Mommie and Her Lance Ch. 02

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With a nod to Tacocarnitas for the inspiration. A number of my readers have requested an “incest story’. Here it is.

Warning. Nothing much happens in this chapter. In fact almost nothing happens. You should probably just ignore this posting and pick up the story in Chapter Three. Something will probably happen in Chapter Three.

“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o )

“Holy CRAP! Who is THAT?” said Rod looking over Lance’s shoulder to the parking lot.

“Hell if I know,” responded Pete, staring in the same direction.

Turning to look at what had caught their attention Lance grinned.

“That’s my Mommie!” he told them. He didn’t blame them for staring. He stared too!

This afternoon Mommie was dressed in a skin tight blue knit sheath dress that ended closer to her hips than to her knees. It was designed to show off her amazing figure. She was wearing it with the shoulder straps pulled down onto her upper arms leaving her shoulders bare. Apparently she was not wearing a bra. There was a large section of cleavage exposed with inches of mounded bosom showing above the dresses square cut neckline. Her tanned legs glowed in the sunlight supported by the five inch heels she favored and which lifted her to just over six feet in height.

Seeing Lance looking her way she waved energetically, her breasts bobbing and bouncing. She hopped a couple of times in excitement which caused even greater seismic reactions.

“Tha, tha, that’s your MOM?” said Pete.

“Yeah, come on, I’ll introduce you!” Lance was proud of his Mommie. He knew the guys would get a kick out of meeting her. And he suspected Mommie would get a kick out of meeting them.

Lance led them over to stand in front of his Mommie. She was busy adjusting her dress which had exposed more of her incredible bosom when she had hopped up and down. Even without a bra her breasts were perched high on her chest. The mounded hillocks that were exposed were larger than most girls in the school could boast yet were just the smallest portion of what was obviously the most gigantic bosom either of the boys could have imagined.

After she had finished her adjustments Mommie reached out and pulled Lance to her. His head disappeared between her humongous tits as she hugged him close. She smiled down at him after letting him go.

“I’ve missed you so much today!” she enthused.

Judging by his now evident hard on, Lance had missed her, too!

“And who are your little friends?” Mommie asked.

“Mommie, this is Pete and Rod,” Lance introduced his companions. “And this is my Mommie.” he told them.

“Gu…gu…good to meet you,” stumbled Rod. Pete could only gawp at Lance’s Mommie.

“Well, its certainly nice to meet you boys!” smiled Mommie, politely ignoring how openly the two were staring at her magnificent figure. She was getting used to how males of all ages reacted to her. And she truly did enjoy it, she admitted to herself.

In the course of just a few months Mommie had evolved from a prim, prissy, dour looking woman into a fabulously sexy exhibitionist who loved nothing more than to provoke every man she met to sprout hard ons.

Almost without thought she was subtly posing for the young men. She took a deep breath to bring her bosom to greater prominence. Twisting slightly she allowed them to admire her as her gigantic boobs swung and swayed in front of them. Barely contained by the straining fabric of her dress her tits flexed and shimmied, bouncing and shivering as they jostled together. otele gelen escort Lance’s friends stared openly, to her delight. Both of them had hard-ons, of course. Neither was anywhere near to the size of her Lance’s. Of course.

“Oh, Lance, “she cooed as the two boys continued to gawk at her, “I’m so sorry to bother you at school but I need you to come shopping with me this afternoon.”

“Today? Shopping? Why do you need me?” He asked.

“We need to buy some clothes, honey.”

“Clothes? For me or you?”

“Why, for me, Darling. I need some new outfits and I want you to help.”

“Oh, well, I guess, sure.” He didn’t want to seem too eager in front of the guys. But wild horses wouldn’t keep him from helping his Mommie buy some more of the smoking hot outfits that she loved to tease him with.

Clambering into her car he tried to adjust himself into a more comfortable position. Hard to do with a hard on the size of the one he had to cope with. Being hugely hung could be a bit difficult from time to time, he thought.

