Mom’s iPhone

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My name is Harold, I am a 30 year old male of slender good looks who enjoys dressing up in fine women’s clothing, it turns me on. For me, there is nothing quite like the feel of being dressed in a woman’s clothes and a sexy looking pair of half-moon or half-square glasses to get me aroused. When I was a teenager I never had any idea, or at least not on a conscious level, that mom’s various styles of half-glasses turned me on. Maybe it was the feminine look with the glass beaded neckchain, or maybe just the way she looked in them, I don’t know, but to this day I have always liked the looks of a sexy older woman in half-glasses.

My mother is a sexy looking 55 year old woman with a classic hour-glass figure, she stands 5′ 10″ at 154 lbs. with 42DD boobs, a 30″ waist and 40″ hips who works as a para-legal, so she is always dressed in sexy looking business outfits and dresses and always has a pair of reading half-glasses hanging from a beaded neckchain.

Lately I had been reading some sex stories on the internet and some were from a guy named Edison3wire and his stories were about older ladies and their half-glasses. Maybe that and seeing mom’s many pair of half-glasses, I started to have erotic thoughts about dressing up and taking care of some needs.

Mom had asked if I could come over during the week on my way to work for the second shift, to take her Pug out for a walk. I told her, “Sure, it would be no trouble for me to stop by on my way to work.”

One hot Saturday afternoon when mom had to go out for the day, she asked if I could go by to let Puggy out. When I came back in I decided to get a nice cold glass of the lemonade that mom had left for me in the fridge.

While sitting in the kitchen drinking lemonade, I saw mom’s glasses on the counter, they were her gold half-moon style with a neck chain of small pearls with a purple bead every twentieth bead, very feminine. I sat there looking at those glasses and started to have some very arousing thoughts. I could not get the thought of my mother wearing those glasses out of mind. I could see her sitting there with her glasses on wearing her blue silk dress with the leg slit up the side, looking at me over the tops of her glasses looking at my cock, and slowly licking her lips.

I got so turned on that I went to her room and put on her blue silk dress along with a pair of heels in patent black. As I stood there looking at myself in the mirror running my hands up and down the silk dress I got a raging hard-on. I wondered what this scene would look like as a picture and knowing mom’s old iphone could take pictures, I put a dozen pics on her phone, a few in cute poses, some with me jacking off with her beaded chain for her half-glasses wrapped around me, others blowing ropes of cum all over another pair of patent black heels and a few with me holding her sexy black heel over my cock. I did this again later and covered a nice pair of her silver half-square glasses with her sons man sauce and she would not be reading through these in a while.

A few weeks later I got my package of fake bosoms and dressed up in that blue silk dress and what a feeling to don a bra with some life size tits filling it. Damn I felt so womanly as I took care of my needs and I took a few pics of a well-endowed woman.

A ataşehir escort month later mom offered to take me out to dinner at the Olive garden, an Italian eatery known for a great salad and bread sticks.

“Mom, this is so nice of you, thanks.”

“Well I love my Puggy and it helps his kidneys to do his thing a few times a day and I wanted to show my appreciation for taking the time to drop by and let him out.”

Mom was reading the menu through a pair of silver half-square style glasses and I found myself giving them a good look. She put her hand on mine and smiled.

“Harold, I know you like the looks of me when I am wearing my half-glasses, but to leave a dozen erotic pics of you on my iphone?”

The way she said it made me think I went just a bit too far this time. And I figured I had better apologize but there was something weird here. She smiled and put her hand on mine and said she knew I liked how she looked when she wore her glasses yet it seemed she was upset and she still takes me out to lunch?

“You’re right mom, I was wrong to leave those pics on your iPhone. I’m really sorry but if you’re mad, why take me out to lunch at the Olive garden?”

“Who’s mad? I’m not mad. Only a dozen pictures though? You have to do a lot better than that, A few hundred anyways, Then we can talk about it. And maybe I might want to take a few pictures too. Who knows what else could happen in our time together?”

“At first I was wondering how the pics got on my iphone, then I thought of how you look at me with such lust as I am reading the paper. When I realized it was you enjoying yourself with my glasses, I got turned on, and the fantasies I had, well, let me tell you I found myself doing things I hadn’t done since my teen age years. I think it’s great that you love my dresses, heels glasses and neck chains.”

“So Mom, you have no problem with me liking and enjoying your things?”

“No, of course not. Women have their dildo’s and vibrators, We can’t scream about equal rights and get mad because a guy wants his sex toys too.”

Well I was very glad to hear this, I’d had girl friends in the past but thinking about it, I would rather have been with their moms, I knew I loved older ladies and I knew I always would.

Lunch with mom was almost over and she ordered the zipoli, which are Italian doughnuts with a dipping sauce.

“Harold, I am going out to Bingo tonight but I’ll leave a few pair of my half- glasses on the kitchen table, they have beaded chains so I’m going to expect to see a few dozen pics, and experiment with the lighting, low soft lighting or medium will give different results for the same picture, have at least three dozen pics and email them to me, o.k.?”

Needless to say my workday went pretty good, I have a fetish and mom likes it. Makes me think that there is a chance we could really get closer. I had a nice evening. I slipped into a nice bra and filled it with my new fake tits that even have nipples. Those forty two D breasts looked good in that blue silky dress and I began to take some erotic pic for mom. I had a few pics of her half-glasses buried in her sons short and curlies and well cum’d upon as well. d upon.

