Mommy’s Brood Pt. 02

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I gave a soft knock to Mia’s door, but heard only a faint response; she had somehow managed to sleep through the incestuous activities between me and her brothers. I entered her room, a sleek space of rose gold and vintage movie posters, the air sweet with the jars of wildflowers on her desk and windowsill, gathered from the fields outside.

She must have tidied up last night; I’d hardly ever seen her plush carpet without a layer of her discarded clothes. I had planned on bringing her through to my room, but if she felt more comfortable here then I could see no problem with that – her bed was certainly large enough for all of us. I could just about see her dark blonde hair spilling out onto the pillow, her body a soft lump beneath her cream duvet.

I set the tray I was carrying down on her desk, then sat on the edge of her bed, reaching under her duvet to stroke her forehead. “Happy birthday, honey.”

She gave a sleep murmur in response, then rolled over to face me, pulling her face free. It was less angular than her brothers’, but her lips were rounded, flushed pink, and as she blinked awake, her light blue eyes shone with excitement. Mia had always been the baby of the family, but I couldn’t help marvelling at what a pretty young woman she had grown up to be.

“Mom.” She smiled up at me, her white teeth glinting, then shuffled to sit up. Her sun-streaked hair sat in a loose bun on top of her head, her slim body covered by a long t-shirt, the white material stark against her bronzed skin. I could just make out the edge of her black panties beneath, and my pussy gave a longing pulse as I thought of undressing my daughter.

“How are you feeling?” I placed my arm around her, pulling her closer to nestle against me. As sleepy as she had been before, she eagerly hugged me back, her breath soft against my cheek.

“I’m so excited.” Her grin broadened further. “Can I really join you?”

“Of course.” I initially thought that there was no reason to ask whether she was certain, as I had never seen her so excited, but then an anxious flicker passed across her pretty face. “What’s wrong, sweetie?”

She gave a nervous giggle. “Nothing. I just wondered… Can I kiss you?”

When the twins had turned eighteen, they had barely been able to contain themselves when they knew that they could fuck me, but I found Mia’s hesitancy endearing. It had been many years since I had kissed another woman, and the sweet smell of my little girl made my head light as I bent my head to hers.

I gently kissed the edge of her mouth, her cheek fuzzy against mine, and she responded by turning to me. Her lips were achingly soft as we kissed, and slowly she opened her mouth to me, so sweet and delicious that I was tempted to just throw her back on the bed and keep her all to myself. This impulse wasn’t helped by Mia moaning softly against me, her voice high and desperate, and soon she was trying to clamber into my lap.

“Shush, honey, not yet.” I stroked her hair, freeing it from the tie so that it tumbled down her back. “It’ll be soon, I promise.”

Mia pouted, pushing out her plump lower lip just as she used to when she was a child, begging me or her brothers for ice cream. “But Mommy-“

“No buts, just be a little patient.” To soothe her annoyance, I reached between her tanned thighs, brushing against the damp spot on her panties with tender strokes.

“Shit, Mom.” She gasped, her legs desperately locking my hand in place. I watched in satisfaction as she closed her eyes, her breath ragged as she thrust against my fingers.

I leaned forward and kissed her neck, her skin lighting up in goosebumps as I licked her. “Did Mommy make your pussy wet, baby? Are you my horny little girl?”

“Yes Mommy.” She groaned, pressing her luscious tits against me. “I want your fingers inside me, please.”

I slid my hand back, biting back my own desire as Mia gave a frustrated sigh. “You can have them after your breakfast. You’re going to need some energy for the day ahead, believe me.”

She settled back onto the bed, and I retrieved the tray from her desk, filled with coffee and her favourite banana pancakes. She ate quickly, though I could tell she enjoyed the food, beneath her eagerness; a mother can tell when her children were happy, as I was all too aware. Having finished eating, she rushed to her desk, applying makeup in quick but precise movements.

“Are you sure you want to bother?” I moved to stand behind her, my face half in shadow from the glow of her mirror. She was applying a number of green shades of eyeshadow, blending them into an alluring look that sharpened her blue eyes yet further.

“Absolutely, I want to look my best. Half this stuff is meant to be waterproof anyway, I may as well see if it’s cum-proof too.” She giggled, and I set about brushing her dark gold hair, curling slightly until it reached her elbows.

“You’re beautiful anyway, sweetie. Still-” I stroked her shoulder, her body warm through the thin cotton. “I have to admit that I’d be eager beylikdüzü escort to see your makeup smeared with your brothers’ cum, coating that pretty face.”

