Mom’s Card Night

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Hello my name is Bobby. This story takes place when I was 22. I was living with my girlfriend and working nights. One night I got out of work early. I drove home and spotted a red pickup in front of the house. When I walked in the house I saw my girlfriend on my couch with some guys cock pumping in and out of her. I told them when there finished get out of my house. And I got in my car and went to the bar. When I got back home my girlfriend was still there. She told me she was so sorry. I told her I want you out of my house. She got her clothes together and left.

I went to my mother’s house the next day and told her what had happened. She tried to tell me everything will be alright. Just like any mom would console her son. I left and went home feeling sorry for myself.

About 2 weeks after that my mom called and asked if she could stay at my place for a while. I asked what was wrong and she told me she would tell me when she got there.

My mom showed up at my house with her bags. I asked her if everything was alright. She told me she was tired of my stepfather getting drunk all the time. I told her she could stay as long as she wants. Then I brought her bags to the extra bedroom. My mom asked me not to tell John (my stepfather) where she was. I told her not to worry it will be our secret.

Everything was fine for a couple days, then one day I forgot my mom was living with me. I came home from work and nobody was there. I decided to take a shower. When I finished my shower I dried off then shaved I walked out of the bathroom naked to go to my room. As I walked out my mom was standing right there. I was startled, then realizing it was my mother I relaxed. Then I noticed she was looking right at my cock. Then it hit me I was standing there totally naked in front of my mom.

“Sorry mom, I forgot you were here.”

Mom: “It’s ok it’s your house.”

We just stood there for what seemed like hours but really were just about a minute. Mom didn’t take her eyes off my cock once; it was like she was in a trance. I walked past her and headed for my room. When I got to my room and started to enter I turned and my mom looked away and went in the bathroom. I thought to myself, mom was checking me out.

After that incident nothing else happened. Not even a mention about it. Then about two weeks later I was going out looking for girls. Mom was depressed. I asked if she wanted to go out. She said no. “I think I’ll just watch some TV.” I told her ok I’ll see you later don’t wait up for me.

I left and went to the bar where I usually hung out. It was dead. I hung out with a couple of my friends. Then around 10:30 my ex girlfriend and her new boyfriend came in. I finished my beer and told my friends I had to go. I was so bummed out how she could come to that bar. I stopped and picked up some beer and headed home. When I got home there was a strange car in the driveway. I walked in the door and was greeted by my mom and two of her friends, Mary, and sue. They went to school together and remained friends all this time. They were drinking and playing cards.

Mom: “hello honey”

“Hey mom”

Mary: “Hello bobby, hope you don’t mind. We came over to cheer up your mom.”

“No not at all how are you guys?”

Sue: “we are getting there” then she took a swig of her drink and they all started laughing.”

I went to the kitchen and put my beer in. I grabbed a beer and went to join the ladies. I sat down at the table.

Mom: “Your home early.”

“Yeah that bitch showed up with her new boyfriend”

Mom “I’m sorry honey”

Sue: “you can hang out with us old ladies playing cards.”

“What are you playing?”

Mary: “were playing gin and getting drunk.”

“Sounds like fun count me in.”

We played a few hands and were getting a good buzz. My mom’s friends kept commenting on how big I got and how cute I was. I think they were ataköy escort trying to cheer me up and it was working. That and the drinks. Mary asked me to make them all drinks. I went into the kitchen and got us all drinks they were drinking rum and cokes.

Mary: “boy Ellen he got big and handsome”

Sue: “what a body on him, he has the nicest ass I have ever seen.”

Mom: “hey, that’s my son you’re talking about.”

Mary: “come on Ellen; tell me you never checked him out.”

Mom: “well the other week when I first came to stay he came out of the bathroom naked.”

Mary: “really, did you see anything?”

Mom: “everything.”

Sue: “ok give us details.”

Mom: “that’s my son I don’t think I should.”

Mary: “Ellen come on we’ve been friends forever you can tell us.”

Mom: “ok, he is huge.” “Soft I would say about 6 inches. And he is all muscles.”

Sue: “what did he do when he saw you?”

Mom: “nothing, he just said he was sorry but he never tried to cover himself.”

Mary: “I bet he is an exhibitionist.”

Sue: “yeah I bet we could get him to strip for us.”

Mom: “he’s my son, but I wouldn’t mind seeing him naked again. Do you think he would?”

Mary: “sure I bet we could get him to do anything we want.”

Sue: “oh this is getting good.”

Mary: “Ellen if you had a cock like your sons would you go back to that drunk?”

Mom: “no, but were would I get a cock like that?”

Mary: “right here we will make your son submit to you.”‘

Mom: “he would never want his mother.”

Mary: “leave that to me, but if I can get him to submit would you want it.”

