Mommy’s Special Medicine Ch. 01

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Mommy’s Special Medicine

Chapter 1


It’s not often Toby could be described as having a spring in his step, but there was no doubt that today he was positively bouncing! The weather seemed to mirror his mood; the grey clouds that had covered the sky that morning had melted away and now the day was filled with brilliant sunshine.

There was a reason for Toby’s unusually good mood and her name was Sophia. She was a kind, pretty girl who happened to be taking the same architecture course as him and from the moment he set eyes on her, Toby was instantly smitten.

It had taken him six months to pluck up the courage just to talk to her let alone ask her out. But once they’d finally started to talk to each other it was clear they had chemistry. Where most girls tended to be put off by Toby’s obvious nerves and shy demeanour, Sophia found it somewhat charming. From the moment Toby introduced himself the pair had been pretty much inseparable and while it may have taken him over two years, today Toby had finally managed to push through his crippling fear of rejection and ask Sophia out for dinner. To his delight, she actually said yes!

As Toby merrily made his way from the university campus back to his family home, he couldn’t help but grin in astonishment. With his utter lack of self-confidence (especially where women were concerned) a part of him thought he’d never find himself in this position. Yet here he was, just a few days away from his first ever date!

There was however, he conceded with a frown, one problem that he still had to confront. Telling the person who deep down he knew was ultimately responsible for his lack of a social life and his inability to talk to women. The person who had made it possible for him to reach 27 years of age yet never have even kissed a woman. His Mother!

Toby never met his father; for as long as he could remember his Mother raised him alone. She’d had him when she was just 18 years old and from the moment Toby was born, she lavished so much attention on him that he was never likely to be anything other than an utter Mommy’s boy.

He’d always been a timid child, terrified of the world around him and reliant on his Mother for seemingly everything; though this was made worse by the fact she strongly encouraged him. Instead of helping him learn to take responsibility and stand up for himself, she always let him come crying to her so she could take him in her arms and tell him Mommy would make everything alright.

When Toby grew into a teenager and wanted to make friends of his own, his Mother made sure that would never happen. Every time he tried to make plans, she would use some tiny infraction to ground him and keep him at home. After a few failed attempts, he eventually stopped trying. In school, the friendless Toby was soon a complete social outcast. Instead of spending his evenings developing relationships and having fun with people his own age, they were spent watching television with his Mother.

Upon leaving school at 18 he had wanted to go to university and pursue his dream degree in Architecture. However his Mother soon talked him out of that. She convinced him that he would be better off earning some money first so he could afford to put himself through university. After all, regardless of the fact she could easily afford to, he couldn’t expect her to help him financially now he was a grown man could he?

So she’d done what any good Mother would do and set Toby up with a minimum wage, customer service job that he could do over webchat from the comfort of his own home. Now he could save up some money without ever worrying about leaving the house again!

By the time Toby turned 25 he had finally saved enough to cover his architecture course. Though he’d originally wanted to take the course at a top tier university on the other side of the country, his Mother again convinced him otherwise. Once she pointed out how ungrateful and cruel Toby was by abandoning her after all she’d done for him over the years, he agreed to take the course at their local university and remain with her in the family home until he graduated.

While Toby was disappointed he wouldn’t be taking his course of choice, that decision proved to be the best of his life! He’d met the girl of his dreams and was just a few short days from taking her out to dinner. He knew his Mother might not take kindly to the thought of him having a girlfriend, but at the end of the day he was a grown man now and she had no say in his love life. He had been giving in to her for far too long and this time, he would put his foot down and go on his date whether she liked it or not!

Saying this to himself was all well and good, but as Toby rounded the corner into his quaint, suburban neighbourhood and approached the door to his family home, he felt the familiar stirring of fear worming its way around his stomach. Every time he’d tried to tuzla escort stand up to his Mother before she’d talked him around; it was as though she had some kind of unbreakable hold over him. He was so desperate for things to work out with Sophia, but what if she was somehow able to do it again?