Leaning over the transmission tunnel Mommie addressed his buddies thru the open window “You know, we have a lovely pool. You should come over some time and, um, take advantage.” Mommie was providing an unparalleled view of her endlessly deep cleavage. Her hands, out of sight under her enormous tits were squeezing and fondling Lance’s hard on as she spoke to the boys.

Wiggling her fingers in a casual farewell she sat up and pulled away leaving two stunned young men with memories that would inspire both of them until long after bed time.

“So, clothes, huh?” inquired Lance.

“Yes, I need to get some more clothes. You’ve seen almost everything I’ve got and I want to expand my choices.” She smiled over at her son. At the same time she made sure to push her upper arms together. Her outsized boobs surged strongly, pushing up, over flowing the neckline and exposing even more of her huge tits to his enraptured gaze.

“And who knows, maybe the sales person will be some busty young classmate of yours or maybe a more mature woman who will get turned on seeing your enormous hard-on throbbing in those tight jeans of yours,” she teased as she reached over to run her hand up and down his inseam, fondling his gigantic hard on.

But to both her and Lance’s dismay the sales person at Burns & Adrian’s turned out to be a proper elderly woman who explained in no uncertain terms that Lance would have to sit outside while she attended to Mommie in the fitting room. No exceptions would be made!

It was not until hours later that Mommie was strutting down the stairs to her living room while Lance, sitting naked on the couch, gaped up at her. With each step Mommies massive breasts shimmied and shook. They were supported, lifted high on her chest, by a royal blue, wasp waisted, bustier. More than half of her tremendous titties were on display, her erect nipples only just covered by the blue satin. She was also wearing stiletto heels, dark hose clipped into a garter belt and a skimpy pair of panties. She looked fabulous!

“Come here, Lance,” she beckoned. As he approached she enfolded him in her arms and drew him closer to her. Her boobs, raised unnaturally high, rested on his shoulders while his head completely vanished between her gigantic tits. She giggled as she looked down on him. The crests of her boobs were higher than the top of his head!

He was holding himself to her with both arms behind her back. She could see only the top of his head. She could feel him as he tongued and licked at her massive beyond belief rus escort cleavage. She loved it when he did that!

Slowly she turned until Lance was directly behind her. Reaching down she pulled his massive erection between her legs, allowing it to stretch out in front of her. Using one hand she stroked his rock hard dick. At the same time she scooped both her breasts out of the cups of the bustier. Still partially supported, they hung proudly in front of her. Lance was just able to reach far enough to pinch her nipples and twist them as she began to pull on his dick with both hands.

“Oh, you are so freaking big, Lance,” she sighed as she fondled his erectness. “So, so long! So hard! I love feeling you between my thighs!” Still holding his cock with both hands her hips were rocking back and forth, sliding over the top of his hugely thick cock. Her juices were soaking his penis, smoothing the way for her as she slid and slipped back and forth.

“So do I, Mommie,” there was a chuckle from him as he tried to control her massive breasts. “I love how big these titties are. No one has bigger tits than my Mommie!” His enthusiastic voice was choked with pride and lust as he felt up her enormous boobs. No matter how often he saw her titties, no matter how much he got to fondle her incredible assets each time was exciting and sexy!

“That was what the sales lady said, honey. She hadn’t ever seen anyone like me before. I guess it’s just as well that you weren’t there. If she had seen your giant cock throbbing in your pants she would have had a heart attack!” She laughed at the thought.

“And now I have so many new outfits to show off for you, Lance. Just wait. You’ll be hard for hours!”

“I’m hard almost twenty four seven, thanks to you, Mommie. I don’t know how I could be hard any more than I already am,” he was plucking and twisting her nipples as he spoke.

During the course of the night Mommie showed Lance just a few of the new items she had gotten. Just enough to keep him pounding away between her thighs until they were both exhausted. They fell asleep on the couch, limbs entwined, his head resting on her mammoth pillows.


The next day at school Lance was summoned from his last period study hall. At the office he was directed to the School Psychologists office.

“Lance, I wanted to speak with you today about how things are going for you. Since I had a conference with your Mom, I must say that your attitude here at school has gotten much better.” She regarded the young man across the table. He presented as somewhat shorter than normal, almost 5′ 6″, but otherwise was unremarkable. His skin was clear, somewhat unusual for an eighteen year old boy. His eyes met her squarely, no glances to the sides, no prevarication.