She caught my eye in the mirror, her cheeks flushed with excitement, and she hurried to apply a glossy lipstick, as dark and deep as oozing berries. “What do you think I should wear? That little black dress, or the green one, or-“

“I have something for that, actually.” I left her to crack open her door, my hand darting out to grab the bag I’d left there. I could see across the hall to where my sons were sitting on my bed, and they looked up at me expectantly once they spotted me. “Wait outside, we won’t be long.”

I didn’t bother to see whether they would obey or not; there was no way they were going to miss this opportunity. Once Mia was happy with her face, I held out the bag to her. “Happy birthday, my sweet girl.”

She blushed as she rifled through the bag, lifting up a soft red bra and a matching thong. “So that’s what the fitting was for.”

“Sorry I had to keep you in the dark, I wanted it to be a surprise.” I found myself laughing along with her as she lifted out a red garter and a pair of seamed stockings. “I thought it would be a nice touch, and you wear it beneath the thong so you can keep it on the whole time. As lovely as that lingerie is, you won’t be wearing it long.”

It might seem strange that I turned away from her when she put these gifts on, but I wanted to take my time with my daughter. My pussy already ached with anticipation, but I thought of my sons watching, of all of us enjoying the sight of little Mia at the same time; I knew it would be worth the wait.

Mia spoke up behind me. “Can you help me with the stockings? I can’t work out how to attach them.”

I turned to see her sitting on the end of her bed, her blonde hair falling in waves across her full breasts. She was shorter than me, but had an alluringly compact body, her curves accentuated further on her small frame. She already had bigger tits than I had had before having children, a 34 D according to her fitting, but they still sat high and firm on her chest. The garter belt lay against her small waist, her hips flaring out, her thighs soft yet slightly muscular from all the swimming she enjoyed in the nearby lake.

I knelt between her feet, showing her how to attach the tops of the stockings to the garter. I couldn’t resist stroking her silky skin, and as I leaned closer to her, I caught the heady smell of her pussy, clearly even wetter than she had been earlier. She gasped as I kissed the damp gusset of her thong, and it took all my strength to move back, standing quickly before she could protest. “Are you ready for me to bring your brothers in, sweetie?”

She sat straighter on the bed, flicking her hair so that it cascaded down her back. “Yes.”

“Don’t be nervous, they won’t hurt you, and I’ll be with you the whole time.” I gave a light kiss to the top of head, fragrant with shampoo. “I love you so much, little girl.”

With that, I opened the door again, blocking away before my twins could hurtle inside. I spoke in a low voice, so that Mia wouldn’t hear. “Now, I expect you both to be very gentle with Mia. I know you’re both happy to knock each other around, and I let you be rough with me now and then, but not today, understand?”

“Yes, Mom.” They both looked back at me expectantly, and I shared their excitement as I stepped out of their way. My eldest, Caleb, followed them, giving me a soft kiss before he walked into the room.

The twins had sat on either side of Mia, murmuring compliments to her, their eyes glinting with barely contained lust. They only wore boxers, and it was obvious that both were rock hard, though I was pleased to see them showing some restraint.

“So, the whole family’s going to be together at last.” I climbed onto the bed behind Mia, my hands gliding over the smooth skin on her arms as her brothers admired her. “I hope you all appreciate this lingerie I paid so much for, because it’s about to be thrown on the floor.”

The twins both groaned as I unsnapped Mia’s bra, throwing it aside so that we could see her gorgeous tits. They barely moved from where the bra had held them, her nipples puffed and pink, and I could tell how much of a struggle it was for Jace and Luca to hold back once they saw them. They quivered with my daughter’s excited breaths, and I gently cupped them in my hands, making her pant as I rolled her thick nipples between finger and thumb. They hardened immediately, and my cunt dripped at the thought that Mia was just as insatiable as the rest of us.

“Come on sweetie, lie back. Good girl.” I moved her back on the bed so that she could lie down comfortably, her eyes shining with lust as I kissed down to her left breast. I drew her eager nipple into my mouth and gently sucked it, tasting my daughter’s sweet skin directly. My pussy throbbed as she gave a high moan, her brothers groaning in response to see their mother beylikdüzü eve gelen escort pleasuring their sister.

I moved my hand down her slim stomach to the top of her thong, reluctantly lifting my head to look at her. “Lift your hips up baby, let’s get this off.”

Mia obeyed, and Jace and Luca leaned in eagerly to see her naked pussy, even Caleb shifting his eyes from me to look. I peeled the thong from her wet cunt, completely shaved and delicious. She barely had labia at all, but I parted them to reveal her sticky entrance, her clit nestled as a tight pink bud beneath its hood.

