Mom’s True Self

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I am so relaxed laying listening to my fathers’ footsteps as he climbs the stairs to his bedroom. My smile indicates the wonderful sight that awaits him when he enters his bedroom.

It started just before noon when I came home from my morning classes at the University. Probably the luckiest day of my life as I think back on it.

I walked in the door and hollered as I usually that I was home, and my mother called out that she was in the kitchen. I walked through the house and discovered her standing over the sink rinsing some grapes. As I entered she looked over her shoulder and smiled at me. She must have been working on her tan because she had her very brief orange bikini on and I looked at her beautiful ass because the thong that was the bottom of her suit showed her brown cheeks to perfection.

“Been working on your tan, Mom?”, I questioned.

“Yeah, baby, thought it would be a good time. Why don’t you change and come out and join me.”

“Great, I think I would like that, I need to work on my tan also, plus with the heat, the water will feel good.”

She smiled at me and walked over and held a grape up to my lips and I sucked into my mouth and ate it. She looked at me and stood on her tip toes and kissed me as she said, “Well, hurry up, I’m going back out and I’ll see you there.”

I went to my room and took off my clothes and threw them on the bed. Then thinking of my mom, I walked around to my dresser and got my swim trunks out and pulled the up over my legs and arranged my 8″ cock so it was comfortable, grabbed a towel and headed out to the pool.

Let me tell you a little about my mom. She is 36 years old, exactly twice my age, but I found her to be absolutely as beautiful as most of the girls my own age, because she went to the gym four or five mornings a week and worked hard keeping her body trim. Her body is good, 34A breasts, a slim 23 inch waist and 37 in hips. Her hair is dark red and her eyes a beautiful sparkling green. Her teeth are very white and her smile is wonderful. She has very full lips, not very far from the look that Angelina Jolie espouses.

When I went out the door to the pool, I saw her lying on her stomach with her top undone, and the string of the thong not showing at all, as it was stuffed in the crack of her beautiful ass. I wondered what it would be like to fuck her and my cock started to stir. I knew I had to get in the pool to cool off, so I threw my towel down and jumped into the water, and took a quick ten laps, then walked up the stairs and went over next to my mom. The water dripped from my body onto her which made her jump a little and her tits came into view and she said, “Damn Andy, you are a pain in the ass”, and she grabbed her top and put it over her tits and tried to tie it quickly.

She stood and ran at me but I jumped back in the pool and swam to the other side.

Laughing I said, “Sorry about that, mom. But it was a nice view!”

“I’m gonna kill you mister.”

“Right, you and who else?”

She dove in and swam toward me and started to splash water in my face. We horsed around for the next fifteen minutes until I finally grabbed her and held her so she would stop. We laughed and the she kissed me and told me how much she loved me and enjoyed me being around.

I also told her I loved being at home with her.

We got out of the pool and I lay down on one of the chaise lounge’s and she another. We lay there soaking up the sun until about 3:00 then went back into the house and to our rooms. I lay on my bed face down, and she called me and told me to come into her room. I lazily got up and walked into her room, still in my silk boxer shorts. When I entered the room, she was sitting at her dressing table with a towel wrapped around her, and was brushing her hair, she looked so beautiful sitting there and my cock started to stir just thinking what it would be like to fuck my mother. I walked up behind her and put my hands on her shoulders and massaged them a bit. “What do you want mother?”

“That feels so good, Andy. Keep it up.”

I massaged her more a little harder, kneading avcılar üniversiteli escort her flesh as I did. She tilted her head back and looked up at me and her head brushed against my hardening cock, and I moaned.

“Damn, baby, is that because of me?”

“Yes, I have always thought you were hot and I love to look at you, all of the guys love to look at you. In fact a couple have told me that they would like to spend some time with you.”

“Spend some time? Like how, baby?”

“You know mom.”

“No”, she teased, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I don’t want to say it, because you’re my mom.”

“Don’t worry about that, go ahead tell me.”

“Okay, some of the guys have told me that they would love to “make love” to you.”

“Make love to me? That doesn’t sound like young boys to me.” She giggled.

I looked into her eyes and my hips moved toward her head more, my cock getting harder as I did.

Her eyes brightened as she pushed back against me. She moved away and stood and her towel dropped to the floor leaving her standing completely naked. I looked at her small tits and her very erect nipples and her completely shaved pussy. I kept backing up until I felt her bed and my knees buckled and I sat on the bed.

“Lay face down on the bed, Andy, and I’ll massage your back for you.”