Mom: “it would be nice to have that cock whenever I want.”

Sue: “this is going to be so hot.”

Mary: “ok when he comes back just follow my lead.”

When I came back the three of them were laughing and had a wicked look in there eyes. I handed them there drinks and they thanked me.

Mary: “So bobby why did you and your girlfriend break up?”

“I found her cheating on me.”

Mary: “Really after what your mom told us I don’t know why any girl would cheat on you.”

Mom: “Mary!”

Mary: “Oh come on Ellen.”

“What did Mom tell you?

Sue: “she told us you have a big cock.”

Mary: “A big beautiful cock to be exact.”

Mom: “stop!”

Mary: “I’m bored playing cards, what do you say we have some fun?”

Mom: “what do you want to do?”

Mary: “I would love to see bobby’s cock.”

Sue: “yeah let’s have some real fun.”

Mom: “Mary that’s my son.”

Mary: “so, you told us you already seen it when he came out of the shower.”

Sue: “yeah, come on Ellen it will be fun.”

Mom: “Well ok if you guys are ok with it then its ok with me.”

Mary: “good, ok bobby first take off your shirt.”

“Excuse me!”

Sue: “come on bobby, don’t you want to entertain us?”

“I don’t know”

Mom: “It’s ok bobby you have nothing to be embarrassed about.”

Sue: “Let the show begin.”

I slowly started to lift my shirt off. The ladies were really into it whistling and hollering. I started getting into it too. After I got my shirt off sue started rubbing her hand all over my chest.

Sue: “oh my god look at this chest mmmmm.”

Mary: “nice abs this is going to be fun thanks Ellen.”

Mom: “your welcome but it is going to get better trust me.”

Mary: “bobby stand up.”

I was hesitant to stand up because I was getting aroused. My shorts weren’t doing much to conceal my growing hard-on. I stood up slowly and moved away from the table.

Mary: “Look Ellen told you he would like stripping for us, Just look at that bulge in his shorts.”

Mom: “I told you he was big.”

Then sue reached behind me and pulled my shorts and underwear down to my ankles. The ladies again where cheering and ataköy eve gelen escort howling. I was standing there naked with a hard-on in front of these ladies and my mom.

Mom: “it even looks better hard, damn honey you are huge.”

Mary: “Bobby do you have a ruler?”

“Yeah in the kitchen.”

Mary: “here go make us some more drinks and bring back that ruler.”

I went into the kitchen to make them more drinks. I couldn’t believe I was here naked in front of my mom and her friends. After making the drinks I retrieved the ruler from the kitchen draw and headed back. When I got back the ladies had moved to the couch in the living room. They had moved the coffee table away from the couch. My mom was sitting on the end of the couch and Mary was in the middle with sue on the other side of the couch.

Mary: “oh good, bring that ruler over here.”

I walked over to the couch with my cock sticking straight out at the ladies. I handed the ruler to Mary. Sue held my cock and Mary measured it.

Mary: “wow 8 1/2 inches.”

Mary then started stroking my cock while sue played with my balls. Mom was just staring at my cock.

Mary: “hmmm doesn’t this look good Ellen?”

Mom: “mmmmm yeah nice and big.”

Mary: “does this feel good bobby?”

“Oh yeah” was all I could muster as Mary and sue were working on my balls and cock.

Mary: “are you going to cum?”

“Oh yeah”

Mary: “not yet we have plans for you”

Then Mary slowed down stroking my cock and was now teasing it. Stroking it just enough to keep me on the edge.

“Oh god please let me cum” I Begged her but she had different plans for me.

Mary: “you know bobby we don’t want your mom to go back with that drunk.”

I looked over at my mom and she was staring at my cock as Mary was slowly stroking it. I wanted to cum so bad I couldn’t speak so I just nodded my head and said “mmmhmm”.

Mary: “We think your cock here will keep her from going back.” “oohh look at your sons cock Ellen.” “Doesn’t it look good?”

Mom: “Mmmmm yeah.”

Mom was squirming around in her seat. Mary pulled me by my cock closer to my mom. My cock was inches from my moms face as Mary continued stroking it teasingly keeping me on the edge. Mary squeezed my cock and stroked it causing some pre cum to come out. She took her fingertip swipe some and tastes it.

Mary: “mmmm nothing like young cum Ellen.” “Ellen is your sons big cock here getting you all worked up?”

Mom: “oh yeah”

Sue: “your son has a nice cock Ellen.”

I just stood there my legs were getting weak I wanted to cum so bad. Sue was running her hand all over my ass as Mary would squeeze my cock making sure I didn’t cum.

In a sexy voice Mary asked me if my mom could live with me. In any other situation I would have to think about it. But Mary had complete control over me. She new I couldn’t refuse her. So I said yes.

