cool.”

I smiled and kissed him on the lips quickly. “You can’t be trusted, but let’s try a date.”

The concert tickets were for a section with seats, but the promoter oversold everything and we ended up standing in a crush and drowned in sound. He stood with me to his front, trying to provide some protection. All the couples around us were stoned and doing everything but the nasty. I turned and put arms around his neck. “This is the makeout section. Do I know you?”

The kiss wasn’t a repeat of the chaste touch from the other morning. The smacking of lips and moans from nearby set us off. After the third round, I sagged against him and felt the length of his cock pressing my belly. The thundering bass from the speakers went through my important parts, making juices flow. I laughed and whispered, “Some of these sluts are going to get it. Right here, standing up. They are already bare under their short skirts.”

His teeth nipped at my neck. “Are you a bad girl? We are supposed to watch? Why do you have jeans on?”

I clutched him as a tremor went through me and I knew what I wanted. What I needed. But not here. And not on a first date.

After an hour of crowded standing, loud and throbbing sound was not enough to keep us there. Jared was as ready to go as I was.

In the car, I leaned over the console and kissed him. “Thank you, Lord Protector, that wasn’t the best music experience of my life.”

His tongue dueled with mine, lightly. “You are sorry I brought you?”

“No. It was fun. My ears are permanently damaged, but I’ll recover.” My hand was around his head, pulling on curly hair.

More kissing. The playing around kind. “Do I get a second chance? We could just have a dinner date?”

I sat back in my seat and laughed. “Take me home. I have to consult with my mom.”

He didn’t let go of my hand but nibbled on my fingertips. “You better be kidding, or no more pastry orders.”

“Jared! No! I’ll get fired. You are our best account.” I was squirming and giggling in my seat, thinking he might grab me into the back.

He started the car. “You are a tease. We are definitely going on another date. Might even have to be dressup.”

The memory of that conversation was still with me as I bicycled to work. Along with my grumpy mother’s comment about her virgin daughter. I was tense as I saw him getting out of his car for the morning pastry run.

His green eyes took me in from head to toe. “Good morning, Second Date. Would you like to go to that seafood place on the river?”

“It’s Friday. Are you ordering extra today, Fresh Date?”

“You are not only a tease, you are a blackmailer.” His fingers closed around my neck as we entered the store. We were in the closet alcove in a second, his lips mashing mine. He let up and muttered, “Julia, you turn me on. When shall I pick you up?”

“If we go early, there will be more time for play after.” I bit his ear and he jerked against me, the hard thing pressed into my hand.

We separated and I went to collect the morning order for the lawyers. When I turned around with the sack, I could ataköy escort see his gaze had been on my ass. I ran hard to keep that ass in shape and hoped he liked the view.

I gave him another tease, “Mom said she would be home late and is happy you are taking me to dinner. Maybe we should have dessert at my house?”

“What if I found respectable takeout and we had dinner in?”

“What’s respectable about calling a meal in my own kitchen a date?” I stared him down.

He walked away with the morning pastries. “I will see you at six.”

The shop was busy all day, so I didn’t have much time to worry about whether my potential boyfriend and virginity taker was angry at me or not. Biking home, I decided primping was in order. Also a decent dessert.

I was in the kitchen, fresh from the shower, my hair in a towel, reading the meringue recipe, when my mobile rang. It was Mom. “Everything ok over there?”

“Yes. I’m glad you called. Is it ok if I invite Jared here for dessert? I’m making meringue, and there are good strawberries to go with. He is taking me to the fancy seafood place down by the water.”

“Sounds like a winner. Is he getting anywhere near your bed?”

“Don’t be nosy and nasty. Look how po’d you were this morning. Men are a problem, but so far Jared has been very nice. Would you like me to produce him for dinner and inspection?”

“Darling daughter, you are eighteen and sassy. Of course I want to meet him.”

“Does this conference you are at involve guys you might bring home?”