“Look how pretty your little sister is, boys.” Both Jace and Luca sighed in response, rubbing their hard cocks through their boxers. “Here, Luca, you can enjoy these.”

I handed him the wet thong, and he eagerly brought it to his face, inhaling his sister’s scent deeply. I could tell they were longing to touch her, and as I moved to lie between her legs, I encouraged them up, trusting that they would be as gentle as they promised.

Mia watched them just as eagerly, reaching out to touch their tanned skin. “Can I see you naked? And you too Mom?”

I certainly couldn’t refuse the birthday girl, so stepped out of my dressing gown as the twins and Caleb tossed their underwear aside, Mia’s eyes flickering between all of us greedily. I laid down between her pillowy thighs again, breathing in the intoxicating smell of my eighteen year old daughter’s cunt, watching her pretty face closely as I gave her sweet slit a long lick.

“Fuck, Mommy.” Her voice quivered, so high and sexy that the twins stroked their cocks faster, already leaking precum. Her moans continued as I tongued her soft folds, her juices fresh and delicious as I lapped them up. I swirled my tongue on her clit, and she threw her head back, mewling softly.

“You like that, Mia?” Jace settled next to her, enraptured as he watched his little sister’s face. “Mom sucks cock so well, I bet she’s great at eating pussy too.”

I have to admit that I was slightly nervous; I’d only slept with a woman a handful of times, all before I was married, but I knew what I liked and I was pleased that Mia seemed to be enjoying it too. I sucked on her swelling clit as I watched Jace kiss her, his tongue sliding into her painted mouth, already lightly smeared. Luca reached down to her soft breasts, squeezing them with both hands, and she surprised us all by taking his cock in her hand, stroking it in firm motions as he sank against the bed in pleasure.

I slid a finger inside her hot snatch, her walls sucking me in. “She’s so tight, Jace. Just wait till you feel her.”

“Please make her come quickly, Mommy.” Jace was avidly watching his sister, her face contorting as I found the rougher flesh of her G spot. I rubbed it in circular motions, matching the tantalising licks I gave to her straining clit.

“Mommy…” Mia’s cunt clenched around my finger, her mewls rising over her brothers’ groans. I glanced up to see that she had sat up, her hand gripping the back of my head to pull me into her sopping pussy.

“Do you need more, baby girl?” I rubbed my middle finger against her tight slit, and she groaned as it slid in beside the first. “Just wait til you have your brothers’ big cocks in you. Soon you’ll need more than a couple of fingers to get off.”

Luca tugged on her flushed nipples as I sucked her clit back into my mouth, keeping a steady pressure as she squirmed against my face. “We’ll fuck you whenever you want, sis.”

“You want me to go first today?” Jace settled behind his sister, holding her wide hips so that I could pick up the pace of my fingers, my little girl’s cunt gushing around them. “I’ll fill you up with cum, then Luca can slide in second. He loves feeling a freshly fucked pussy.”

“Oh fuck, Jace.” Mia leaned back against him, her breath gulping as I gave a faint nibble to her clit, the slight friction making her thighs quiver on my shoulders. “Mommy, I’m gonna come, I can feel it.”

The twins encouraged her as I sucked enthusiastically on her clit, my fingers sliding in and out of her dripping cunt with abandon.

“Go on Mia, come for us.”

“Mommy’s tongue feels so good, doesn’t it?”

“We’re gonna make you come so much today.”

Mia bucked her hips against me, her mewls growing to almost agonised moans as her pussy pulsed around my fingers, flooding my mouth and fingers with her slippery nectar. I lapped up my daughter’s juices, carefully rubbing the inside of her spasming pussy until her orgasm subsided, and she slumped back against Jace, her face flushed.

“Mom, that was… I’ve never had my pussy licked like that before.” She gave me an ecstatic grin, and I moved up to straddle her lap, her eyes falling to my heavy breasts as I brushed a few strands of hair back from her face.

“You deserve it honey, especially on your birthday. Come on.” I leaned closer to her, taking her round chin in my hand to angle her lips beylikdüzü masöz escort to mine. “I want you to taste your delicious pussy.”

She kissed me eagerly, her tongue darting into my mouth to taste herself, and she surprised me further by licking the remnants from my face. “I want to eat yours. I bet you have the juiciest pussy, Mommy.”