‘No!’ he said to himself forcefully. It was pathetic that at the age of 27 he’d never had a girlfriend (or any friend for that matter) and now he was finally on the brink of changing that. He shook his head clear of any lingering doubts, confidently strode up the garden path and practically swaggered through the front door.

Unfortunately the tastefully decorated hallway was empty and there was no-one to see his bold entrance. Feeling slightly less confident, Toby made his way to the large, open plan kitchen, through the sliding glass doors and into the garden; where he saw his Mother reclining on her favourite garden chair sipping at an ice cold glass of her favourite Chardonnay.

Toby hesitated as he reached her, swallowing nervously as he saw she was wearing a revealing, scarlet bikini. He noticed the way the glorious weather left a thin sheen of sweat across her skin that sparkled in the sunlight, and felt a familiar stirring between his legs.

Once again he had to push his feelings back down, though as always when he felt like this, his cheeks flushed with shame. There were no two ways about it, his Mother was a very attractive woman. Her jet black hair framed a face so perfect it could have belonged to a Greek Goddess, and she had a body to match. Her deep, green eyes sparked with intelligence and mischief; just a look from them was enough to melt a man’s heart, making them putty in her hands.

It would be hard for anyone to reach this age without ever having an outlet for their sexual desires; but having a Mother this beautiful made Toby’s life very confusing.

All of the intimacy he’d ever known had come from his Mother. His very attractive Mother. She was the only person who had ever hugged or even touched him. With no other outlet for his sexual urges, he couldn’t help but look at her bulging breasts, toned body and perfect round ass with a stirring of arousal. He knew these feelings were wrong and of course he would never act on them, but every time he saw her wrapped in a towel after showering or relaxing in her bikini like this, no amount of burying his feelings could stop his cock from stiffening in excitement.

“M-mom,” Toby stammered.

“There you are darling,” his mother smiled sweetly, “I was starting to think you’d got lost.”

Toby felt a pang of guilt and regret at staying back after class to talk to Sophia. Part of him wanted to chicken out but he crushed the thought as soon as it entered his head. This was ridiculous, he was a grown man and if he wanted to go on a date he bloody well would. He needed to finally stand up for himself and if he didn’t do it now he probably never would.

“I need to tell you something,” he stated, sounding more confident than he felt.

His mother shifted in her chair and peered at him over her sunglasses; her eyes brimmed with curiosity and just a hint of menace.

‘Oh really, do tell,’ she purred.

“I’m going out on friday, with a girl from my class.”

Toby braced himself for the bombardment he knew was coming. It wouldn’t be easy, but he resolved that no matter how she tried to guilt trip him, he wouldn’t let it change his mind. However to Toby’s immense surprise, there was no angry outburst or dismissive comments. In fact, his Mother seemed to be absolutely delighted by the news.

‘Oh honey, that’s so wonderful, good for you!’ she beamed ‘I’ll tell you what, how about you go fetch Mommy another glass of wine and tell me all about her.’

For a moment Toby was too stunned to reply. He’d been so certain she was going to react badly, he hadn’t really considered how to respond if she took the news well.

‘Er… yeah, sure,’ was about all Toby could muster as he spun around and hurried to the kitchen before his Mother could change her mind.

As Toby took a fresh wine glass and filled it with his Mother’s favourite vintage, he was practically giddy with excitement. This had been the best day of his life by a country mile! First the prospect of a date with the girl of his dreams and now his ultra-controlling Mother seemed to have realised he was a grown man as well! Truly he had never been happier, though perhaps if he’d seen the storm that darkened his Mother’s face as he left, he’d have realised things may not turn out quite as smoothly as he hoped.



The sharp blade of the stanley knife sliced effortlessly through the parcel tape, opening the package that Grace knew would change her son’s life forever. It had been three days since Toby had sauntered in an hour late from class and announced he was abandoning her. The selfish little pendik escort cunt!