“No suspects yet. You never know. When am I allowed to return to my own house?”

“Do me a favor and call his mom, Carolyn, and say it is ok with you if he spends the night at our house.”

“You are a truly bad girl. I would never have gotten away with this when I was your age.”

“Yes, but you didn’t invite your mom to drop in any old time, either.”

She was laughing hard as we hung up. I was tingling as I mixed ingredients. Nothing like a little suspense to liven up the evening. I made sure there was enough meringue and berries for her.

Upstairs, I stared at naked Julia, admiring my trim body, and decided this was not a hair up, little black dress event. No, a first dinner date required the flowery summer dress with low bodice, hair down, and flats. No stockings, either. And the light pastel lipstick without mascara.

Underwear was a problem. I was going to get groped for sure. Maybe a lot more. What did a girl wear when she was looking forward to losing her briefs? Watching them disappear into Jared’s pocket as a memento of the evening?

If this turned into an embarrassing fiasco, I would be angry at losing a beautiful, expensive pair of bikini briefs. But what if it was the encounter of my dreams?

The pale yellow matched set went with the dress. No lace and not too skimpy. I giggled slipping into them, but worried at the same time.

He was prompt, and had flowers. I invited him in while I found a bloom to fasten in my hair, letting his hands rest on my waist as our eyes locked in the mirror.

“You look incredible tonight, date.”

“Not too grubby yourself, date.” He was in slacks, a navy blazer, and a dress shirt without tie. I turned around and kissed him, very lightly. “That was nasty of me this morning. Am I forgiven?”

The next kiss was longer and hotter. Much hotter. His hands pulled me to him.

“I’m here, aren’t I?”

We walked out hand in hand, laughing.

We were still holding hands as he drove. I wondered how a couple were supposed to behave now that we were out of school and grown up.

“What about soccer?”

“Wesleyan has a pretty good team. I might get on as a freshman.”

He glanced at me, “What about track?”

“There is one woman who covers all track and field at Haverford. I talked to her on the phone. Laid back. Wants me to come down this summer some time. Said she did the 1500 in school herself and we could run and talk.”

The restaurant table was by the window and I knew the wait person from school. She had been a year ahead and smiled at me about Jared as we were seated. Emily’s eyes all but asked out loud how he was in bed. I smiled back. A minute later she returned with two glasses of white wine and another smile. I reached and squeezed her hand. “Thanks, Emily.” I owed her one for the underage delivery.

Jared’s green eyes were getting to me, even though the conversation was just about school and what did we think we were going to major in. Standard date conversation. He had an easy manner and a slightly husky voice that was affecting parts of me. A little voice inside advised, “If this is the night, you better warm up for him, wannabe sexpot.”

I turned over his hand and ran my fingernail down his lifeline. “I’m not sure I deserve this. I have a reputation for being hard on guys.”

“I checked you out. You study hard, you run hard, you volunteer for charity projects, you are not much into dating.”

The halibut was fresh and flakey. ataköy eve gelen escort I stalled with another bite of fish.

Might as well be direct and forget the sex. “My folks got divorced last winter. It’s been a tough year at my house.”

“Dealing with a boyfriend wasn’t on the list?”

Conversation went downhill after that and I was feeling really low by the time we finished eating. But determined to hold up my end of the date. Held tight to his hand as we left and told him with a smile about fresh meringue and berries at home.

“I wondered about the smell earlier, but was afraid to hear you say it wasn’t for us.”

I punched his arm. “It is for us, and you are being very nice.” I tried to kiss his cheek as we got to the car and got his lips instead. He pulled me close and said, “Hey, relax. Everyone has problems in their lives.”

I couldn’t believe myself, sitting in his car, crying all the way home. Oh god, how to wreck a date.

He tried to opt out of dessert. I said, “No damn it, I made it and you are going to have some!”

This time he punched me and said, “Well, cheer up then. The world is not ending tonight.”