A shiver ran through me at the thought of my daughter’s adorable face between my legs, lapping at my oozing cunt as I had done for her. But the twins were nearly whining in their desperation, Luca biting on his lower lip as Mia still treated his cock with soft strokes. Jace was rubbing his own cock, his smooth balls already twitching; he wasn’t going to last long inside her.

“Are you happy to let Jace go first?” I moved from her lap, gently pulling Luca away so that his twin and Mia could focus on each other.

Mia happily turned to Jace, smearing yet more of her dark lipstick as they kissed again, his hand moving down to cup her pussy. She gave a faint noise of disagreement when he moved to kneel between her legs, however.

“I want to ride you.” She said this with the same hesitancy she had displayed earlier when asking if she could kiss me, but Jace’s slim face broke into an eager grin, and he lay back, his prick waving in the air as his little sister straddled him. He gasped as I took his shaft in one hand, spreading Mia’s neat pussy with the other.

“You see that little hole, Jace? Do you think your big cock can squeeze inside there?” I positioned his cockhead so that it rubbed against Mia’s slick entrance, lubing his cock with her copious juices.

“Fuck, I hope so.” Jace took Mia’s ass in his hands, just as plump and jiggly as when we had seen her running around in hot pants in the summer, squeezing her flesh as she lowered herself onto him. “God, Mia, you’re so tight.”

I released his cock as his sister eased his fat head in and out of her cunt, sliding fully onto his length until she was grinding her protruding clit against his pubic mound, gasping with the effort. “You’re so big. I don’t know how you can take Caleb’s, Mom.”

“I’ve had four babies, I need Caleb to fill me.” I grinned over at my eldest, who was stroking his impressive cock at the end of the bed. He needed barely encouragement to come over to me, rubbing his twitching member on my aching clit in turn. “Not yet, honey, I want to focus on Mia and Jace.”

Caleb turned to watch them with me as Mia bent over, her tits bouncing as Jace pulled her onto his cock, his hands shaking as he struggled to keep his thrusts slow. My eldest didn’t let up on his attentions, however, pressing himself close to me as my cunt creamed on his fat cock. “Let me make you come, Mommy. You’re so wet from watching them anyway.”

I sighed against him, settling back to allow him to pleasure me as Jace lifted his head, sucking Mia’s nipples so that she squealed as she rode him. Luca knelt on the other side of them, his hands running over his younger sister’s sleek back to stroke her silky garter, then slipped his hands to her juicy ass, staring at the sight of his twin’s cock shining with her juices.

“Mia, you’ve got such a gorgeous ass.” Luca gripped her jiggling cheeks, opening them up to expose her asshole, the same dark pink as her nipples. “I could fuck it later, if you want.”

His sister glanced over her shoulder, shivering as Luca licked a finger and trailed it over her puckered hole. “Sure. I’ve never been fucked there before, though.”

Jace groaned beneath her, his narrow hips bucking as he fucked her faster, his muscles taut. “I can’t believe you’ve got a virgin ass, Mia.”

She gave a shaky laugh, and my own body trembled at the thought of Luca taking her anal cherry, Caleb’s smooth cockhead firm against my itching clit. I ground against him, my skin shivering as he moaned in response.

“Shit, Mia, I’m gonna come.” Jace’s eyes were locked on his sister as she rose up, her tits bouncing as she impaled herself again and again on his cock. They looked so alluring, my son and his beautiful little sister, fucking each other with such luscious, perfect bodies. Jace tensed beneath her, almost growling as his balls rose up, pumping Mia’s tight cunt full of his cum.

“Fuck, I can feel your cock spurting in me.” Mia grinned down at him, her petite hands rubbing his chest, and his thrusts slowed, Mia settling onto his cock for them to catch their breath. She gasped as he reached between them to stroke her clit, rolling her over so that she lay beneath him.

“You want more, sis?” Jace still held her closely, brushing his dark hair from his eyes. “You want Luca to fuck you too?”

Mia nodded, her eyes shining as she looked over to Luca’s eager face. “Do you want me to clean up, or-“

“He’s a slut, he’ll love feeling my cum in you.” He eased out of her, raising her hips so that only a trickle of his thick seed trickled out of her, forming a glossy line down her ass crack. “Come on bro, I’ve hardly stretched her tight cunt at all.”

The twins swapped places, Luca showing less restraint than Jace as he split Mia’s pussy with his twitching cock, her legs draped over his shoulders.

“Oh shit, you’re so tight.” He frantically thrust against her, his twin’s cum spilling out around his cock to pool on the sheet beneath them. “And slippery. You filled her up so much, Jace.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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