Getting up from her chair the Psychologist hung up her jacket revealing her solid breasts. Cupped closely by her thin red v-necked sweater they swelled in front of her, the hardening of her nipples allowing them to poke thru both bra and sweater. As she slowly turned back to face Lance she noticed that he didn’t glance at her profile. This, in her experience with high school boys, was unusual. Her Triple D cup, 42-25-36 figure always drew attention. Attention which she felt was her due. After all, there were few girls in the school with anywhere near her good looks and generous figure. Besides, they were girls and she was a woman, a sexually exciting woman with a killer bod! She worked out daily to maintain her buxom figure. And this young man didn’t even give her a glance?

Regaining her seat she leaned forward, sıhhiye escort resting her elbows on the desk. She was careful to rest her bosom on her forearms. She knew that this would cause her neckline to gape open. Lance would have a splendid view of her over filled bra and swelling cleavage. And while she wasn’t wearing one of her many push up bras that REALLY emphasized the rounded bosom under her close fitting sweater, her pose had never failed to draw the interest of whatever male was on the other side of the desk. But with only a flicker of a look Lance returned his gaze to her face!

Was he gay? He had been warned about doing inappropriate things to his female classmates. But to just ignore her? To seem uninterested in her? This affront to her self-esteem, to her narcissistic ego would have to be addressed.

Rising again she rounded her desk to speak to Lance. Leaning her butt against the desk she looked down at him. Resting her hands on the desk behind her, she posed for him to drink in the view. Her bosom, emphasized by the arch in her back, powered forward. Stretching her sweater almost gauze thin, she knew Lance would get an impressive view of her big titties! Gazing over the impressive shelf that her breasts made, she watched him. Again, he glanced at her. Did he seem unimpressed? Dismissive? Of HER?

“Lance, I’m pleased that you have been much more appropriate in school. Have you been having any other troubles?” Carefully she smoothed her hands down the front of her thighs and shook her chest in an attempt to draw a reaction from her young visitor.

“No, ma’am, everything is going really well.”

“And at home?” she pried. “How are you getting along at home? You live with your Mother, right?”

“Yes, Ma’am. We get along really, really well!” As he spoke he shifted in his chair, seemingly uncomfortable.

Peering down at him the Psychologist watched, dumbfounded. The bulge that had formed in his crotch was insanely large! As she stared in disbelief the tubular growth swelled, extending down his pant leg. Growing larger and longer in front of her eyes it approached his knee before stopping.

“Oh, Lance,” she breathed, “that’s amazing! What was it that caused that? Were you looking at my legs, you naughty boy?” The flirtatious tone of voice let him know that she was not angry with him. “Perhaps you were admiring my bust? Hmmm?” she was purring while gazing at his erection.

“Do you need some help with that giant boner?” she asked. Her hands were stroking her bust, plumping the large mounds for his appreciation.

“Oh, thank you Ma’am, but no. I’ll, um, take care of it when I get home.”

“What? You don’t want me to help you get that huge thing down?” She inhaled deeply while pushing her tits out at him. “I can help you. I’d like to help you. Here, feel my big titties!” She reached out for his hands. She didn’t want to let this horse hung young man get away!

“No, that’s okay Ma’am. When I get home Mommie will help me. Besides, her breasts are so much larger than yours! And she really knows how to relieve me when I get like this. Sometimes she has to help me three or four times. I couldn’t ask you to spend that much time.”

“What? Your Mommie? Your Mother has large…” she gestured at herself.

“Oh, my yes. She’s tall, you know, and has really great legs but the thing that gets me hard every time I think about her,” he touched his hard on, “is the size of her gigantic titties. They are at least twice as large as yours, maybe more. I need to get home now.” As he spoke he rose from the chair and, shuffling a little because of his pulsing prick, made his way out of the office.

Behind him the School Psychologist was gaping at him. No one turned her down! She had never been so blatant and had never been rejected so thoroughly! She was humiliated and angry! Her revenge would be epic, she vowed!

End Chapter Two.

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