As the month went by I did my thing, taking avcılar anal yapan escort mom’s Pug out for a a walk and then I would spend some time taking erotic pics for her and then e-mailing them to her as well as leaving them on her old iphone.

One Friday night after work, I was relaxing at home around nine or so, when the door chimes rang. I had just put on mom’s blue silk dress with the slit up the side, stockings and a pair of black patent pumps and I was feeling pretty good.

“Who is it?”

“Hello dear, it’s Mom.”

So I am thinking to myself, she had seen the pics of me in her dress already so there was nothing to worry about being dressed in it now.

“Coming Mom.”

I opened the door and invited her in, as she stood there looking at me in her blue silk dress, her eyes widened and she smiled.

“Oh Harold, you look so nice” and she gave me a big hug, as she hugged me I felt her hand slid down between us and right through the side slit and up under my panties where she squeezed my now hardening cock. “You really have something there Harold. I like it. I have something for you too,” she said with a sly grin.

She went to the kitchen table and took out a rolled up brassiere from her purse that held five nice pair of women’s half-glasses all of which had a nice beaded neck chain.

“Harold, let’s go to your room and see what we can do with all these nice glasses. I might want to take some pics with my new iphone, it also has video so you could make a movie for your hot mom.”

We went to my room and got up on the bed, mom had her dress off by now, she was wearing a black lacey bra, matching panties, stockings and patent black pumps. Mom also had on a nice pair of silver half-round glasses with a neck chain of sweet pearl beads and my cock was taking notice.

“Oh my, it looks like he is saying hello.”

“That’s right Mom.”

“Here is the deal Harold, I want you to touch yourself allover with my half-glasses and beads as I make a movie of it, then I will blow your socks off with what I have in mind.

I did as Mom ordered me to, she was really liking it, and I was getting rather turned on dressed as she was.

“Okay Harold, let me see you wrap those beads around your cock and kiss my glasses as you beat off, then I want to see you squirting some of that creamy man sauce all over them. Do you hear me?”

Once again I did as I was directed. Little did it occur to me that in just a short while I would be by the very hot looking lady in front of me using my hand to pump my hard cock till I cum in her mouth. My hand was a blur as it went up and down my cock wrapped with that sweet little pearl neckchain, while clutching a pair of mom’s old gold ovals and looking at her sexy body, thinking where I wanted to put my cock. I came all over her half ovals and the pearl beads that were wrapped round my squirting cock as Mom got it all on video.

We messed around some more, taking some pics and playing around with the lighting effects while talking, drinking wine and getting to feel rather nice.

A few hours later Mom decided I needed to be jerked off again as she wrapped the pearl beads round my hard red and throbbing cock. She started off avcılar bdsm escort by dragging her sexy half ovals all around my dick and then she took out a long skinny belt from her purse and I wondered what she was going to do with it. Well she passed the belt through the belt loop so it could be tightened up, and then she put the whole thing over my cock and under my balls and pulled it tight.

“This is a cock ring, now that you are so hard it will keep it hard and your cock will be very sensitive to the touch.” Mom then rubbed her glasses and beads all over my cock and balls again, it was a very wild and stimulating feeling and had me very close to cumming again. She had put on a pair of black half-square glasses and I loved the way she looked in them as she licked her ruby red lips and wrapped her hand with red painted fingernails around my cock with the beads and started to slowly jerk off her son. Mom stopped to take a bottle of baby oil out of her purse and put some in her hand and resumed her lovely hand job, all the while she was making a video on her iphone. Mom would have memories for a while.

“Oh Mom, that feels so good.”

“I knew you would like this dear, and I love it that you like to dress as your mom does. I have to start thinking of you more as just a man than as my son. I was also thinking you could dress up in my blue silk dress with the slit down the side and we could go to a bar and have a few drinks and whatever kind of bar food they have and sitting in a quiet corner I could run my hand up that slit and jerk you off as I look at you lovingly through a pair of black half-square glasses.”

After you cum in your panties, we would leave and go back to your place and play some more. And I’m thinking I might just let you do me since I haven’t had a good fuck in a while. you’d have to give it to me good, hard and fast because that’s the way I like it and need and since I know how big it can get when it sees me in half-glasses, your mother wants that cock way up inside her.

Mom was telling me all this while pumping her oiled up hand up and down my swollen shaft with the beads of a few pair of her glasses wrapped round me and it felt so nice to have a sexy older woman jack me off and with her smiling at me as she wore her black half-square glasses and a few pair of glasses jiggling around down there. She squeezed harder and started to jerk me faster as well and right when I was about to cum all over her hand she had her lips around my cock and half its length was in her mouth and seeing the room light in her black half-square glasses, yeah I blew my lovesauce into moms sexy mouth with a good amount of force.

“I have to drop in more often Harold, this was so much fun and you taste sooo good. So do you like the glasses I got for you? The silver and brown ones, are from my friend Joanie who now knows about your fetish, also about your love for collecting antiques and she will call you pretty soon.”

I have seen Mom’s friend Joanie and she is a hot looking lady and I’ve seen her wearing her half-glasses as well and I was quite turned on as well, Joan has nice hips and a great pair of brests that could a guy could spend hours with. I wonder what the chances would be of gettng the three of us together in the sack?

“Well Mom, tell Joanie I really like her style of reading glasses and you can tell her what a nice evening you had and that your son would like to make her feel very welcome. Any time you or she would like to stop by alone or together, feel free to come on by. We can have some wine and get to know each other very well, if you know what I mean.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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