I parked him in the living room and ran up to change. Throwing caution to the winds, still teary, I stripped to the skin and jumped into my warmup sweats. I was serving the meringue and surrounding it with berries when his arms went around me and he started kissing all around my head.

I was about to cry again when he said, “I lost my dad when I was twelve. Took a year before I was human again. My poor mom coped with me and her own grief at the same time. She didn’t deserve that and I’ve been trying to make it up ever since.”

I turned and kissed him full on the lips. There was shared loss going back and forth, pushing my tears away.

After a bit, we were on the sofa side by side. The dessert was really good. I’d doused it with a little Grand Marnier, which Mom thought made any dessert better.

He put our plates on the table, lay back and pulled me and the sofa blanket over him. I couldn’t believe the warmth of his body and the tenderness of his kisses.

The door opening quietly woke me. Marie stood in the hall, smiling. No one with her.

I raised a hand and waved. Jared’s eyes were still closed. “Nice cosy place you have there,” she whispered.

His eyes opened and he said, “Hi, I’m Jared.”

“I see you are taking good care of my daughter.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“She fell asleep on you, didn’t she?”

He nodded. “She’s easy to be around.”

“I talked to your mom. She says it is ok to spend the night here. There are better places to sleep than that couch. Why don’t you just carry her to her room and crawl in?”

Going up the stairs over his shoulder, I called out, “There’s extra dessert for you.”

“Sleep tight, young’uns.”

OMG, my own mom sending my boyfriend to bed with me. My very new boyfriend.

Standing in my room, in all my mess, I clung to him in a long kiss. And took the sweats off.

“Have to go, come with me.”

I peed noisily, grinning up at him. He stared back, unbuttoning his shirt, and dropping his trousers.

“You are getting naked, I hope.” He nodded and reached out to tangle his fingers in my hair. My hands pulled his briefs down and a large cock popped out. I licked it and he groaned. I did what girlfriends had described to me, and took the head in my mouth. It was slippery and rubbery and warm. He pulled me off and into his arms.

“You are not teasing, I hope.” His voice was low and husky, like before.

I went to the sink to brush my teeth, listening to his stream splash into the bowl. So far, I was putting on a good act of being nonchalant around a naked guy in my own bathroom.

I handed him a fresh toothbrush from the cabinet. “Speaking of hope, I hope you know how to use that big thing on me.”

He growled and reached his hands from behind to grasp my boobs. I looked in the mirror as the fingers found and pinched nipples. I shook and felt myself gushing between my legs. This was too hot to believe. He pushed me forward against the vanity edge, the big cock sliding down my crack.


“Your mother knows we are doing this, doesn’t she?”

“She has been bugging me about needing a boyfriend.”

“A boyfriend, or a good fuck?” He turned me around and the cock went back toward my wetness. His tongue probed for mine. Maybe we were going to do it right here.


His hands on my rear nudged me onto the counter. This time, it was his lips and teeth that found my nipples. Tingles were shooting through me everywhere. All I could think of was being fucked for the first time on that counter. It hit me that all the mixed up imaginings were over. That big hard thing was going inside. It was going to find my hole and jam itself right in.

I whispered, “Maybe in bed the first time? Then you can chase me around anywhere.” I wrapped my legs around his waist and he walked ataköy grup yapan escort us to the bedroom.

“I’ve only done this once before. Do you care how?”

My voice was almost a whisper, “You are big and bad and hard. I want to watch.”

Jared arranged me with pillows behind my head and my hands holding my legs way way up as he climbed between my thighs. We could both see how wet I was. I wondered if every female watching a cock approaching her pussy for the first time was holding her breath in anticipation. He pushed my legs back even further and leaned in for a kiss. His body blocked my view and I made a complaining noise.

“You really do want to watch, don’t you?” His dripping helmet was only an inch away.

I could tell he was enjoying this. He grinned at me as the fat smoothness parted my lips and slid into my cunt. My precious virgin cunt.