Mary: “And you will support her?”

“ohhh yeah”

Mary: “and this beautiful cock will be hers?”


Mary: “tell your mom this is her cock to do whatever she wants with it.” “Tell her for now on it will always be on display for her.”

“Oh god mom this is your cock from now on it will always be on display for you.”

Mary: “that’s a good boy.”

Mary handed my cock over to my mom. She wrapped her hands around it and started stroking it.

Mom: “do you want mommy to make you cum?

“Oh god yes”

Mom: “do you want mommy to suck this big cock?”

“Oh god yes”

Mom stuck her tongue out and licked the pre cum off.

Mom: “mmmmm your right Mary nothing like young cum. And now we can have it whenever we want right honey?”

“Oh god yeah mom it’s your cock.”

Mom: “that’s a good boy.”

Sue: “oh god Ellen that is so hot you holding your sons cock ataköy grup yapan escort and licking it.”

Mom: “are you ready to cum honey.”

“Oh god yeah, please make cum mom.”

Mom: “I like when you beg me.”

Then mom placed her mouth over my cock and started sucking it. I shot my load down her throat in no time. Mom swallowed as much as she could then some dribbled out of her mouth. She wiped my cum from her chin with her fingers then stuck them in my mouth. I sucked them clean.

Mom: “ok go get us some drinks then you’re going to lick my pussy.”

I went to make the drinks and couldn’t believe what had just happened. I returned with the drinks and noticed my mom was naked on the couch. I never really noticed before but my mom had a killer body. Her pussy was neatly trimmed and her tits were nice and firm. My mother gestured for me to come to her with her finger. I walked over and handed them their drinks then mom gestured for me to get on

My knees in front of her. I knelt down between her legs and just starred at her pussy. Mom put her hand on my head and guided it to her pussy.

Mom: “you like Mommy’s pussy?”

“mmmhmmmm yeah”

Mom: “good because you’re going to be eating it a lot.”

Then mom grabbed my hair and pulled me up. She grabbed my cock which was hard again. She pulled it toward her pussy. She started to rub the head of my cock along her pussy lips. It felt so good.

Mom: “do you want me to put my new cock in my pussy?”


Mom: “I want to hear you beg me.”

I started begging her as she was rubbing my cock along her pussy. God it felt so good but I wanted to feel inside her pussy where I came from as a baby. I was begging just about crying when she slowly inserted my cock inside her I moved my hips in slowly till my cock was all the way in her. “Oh that feels so good” mom said. I just stayed like that feeling the warmth of my mom’s pussy. Then I slowly pulled my cock out till just the head was in. Then I slid it back in. I kept this rhythm up for about 5 minute. Then mom wrapped her legs around me and pulled me into her.

Mom: “That’s it fuck your mommy.” “Oh god your cock feels so good.”

I was fucking her so hard mom was screaming and bucking under me. Oh god it felt so good. It was by far the best sex I had ever had. Then my mom pushed me on my back on the floor and straddled my body. Then she lowered her pussy down over my cock and started fucking me. Then her friend Mary straddled my head and lowered her pussy to my mouth. I started licking her with a vengeance. I couldn’t see my mom anymore, but I could hear her. “Oh god yes yes I’m Cumming oh god yes!” my mom was yelling. Then Mary was fucking my face. She too was Cumming all over my face. This sent me over the edge. I started shooting my load deep into my mom’s pussy. The feeling was incredible. I arched my back and lifted my mom off the floor as she kept riding my cock. My mom and Mary both rolled off me. We just laid there panting.

Mom: “that was incredible.”

Mary: “oh my god Ellen, your son licking my pussy and watching you fuck his big cock at the same time made me cum so much.”

Sue: “that was so hot, look at how much Mary came on bobby’s face.”

Mom: “oh honey, now you have to take care of sue.”

Sue followed moms cue and straddled my face. I licked her pussy till she came.

Mom sent me to get more drinks. When I came back sue and Mary were getting dressed. I put the drinks down. Mom was saying goodbye to them.

Mary: “wish I had a cock like that to play with.”

Mom: “you and sue can have this one whenever you come over.”

Mary: “oh really thanks Ellen.”

Then Mary walked over to me and grabbed my cock. “I’ll be seeing you more often boytoy.” then she leaned in and kissed me on the lips. Then the ladies left. Mom said she was tired. She walked over to me and grabbed my cock.” I am glad you agreed to be my boytoy “she whispered in my ear. Then she kissed me. Probing her tongue in my mouth while squeezing my cock. Then she broke the kiss let go of my cock and headed to bed. I got another beer and

Sat down on the couch. I took a sip of my beer and thought to myself what just happened.

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