Of course he hadn’t used those exact words, but Grace knew that was pretty much the gist of it. He was ‘going out for dinner’ with some little tart he’d met on his course; without even bothering to ask his Mother’s permission! A dinner would no doubt turn into a relationship, then a house, then a family and eventually a life for him completely separate from the woman who’d spent the best years of her life raising him.

Since that boy was born she’d given him everything, and this was how he chose to repay her. Well if he thought Grace was just going to roll over and let him walk away from their perfect little family he had another thing coming!

She unpacked the box and placed the contents neatly on the table in front of her. Twenty small brown bottles filled with a clear liquid and several boxes of tablets, all of which were labelled Aphrobin, and a crisply folded, handwritten letter; it didn’t seem much, but if her friend were to be believed it was about to turn Toby’s life upside down.

Grace picked up the letter, unfolded it and read the beautifully written message within.

My Dearest Grace,

I am so glad you finally decided to take me up on my offer.

Aphrobin has been my life’s work and I can proudly say it is the most potent drug ever developed by Wexler Industries. I have no doubt it will revolutionise your life just as deeply as it has mine.

It worked miracles on my boy, turning him from a tear-away teenager to my daughter and I’s household pet in less than a year. I am certain you will see equally effective results and I very much look forward to seeing the two of you very soon.

Much Love,

Catherine x

Grace couldn’t suppress an amused smile at her friend’s concise, neutral tone. It was Catherine in a nutshell, you’d think she was writing to a prospective client as opposed to her best friend of over 25 years! But then again perhaps it should be expected, scientists aren’t exactly renowned for their social skills!

It had been obvious from the moment she broke the news of this new discovery that Aphrobin was something big. Normally Catherine didn’t speak of her work outside the laboratory, and if she did she was more likely than not to be venting her frustrations at her boring coworkers. But when she first spoke about this new wonder-drug, Grace could almost feel the excitement pouring off of her.

“Imagine taking the most powerful aphrodisiac in existence, and then combining it with a drug that severely impairs the brain’s capacity to make decisions. That is essentially what we have developed,” Catherine had explained “Of course we can’t create arousal where none exists, but any hidden or shameful desire can now be ruthlessly exploited to control a subject’s behaviour. Just think of the possibilities!”

To most of the scientists Catherine worked with the only ‘possibilities’ they were interested in were those they could use to make money. They discussed how the police or military might make use of it and their eyes lit up as they thought of the lucrative government contracts that were coming their way. Catherine however wasn’t interested in money; she saw the true potential of this new discovery. Power.

Fortunately the CEO of Wexler Industries shared Catherine’s view. Or at least he did after she started slipping him Aphrobin in his morning coffee! With his backing, Catherine had effectively taken control of the entire project. Now Aphrobin was sold exclusively to a network of very wealthy, powerful women who could use the drug as Catherine intended when she first dreamed up the idea; controlling and manipulating men into obeying their every command.

She had offered to supply Grace with the drug at the time, but Grace had turned her old friend down. While she loved to hear of the ways these powerful women were using it to take charge and dismantle the patriarchy one brick at a time, she didn’t need it in her own life. She had no trouble attracting men and wrapping them around her little finger by looks alone; and though there had been a flicker of interest when Catherine mentioned her plans for her wayward son, Toby was far too well behaved to require such drastic measures. Or at least he had been, until a few days ago.

Then came his little outburst and everything changed. Filled with white hot anger, Grace had rung Catherine as soon as she had a chance and asked if her offer was still on the table. Delighted to hear that it was, Grace wasted no time in having a box sent out to her. She knew she had to act quickly before this ‘Sophia’ bitch got her claws into her boy anymore than she already had.

Grace smiled as she thought of Toby playing his PlayStation upstairs, blissfully unaware that his life was about to change forever. She wasn’t angry with him anymore, it was hardly Toby’s fault he is so weak and easily led. It was just something in his nature. aydınlı escort As his Mother, it was her job to guide him and make sure he didn’t get led astray or taken advantage of some girl he hardly knew. The supply of drugs laid out on the table would help her do just that. Really they were for his own good!