I lay face down and she straddled me and I could feel her warm pussy against the skin on my back as she started to work her hands over my shoulders.

“You’re such a good boy, and you always have been. I’ve thought about you for a long time and today while we were playing around in the pool, I decided that I wanted you. Your father isn’t as interested in me as he used to be and I stay extremely horny all of the time. YOU have looked so good lately and I’ve been thinking about YOU!”

She moved down my back and worked my spine over and my dick got harder, pressing into her mattress as we lay there. I was really enjoying this so much, but I was beginning to get feelings that I could not oppress. It didn’t help when she got to my boxers that she grabbed the waistband and pulled them over my ass and down my legs. She flung them on the floor and moved down my legs and began massaging my ass.

“That feels sooooo good, Mom, keep it up.”

“YOU like that baby. Do you want me to stop?” she laughed.

“You had better not, I would have to punish you.”

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm, what would you like me to do?”

I felt her spread the cheeks of my ass apart and she moaned as she looked at my asshole. The next thing I knew, she had moved down my legs a little more and the next thing I felt was her tongue as she began to lick my asshole.

“God, that feels so good, Mom, I didn’t know you were such a slut.”

She just moaned as she continued to lick my ass and I felt her hand move down and cup my balls.

She lifted her head and said, “I think that this will prime the pump, so to speak. I’m going to eat all of the cum YOU can produce.” Her head moved back down and she kissed my ass and her tongue covered my balls before she moved back up and went to work on my ass again.

She licked my as for about 5 minutes then she moved down and kissed my feet. She had me turn over, then licked between my toes, until she took each of my toes in her mouth and suckled them. My cock was standing in the air as she did this, then she started to move up my legs, licking all over them as she inched her way toward my cock. When she reached my balls she took each into her mouth and sucked them, then finally took both of my balls into her mouth and looked at me and I smiled down at her. “Are you enjoying yourself, slut?”

She nodded and her eyes sparkled. She releases my balls and then she took my cock in her hand and deliberately kissed the head and the precum left strands linking her lips to my cock as she pulled back.

“How often does Dad get this treatment, you slut?”

“He used to get it often, but he doesn’t pay enough attention to me any more.”

“Mom, you’ve got avrupa yakası escort my balls boiling right now. My cock feels so hard that it feels like steel. Why don’t you go ahead and eat this load, then we’ll move on. You can really suck a dick I bet.”

She moved between my legs and got comfortable, then took my cock in her hand and opened her mouth as the head moved between her lips. My cock felt so good as her tongue began to lick at the piss hole, cleaning it of all of the precum that had started flowing. She looked so good, my mother, her mouth full of my cock, her eyes open looking at me as her tongue licked around the head and I felt my balls begin to tighten as her head began to bob, her tongue continuing to swirl around the head and her hand softly kneaded my balls and I felt my cock get even harder. I looked straight into her eyes as my cock expanded and the head started to tingle. I held back as much as I could and then I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her as far down my cock as I could and it exploded.

“Eat my cum you fucking slut.” I shouted as I filled her mouth with sperm.

Her cheeks bulged as I pumped the cum into her mouth, and I asked, “Do you like eating you son’s cum, you whore?”

Her eyes watered as I felt her swallow and I pulled her even closer and the head of my cock pushed into her throat as another pulse pushed more cum straight down her throat. As I tapered off, I released my grip on her head, but she continued holding my cock in her mouth, just holding it still as I came down from the high. I must have cum a quart or at least that’s how it felt. I just lay back and relaxed as she just lay between my legs, her mouth full of my softening cock.

I started brushing her head with my hand and about 10 minutes later; my cock was again at full staff for her enjoyment. I moved and rolled off the bed.

“Wait there for a minute, Mom.”

I walked over to her dresser and opened the drawer where she kept her scarves. I pulled out about eight of the silk ones and went back to the bed. I looked at her and saw the dried cum on her lips and smiled at her as I told her “Okay lay on you back, it’s your turn to be made happy.”

She turned over and lay on her back. “What are you going to do?”

I explained that I was going to tie her up and have my way with her. She looked a little apprehensive but lay there as I did my job. I proceeded to take each hand and tie one scarf to it and the tie the other to a bedpost. I did this with the other hand and then each of her legs. For her legs I had to go back and get another couple of scarves to be able to reach the bedpost. My mother looked so good spread out on the bed, and I stood and looked at her. It was the first time I had looked at her open cunt and it looked so inviting.

“So, mother, how many assholes have you eaten? That was something that I have never done before, but I enjoyed it very much. Remember that, because you will be spending time doing that in the future.”