“YES. Yes, yes, yes.” I was still saying yes as he finished and bounced against my pubic bone with his. No pain. Nothing but feeling full of cock.

I looked up in surprise, “Why didn’t it hurt?”

He eased my legs down and started stroking. “Some girls rip their hymen in sports, or horseback riding. Or sometimes with their vibrator!”

I couldn’t answer. I couldn’t think. There was a terrible rhythm to his thrusting and I knew I was going to come. I couldn’t wonder about that either, because everything was flying apart and moans were coming from my mouth, faster and louder.

“Yes. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

Seconds later, I was wailing full throat and he grunted loudly as I froze on the giant cock and it pulsed into me.

We lay there in our mess for minutes. Finally, I reached over and wrapped my fingers around his limp, slimy cock, wet with our juices. “I don’t have a vibrator. I suppose you think I was faking.”

He sat up and pulled me over his knees just as Marie came through my door. She was totally naked under the gauzy nightgown.

“Jared, that sounded like she had a good time.”

His hand massaged my ass. “I think she did. She doesn’t understand why I didn’t have to break through and hurt her.”

I couldn’t see but heard her kissing him. “Hey, what’s going on.”

“I’m thanking him for being so nice to you the first time. Most girls don’t get their first cock in their own beds by a thoughtful guy.”

“I know. And I was bad tonight. I cried and was shitty to him. I deserve to be spanked.”

His hand came down hard and fast. The smacking sound was loud. The next one came from a different hand. I twisted my head around and saw Marie’s hand come down hard. Damn, two of them at once. Four hands to attack me.

They took turns. It stung and got worse and worse. Finally, I screamed, “Enough.”

I stood and glared at my mom. “You are cheap, letting him hold me down.” I pushed the nightgown over her breasts and pinched one hard. She tried to bring a hand up to slap me but I crashed down on top. It took a minute for me to realize Jared was helping. Marie stopped struggling and lay there, legs spread and everything showing.

“You’ve got me all hot and wet. Do something.” Her eyes were dark, but the smile on her face was wide. My own mom was asking for sex from her daughter and the new boyfriend.

Jared’s hand was rubbing its way up her leg, closer and closer to a trimmed pussy. I’d never seen another woman’s sex this close up, much less my own mother. The fingers reached home plate and slid right in.

Two could play this game. My tongue found her clit in a hurry. Big and stiff, needing attention. She flinched and bucked her hips at us. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Jared was hard again. Was that going in me, or in her?

Marie was babbling. “This is better than those stupid dates I’ve been having. This is a nice bed, Julia, especially with the two of you after me. I need more.”

Jared looked at me and I pointed at his all-too-ready cock and gestured forward. He laughed and buried himself full length.

“Oof, you beast. You can’t take Julia’s mother like this.”

Jared was having a good time and it looked like the mature cunt was giving him a good time back. In his best bad guy voice, he said, “Marie, have you been missing out? Is this cock good enough for you? Julia liked it.”

My hand was beneath him, massaging his scrotum. Marie hollered and came, saying, “Don’t stop. Please keep going. Fuck me hard…”

I grabbed lotion from my nightstand and drizzled it on her tits and his ass. Both needed attention. I rubbed it over the soft boob and pulled on the stiff nipple. She moaned and cried out with another orgasm. “Oh my god, please don’t stop.”

My nails were making red lines on his buttocks, leading to his pretty hole. Soon, he was going to get my slippery thumb in there, along with two fingers headed right for his prostate.

Marie seemed to be coming all the time and Jared’s noises were rising. One, two, three and I plunged, achieving instant liftoff. “Aaargh!”

I washed up and brought back wet towels for the two combatants, who were still lying flat, breathing hard.

I wiped up Marie, kissing here and there. “Mom, that was very bad, stealing my new boyfriend.”

While she babbled about what a lousy mother she was, I sat on Jared’s legs and applied my tongue to the limp thing flopped on his thigh. “Honey, will this ever rise again?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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