While obviously Grace only had Toby’s best interests at heart, she couldn’t deny there was a part of her that was excited by the prospect of taking such complete control of her son’s life. It had started with a desire to keep him to herself but the more she’d thought about it over the last few days she was starting to realise there was something about having absolute power over her son that she found more than a little thrilling.

Grace leaned back in her chair and let out a great breath of air. She was trying to stay calm but was so full of energy and excitement for tomorrow that she felt she was going to burst!

A dull thud above her head told her that Toby was on the move. No doubt pacing up and down his room with worry at the prospect of his upcoming date. Grace was glad to see he was worried; he was always easier to manipulate when he got scared and she knew just what buttons to press to use his nerves to her advantage.



It was Thursday evening, and Toby had been a nervous wreck since the moment he’d woke up. At the start of the week he’d been nothing but excited about his first ever date night. But as Friday crept closer that excitement gradually evolved into a sense of fear that put his stomach in knots and gripped his chest whenever he thought of it. Now his nerves were threatening to overwhelm him.

At first he’d tried playing video games to pass the time, but he couldn’t concentrate and gave up after his third heavy loss in a row. Films and TV didn’t help either, he just found himself staring at the screen, taking nothing in and finishing the show with no idea what had actually happened. Cooking dinner for his Mother took his mind off it for a while, though he’d had little appetite himself and now as he placed the last of the washing up on the drying rack, he felt the nerves more keenly than ever.

A quick glance at the clock told him it was 19:30; still far too early to go to bed he thought with a grimace. Maybe he’d go up to his room and try another film, a comedy or something he’d seen a hundred times before. Anything that would kill a few hours without him needing to think too much about it.

Toby’s deliberations were interrupted by the sound of his Mother calling from the dining room.

“Darling, could you bring me in another glass of wine please?”

Without thinking Toby retrieved the chilled bottle, made his way to where his Mother sat at the table and obediently refilled her glass. As he poured, he noticed his Mother watching him thoughtfully, an affectionate smile playing on her lips as she noticed her son’s timid glance. He filled the glass and turned to head upstairs, but was stopped in his tracks when his Mother’s hand shot out and clasped around his wrist.

“Wait before you go,” she started “sit down for a minute. Mommy wants to speak to you.”

Toby’s cheeks flushed bright red; why was she always so patronising? He’d told her before he hated it when she referred to herself as ‘Mommy.’ He wasn’t a child anymore, he was a grown man! But it wasn’t worth the hassle of an argument, so as always he ignored the remark, and took the seat next to her.

“Uh yeah, sure,” he replied “what’s up?”

“What do you mean ‘what’s up?’ she giggled “It’s a big day for you tomorrow, your first ever date! Are you excited?”

“Oh right, yeah of course I’m excited!” Toby looked into his Mother’s eyes. He’d been so scared to tell her about Sophia, yet ever since he had she’d been nothing but lovely about it all. Ever since this all started he’d been distant from the one person who’d always loved him. Maybe he’d misjudged her, and right now he could really use a friendly ear. “But I guess, I’m nervous too.”

“You’re nervous?”

“Yeah, I’m really nervous. Terrified actually,” Toby admitted, trying to keep the tremor from his voice “I’m so scared I’m going to do something wrong, or that she’ll decide she doesn’t like me after all. I know it’s stupid because we get on so well, but I can’t stop worrying about it.”

“Oh honey, that’s alright. Everyone gets nervous before their first date, it’s completely natural,” she said reassuring “to tell you the truth, I’m actually a little scared myself.”

“What do you mean? What are you scared of?”

“Oh you know It’s just…” his Mother paused as though reluctant to go on “you’re my special boy. It would be very hard to see you putting someone else first. Mommy would find it terribly upsetting if you just forgot everything she’s done for you and cast her aside for another woman.”

Toby felt a pang of sympathy for her. Here he was worrying she was going to be a problem when really she was just scared that she was going to be abandoned. Toby loved his Mother, she had spent the best years of her life raising him and the last thing he wanted was to upset her.

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