“You are so different, Andy, what’s the matter?”

“You just fucked your son, mother, what did you expect from me. You licked and kissed my asshole, and sucked the cum out of my cock. To me that must mean that you know just what you were made for, to please men. Isn’t that true, mother?”

“I’m sorry Andy, I was just so horny I couldn’t help it.”

“Well, if you have that problem, I’m going to help you find relief for the problem. From now on I will expect these things to continue, and more. Before we’re done today, you will know what I like and what some of the things I expect. I hope you will enjoy yourself, but if you don’t just remember your purpose is to please your man, or men. Do you understand me, mother?”

“I think so Andy, but I don’t know if I like this side of you?”

“You will learn to. If you hadn’t started this, we could have stayed like we were, but now you will get to know me, as you should. Now, I’m going to eat you, fuck you and jerk off on your face and leave you tied like that so father can see, that I’ve marked my territory.”

“No, bağdat caddesi escort Andy, please don’t do that.”

“You’ve made your bed. I think in the long run you will begin to enjoy it. Have you ever been fucked in the ass?”

“No, Andy, and I don’t want to be.”

“Well, I guess that is where you lessons will begin after father sees you. I’ll break in you tight ass so it will be easier to access in the future. You will learn all of the fine points of sex that you have never done. Any whore that will suck assholes will do all kinds of things. You will also be swallowing more than just my cum too, but that will come later. Now to prepare you for your husband’s homecoming.”

Andy had always thought his father was a wimp and now he was going to prove it. He hoped that his father would accept his fate, becoming a cuckold to his own son, but if he didn’t accept it readily then he would beat the shit out of him and he would have no choice, either way his mother would be his to do with as he pleases.

Sarah, Andy’s mother was squirming on the bed as Andy climbed between her legs and lowered himself down to inspect his mother cunt more closely. She had a beautiful pussy and as he looked he saw she was flowing with moisture. He put his finger up and felt and found she not only looked but was definitely wet as she could be. He smiled and said, “I think you’re enjoying what I’m telling you are you Mom? I bet you can’t wait for me to open your ass up a little so you can take both Josh and Robin at the same time. What will you do, my lovely slut when they are both pounding you, one in your ass and one in your cunt?”

“Andy, I don’t want to have you treat me like this and I want you to stop right now, please.” Sarah didn’t really want him to stop because it was turning her on. When she had swallowed his cum she had an orgasm and when he was talking to her telling her what he was going to do, she had been so turned on that her pussy had started becoming much wetter than she had ever been. She loved her son so much and she wanted to make him happy. She really was excited that his friends were going to “make love” to her as he had told her that they wanted to do. She had always been a submissive and Andy’s father Ward had never really taken charge.

Andy crawled up and hovered over Sarah’s body. He leaned down and kissed her fully on the mouth, his tongue pushing between her lips and began to dance with hers. He reached between them and grabbed his dick, and brushed it against her wet pussy lips. His head came up and he looked deep into his mother’s eyes. He watched the heat in her eyes and he waited just a moment as his cock was at the entrance to the place where he had started. With a quick thrust of his hips, he buried his eight inches deep into her body and he watched her mouth open widely and she gasped, then he pulled back and drove it deep again. He leaned down again and kissed her deeply as he began to pump his cock in and out of her vagina.

“Like my cock Mom? Do you like the way I’m fucking you? Doesn’t it feel good when my balls bounce off of your ass?”

All Sarah could do way say “Yes, my baby, your cock feels so good in me, fuck me hard, I want you to fuck me hard.”

Andy began to pound into his mother. He looked over at the clock on the nightstand and noticed that it was already 5:00 and his father would be on his way home. So he began pounding harder, moving his hips, making sure that he was working the pussy that years ago had bore him. After 5 minutes, he felt himself near the brink and he said “Okay, slut, now is the time to mark my territory.” He pulled out of her and hovered over her face as he started stroking his cock.

Sarah saw the cock poised above her and watched as it grew even larger and saw the white thick liquid begin to form at the piss hole and she opened her mouth, wanting to taste him again. The first shot hit her teeth and splattered into her mouth and across her nose then the next missed her face and collected in her red hair. The third hit her directly in the right eye. Then the rest shot on different areas of her face, gradually running down her face and collecting in her ears and in her hair.

Andy put the dick to her mouth and shook off the final bit of sperm that was still there, then put the head to her mouth so she could clean him. After that he went downstairs and waited for his father.

Andy now waited as the footsteps approached the bedroom.

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